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So much better than the Lego Holiday Special
derjonant1 October 2021
This was so entertaining. The jokes and references were on point and absolutely hilarious. The Luke story is my favorite. The terrifying tales are used in a very clever way that is both fun to watch and also meaningful to the overall story. I had a great time with this one. Even more so than I had with the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special because this time we actually got a good story that connects all these references.
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Lego terror tales
legobuilderpro8 October 2021
I enjoyed this as much as the Lego Stars Wars Holiday Special and thought Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales was a quick entertaining watch.

I like Lego and the Lego movies even some of the straight to digital ones or staright to streaming like this, this does look better than the older straight to digital Lego Movies.

The animation has improved and looks pretty good, it still has the same characters we know andI found it a bit funny, i'll even say the tales/stories they tell were interesting.

I also like that this takes place after the events of the Star Wars Rise of Skywalker movie, it gives it a certain placement in the Star Wars saga which was cool seeing.

Its not the best thing i've seen but its still pretty entertaining to watch in October.
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Pretty great
apr-169821 October 2021
Pretty great and entertaining.

Gets into some good stuff.

Would recommend it.
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Rather enjoyable Lego Star Wars movie...
paul_haakonsen1 October 2021
Well, the Lego Star Wars magic is back.

When I they announced "Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales", I must admit that I was looking forward to getting to watch it. And let me just be the first to say that writer David Shayne and director Ken Cunningham definitely didn't fail to deliver with "Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales".

I just am a little bit puzzled why this Lego Star Wars anthology was released at the beginning of October and not the end, towards Halloween, which would have been a bit more appropriate, given the nature of the stories told here.

Entertainment-wise then "Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales" was good, and it manages to capture the essence of "Star Wars" while still having that Lego feel to it, just as the 2020 "Lego Star Wars Holiday Special" had. So if you enjoyed that one, then you will certainly also enjoy "Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales".

The stories - or segments of stories - told in "Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales" were quite varied in contents and as such aim at a more wide audience. But for someone like me, being a "Star Wars" fan since childhood, then I have to say that I enjoyed all of the contents here. Sure, this was Lego, but there is just something magical that works about Lego Star Wars for some reason.

The animation in "Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales" was good, just as it was in the 2020 "Lego Star Wars Holiday Special". Lots of great characters, animation, textures and details throughout the entire movie. So visually, then I found "Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales" to be very pleasing.

With "Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales" being an animated movie, of course having a properly talented ensemble of voice actors and actresses is crucial. And they certainly had exactly that for this 2021 animated movie, no doubt about it.

I was genuinely entertained by "Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales", and this is certainly something I can warmly recommend you sit down and watch, regardless of being a child or an adult that enjoys "Star Wars". My rating of "Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales" lands on a seven out of ten stars.
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tytebben4 October 2021
Dana Snyder brings the comedy to graballa He did an amazing job in the thundermans as dr coloso It was just as good as the Lego Star Wars holiday special, Watch it Fun for the family.
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Fire In The Sky-walker
southdavid2 November 2021
Last Christmas there was a Lego Star Wars special on Disney Plus, which I felt was "reasonable but not quite clever enough to live long in the memory". Fortunately, whilst still not a must-see event, this Halloween special is a lot more inventive and fun for it.

Whilst mopping up the remains of the First Order, Poe Dameron's (Jake Green) X-Wing is damaged and crash lands on Mustafar. There he discovers that Graballa The Hutt (Dana Snyder) is converting Darth Vader's (Matt Sloan) castle into a new Empire inspired hotel. Whilst Dameron is negotiating for assistance, Vanee (Tony Hale) a cloaked figure who came with the castle begins to recount several stories with the aim of encouraging progress deeper and deeper into the secret chambers and to the Sith treasures hidden inside.

Essentially the story is a Portmanteau film, with Vanee's stories making up the bulk of the run time. The stories are loose movie parodies. The middle one, is the least easy to pinpoint what film they're after, but something like the Dracula Meets Frankenstein Universal films is probably the clearest touchpoint. This sees a resurrected Darth Maul battle a restored General Grievous to recover a lightsabre for the Emperor. The third section is an adaptation of the classic Twilight Zone story, "The Monkey's Paw" with "The Wookies Paw" in which young Luke Skywalker wishes his way off Tatooine, but each wish takes him further and further into the dark side.

You may have noticed I've missed off the first one, that's because it's by far the best. A full parody of "The Lost Boys" detailing Kylo Ren's decision to join up with the Knights of Ren. I'm not sure how many people planning to watch this film will also be intimately familiar with an Vampire film from 34 years ago - but I was in that bracket and enjoyed that section quite a lot. There was a myriad of other little moments cribbed from classic horror in there too.

Overall, a lot funnier and more inventive than the Christmas special, if perhaps still a way short of the cinematic Lego films.
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The Old Xmas Special is Better
phobicsq1 October 2021
Ever since Star Wars was bought from Lucas the brand has suffered, and generally they can't reign it in. Sure, Mando is great but that's about it and continuing to go all in on bad decisions such as more of the heavily hated/divided sequel trio is not a good decision. Then theirs making the brand cheap by going "lego" with it. It's hard to believe but the long hated Christmas special is better than this latest disney/sequel trio entry into the ruined Star Wars universe.

The over-the-top "pop culture-overloaded" lego movies have had some fun moments but ultimately it's too much, too silly, and cheapens not only "lego" but now you can add Star Wars to the mix.
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Bad movie
jpvertiz9 October 2021
Unimaginative story with a long chain of taunts and references to star wars. Very boring.
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Not bad
ty-jensen14 October 2021
I didn't mind Lego Star Wars Holiday Special so I watched Terrifying Tales for the heck of it. Terrifying Tales was okay as expected, I guess Holiday Special was loosely better.

The Lego specials are non-canon sequels to the sequel trilogy and I'm sure some fans want Rise of Skywalker to be non-canon. Poe crash lands on Mustafar where he visits Darth Vader's castle where he's told three spooky tales. The first tale concerns Kylo, the second tale concerns Maul and the third tale concerns Luke.

The humor is okay, its just there. There's plenty of kiddy humor and slapstick. I guess the Holiday special is sillier.

Overall, Terrifying Tales was okay. If you have kids, put it on for them. If Lucasfilm makes another special, I may skip it.
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