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Season 4

13 Sep. 2013
Duke is ejected from the barn to find that six months have passed and a lot has changed in Haven. His sudden appearance suggests that the barn may not have killed Audrey as they thought, and new friend Jennifer has information that supports this conclusion. But can Audrey be found and returned to Haven?
20 Sep. 2013
Mysterious deaths seem to be a result of spontaneous combustion. But in Haven all is often not as it seems, and survivor's guilt is a powerful trigger for Troubles.
27 Sep. 2013
Bad Blood
A series of exsanguinated bodies have the police at a loss to explain the deaths. Everyone is angry at Nathan for shooting Agent Howard and destroying the barn, but it would appear that some are more angry than others.
4 Oct. 2013
Lost and Found
A string of impossible kidnappings have the town in a panic, and it falls to Nathan and Dwight to find the children before they fall victim to the elements. Duke helps Jennifer learn to hear the voices from The Barn in hopes of finding Audrey.
11 Oct. 2013
The New Girl
Some very unusual cases of suicide lead the team to believe there is a possession trouble afoot. But new girl Lexie, who is in fact Audrey, can see there's something more going on than meets the eye.
18 Oct. 2013
Knowing the moment of your death isn't as thrilling as one might think, as several Haven residents are soon to learn. Audrey, Nathan and Duke must solve this trouble before the clock runs out.
25 Oct. 2013
Lay Me Down
When a dream trouble goes viral, Haven's finest can't be caught sleeping on the job or they may pay the ultimate price.
1 Nov. 2013
Duke decides to leave Haven in the aftermath of dealing with Wade. But his escape is sunk as a trouble causing crushing pressure makes waves across town. The rules of the Troubles as we know them are crumbling - neither the troubled nor untroubled are safe. Amidst this chaos, Audrey and Nathan are forced to confront the truth of what they must do to save the town they love.
8 Nov. 2013
When Dwight is kidnapped, Audrey is shocked to discover that not only are the mysterious thugs from the barn behind it, but they have another captive - William. His memory wiped, he doesn't remember her time as Lexie or the barn...and if that's not enough to hinder Audrey's investigation of the thugs' sinister plan, a vicious new trouble sweeps through the town, infecting Dwight, Nathan, and Jennifer with violent delusions. But as Audrey, Duke and William uncover startling truths about the people of Haven, they realize these delusions may not be entirely off-base.
15 Nov. 2013
The Trouble with Troubles
Audrey awakes in a trouble-free Haven to discover that no one remembers her--save for William, who is also immune to the Troubles. But the town's newfound peace is shattered when William reveals his terrible plan and Audrey must fight for the town she loves in a Haven where she's never existed.
22 Nov. 2013
Shot in the Dark
A heart-eating monster from folklore attracts a paranormal investigating duo, the Darkside Seekers, to Haven--where they threaten to expose the Troubles to the world. With Audrey in the hospital, Nathan, Duke, and Dwight are left working overtime to protect the town's secrets, only to discover that the Darkside Seekers may be the least of their troubles...
6 Dec. 2013
When the Bough Breaks
Haven's troubles have never been more deadly than when William activates a trouble in a baby: with every cry, someone dies. Audrey soon learns this is a trouble she's failed to stop before...and with origins she herself had a hand in. As the victims pile up, Jennifer and the Teagues Brothers search for the Heart of Haven, the only place William--and now the Troubles--can be stopped.
13 Dec. 2013
The Lighthouse
As attempts are made to stop William, things only get worse. A search begins to find the fourth key person for opening the gateway. Audrey continues the fight to remain Audrey.

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