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Dies Irae
ulicknormanowen16 June 2022
A very curious thriller, which deals with a revenge , a writer who might be a criminal ,-but for instance,how would a man my age be able to drown a lifeguard in the prime of life?- a woman who was his secretary and sees her family die one by one ; is it a divine intervention ?An act of God? The writer invokes the Bible , particularly Exodus , and its " eye for an eye,tooth for a tooth "

Are all these deaths pure coincidences ? Or deus ex machina? ; and which is very rare,even the theory of probability is hinted at : the journalist tossing the coin to be sure that "the law of large numbers tells us that as the number of tossings gets larger ,the mean will get close to 1/2 "But a random variable, is, by definition , something you can't be totally sure of...

Diego Peretti ,who resembles Al Pacino ,looks like the embodiment of the devil : but hasn't he got extenuating circomstances? The scene when his beloved daughter is jumping on the bed (first real ,then a film) is perhaps the best in the whole movie , thoroughly renewing the hackneyed flashback .The final picture ,with the omnipresence of crosses, is ,in its own way, an unexpected end.

It's full of plot holes ,for sure (but isn't it the case in most of the thrillers?) , but this work from Argentina deserves more than its poor rating.
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A good psychological thriller
hechicera7316 June 2022
Warning: Spoilers
What I like about this thriller is it's subtle ambiguity. At the beginning you don't know the intentions from the writing assistant. The way the camera works and her acting sometimes suggest she is genuinely innocent, others that she exploits this quality to her favor to seduce the old man. She actually tried to introduce her little sister to the house, getting a a cold an distant silence from Pauli's mother. I really love the dialog between the reporter and the writer, where the latter one plays with his mind and this the audience when he paints a portrait of the former assistant as a deranged woman obsessed with him. I hated the end, because it doesn't add up after all this tragedy Valentina didn't believe her older's sister, but apart of this detail, I love the subtlety of how the film plays with the audience with the characters' point of view at different timelines. Highly recommended film.
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Deserves appreciation
hiroM8417 June 2022
Not knowing what it was I binge watched this movie. It wasn't a waste of time. I like psychologycal thrillers and this is one of the better ones. It's not too ,,scary,, but still makes you bang your head in the wall time to time. I recommend it to the ones who liked The girl on the train, Thelma or Sightless. You do have to have a certain taste to appreciate the movie as it is but you definitely should try.
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Great Point
albertval-6956018 June 2022
This could be a disconcerting film to some especially those who want a clear-cut ending. Some viewers might have expected quite a different outcome.

There is no quarrel about this stance. But what the film is trying to convey is that, in real life, what seems straightforward is not necessarily so. Could it be a streak of bad luck, a string of coincidences?

It's a well-scripted film. It's engaging and the viewer is hooked to find out how it will end. It was a surprise ending but something that is totally plausible.

The main actors dish out subdued and limned performances. Macarena Achaga, Diego Peretti and Juan Mimijin deserve praise.

The film makes you think of its basic point: is perfect revenge possible? It's apropos that it makes use of Odile and Odette as a cinematic device all the more to illustrate what we take for granted: that good and evil exist in this life.
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Solid film that will be probably criticized by most...
kanenasanonas17 June 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Greatly reminded me of "Fausto 5.0", a superb film criticized by people who hated its ending. Well, "La Ira de Dios" is exactly that: a solid story, great characters, stunning performances by every actor and a truly satisfying conclusion. A film of this atmosphere is required to end like this. Kudos.
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Excellent psychological thriller.
Horror_Flick_Fanatic25 June 2022
This Argentinian film is an excellent psychological thriller. I honestly didn't see the twist at the end coming. Kloster is truly an intelligent and evil m-o-f-o. I also like that the film didn't end with a happy ending like most American films do. You won't see police lights or hear police sirens when the end credits scroll on the screen. I always feel that happy endings in thrillers and horror films undermine the film. But I can bet many other Americans will be bothered by this since it's so customary to have happy endings in Hollywood films. The screenplay is intelligent written. The actors did a superb job. As another reviewer mentioned, the actor whose name is Diego Peretti does have a resemblance to and similar acting style of Al Pacino. Al Pacino in The Devil's Advocate (1997) comes to mind when I think about Peretti. That's not a bad thing! I'm surprised this film is not rated higher.
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Another disappointment
coltjessica19 June 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Seems these thriller and horror writers of today cannot figure out how to make good endings. Keep feeding the negativity of society in which the bad guy always always win. Its not a twist anymore for this to happen. It's depressing and annoying to see this type of terrible character control the whole movie and win in the end. I will absolutely not recommend this.
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Piece of trash
eborella6316 June 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Oh and here it is, another artsy wanna be movie, this is so stupid, there is no end, the guy kills everybody, there is never an investigation, the reporter is always a drunk of course, I think I saw 300 movies with reporters and all of them are drunks and drug addicts, so the formula is old. The dialog is boring, the acting is passable but unconvincing, and for some reason, directors and writers think that the audience is too stupid for endings, so they get to a point in the movie and just ends it without finishing up the story. Sorry but for me, that is not being artistic, it is being lazy. The girl spends the entire movie trying to prove the guy is a predator and at the end, she kills herself because the guy promised her not to mess with the younger sister and she believes him? In what planet? It is a piece of garbage. Netflix is just getting whatever they can, made cheaply and to fill gaps. Too bad!
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What could have been
esteemdancers-116 June 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Believe me, don't watch this movie because it will leave you so pissed off.

The script had all the right formula and content which it needed to have been a really good movie. However, no one wants to see not one but three just crappie endings....first he gets her to die, gets away with all the murders, and then to really make the viewer sick, has seduced the little sister, which she gave her life to protect from him. Just pisses one off.
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Very boring with a very silly plot
nicorip2227 June 2022
I think this movie is very bad, although the plot seemed promising, it ends up being predictable and very silly. You know what happens the whole movie and at the end it almost ends without a conclusion, all very bad. I expected something else, especially with Diego Peretti in the cast.
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End leaves you high and dry
harineem-209-52548818 June 2022
Well paced thriller with good performance but whats the point of spending that much time watching to find the main question is still unanswered at the end. The answers are never given and the central character the writer is a really disgusting character who never acknowledges that it was his own careless behaviour which destroyed his family not the poor girl who filed a genuine lawsuit. The director never shows even one character make the point that it was never ever Luciana's fault but the writers who left a kid alone with unbalanced woman. The pace kept me watching only to have a disappointing end where the questions remain as open as ever. What a wasted effort!
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WARNING Do not watch this film , WORST ENDING of a film.. EVER!! HORRIBLE!!
joiningjt28 June 2022
Forget the plot holes that are so numerous you cant count or that are so big you could almost fit Trumps ego in them ( I said almost) but this film has BY FAR the worst ending EVER you finally get to the end and itll piss you off. I'm not going to give it away I'm just telling you now DONT WATCH it the film has No pay off has no redeeming quality at all my wife and I both looked at each other and said OMG DID THAT suck what horrible negative person wrote that garbage. Watch something with a better ending like exorcist or the conjuring!! This SUCKED!! It's a negative 10.
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manugw19 June 2022
The choosing by Netflix of Argentine premium male actors Peretti and Minujin to attract viewers could not make up for the wasting of a good script into a poor screenplay. Does not convey emotions, and the dramatism required in some scenes does not show up either. Dull. It is a one dimensional cardboard flick all the way.
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This movie made me write a review in which I haven't written one in over a decade
followmee10 July 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Exactly what my title said. I haven't written a review in over a decade so much I forgot my password and had to go through the steps to recover one. Nonetheless, this is the worst movie I've seen in a long time. It's so bad the title was used as click bait. It has nothing to do with the story but instead a monstrous main evil character who hides behind the pretense of religion or causality. Where in reality the writers get away by punishing women who are sexually assaulted. That's exactly what you see here. It's beyond grotesque. Not to mention this same character is also a pedophile in taking over a minor who by the way is the sister of the woman he sexually assaulted. If things don't get any worse, no one in this film pays any attention to the victim. It sets off the tone that evil people like him get away with crime and women don't have a voice. What a terrible message.

The victim after so much struggle and suffering kills herself ? She beloved a criminals promise? Seriously. What is wrong with the writers?

I watched this film before reading the reviews. As some who has watched argentine films I had great expectations. This film is a travesty to society and a slap in the face to women. Lastly, it's an abomination to use religion in such a farce. Shame on everyone who put together this terrible film.

Don't watch this garbage. I hope the production reads all these negative reviews because it's absolutely validated.
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What happened here?
LauraAnnG20 June 2022
I like international works and was happy to find this on Netflix. Perhaps my first Argentinian piece.

It is not great. It was not bad enough To not watch the entire movie. It's only 90 minutes and the plot seemed to move along okay. In other words it kept my attention. There is some bouncing around on the timeline so there were points I was a little confused, but I eventually sorted that out.

I found the lead character (Kloster) truly unlikable. By the end of the movie I was having almost a visceral reaction to him.

The other two primary leads are similarly unpleasant. None of these three are at all sympathetic and so the end (which throws in a surprise) left me cold and unsatisfied.

It is interesting that in the same weekend I watched this movie I also watched Spiderhead, which is fantastic. Of the two there is no comparison. They are not in the same league.

Watch Spiderhead and if you have time to waste give this one a try.
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brutal thriller that gets lost
thewalkingpuns20 June 2022
This film was alright. But it got a bit lost halfway through and things started seeming a bit confusing. I understand what was going on it was just the way it was done. I did however enjoy the acting and still thought it was a good watch but the lead it took could've gone a lot better.
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An eye for an eye...
debbbbi5 July 2022
This is a story of revenge. A slow and painful revenge.

Peretti is a great actor and he is superb in his role.

I liked the way the story is told but I didn't like the ending.
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Very intriguing thriller.
JackInColumbia10 July 2022
I literally can not understand the very negative reviews people are giving. It seems that they are so accustomed to american-made superhero movies/series, that they can not watch something different or foreign. This movie has all the elements (plot, acting, atmosphere, plot twists) that render it a very enjoyable watch. Well done.
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Are There No Coincidences?
kevinodonnell-2821218 June 2022
This is a very disturbing film. I could not be sure if what I was seeing happen on screen was the result of divine intervention or a series of tragically unfortunate occurrences. Had the title writer character Kloster made a Faustian bargain with the devil or was the will of God being portrayed? This viewer lost count of the seemingly tit-for-tat plot sequences.
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Wrath of who?
kosmasp13 July 2022
God is just - that is what some (many?) want you to believe when it comes to religion. Of course you could make your own judgement about that. Maybe you are not religious or you believe in another God/religion too. Whatever the case, it won't make or brake the movie for you - if you are able to understand that this is a question of who did what? And what are the chances that everything happens because of ... God or cosmic power? The movie will sort of deliver an answer to that.

Maybe not spell it out entirely, but I think it is pretty obvious. Especially in one confrontation scene after the eye for an eye speech towards the end. Very well acted and quite intense to say the least. Morality wise ... you can go either way. It depends on where you start - who you want to blame. Where is the start - what made the ball spin/roll? Is there blame to dish out to more than one person? The circumstances are quite intense ... you can empathize with both sides here. The question is who you root for more ... and if that makes you like or dislike the movie more or less (also depending on what you think of the ending) ... being ... judgemental is not easy (no pun intended)
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powerdude-217 June 2022
#1. The "Story Line" associated with this movie has absolutely NOTHING to do with the plot. Don't even bother to read it.

#2. It is very hard to keep interested in watching this piece. It is boring and jumbled. I gave 2 stars because it's in color.
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Boring, Predictable & Stupid!
hileher17 June 2022
Those are the three words to describe this movie. When I watched the trailer, it looked to be an interesting movie and I was looking forward to watching it. But it could have been easily avoided. I could guess what was going to happen from the get-go. The ending was just as obvious. The acting was extremely tiring and tedious, like as if the actors were also putting up with this movie the same way the viewers were!

Give it a miss unless you have time to kill and nothing else to watch!
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Pointless Film Devoid of Any Morals or Positivity. Avoid.
mariya_mirabella2 July 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I hated this film as seem to rejoice in telling a story of how a young girl is being punished for standing up to an elderly sexual predator. Serious victim blaming going on here.

In my opinion, this films has nothing to recommend it. All characters are complete stereotypes. Reporter is rebellious, drunk and tortured (yawn). Girl is pretty, sexy but totally unaware of it, equal parts naïve and stupid. The writer character is predatory, creepy and unlikable (not sure this was intentional) - it doesn't help that he is played by a guy who should be playing corny James Bond villains, sporting one expression for every occasion. The plot is difficult to understand and unrelatable. For example, the writer's wife is totally mentally unhinged, been sectioned like last week, lashes out at her daughter - and is allowed to look after her poor little kid unsupervised? How is that even possible?... Her husband is aware of the mental health issues but thinks its ok to leave her on her own with the kid - and then gets all surprised when something terrible happens (and blames everyone around him but not himself)?

The main story is really unpleasant and gross. The 50 year old writer guy sexually assaults his teenage assistant and then gets all indignant and full of revenge when his actions are exposed and subsequently result in the death of his wife and child. He seem to be able to effortlessly destroy the girl's life while continuing his own privileged existence uninterrupted. No one can catch him, no one can help his poor victim. The girl herself seem to think everything the creep subjects her to is her fault, and dies to "pay the price". Her younger sister demonstrates later how (according to the film creators) a female should act to survive - snuggling up to an ugly bloke old enough to be her grandad.

The whole film is a depressing and frustrating mess, avoid.
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Honest work without invention
This production from Argentina skillfully mixes the chromos of the horror or even vampire film with a plot, not police in the traditional sense, as a journalist investigates, on the repeated deaths in a family, which would be attributed to the former boss of one of the daughters of the family. This former boss is a writer, and the murders in real life resemble those in one of his novels. From this argument, the script plays well with different possibilities and small twists that provoke the viewer to question who is who.

Honest work without invention, with actors embodying and embodied. A production of honest quality by Netflix, which is once again of good level, from and thanks to a good story, which remains treated in an impersonal way and without disruption of form for a Netflix quality.
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Wrath of reviewer
manshstudio26 June 2022
To be fare to the director the plot of movie was awesome . The one star is for that . Other then that it's flat senile storytelling, plot holes are plenty and there is no character arc. It is more of a abuser making the film for sake of documenting his abusement. There is no twist no change in direction of the story .
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