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  • When Kurt sets his dad, Burt, up with an unexpected partner, his plan for a nuclear family may backfire.

  • When Kurt sets his dad, Burt, up with an unexpected partner his plan for a nuclear family may backfire. Sue demands that the Cheerios! go on a crazy diet in preparation for a big interview with "Splits" magazine and April Rhodes returns to save Will and the glee club.


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  • Open with Sue telling Mercedes she needs to lose ten pounds and fit into a gender-appropriate Cheerios uniform by the time a reporter from Splitsville magazine comes to profile her as the best coach of the last 2,000 years. If not, she and Kurt will be off the team.

    Sue has managed to keep the Glee kids out of the auditorium. Kurt asks Finn to help him pick out a swatch for his new bedroom design. Kurt is trying to push Meredes to be more diligent about her diet. The other Cheerios tell Mercedes about the Sue Sylvester Master Clense, a drink which includes ipecac.

    Finn learns his mother Carole has started seeing Kurt's father, Burt.

    While scouting practice locations, Will runs into April Rhodes at the roller rink she owns. They perform a duet of The Pointer Sisters' "Fire." April tells Will she fell off the wagon and is the mistress of an elderly strip mall tycoon who owns the roller rink. She tells him Glee can use the rink and he mentions he's getting a divorce. She is interested in renting his apartment.

    At her midweek weigh-in Mercedes has actually gained two pounds. Sue tells he to do "whatever it takes."

    Kurt tells Finn their parents met at a parent-teacher conference. Kurt doesn't mention that he aggressively made sure they would meet. Kurt is excited about the idea of them being roommates at his father's place.

    With the New Directions kids unsure about practicing at a roller rink, Kurt performs "A House is Not a Home" while basically staring at Finn the entire time. Finn sings a verse and seems to come to terms with his mother selling off his father's chair.

    April stops by Will's place to investigate and brings an overnight bag. He agrees to let her stay on the couch with no "funny business." She and Will sing Burt Bacharach's "One Less Bell to Answer" mashed up with a reprise of "A House is Not a Home" from different rooms in the house and come together while making up the couch. He tucks her in and goes to the bedroom. She gets up and climbs into bed with him and they hold hands before saying good night to each other.

    Finn and Kurt and their parents go to dinner together. Kurt loves the idea but Finn is miserable. Finn bonds with Burt and this seems to bother Kurt. Afterwards, he tells his dad that it was hard to watch his dad be so engaged in conversation that way. Burt asks Kurt why exactly he set him up with Carole but Kurt doesn't answer.

    Mercedes is starting to feel the pressure of losing weight, seeing all the other kids as giant desserts and eventually faints. The nurse tells her that Mercedes' blood pressure is low. Quinn comes in and tells Mercedes she knows what she's going through. Being pregnant has changed Quinn's attitude towards food and she doesn't think Sue should be able to change her comfort level with her body.

    We find out that nothing happened between Will and April, but she wants to come over again. He asks whether she's truly happy and April says she'll go tell her boyfriend she's through with him.

    Kurt tells Finn they need to break up their parents. Finn doesn't like that Carole is forgetting about his dad, so the two are on the same page. Cut to Carole pointing out that he is being selfish, that she hasn't liked another man this way for 16 years. She has been talking to her husband's urn for 16 years and wants to move on. She tells him that they don't need any more ghosts: "We need a family. A home."

    Before the Cheerios perform Sue is stunned to learn from the reporter that his story is a hard-hitting investigation about high school athletes rather than a fluff piece. Mercedes takes the microphone and tells the audience that sports shouldn't be about perfection and exclusion. Mercedes leads Cheerios and much of the student body in a rendition of Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful." The performance gets a standing ovation and the reporter tells Sue "we'll finish this in your office tomorrow."

    The following day the reporter tells Sue he was blown away by her having so many different sizes and shapes represented. He thinks she is a visionary. She is shocked but takes the credit. He tells tell her the piece could mean "big things for her."

    Burt talks to Finn about not wanting to fill his father's shoes. He loves Carole and promises not to hurt her. Finn simply asks him if he wants to watch a game and offers his father's chair. They discuss basketball as Kurt looks on in tears.

    April tells Will the tycoon died while she was trying to break-up with him and his wife gave her $2 million not to talk about the affair. April's used some of the money to buy the school's auditorium. She then performs Stephanie Mills's "Home" on the stage.

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