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‘The Walking Dead’ Suit Sees AMC Hit With Profit Reports Withholding Claims

  • Deadline
(Updated with AMC attorney statement) Charlie Collier is leaving AMC for a corner suite at New Fox Asap and Andrew Lincoln is exiting The Walking Dead in the next couple of weeks but the nearly five-year legal all-out war between the cabler and Frank Darabont and CAA over profits from the zombie apocalypse series is going strong – as a letter in New York Supreme Court today made very clear, again.

“This lawsuit is not about the scope of Plaintiffs’ ‘audit rights’—it is about remedying Defendants’ wrongful accounting practices that have caused Plaintiffs tens of millions of dollars in damages,” says a three page letter Monday from BlankRome’s Jerry Bernstein on where things stand and where they don’t in the consolidated cases of 2013 and earlier this year.

“We have met and conferred in good faith with Defendants’ counsel on two occasions to the resolve the disputes described here,
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Ryan Hurst joining The Walking Dead: Spoilers about Beta

Ryan Hurst is joining The Walking Dead as Beta, an important character who could have a huge impact on the show’s storyline. Beta is going to have an important role as a member of The Whisperers. The leader of the Whisperers is a woman named Alpha, played by Samantha Morton. Thus viewers should expect quite a few scenes involving both Samantha Morton and Ryan Hurst in the near future. Who is Ryan Hurst on The Walking Dead? Hurst played Gerry Bertier in the classic movie Remember the Titans. He was one of the main characters of the film, who was involved […]

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Who plays Cyndie on The Walking Dead?

Actress Sydney Park has been on The Walking Dead since Season 8, where she plays the part of Cyndie. Over time her role on the show has taken a turn toward being more important. One of the women from Oceanside, Cyndie has been a background character but has now stepped out of the shadows. She also helped serve as someone who has awakened Maggie from her path behind Rick. During the October 21 episode of the show, it was revealed that Beatrice had killed Justin. Beatrice, Cyndie, and several other women from Oceanside were tracking down Saviors. Maggie and Daryl […]

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Frank Darabont Says AMC Won't Turn Over 'Walking Dead' Expenses in Profits Suit

Frank Darabont Says AMC Won't Turn Over 'Walking Dead' Expenses in Profits Suit
Frank Darabont says AMC is refusing to share production cost records in his profit participation lawsuit over The Walking Dead.

Darabont sued the network in 2013, claiming he was shorted millions in profits from the hit series by the cable channel making a sweetheart deal licensing the show to itself in breach of his contract. Both parties filed motions for summary judgment last year and are awaiting a decision from Judge Eileen Bransten, and now Darabont is giving her another issue to consider: whether AMC is obligated to turn over additional accounting records.

"During the audit, Plaintiffs’ auditor ...
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‘The Walking Dead’: AMC Reveals When Rick’s Last Episode Will Be

The end is nigh for Rick Grimes stans. Collider exclusively broke the news this summer that Andrew Lincoln was leaving The Walking Dead during the upcoming season, and now AMC has revealed exactly when that will be. Season 9 got underway earlier this month and thus far the show hasn’t made too many allusions to Rick’s departure, but it appears that Andrew Lincoln’s final episode as the star of the series will be coming on November 4th with an episode titled “What Comes After.” This is the fifth episode of the season, which is in line with …
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Who killed Justin on The Walking Dead?

The mystery of who killed Justin on The Walking Dead may have just been solved. At the end of the October 14 episode, Justin was banished from camp by Rick Grimes. Before it faded to black, Justin was attacked by an unknown assailant in the dark. Then, during the opening of the October 21 episode, walkers were shown feeding on a body. As they walked off, that body sat up, revealing that it was Justin. In the background, a warning was on the wall of a building. It read: “Final warning.” See Daryl and Justin’s fight in greater detail with […]

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‘The Walking Dead’ Showrunner Angela Kang On Shocking Ending Of Season 9, Episode 3: ‘Warning Signs’ [Spoilers]

Sunday night’s “Warning Signs” episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead stunned scores of fans, so show-runner Angela Kang opened up about what was going through the writers’ minds when they devised that ending. The big reveal, of course, was that Cyndie and the Oceansiders were the real killers of the Saviors, and that they were doing this out of […]
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A or B on The Walking Dead: Everything you need to know

A or B is a big deal on The Walking Dead — but what does it mean? The reference came up during the October 21 episode of the show, and looks like it will be an important turning point. During the episode, Anne is shown conversing on a walkie with an unknown entity. She mentions that she saw the helicopter flying around, letting viewers know that she has ties to that mystery group. This is where things started to get very interesting and mysterious… A or B on The Walking Dead While speaking to the man on the radio, that […]

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‘Sunday Night Football’ Ratings Fall To Season Low As Chiefs Top Bengals

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What a difference a week can make for the Kansas City Chiefs and what a difference it can make for Sunday Night Football too.

Last week, the then unbeaten Chiefs came up short against their likely Afc title rivals the New England Patriots, with the Tom Brady-led crew scratching out a 43-40 win. Last night, the Chiefs took on and took down the Cincinnati Bengals 45-10.

Snaring the Chiefs’ sixth win of the season so far, a jaw-dropping part of last night’s came from running back Kareem Hunt who was literally up, up and away with multiple touchdowns:

That moment when Kareem Hunt scored his third touchdown of the night.

— Kansas City Chiefs (@Chiefs) October 22, 2018

Proving to the receltly boasting NFL that ratings are an ultimately fickle affair, and that what was going up can also come crashing down, the league and NBC’s
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13 Reboots That Ruined Everything

There is no shame in taking inspiration from another person's work or even taking a dated version of it and giving it a fresh, contemporary spin. Yet, they say lightning never strikes the same place twice, and that couldn't have been truer for these shows that failed to build on the foundation laid by the shows which they are drawn directly from. 

We have had a few success stories but reboots have been, for the most part, huge disappointments, both to the audience and to the stars and networks that toiled to put them on our screens.

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The new TV season is in full swing and with it came more reboots because they're clearly not fazed by the abject performances of others who have trodden that path before them. We have picked 13 of the worst offenders
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Here's When Rick Grimes' Final Episode of The Walking Dead Will Air

Rick Grimes' (Andrew Lincoln) final episode of The Walking Dead is coming up very soon. The Walking Dead comics' Twitter account confirmed on Sunday that Rick's last ride will be in the fifth episode of this season, which will air Sunday, Nov. 4.

It was obvious that Rick's final episode would be


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Other Links From The Walking DeadAndrew Lincoln
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The Walking Dead Showrunner Hints That Rick Grimes Won’t Die

It’s been confirmed that we’ve only got two more episodes of Rick Grimes left on The Walking Dead. We’ve known for a while now that Andrew Lincoln would bow out of the show that he’s led for almost a decade sometime in the first half of season 9 and finally, it’s about to happen. So, in long-standing Twd tradition, it looks like we should get ready to mourn another beloved character, right?

Well, maybe not. Obviously, the past nine years of the series have prepared us to expect every exiting cast member to go out with a grisly demise, but Lincoln and the rest of the cast and crew have always been careful to leave the option open that Rick might not die. And in a new interview with BBC, showrunner Angela Kang has suggested that the former deputy sheriff could live beyond his time on Twd.
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Promo and clip for The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 4 – ‘The Obliged’

AMC has released a promo and sneak peek clip for the fourth episode of The Walking Dead season 9, entitled ‘The Obliged’; watch them here…

Rick’s vision of a civilized future is threatened by a sudden reckoning with past sins that remain unavenged and unforgiven.

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The Walking Dead season 9 airs on Sundays in the Us and on Mondays in the UK.

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How 'Walking Dead' Just Set Up Hope for Life After Rick Grimes

[This story contains spoilers for season nine, episode three of AMC's The Walking Dead, "Warning Signs."]

Soon, Walking Dead viewers will exist in a world without Rick Grimes — at least, one in which Andrew Lincoln is not a regular part of the series.

Whatever happens next for the zombie-killing hero, could Rick's legacy on the flagship series endure beyond the fate that awaits him this season? The latest episode of the series posits a way in which the Grimes family will live on long after his ambiguous fate comes into full circle, thanks to a tender moment ...
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Watch The Walking Dead Online: Season 9 Episode 3

Who went missing?

That was the huge question on The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 3 in the aftermath of a shocking disappearance, and it left the communities on edge as they wondered what was coming next. 

Watch The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 3 Online

Meanwhile, Rick continued to lay down the law, but he feared that things were about to fall apart for everyone unless he took down those responsible for disobeying his rules. 

Also, Maggie continued to wonder what she could do to move on from the past. 

Use the video above to watch The Walking Dead online right here via TV Fanatic. 

View Slideshow: The Walking Dead Photos: If You Build It...

Catch up on all your favorite shows and reviews and join in the conversations with other fanatics who love TV as much as you.
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Rick’s Final Episode Of The Walking Dead Has Been Revealed

The Walking Dead and Rick Grimes are about to head their separate ways, which means that the entire Internet is collectively holding its breath in anticipation of the character’s big exit.

The exact circumstances of Andrew Lincoln’s departure are being kept firmly under lock and key for the time being, safely stowed away inside the AMC vaults, but according to the folks over at, the latest promo for season 9, which aired tonight, may have already revealed when we’ll say goodbye. Apparently, it dubbed 9×04 and 9×05 as “Rick’s final two episodes.” That means that within 2 weeks from now, our fearless leader will be off the show for good.

We’re not crying, you’re crying!

From what we understand, episode 9×05 is titled “What Comes After” and looks set to be a Grimes-centric hour (appropriately so), with a previously released synopsis telling us that “Rick is forced
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TV Review: The Walking Dead - Season 9, Episode 3

  • JoBlo
Season 9, Episode 3: Warning Signs Plot: Communities work together to solve the mystery of the missing and murdered Saviors. Review: It's going to be such a relief once The Walking Dead can finally, completely move past the "war with the Saviors community" storyline and start focusing on other things. Circumstances with the Saviors have changed drastically by this…
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Promo For Next Episode Of The Walking Dead Teases A Thrilling Ride

The Walking Dead season 9 continued tonight with its third episode, “Warning Signs.” Once again, Rick’s efforts to build a better, united civilization were undercut when tensions rose up between the communities as some of the Saviors started going missing, meaning accusations flew in every direction and trust was stretched to the breaking point. Despite his intentions being noble, it doesn’t look like achieving normal society is possible in this new world.

And the troubles will only continue next week. Episode 9×04, titled “The Obliged,” is set to see the former sheriff face even bigger challenges to his goals. The previously released synopsis doesn’t give much away, but it does hint that “past sins” will come back to haunt Rick in a “sudden reckoning” with something he’s done that’s still “unforgiven.”

“Rick’s vision of a civilized future is threatened by a sudden reckoning with past sins that remain unavenged and unforgiven.
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‘Walking Dead’ Recap: Tempers Flare as Alliances Begin to Crumble (Spoilers)

  • Variety
‘Walking Dead’ Recap: Tempers Flare as Alliances Begin to Crumble (Spoilers)
Spoiler Alert: Do not keep reading if you have not seen Episode 3 of Season 9 of “The Walking Dead,” titled “Warning Signs”

The Walking Dead” continued it’s strong forward momentum in Season 9, with this week’s episode continuing to show the deterioration of the fragile alliance that has been forged.

The episode opens with Justin (Zach McGowan)–the Savior who raised the ire of Daryl (Norman Reedus) in the first two episodes of the season–lying dead on the ground near a brick building. Soon, he reanimates as a walker and rises back to his feet.

The next morning, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) walks through Alexandria in the early morning and visits Carl’s grave. He leaves a freshly grown tomato from the community’s gardens near the grave as a sign of the future Carl helped inspire. Back at home, he and Michonne (Danai Gurira) talk about the bridge building project and her charter.
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‘The Walking Dead’ episode 3 recap: Top 5 most shocking moments from ‘Warning Signs’

‘The Walking Dead’ episode 3 recap: Top 5 most shocking moments from ‘Warning Signs’
If the latest episode of “The Walking Dead” is any indication, the big kumbaya between all the survivor communities is about to come crashing down. The third episode of Season 9 unveiled major cracks in Alexandria’s new world order that may prove fatal. As the schism at camp grows, not everyone will make it out alive. Dive into the five most shocking moments of “Warning Signs” below.

New Addition

Michonne (Danai Gurira) is busy drawing up a charter for the various communities. Inspired by the history museum from the season premiere, she wants to create a set of rules to keep the various settlements living harmoniously. But Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is set on distracting his busy partner. “I can think of another way to build for the future,” he says, before sliding into bed with her. Is another member of the Grimes family on the way?

SEENegan’s return on
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