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  • Mallory Kane (Gina Carano) works for a private company that does operations for which regular government operatives can't be sanctioned. After breaking off her relationship with the company's owner, she is going to leave this company and take a lot of the business with her. Rodrigo (Antonio Banderas) comes into possession of two pieces of knowledge, that Mallory is leaving the company and that a particular dissident is vulnerable. He coordinates a plan to have Mallory abduct the dissident (she thinks she is rescuing him) and then frame her for his murder. This makes his client and the owner of the company happy. Mallory gets wise to this when she finds the dead dissident with her brooch in his hand. At this point she has a fight with Paul (Michael Fassbender) and goes on the run. Mallory makes it to her dad's house and has a final showdown with the company's owner and his guys. Aaron (Channing Tatum) realizes he's been used to chase her down when she is in fact innocent and tries to help. Mallory takes revenge on Rodrigo and Kenneth (Ewan McGregor). Edit

  • Haywire was filmed from an original screenplay by British-American screenwriter Lem Dobbs. Edit

  • The viewer is meant to be in the dark about many things in the first half of the movie, it puts you in the place of the protagonist and let's you better feel what she's going through. You discover the clues as she does, and in the end they spell it all out and fill in the missing pieces using flashbacks so you complete the puzzle just as she does. The confusion is in the editing. The time jumps, scene transitions and overall choppy flow makes the story harder to follow. The whole movie hinges on the acting skills of a Muay Thai fighter instead of the huge cast of "A" list actors. Establishing shots are not made which causes confusion as the viewer tries to figure out where the scene fits within the story. The script doesn't grab the viewer and the movie could benefit from better casting for the roles of Mallory and Aaron. This movie had good intentions but loses the audience by failing to maintain the pace of the story. There are better ways to drop pieces of the puzzle and make the premise more engaging. Edit



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