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10 Things About Freddy Krueger You Never Knew

10 Things About Freddy Krueger You Never Knew
Make no mistake about it: the Springwood Slasher is one of the greatest horror villains of all time. Nothing gets fans going like A Nightmare on Elm Street. Hardcore fans who have watched every minute of the fantastic documentary Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy will probably be familiar with some of what we're about to tell you. Maybe it's a refresher course if you're a Fred Head. Perhaps you've just discovered the son of 100 maniacs. Either way, entering the boiler room, it's easy to get to know the man of many scary dreams just a little bit better. Today we look at 10 things you never knew about Freddy Krueger.

Freddy Barely shows up in his first movie.

Seven minutes in heaven is the teenage party game dating back to the 1950s. Seven minutes in hell, on the other hand, would be an appropriate description of the late Wes Craven's original masterpiece.
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We’re Giving Daily Dead Readers One Free Month of Shudder

Flesh-eating zombies, spell-casting witches, and things that go "bump" in the night have called Shudder home since AMC launched the horror streaming service back in 2016. If you have yet to enjoy the deadly delights of Shudder, we've teamed up with the streaming service to invite Daily Dead readers to join the cinematic coven with a free one-month membership with access to hundreds of horror films.

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Doing so will activate a free, one-month trial to Shudder, giving you access to a catalog of horror titles both old and new, including Night of the Living Dead (both the 1968 and 1990 versions), Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy,
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Exclusive: Daniel Farrands Talks The Haunting on Long Island: The Amityville Murders

We cannot even begin to tell you how stoked we are that Daniel Farrands (Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy, The Haunting in Connecticut, Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers) is readying The Haunting on Long Island: The… Continue Reading →

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Daily Dead’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaways: Day 8 – Never Sleep Again Book, Phenomena Steelbook, Creep Case, Final Girls Art & More!

  • DailyDead
Welcome back for Day 8 of Daily Dead’s fourth annual Holiday Gift Guide, readers! Once again, our goal is to help you navigate through the horrors of the 2016 shopping season with our tips on unique gift ideas, and we’ll hopefully help you save a few bucks over the next few weeks, too. For today’s edition of the gift guide, we’ll be highlighting a new collection of art from Matthew Therrien featuring many of our favorite final girls and survivors in horror, the steelbook edition of Dario Argento’s Phenomena, the Never Sleep Again book, Terror Threads, Creep Case, and a whole lot more.

This year’s Holiday Gift Guide is sponsored by several amazing companies, including Mondo, Anchor Bay Entertainment, DC Entertainment, and Magnolia Home Entertainment, who have all donated an assortment of goodies to help get you into the spirit of the season. Daily Dead also
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Horror Highlights: Cthulhu Statue, Level 33 Entertainment DVD Prize Pack Contest, The Anatomy Of Fear, Agatha, Manos Returns, Barry Baker: Aspiring Serial Killer, All Through The House

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In today's Horror Highlights, we have a look at Halloween Forevermore's limited edition Cthulhu statue, a horror DVD prize pack contest courtesy of Level 33 Entertainment, an excerpt from The Anatomy of Fear: Conversations with Cult Horror and Science-Fiction Filmmakers, a trailer for the haunting short film Agatha, the cast announcement for Manos Returns, a teaser video and poster for Barry Baker: Aspiring Serial Killer, and details on the All Through the House Blu-ray signing at Dark Delicacies in Burbank.

Halloween Forevermore's Limited Edition Cthulhu Statue: "Halloween Forevermore is a company known to many Halloween and Horror fans. Formed in 2014, they have released one dozen very popular and well-made wax warmers that appeal to both the seasonal Halloween fan and horror lifestyle enthusiasts. Their Undertaker and Cthulhu wax warmers were featured in Rue Morgue magazine. The company that trick-or-treats 365 nights a year is proud to announce a new limited edition
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Horror Highlights: Escape: Psycho Circus, American Murder Song, The ID Autograph Signing, Blanc-Biehn Productions, Beyond The Walls

Residents of southern California, get pumped! Insomniac presents its annual Halloween festival and its centerpiece is Escape: Psycho Circus! This two-night event kicks off in San Bernardino on October 28th. Also: American Murder Song's extended tour dates, The ID autograph signing at Dark Delicacies, She Rises and Hidden in the Woods news, and a new trailer for Beyond the Walls.

Two-Night Escape: Psycho Circus Event Details: "Insomniac’s annual Halloween festival in Southern California, Escape: Psycho Circus is an over-the-top two-night nightmarish circus featuring some of the biggest DJs in the world – The Chainsmokers, Benny Benassi, Duke Dumont, Kaskade, Martin Solveig, Tiesto and so many more will join together for two nights of wicked fun at the Nos Events Center in San Bernardino October 28-29 this year.

Last year’s festival drew 90,000 attendees for an unforgettable psycho weekend, taking guests on a haunting musical journey and this year is likely to,
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Amanda Wyss, Cast and Crew of Thommy Hutson’s The ID, Signing Autographs October 23, 2016 in Los Angeles

Thommy Hutson is no stranger to the horror film community. He has built up a fan base with his exhaustive and excellent documentaries His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th (2009), Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy (2010), Scream: The Inside Story (2011), and More Brains! A Return to the Living …

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'The Id' to debut on Blu-ray

Thommy Hutson's The Id Debuts on Blu-ray October 25th. The psychological thriller stars Elm Street's Amanda Wyss as a lonely woman pushed beyond the breaking point.

Read the full details below.

From The Press Release

Hutson Ranch Media and Panic Ventures, Inc. have announced that Thommy Hutson's indie thriller The Id will debut on Blu-ray October 25th. Starring genre fave Amanda Wyss (Tina in Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street) as a lonely woman trapped in the abusive prison of her childhood home with her tyrannical father. A chance at real happiness sends her on a direct path with the confrontation she's avoided all her life, setting off a nightmarish world of nerve-shredding suspense and claustrophobic terror.

The Id, which won Best Thriller at The Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, was directed by Hutson from a script by Sean H. Stewart and produced by Hutson and Daniel Farrands (The Haunting in Connecticut,
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'All Through The House' now available on VOD and DVD/Blu-ray

by Seth Metoyer,

Christmas for horror fans has come early as the holiday horror film All Through The House is no available on multiple platforms. Check out all the official details below.

From The Press Release

Spread the Christmas fear with All Through the House – a Santa slasher film making its U.S. debut on all major VOD platforms October 4, 2016, released by Gravitas Ventures. All Through the House is produced by The Readmond Company. It was written and directed by Todd Nunes. VOD Platforms, hosting the launch, include: iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, Hulu, Playstation, Amazon, and Microsoft. The DVD/Blu-ray version is available on Amazon.

Jessica Cameron is part of the primary cast. She says of All Through the House: “I have always loved holiday horror films, and am so thrilled to have been involved with two thus far in my career. All Through the House is
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Horror Highlights: New Halloween Items from Horror Decor, Terrortory, Queer Ghost Hunters, The ID

Horror Decor's Halloween Line continues with Cuddle Creeps, garden flags, a Franken-candle, and more. Also in today's Horror Highlights: details on Terrortory and Queer Ghost Hunters, as well as Blu-ray release info for The Id.

Horror Decor's Second Wave of Halloween Items: From Horror Decor: “At Horror Decor, the place is overflowing with Halloween products over the last few weeks! From the Vintage Halloween Masks line and Rules of Halloween Candle Set, to the new Killer Pumpkin Ale Candle and Sleepy Hollow Garden Flag, the anticipation for All Hollows Eve is ramping up. Today, Horror Decor released Part 2 of their Halloween line.

First, they partnered up, once again, with Rondal Scott III from the Strange Kids Club to create another pair of Cuddle Creeps. These limited edition designs are only available during the Halloween season and will disappear on November 1st, so get your order in early.

Next, they introduced
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Filmmaker/Author Thommy Hutson Talks Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy: The Making of Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street

Having written and/or produced some of the horror genre’s best documentaries, including such extensive ones as 2010’s Never Sleep Again, 2011’s More Brains! A Return To The Living Dead and 2013’s epic Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History Of Friday The 13th, it’s easy to say that Thommy Hutson not only loves the horror genre, but wants to give genre fans something different than just your run of the mill special feature Epk. You can tell a lot by watching a documentary and every single one Hutson has been involved with, really showcases an admiration and love for the slice and dice, blood-soaked greatest genre around.

While the Never Sleep Again doc covered the entire A Nightmare On Elm Street series, with a vast amount of knowledge, Hutson decided to serve up an even more personal account of not the entire series but 1984’s A Nightmare On Elm Street alone,
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Monsterland / Available on DVD and Digital Video June 7th

Rlj Entertainment (Nasdaq: Rlje) in association with DreadCentral brings you Monsterland. Directed by Graham Denman (The Divine Tragedies), Jack Fields (“Happy Memories”),Erik Gardner (Dreamtakers), Andrew Kasch (Tales of Halloween, Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy), Patrick Longstreth (“Hellyfish”), Sander Maran (“Curiosity Kills”), Robert Mclean (“Hellyfish”), The McCoubrey Brothers (“The Grey Matter”), Corey Norman (The …

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Horror Highlights: Edward Scissorhands Statue, Dementia, Fender Bender, Monsterland, The Curse Of Sleeping Beauty Q&A

Edward, the pale, lovable creature with scissors for hands can be in your home—in statue form anyway—by the end of this year courtesy of Hollywood Collectibles Group. Also in today’s Horror Highlights: a Dementia Blu-ray clip, details on the L.A. screening of Fender Bender, Monsterland DVD / Digital release details, and a Q&A with The Curse of Sleeping Beauty director Pearry Teo.

Hollywood Collectibles Group’s Edward Scissorhands Statue: From Hcg: “From Tim Burton’s Gothic masterpiece, we are proud to present Edward Scissorhands!

Presented in 1:4 scale, Edward features an amazingly detailed costume and scissor hands, capturing every intricate detail of this incredible outfit.

Edward stands an impressive 24” tall on his elaborate movie themed display base,

As with all Hollywood Collectibles pieces, this Museum quality statue is constructed from heavyweight poly stone and mixed media and then individually hand painted to the finest detail.

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See What Freddy Krueger Almost Looked Like Instead

Horror movies are only as good as the monsters that inhabit them. From Michael Myers to Jason Voorhees, the slasher genre in particular has created some of the most iconic and distinctive looking mass murderers ever to grace the silver screen. Arguably no other slasher has maintained more mainstream exposure or than the nightmare-stalking Freddy Krueger – played to glorious effect by actor Robert Englund. However, the now legendary Freddy once looked quite different. Bloody Disgusting (follow the link to see the images) has some new pictures that show how Freddy’s look for Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street films was almost significantly different. This transformation is chronicled in the crowd-funded documentary Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy. His trademark sweater was always present, but it had no sleeves, and instead of a fedora, the supernatural serial killer adorned his head with ...
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Freddy Krueger almost didn't look like this

  • Hitfix
Freddy Krueger almost didn't look like this
Can you imagine Freddy Krueger without his famed fedora? Now you don't have to. Here's the "Newsies" version Wes Craven and company almost went with, before settling on the iconic look we know today (courtesy Bloody-Disgusting): Doesn't quite have the same feel, does it? It's fascinating to wonder whether the paperboy cap and sleeveless (!) red-and-green sweater would have doomed the franchise before it even began. We'll never know, but it's fun to speculate as a sort of "Sliding Doors"-esque scenario. The photo, in case you were wondering, comes courtesy of Thommy Hutson, who wrote and directed the excellent four-hour documentary "Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy," which covers all films in the "Nightmare on Elm Street" series except the much-criticized 2010 remake. Trust: it's a must-see for any hardcore fan of the series. Navigate over to Bloody-Disgusting to see an additional image that features a number of different
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ScreamFest La opens with Tales Of Halloween

ScreamFest La opens with Tales Of Halloween
ScreamFest La is now in full swing, and I could not be more ready for a week+ of horror movies from some of the best up-and-coming horror producers/directors in the world! I attended opening night on Tuesday and was treated to Epic Pictures & The October Society’s horror anthology Tales Of Halloween. The film included ten short terrifying—and sometimes hilarious—films from the likes of Adam Gierasch (Fertile Ground, Night Of The Demons), Andrew Kasch (Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy), Axelle Carolyn (Centurion, Soulmate), Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw 2-4), Dave Parker (The Hills Run Red), John Skipp (Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child), Lucky Mckee (The Woman), Mike Mendez (The Gravedancers), Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers, The Descent), Paul Solet (Grace), and Ryan Schifrin (Abominable).

There are quite a few horror movies reaching the silver screen this weekend, but Tales Of Halloween is the perfect film for the season.
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Interview with Tales Of Halloween’s John Skipp and Andrew Kasch

  • DailyDead
To celebrate the October 16th release of the horror anthology Tales of Halloween, Daily Dead spoke to the filmmakers behind the movie to discuss the project, their individual contributions, and more.

The only directing duo contributing to Tales of Halloween, John Skipp (writer of A Nightmare on Elm Street 5) and Andrew Kasch (Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy) have a lot to say about making a movie with their friends and the current state of horror. Their segment, “This Means War,” about a pair of neighbors feuding over Halloween decorations, deals with this very subject.

One of the things I love about Tales of Halloween is that so many of the segments deal with different aspects of the holiday. Yours tackles Halloween decorations... sort of. Where did the inspiration for your short, "This Means War", come from?

Andrew Kasch: Halloween haunts are my jam! Each year, I hit
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Screamfest 2015 Film Lineup unvelied; 'Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension' to premiere

The Screamfest Horror Film Festival is the longest running horror film festival in the United States, now in its 15th year. The festival has been responsible for premiering many now classic horror films such as Paranormal Activity and Feast, both of which are having anniversary screenings at this year's festival. Additionally, Screamfest will be screening the premiere of Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.

The 2015 festival will run from October 13th through the 22nd in Hollywood, California at the Tcl Chinese 6 Theatres.

Screamfest has an amazing star-studded lineup this year, and if you live in Los Angeles, you owe it to yourself to check out a movie or two, or three or four or all of them. Many of the screenings include discussions with filmmakers such as John and Clu Gulager, James Franco, and more. You can check out the programming and purchase tickets at the festival website Screamfest.
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New Poster for Tales Of Halloween

  • DailyDead
Many horror fans are looking forward to seeing what tricks and treats will be in store when Tales of Halloween hits select theaters and VOD on October 16th, and to help hold viewers over, Epic Pictures Group has unveiled a new poster for the festive anthology.

"Cult filmmakers and familiar genre faces come together to bring you the ultimate Halloween film event with horror anthology Tales Of Halloween.

A suburban American town is terrorized by ghouls, aliens, and killers on one Halloween night.

Directors Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, III and IV), Axelle Carolyn (Soulmate), Adam Gierasch (Night of the Demons), Andrew Kasch (Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy), Neil Marshall (The Descent), Lucky McKee (All Cheerleaders Die, The Woman), Mike Mendez (Big Ass Spider!), Dave Parker (The Hills Run Red), Ryan Schifrin (Abominable), John Skipp (Stay at Home Dad), and Paul Solet (Grace).

Cast includes Rocky Horror Picture
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Round-Up: Carrie The Musical Q&A, Screamfest 2015, From Dusk Till Dawn Season 2, Apocalypse Swordsman

  • DailyDead
Put down your buckets of pig's blood kids, it will not end well for you. In this round-up, we have a Q&A with Emily Lopez from Carrie the Musical which opens on October 8th. Also: more details from Screamfest 2015, From Dusk Till Dawn season 2, and Shawn Scott's novel Apocalypse Swordsman.

Carrie the Musical Q&A: Press Release: "(Los Angeles, CA – August 19, 2015) Producers Bruce Robert Harris and Jack W. Batman and The Transfer Group have announced that Carrie The Musical will return to Los Angeles at the historic Los Angeles Theater, the first theatrical musical at that venue.

Tickets are available beginning Monday, August 24th at Carrie The Musical begins previews on October 1, 2015, and officially opens on October 8, 2015. Performances are on sale through November 22.

Directed by Brady Schwind and choreographed by Lee Martino, this immersive staging of Carrie takes the legendary musical off the stage and
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