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10 Oct. 2011
After an explosive, humiliating breakdown at work, Amy Jellicoe has returned from a stay at a treatment center with an entirely new outlook.
17 Oct. 2011
Now or Never
Amy is offered a job at Abaddon after all, but it is not what she was hoping for: data entry in the basement with a strange assortment of losers.
24 Oct. 2011
Someone Else's Life
Amy imagines what it would be like to be someone else as she contemplates her dissatisfaction. She considers taking a job at a homeless shelter.
31 Oct. 2011
The Weekend
Amy invites Levi to spend the weekend with her, kayaking on a river where they share fond memories.
7 Nov. 2011
Not Good Enough Mothers
It's raining and Amy's car won't start. She sees a story on the news about a local mother being deported as an illegal immigrant and decides to rally women at Abaddon to form a women's activist group.
14 Nov. 2011
Sandy comes to visit, Amy's friend from Hawaii, for two days to teach a yoga seminar.
21 Nov. 2011
Lonely Ghosts
Amy has a bad dream and spends the night at Levi's. Tyler reveals his attraction to Amy. Amy tries to set up her boss Dougie with Krista's friend Harper. Everyone's looking for love and intimacy in their own way.
28 Nov. 2011
Comrades Unite!
When Dougie tries to get Amy fired she reveals details about his inappropriate behaviour to human resources.
5 Dec. 2011
Consider Helen
Helen remembers the death of her husband when her daughters were children.
12 Dec. 2011
Burn It Down
Levi breaks down Amy's door at 3 a.m., desperate. Damon allows Amy to make a presentation at a staff meeting. Amy is determined to make change at Abaddon, no matter what it takes.

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