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Pretty good
Horst_In_Translation22 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"Das Mädchen und der kleine Junge" or "The Girl and the Little Boy" (make up your mind yourself who the little boy is) is a German 15-minute short film from 6 years ago. It was one of the last appearances by actor Dieter Bach in films (he's not dead or anything, just not too prolific anymore) and one of the first of child actress Valeria Eisenbart. She appeared in the pretty famous "The Door" afterward, next to Mads Mikkelsen and Jessica Schwarz. Dorkas Kiefer is probably the most known cast member. The writer and director is Adam Janisch and for him it was the first work as well. He did a pretty good job taking that into consideration. It is a film about a little girl who gets a note as a gift, a note that says another boy gave her the sun. She meets a grown-up man and talks with him about it. I liked the scene when her father comes and is worried. It does not really add anything to the film or story, but it's a realistic inclusion. Apparently the male protagonist (always busy, always hectic) was impressed by the calm state of the girl doing nothing but standing there watching the sun. And he envies it. So he makes a note himself and gives it to his girlfriend. The ending is pretty good and I especially liked the last shot of the camera moving up and away from the man sitting on the bench again, finding the note and looking up. It obviously means a lot more to him than this carefully printed page to his girlfriend. Atmospheric little movie with nice depth to it. I recommend the watch and I hope Janisch will get the chance to make a full feature film at some point.
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