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MPAA Rated PG-13 for some sensuality and violence

Sex & Nudity

  • There is no female nudity (nipples, buttocks, groin). Cleavage is shown throughout. Sex is implied.
  • Kissing is a very recurring factor featured in many scenes with varying degrees of emotional and physical passion.
  • A young woman and a man kiss in bed (she is wearing a tank top that reveals bare shoulders and cleavage and he is bare-chested), they roll over and we see the man's bare back and his bare hip and upper buttock (sex is implied).
  • A young woman and a man kiss passionately and she tells him, "When you touch me, I don't want you to stop" and she then says, "Sleep with me" (sex is implied).
  • A young woman tells a man to kiss her and he does; the man then calls another man to come and kiss the young woman and he does.
  • A woman describes a young woman and a man as being "lovers" and says that humans have "strong physical drives."
  • A woman is seen in a bathtub, nothing is shown. (The scene is about 5 seconds)

Violence & Gore

  • There are scenes of struggle and bloodshed throughout. Little or no blood or gore is depicted.
  • Both guns and knives are used threateningly throughout.
  • There is road violence, with car chases, flips, and resulting injuries.
  • A woman repeatedly responds violently to being kissed, by punching, headbutting, and the like.
  • There are several hand-to-hand struggles and fistfights.
  • There is a gunfight where a man is shot in the head, a woman in the shoulder.
  • A young woman is surrounded by several aliens; she hits a few of them with a metal pipe, runs away and jumps through a window (we see her crash to the ground below and she appears dead) and we see her later with deep cuts and bruises on her face
  • A man holds a gun in his hand and we hear a gunshot (we understand that he killed himself to avoid being capture.) Later, two men drive into a cement wall to avoid capture and it is implied that they died as well.
  • A young woman screams and runs away when she sees many alien beings dead in pools of blood on an operating table; we also see dead humans with incisions on the back of their necks.
  • A boy cuts his leg with a scythe and we see the bloody gash and blood on his pants; we later see him with a badly infected leg and a bloody bandage.
  • A young woman cuts herself on the arm and the forehead with a knife (we see a lot of blood).


  • 1 mild scatological term, 1 anatomical term, 6 mild obscenities and 4 religious exclamations.
  • Name-calling (brutal, unreasonable, parasite, crazy and it.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Aliens are shown using a spray that knocks people unconscious.
  • Aliens are shown using a spray to heal wounds.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The idea of possession by an alien species may be confusing or frightening to younger viewers
  • A woman wanders through a desert for several days and becomes very sick
  • The attempted suicide may scare younger viewers

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