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Sex & Nudity

  • In a locker room, we see bare breasts of some women, as well as a woman's bare butt.
  • Some kissing.
  • A man feels a woman up (threatening to the woman).
  • It is implied a husband and wife have sex (nothing explicit: no actual sex or nudity).
  • We see pictures on a wall of a woman, and some of them are of her fully nude (very briefly seen).

Violence & Gore

  • Images of dead bodies (some of them very disturbing and bloody).
  • A woman is hung (and strangles rather than having her neck broken).
  • A man is shown to have been hung (the dead body is shown hanging from the neck)
  • A man is hit on the head with a lamp. The bleeding wound is briefly seen.
  • A woman is slashed on her arm with a knife (brief).
  • A person is shown trying to strangle a woman with bare hands.
  • A small trail of blood is seen smeared on some walls and floor (brief).
  • A young girl is seen pinned to the wall with a knife through her mouth (disturbing and very bloody).
  • Overall, there are brief but strong instances of violence, along with some other intense but non-strong violence.


  • Based on the English subtitles: "Fuck", "shit", "bitch" and other swearing is said.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Most of the film is very intense and may be frightening to more sensitive viewers. All throughout, the film holds a tone of gloominess which eventually turns into a feeling of loneliness and isolation (a reflection of the main character's feelings); this makes the tone of the film more thematic. This, combined with the helplessness of the main character, the suspenseful scenes, as well as the tones of horror, makes a very threatening atmosphere within the film.
  • The image of a young girl pinned to the wall with a knife through her mouth is especially disturbing and intense.
  • An eye is stabbed with a needle, it is shown in explicit detail and within a painful context (very disturbing).


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A character is stabbed, and later slits his own throat (bloody and very graphic).
  • A frozen corpse of a man is shown inside a freezer, it is clear from his position that he did not die painlessly.
  • A man inserts a hypodermic needle directly into a person's eye in order to inject a substance into it in order to blind the character in two scenes. During one, it is implied and we see the aftermath. During the other, however, we see the needle enter her eyeball near the cornea, in close-up, extremely graphic.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man forces a woman to step up on a stool to make her tie the noose around her neck. We see the stool wobble beneath her bare feet briefly as he approches her. She starts to scream and panick as he is about to kick the stool away and hang her. He kicks the stool from beneath her feet at the exact same moment she took the noose off her neck to prevent her hanging.
  • Towards the end a woman is under extreme threat from a psychopath. He continually acts with intense hostility towards her. All throughout this she is trapped with him.

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