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Very Charming and Silly X-mas movie and Great Tune by The School! ;D
midnitepantera26 December 2021
This is obviously a low budget comedy, I didn't recognize any actors, but I really had a lot of fun. It was like being at a weirdo friends x-mas party. And I love funny weirdos! ;D. And I related because I've had the tradition of throwing a HuGE X-mas EVE Dinner Bash for all my friends since 1991. Good and Crazy people I collected as friends over the years.

The main 4 characters, I really liked. They were cute and awkward, but had A Lot of Heart. It felt like Real Crazy things that happens in life and relationships, well, at least before all the internet swipe (left or right cr@p). This Felt Old School and Fun.

Christine Weatherup (Who wrote, directed and also plays (Annie) part of couple (Annie & Tom) who throws this traditional Clarkmas Christmas party with her hubby for their weirdo pals, did a Great Job Capturing a jolly Christmas spirit, with plausible mishaps) Because in the REAL World everything isn't all FACEBOOK & INSTA FAKE PERFECT! So that scored an extra point from me. ;D

And kudos to band, The School song: Happy Christmas (don't tell me it's over) in the Beginning Credits. What a fun song, despite it's kinda sad meaning.

LOL It's stuck in my head now.

I wasn't familiar with Christine Weatherup or The School, but I will be looking forward to see & hear more from Both. And hopefully seeing some of the actors in this movie in future movies and tv. ;D NICE Job!! ;D I even added this to my IMDB list (My Top Christmas Movies I Love!) ;D.
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A holiday movie that understands the next generation
jjanthony-7297316 November 2021
See You Next Christmas captures the joys and turns of adulting with good friends after college. The reality of the holidays is a backbone that brings us back to Clarkmas every year to mark life's milestones across your close-knit group. It has love, reflection, and laugh out loud moments! It was fun to watch!
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Fun holiday movie
filmfatales15 December 2021
This is one we will watch over and over.

The performances are all solid and the premise is a fun one. The pacing is good. It will put you in the holiday spirit with all the good feels.
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