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This movie is actually quite good if you throw away your preconceived notions.
nochturne29 March 2012
The reviews who say that this movie is bad, boring, and the characters are unlikeable simply expect a different kind of movie and have forgotten the joy in a drama with thrilling elements.

This is not "Mission Impossible: Panties in a Twist" or whatever the latest incarnation is. (And I do enjoy those!) This movie is is a character study, an abundance of beautiful cinematography, and a shark chasing thriller all in one. There is a sense of realism, especially with the interactions between the characters, who react in line with their own backstories- characters who are simultaneously heroic, anti-heroic, brilliant, and ridiculously self absorbed and stupid.

Additionally, Dark Tide perfectly captured the sense of sheer peace and quiet that consumes you once your head is below the waves in the open ocean. I've been scuba diving all over the world, and driven a boat like in this movie. The movie captured the sense of reverence in the water and for the water, and took me far away to reefs of my own past.

Is it thrilling? Absolutely- the action scenes were tense, and you felt the weight of the sharks gliding silently just inches away. Is it slower? I was never bored. I enjoyed the characters, flaws and all. In the end, if anything, I wanted more closure and final introspection. But that is the only thing I found lacking. If you remotely like the ocean and treat it as a thriller with a slower burn, you will enjoy the movie.

6 1/2 stars.
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Dark Tide: Hard To Take A Bite Out Of
BreakawayDaily11 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I was looking forward to seeing DARK TIDE because I love shark movies, even though typically you've seen one, you've seen them all! I have even tried to see some of those ridiculous B shark movies where you wonder how they ever got the funding to be made! The same question is posed to this film, and why Halle Berry (an Oscar winner) signed on. The film isn't terrible, but it fails to bring much new new to the table.

Unlike "Deep Blue Sea," a good shark movie since "Jaws," this one ends leaving you almost frustrated. Berry plays Kate Mathieson, a marine biologist who was once called "the shark whisperer," but hasn't been back in the water since the death of her mentor. That is until a rich Englishman and his son wants to pay her $100,000 so they can swim with sharks. Her husband (Martinez) talks her into it, and while she doesn't promise the Englishman exactly what he wants, she still takes the loonies out on the boat with her crew and from there just make a series of stupid choices. She is supposed to be our movies heroin, a smart woman, yet she agrees to this even though she has already lost someone to a shark. Why would she want to be responsible for more? I am sure she could have found the money another way. While the story isn't exactly predictable you still don't know why they are even in the water in the first place dealing with this stubborn man whom they know nothing about, amidst the sharks mating season. Then after an argument breaks out they decide to go to the most shark infested area of all. Stupid! By this point you really don't care that much about its characters since there development is only paper-thin.

I like the fact that "Dark Tide" takes place in South Africa instead of the typical US beach locations. Unknown to me, it has the largest shark population in the world. There are times during the film where you are not sure what kind of film you are watching - a drama? a thriller? a love story? If it was supposed to be a thriller it had some shocking moments but not scary enough to really break new ground. Nothing in regards to shark attacks we haven't already seen before. I am not sure why two great actors signed off on this film, it wasn't a waste of time but it wasn't the best either.

Breakaway Film http://breakawayradio.ca/film
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I was rooting for the sharks....
katex-320-70901517 March 2012
.... and wishing they'd arrive soon and gobble up the entire cast of this terminally boring movie. But, alas, they didn't; and the thing dragged on and on interminably... until, after what felt like an eternity, it finally reached its always predictable, anticlimactic climax.

What can we say about the cast? It would perhaps be more accurate to describe them as the miscast. Halle Berry looks great. If I went through what she went through in this movie I'd look like something the cat brought in. But even at her most artistically bedraggled, Berry looks as if she could just slip into a D&G dress and sashay down the catwalk in Paris or Milan. Boat skippers have wind-washed complexions. Throughout this movie Berry always looks as if she could have just stepped out of the beauty parlor, with her perfect eye-liner, her manicured nails and her perfect tan. Her hair gets tousled every now and then, but that's about the extent of her dishevelment. If they wanted me to believe that she was the head of a model agency, or the editor of a woman's magazine, I might have bought it. But a shark expert who spends half her life on a boat? No way, Jose. And the rest of the miscast were no more believable.

In fairness, the cinematography was excellent. The sharks were great, too. But they arrived about an hour and twenty minutes too late, for which they will not be lightly forgiven by anyone who got suckered into wasting 94 minutes of their life watching this god awful movie.
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Fishy nonsense
Samiam323 April 2012
I suppose I can give Dark Tide some credit for its realistic, non manipulative depiction of the great white shark. This is certainly no monster movie. So what kind of movie is it then?

Dark Tide would have to qualify as an adventure drama, or rather an anti adventure drama. It seems that each time director John Stockwell goes seaward with a production, the movies get progressively worse. Into the Blue, was entertaining, but certainly dumb. Blue Crush, was dumb and unentertaining. This latest movie is just confused and almost devoid of any reason to watch it.

I return to my point about Dark Tide not being a horror film. So why then are the characters deliberately as uninteresting and obnoxious as the cast of any Friday the 13th sequel. Halle Berry is playing the kind of half-assed, adolescent role that I'm used to seeing Jennifer Lopez play. Dark Tide gives you an idea of how far she has fallen in the last ten years. She is sleeping with the fishes.

The movie lumbers along for a good hour, with nothing except the quality of its underwater photography (getting you nose to nose with twenty foot sharks) to keep you in your seat. The characters exchange lines of sloppy dialogue and do silly things, until it's time for distaster to strike, in the last half hour. It's fair to say that Stockwell manages to generate some suspense in the climax, but he stretches it out too long, and the camera work is disorienting.

The whole thing doesn't work. It lacks direction, intelligence, and professional acting. For all I know, Dark Tide may just have been an excuse for Stockwell to go diving in South Africa with the sharks and leave the storyline behind.
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Not bad
rik-317-36978714 March 2012
I liked Darktide mainly because of it's camera work and portrayal of the Great White shark.

The underwater camera work appeared to be original and was impressive in terms of continuity, unlike most shark films where footage is borrowed from a documentary and pasted in.

The behaviour of the sharks is also more realistic, showing that people with experience can swim with them outside the cage and not be attacked.

The film is let down by a thin plot and bland characters.

I would rate this as the third best shark movie after Jaws(obviously) and The Reef(underrated).
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You have no idea what's wrong with me.
nogodnomasters13 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
WARNING: Plot Details. Not ending.

The film takes place in scenic South Africa. We get the National Geographic tour. The film starts out great showing us Halle Berry's cleavage, a guy filming her cleavage, and then they throw a shark into the film...and no more cleavage. Halle's hobby is to pet Great Whites in open water out of a cage. She is married to Jeff who films the action. So when sharks suddenly behave badly, Halle quits diving with them.

After a year, Jeff is trying to get back with Halle. The have fights about the relationship. The film contains Halle doing a first person philosophical narration and the music is very tame, not what one expects for an action/thriller. Halle who has spent 10 years in the water doesn't like the smell of fish and screams when someone tries to push her in. Clearly this is an action flick written for women, or by a woman (Amy Sorlie). In one scene Jeff apologizes for whatever it was that made Halle angry. Halle is angry that he doesn't know why she is angry and won't tell him...because he should know! She finally says, "You have no idea what's wrong with me!"

As Halle's business starts to fail, a wealthy Brit (Ralph Brown) trying to connect with his son (Mark Elderkin) wants to swim with Great Whites without a cage. Halle is reluctant but agrees.

They set out in the water to go dancing with sharks. And if everything went well, there wouldn't be a movie. Dad fights with son, Jeff fights with dad, Halle fights with Jeff, and Halle fights with dad. At this point I was hoping a two headed mega shark would swallow the whole boat. The climatic scene I can't detail because I have no idea what is happening. Everyone is in the same dark suits and it is dark. The full view film of the sharks appear to be stock footage. (Ed Wood would be so proud.) This is more of a drama with some poorly shot action scenes.

No f-bombs (that I caught), sex, or nudity. Some PG-13 name calling. Might be enjoyed by women who like a soft female lead in an "action thriller."
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Tedious Tide
nebk7 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I didn't know much about the plot before I saw this movie. I figured that it probably wouldn't be to bad and since it has some known faces I expected at least a decent story. I was wrong. The story and the movie are bad and the acting is nothing special. The one redeeming feature is the beautiful scenery of Cape Town and it's surrounding areas. Having been in that part of South Africa it was nice to see them again.

The story could have made sense but by the end there are too many plot holes and things that don't make sense. A marine biologist (played by Halle Berry) who has spent 10 years studying sharks and swimming with them is involved in a shark attack at the start of the movie. Her friend is killed and as a result she has withdrawn from the shark diving world and and takes tourists on boat rides and shows them seals and penguins. She is in financial dire straits and her estranged husband (Oliver Martinez) proposes a deal for them to take out a rich tourist and his son to swim with sharks. He offers them 100 000 euros (in local currency over 1 Million Rand) for this. Berry's character reluctantly accepts the offer since she is tricked into believing that someone paying that kind of money will be happy with the promise of being taken out to sea and maybe seeing sharks. She promises she will show them seals, and if sharks happen to be present then great. The tourist promises to stay in the shark diving cage until Berry calls him out when it is safe if they do dive with sharks.

When they are out in the ocean they go near Seal Island which is world renowned for having an area around the island known as the kill zone where most shark attacks on seals happen. To make matters worse it is the middle of mating season. So yes, they are taking tourists out to swim in the kill zone in the middle of shark mating season. At first the rich tourist is told to stay in the shark diving cage but he disregards the instructions and goes out within a few minutes of the dive. This annoys Berry' and she wants to call the whole thing off. Instead she gets into an argument with her husband and changes her mind and decides to take them further out to sea in storm like weather where they can see some really big sharks of up to 20 feet. I am not making this up, she literally changes her mind after a shouting argument with her husband and makes a great decision of taking out a small ship into the middle if the ocean in rough conditions with relatively inexperienced and annoying divers. On top of this, they had steering problems with the boat but the assistant fixed it so they go on anyway. When they get there she goads the tourist into diving without the cage, even though he changed his mind by then. So all of a sudden from being indecisive Berry is almost pushing the man to go into the open water without the protection of a cage. At one point I literally expected them to start riding the sharks rodeo style or jump down their throats (which in fact would have been more preferable). As is to be expected the storm tips the boat over and some of the characters are attacked and killed by sharks.

There are also minor annoyances in the movie that make it even worse. The tourist lights up a cigarette when he gets on the boat but Berry tells him there is no smoking on her boat. She however doesn't have a problem with him drinking beer even though he is going to go diving with sharks. I guess tipsy or drunk tourists are better for shark diving than those nasty smokers. She also does nothing when her husband light up. She also doesn't take any air cylinders on board because sharks don't like bubbles apparently. They don't much like idiotic plot lines either and in that aspect they are very similar to us movie watchers.

The acting: Berry tries to carry off a look of indecisiveness and vulnerability but she looks prissy and as if she stepped off of a modeling catwalk. Her husband tries to be caring and helpful but looks dodgy with ulterior motives. Their assistant is supposed to be the comic relief but he is more or less annoying especially when playing a game on his iPad (in the game he is the shark getting points for eating surfers). The rich tourist is a just annoying and not likable at all, and his son is irrelevant and there to fill the boat and some screen time.

I lived in Cape Town, and know people who dived with sharks and who are certified divers and they would never go out in middle of shark mating season, in bad weather with inexperienced divers and then almost force them out of the cage. They especially wouldn't do that when the Great White Shark is the shark they are after. So it is just nonsense, because no one in their right mind would behave the way they do. There is also a scene at the beginning where poachers are shown diving for abalone near the kill zone of seal island in the dark. I mean are they insane, why not attach some nice juicy steaks to their dive suits whilst they are at it.

Overall this movie attempts to be a character driven movie with sub-plots and stories. It fails abysmally in this since by the end of the movie you care more about the sharks then the people. Give this a miss, you might as well watch the discovery channel for shots of beautiful scenery and sharks.
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Full Marks for the camera work
faraz_baig12 March 2012
I am a little perplexed by the low ratings but the question is what does one expect from a Shark movie. People have compared it with the deep blue sea but this movie would trounce the former hands down. Probably the best shark movie after Jaws.

Extremely impressive camera work. True did'nt get the goose bumps but was treated to an amazing photography especially the larger shark shots in the Shark Alley. Halle Barry looked a little woody in the beginning but then came into her own as he movie progresses. Oliver Martinez was impressive though and could do with some meaty roles. This movie deserves to be watched.
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why such a low rating?!
tomskipomski12 March 2012
i actually really enjoyed this,if you like the ocean you like great white sharks then this is perfect for you.The acting is pretty decent,the cinematography is really good i'm mean it looks absolutely real!o.k maybe these guys were asking for trouble,but then again there are people that do this everyday out in South Africa and i bet if you talked to every single one of them they could tell you of some seriously close calls,after all you are dealing with the oceans second top predator.(and even though sharks mistake us for food as we are not their usual prey,rogue sharks do exist and have to be killed it happens all over the world so anyone that says sharks don't blindly attach humans are misinformed...anyway)I though it was better than Open Water both one and two and if think there's been loads such as adrift etc etc.The action is great there is some emotional depth between the two main protagonists and to me it seemed like a very enjoyable film.I'd give it a 6.6 out of ten.i thoroughly enjoyed it.Check it out for yourself.
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Miss Berry, Fire your Agent...
rhaynes19746 July 2013
What possessed someone with Halle Berry's acting chops to take on this very tepid melodrama is anyones guess.

The film starts out promisingly enough with a suspenseful shark attack that delivers the goods, but quickly degenerates in soap-opera-ish melodrama that never really engages or interests the viewer on any level.

Berry phones in her performance on this show, and whilst some of the cinematography is beautiful I certainly didn't see $25 million on screen. It all just reeks a little of missed opportunity to me. I can see why the film was relegated to the DVD bargain bin in so many territories.

While Dark Tide isn't a terrible film, it's certainly not a good one either.

A feeble 4...
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Great realistic shark movie
scottsbride_20086 September 2012
This was an excellent movie! I'm not sure why it has such a low rating, maybe not enough blood and guts for people.

If you want to see a movie that can show the real power, yet graceful side of sharks this is the movie for you. It has none of the big breasted bimbos screaming at the top of their lungs, doing nothing to save them selves. It has a wonderful actress as a free diver, swimming with the sharks. The dynamic between the characters is amazing, and the characters really cause you to believe that this might actually happen.

The realness of this movie shocked me, as I thought it was going to be another Jaws type movie, but it's far from it. The film makers really did their research when making this movie.

So don't miss out....this is a MUST see movie if you're a shark lover.
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Not worth the watch
Natsu213 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
After watching this movie all I can say is visually it had some stunning moments, maybe it's because I'm a shark person but I quite enjoyed the visuals. Besides that everything else was totally stupid. There doesn't seem to be any kind of plot, you start of thinking one thing but then by the next seen you're completely thinking another. It is a very confusing movie. Halle Berry starts the movie as the level headed shark expert but by the end she has completely lost it and is now the moron who costs two people their lives. The deaths in this were completely avoidable and had it been real life Halle would be in prison for manslaughter and reckless endangerment. This movie makes no sense and can't even be classed as B grade. Give this movie a miss. Not even the stunning visuals make this movie worth watching at all.
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Totally Underrated, a very good thriller, realistic & believable story
johnptomai25 April 2012
If Great White Sharks thrill you and you like Ocean stories you will enjoy this one. Ignore the poor ratings, I did and Im glad. The story is realistic, unlike others like "Deep Blue Sea" this one is not a Hollywood exaggeration. Cimatography is excellent in Dark Tide. If you fear the idea of swimming with Great White Sharks out in the open ocean of South Africa, you will be biting your nails and holding your seat. The night shots are especially scary -and all done by situational context -not CGI or gross exaggerations. -I almost had to Fast Forward through the night scenes because I was so on edge. The character drama and the relationships between the characters was well developed. Acting was excellent. What else would you expect from Holly Berry and Oliver Martinez? I am literally 1 Hour and 28 Minutes into the movie where the final climax is about to start, when it hit me that this movie deserves a GOOD review. No way its a 4.3 rating. If you like Ocean thrillers, based on realistic plot then check this one out, you wont be disappointed.
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All 5 stars belong to the sharks and shots.
lauren053130 April 2020
The plot of Dark Tide is not good. Character development is overacted to the point of parody while also completely underdeveloped. None of us care about any single one of these Characters, or their relationships. Halle Berry works with what she's been given, but she is miscast in this movie and she's about as good of an actor as Kristen Stewart. Sure, she is beautiful, but her acting has never been believable or diverse in anything I've ever seen her in. She's very much one flavor only, and I feel she only ever puts in "just" what's required of her and nothing more. Zero charisma.

All that said, this plot, the story, the characters, the conflicts and situations, the decisions, the choices, predicaments, dynamics of characters and their relationships, the proposals and screenplay are NOT believable. At all. Half of the movie is unnecessary entirely. We don't need, or care about, the arguments between a husband and wife, exes, a greedy and selfish father and son, and we don't, or even care to, understand what all of Halle's overacted anger and mood swings are about. There are WAY too many conflicts, one on top of the other, and a snowball of ridiculously dumb decisions.

But, when it comes to the sharks, that is all very believable. They are not dangerous, but when you tease them and provoke them, they tease back... it's worth a watch. Once.
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Not good
wydeglyde00-55-83750611 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
First off I'm not a hater of Halle Berry. I'm just one of many who believe her acting performances are overrated. This film was incredibly boring for the majority of it's 110 minutes. The parts played by the father and son became ridiculously overbearing and unbelievable. The relationship between Halles' character and her estranged husband also had many holes. The thing that sticks out to me the most is why they thought using a piece of shark footage that was so well known and seen by so many before, would be good for this movie. The way it was incorporated into the film was juvenile. The clip is obviously that of the shark leaping clear out of the water with baby seal in mouth. There are very little if any good things to say about this film. My rating of 3.5 is incredibly generous. Overall, not very good.
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Those poor sharks
Coventry28 May 2013
Shouldn't there be some kind of protective Union to help prevent poor defenseless animals from appearing in stupid and embarrassing movies? I mean, actors and actress are supposed to be smart enough and decide for themselves whether or not a horrible scenario will negatively affect their careers (I'm looking at you, Halle Berry), but animals can't read clumsy scenarios! The sharks in "Dark Tide", for instance, are truly some of the most beautiful creatures Mother Nature brought forward, yet their astonishing appearance is criminally abused here in this dumb, exaggeratedly clichéd, dull and incompetent film. Amazing animals like these only belong in masterful documentaries or, as rare as they are, in qualitative adventure movies. Luckily enough – for my own personal anger management program, at least – I watched "Dark Tide" with the absolute lowest expectations imaginable, and that's all thanks to the fact I noticed the name of the director from beforehand. John Stockwell isn't a real filmmaker; he's a wannabe with an unhealthy fetish for famous actresses in colorful bikinis on the posters of his films! Kate Bosworth in "Blue Crush", Jessica Alba in "Into the Blue", half a dozen of sexy chicks in "Turistas" and now Halle Berry in "Dark Tide". The only recurring aspects that draw attention are the bikinis on the cover. I don't know John, but it's becoming rather difficult to convince us that you want to be seen as a serious director. The plot of "Dark Tide" features the dullest of stereotypes in the cast (traumatized heroes, obnoxious businessmen dying from cancer …) and immediately reverts to the worst clichés (troubled father-son relationships, heroine facing her demons…). The only thing worse than the dialogs are the miscast actors and actresses citing them. None of the cast members display any sort of conviction or emotion, and why should they? It's nothing but sheer nonsense anyway. If you do, however, make the mistake to watch "Dark Tide" you can at least enjoy the Cape Town filming locations and the shark footage.
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Leaves you with a certain sinking feeling...
CinemaSerf19 June 2020
This isn't as dreadful as I had feared - it is actually, partially, redeemed by some really excellent underwater photography - and a suitably satisfactory denouement. Halle Berry is a diver whose on/off boyfriend Olivier Martinez manages to coax her into taking an arrogant, wealthy, Brit and his son on a cruise to swim with sharks. The story is poor, predictable and very slow to develop. Far too much of the jeopardy is created not from the sharks but from the rather odious millionaire Brit; his son and the two leads' rather tiresome are they/aren't they relationship - and, it appears that Berry has some history with sharks that resulted in her having had a near death experience. The dive footage of the sharks would have made for an interesting documentary on apex predators; the story ought just to have been shredded at birth...
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dark tide was ray of light
lee-plant-500-51768212 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
i love shark films, whether it jaws, deep blue sea or red water i Love 'em.

they can be cheesy and tongue in cheek and unrealistic but not dark tide.

the script was average at best and characters were flawed and acting could have been stronger, however the story was simple and in places took its time but not a bad film at all.

the shark footage and underwater scenes were best par none and i have never...NEVER seen such a realistic shark attack in any film, the first one really catches you off guard.

easy to watch and easy to enjoy.
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Nice movie for shark fans
wael2513 April 2012
Dark Tide is a nice movie for those who love shark movies. One of the character who is supposed to be french and have a french accent, in reality he has a Russian accent, not even near a french accent. Maybe it was too expensive to have somebody with a real french accent. This fact makes me hate this actor more in this movie. I think another cast would have been better for this movie. I also think that Halle Berry is discredited in that movie because of the poor script , poor scenario and other poor actors. There's also a false image of sharks because they are represented as being monsters that eat people. The movie has a very simple scenario in my opinion.
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Going down
kosmasp14 October 2012
If this would've been a documentary, I would've been full of praise. Beautiful pictures, even those without Halle Berry in them, and great environment. Unfortunately I cannot judge this just by those underwater shots. I have to also rate the dialog and the story. Both of which lack a lot, not only in comparison to the scenery.

Halle Berry and her love interest in this are annoying to the point they make the real bad guy look like the only sane person in this thing. And that is just because he has a clear goal, nothing will get him off that. But our heroes? Better not ask. Especially because their answer will bore and/or annoy you to death. I love Halle, but only watching this because of her or the sharks has to be a decision only you can make ... don't count on an intriguing story though!
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Very Disappointing
bob-rutzel-110 May 2012
Shark Whisperer Kate (Halle Berry) needs to go back into the water to pay bills. She lost a crewman years ago and blames herself. She takes on Brady (Ralph Brown) a millionaire who wants to swim with the great whites, but outside the cage. This can't be good.

This is very disappointing. The story line is simple, but where it all goes bad is in the ending; and in many dark underwater scenes near the end where all you can see are flashlight beams, the water turning red and you hear cries for help; but you cannot see exactly what is happening and to whom. Not that we need to see any gore but we may as well be watching a black screen and hearing cries for help. Not good. The ending screamed that we needed some kind of closure. Didn't get it.

Much of the acting and dialogues felt contrived, forced and pointless. We should have felt some compassion for Kate and we didn't. We didn't care. The first three quarters of the movie are okay due mostly to the photography which is outstanding both above and below the water. The editing also was very good, and seamless like you were eavesdropping on the people on the boat. Because of the music and ocean sounds hearing what was being said by the characters was difficult at times.

The sightings of sharks alongside the boat are simply scary, real and fantastic. And, yes, the movie JAWS did come to mind. Can't be helped.

In most movies about animals, fish or birds, we learn something most of us didn't know about them. Here we learned almost nothing we didn't already know. Some dialogue tidbits about sharks would have gone a long way to a better appreciation of them and the so-called Shark Whisperers who risk their lives trying to understand them. But, to be honest, the closest to a shark I would want to be is right here on film. Understanding them is not something I care about.

Confusing scenes: Three men in diving suits park their pickup and go into the water. They are looking for something but I couldn't hear what it was. You see one of the submerged men find something and scoops it up. You can hear someone saying to hurry up. Next scene is a policeman calling in to his office that he sees the truck and will look around. That's all that was seen. Nothing more was made of this in the story. Seems like someone forgot to edit something out or maybe it was part of another movie. Who knows? Hey, we suffer in silence. (2/10)

Memo to Ms. Berry: Go back to the Bond movies. Stay out of the water.

Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Language: Only a few S-words were heard.
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lees1045 May 2019
Absolutely awful. Poor script, badly acted, just horrifically awful.
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fritz-11417 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Here is a movie that I really can't believe made it out of editing. Lots of over dramatized glances with appalling dialog....inexplicable yelling and mood swings from the characters....lots of "I'm in deep thought right now" scenes and finally end it all up with more glancing and triteness. I can always count on one thing and that is that Hollywood continues to release LOTS of really bad flicks! Here is yet another....Should be a real career ender for Halle...possibly worse than "Catwoman" Fortunatly for me....I really enjoy making fun of terrible flicks...so as I was laughing at the scene duplications....of which there are many...I also got some belly laughs from the editing....lots of wardrobe fubars that apparently the editor didn't spot....Really???
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The Good, The Bad, The House Blend
sunniva_reilly21 July 2012
Ever since I first saw Jaws, I've been searching for more good films about sharks, but there is something about the subject matter that tends to turn the film tacky. This film isn't tacky. Sadly it isn't any good either.

Halle Berry plays Kate Mathieson, a marine biologist of the Erich Ritter school of thinking (Sharks aren't dangerous unless you're scared of them - there's a video of him getting mauled by a bull shark on youtube). During a dive she gets someone killed and refuses to have anything to do with sharks thereafter. Until she needs money and a rich guy offers her 100 000 Euro to take him out and let him swim with great whites.

The Good: The sharks, they are so beautiful. And the filming is just exquisite.

The Bad: Someone seems to have filmed the first draft of a so-so script. The dialogue is cringeworthy. The characters are woefully underdeveloped. The background conflicts are tired and predicable. There are logic fallacies at every turn. This is where a set of good actors could make all the difference. But they don't. With the exception of Luke, the characters were was so thoroughly unpleasant I honestly didn't care if they got eaten.

The House Blend: Sharks are not portrayed just as mindless eating machines. But what are they portrayed as? Inanimate objects really. They swim around in circles, not even acknowledging Kate who is touching them, tugging their tail fins, grabbing hold of their dorsal fins and going for a ride etc.

All in all I was disappointed. I wish someone had taken the time to finish the script before turning into a film. A little better dialogue, a little tightening up of the plot, make the characters a little more believable (and sympathetic). It could have made a world of difference.
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Good bye Jaws !!!!!!
filmman-543-70286423 December 2012
OMG !! Halle Berry why? why baby!? By all means the worst shark movie ever!! 94 minutes while it should be 30 or 35 at most! It's not a documentary and for sure it's not a movie!!why? here are why : 1-No real storyline. 2- Looooooong booooring underwater footage with absolutely no meaning. 3- Shallow characters. 4- awful sound track. 5-below average acting ! 6-more looooooong boooooring underwater footage!! 7-no excitement what so ever !

overall a total waste of time and believe me I love Halle Berry but this movie-like thing is going to make me think twice before I watch any shark movie or Halle Berry's movie !
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