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Production companies join forces for 3-Feature Louisiana Slate

Two's company and three's a crowd--but four can soar! At least that's what the good folks at haRFMFul Productions, Sick Puppy Pictures, MOnsterworks66 and Lion Arch Productions believe as they prep a three-feature slate to shoot in Louisiana later this year or early in 2016!

Rycke Foreman (haRMFul), Phil Condit (Sick Puppy), Maria Olsen (MO66) and Lionel Archuleta (Lion Arch) are developing a slate of three horror-comedies for production in Louisiana and are presently attaching cast and finalizing budgets before approaching La. investors. The three films, Happy Ending, Hacked Off and Grizzled! (#Hehog) are all zany romps through HorCom Land featuring lovely ladies, buckets of blood, hunky heroes and terrifyingly funny Big Bads.

The films may all live in the same genre, but they each have their own special stamp of entertaining insanity:

Happy Ending is no stranger to MoreHorror fans who will remember that, at Madam Wang's House of Happy Ending
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Are you ready for 'Happy Ending'?

Phil Condit of Sick Puppy Pictures and Maria Olsen of MOnsterworks66 have teamed up to bring the world Happy Ending: an epic tale of sword-and-shotgun wielding hookers, hunky heroes and attacking aliens.

Set in a remote desert bordello, Happy Ending tells the tale of Madam Wang, played by Ange Maya, who stars in Phil’s soon-to-be-released Empress Vampire, and her band of lovely lasses who, with the help of their Johns, have to team up to stop a voracious being-from-beyond-the-stars from taking over the world!

Happy Ending is about hookers and aliens...who could want anything more!

Also starring Jill Evyn, Dawna Lee Heising, Brad Slaughter, Dolores Quintana, Brad Potts, Victoria de Mare, Erik A. Williams, Phedra Syndelle and Olsen herself, there is no doubt that Happy Ending will leave everyone smiling!

Here’s what a few of the stars have to say about their characters:

Dawna Lee Heising (plays the ex-Vegas showgirl,
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Empress Vampire Renamed Empress of the Evil Dead; New Artwork

It's been around a year and a half since we last mentioned Phil Condit's Empress Vampire, but it's now complete and has been renamed as Empress of the Evil Dead. It couldn't have anything to do with the upcoming Evil Dead remake, right?

In any event, the flick's new artwork and the original Empress Vampire trailer from May of 2011 are below. With the name change, we should be getting an updated trailer soon.

TomCat Films' Empress of the Evil Dead stars Ange Maya and Beau Nelson. It was co-written by Maya and director Condit.


When the Secretary of Defense hears of a diminutive woman effortlessly killing two robbers despite sustaining multiple gunshot wounds, he dispatches an FBI Agent to track the killer down in hopes of enlisting her as a potential super agent. The agent’s quest turns perilous when he discovers he is tracking a vampire, but
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‘Empress Vampire’ Sinks her Sexy Fangs Into You

New from Sick Puppy Pictures and Ange Maya Pictures is the campy, kick-ass Empress Vampire. Empress Vampire is one of the hottest, most erotic vampire movies to come along in decades. You won’t find any lovelorn, brooding vampires sparkling in the sun and pining for human teens in this film. This is old school vampirism at its best.

Luscious, exotic, and beautiful Ange Maya (former porn queen Ange Venus, Blood Scarab) delivers a breakout, tour… More
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Bow Down Before the Sexy Empress Vampire

Yes, sparkling vampires suck worse than an 80-year-old Thai hooker with no teeth. Ugly vamps, however, do get our ghosts, if only for the violence they bring. Which brings us to sexy vampires. There's only one thing better ... sexy Asian vampires, and that's exactly what we're gonna get from Phil Condit's Empress Vampire (Huang Hou Xi Xue Gui)!

God bless the Chinese! Below you'll find a still, the teaser art, and even a trailer for the flick along with a massive synopsis. For more visit the official Empress Vampire website.

Thanks to DC reader Avery for the directions.


The revelry of an upscale Halloween party is shattered by gunshots as two armed robbers attempt to fleece the well-to-do patrons of their money and jewels. A diminutive, cloaked figure steps out of the crowd of revelers. In a brief display of superhuman powers, the figure effortlessly kills the two robbers,
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