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Maybe I'm the only one, but this show ain't really that bad
nathan-51724 April 2010
First and foremost I would like to point out that this is in fact a show for children, the reason I say this is because a lot of the people bashing this show are older than 17, who want to see more shows like Megas XLR or Samurai Jack; and I can't blame them, those were pretty cool shows. I mean is this the greatest show that cartoon network has ever put out? No. Is this show better than most of the shows on cartoon network presently? Yes.

Now to the show itself. Stoked is a story about six teens and their not so wonderful summer jobs on the majestical Sunset Island. They spend their summer working at Ridgmount Resort which turns out to be more than they bargained for, the hours are bad, the uniforms suck, and their manager isn't the nicest of people, but they de-stress by surfing the choicest waves when they don't have to work. Overall just a basic summer working on an island resort.

Now I'm not going to say that this show is going to beat out Samurai Jack or other great cartoon network shows, but I would definitely prefer to watch this over Chowder or The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.

At the end of the day I give it a 7 out of 10. It's somewhat unique but I do loose interest after awhile, good show to have on when your doing stuff around the house though
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My Childhood
Davis-kevin02830 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This show was simply amazing. It inspired me to pick up surfing as a hobby and introduced me to my teen life. The humor was alright and made me grin a couple times. The storyline was very interesting by showing a spoiled child the value of a dollar and how to be independent by budgeting and spending your own money instead of daddy's. The show also teaches you that friends can be found and made every where. This show displayed that in full content. Six teenagers who are complete strangers and only have surfing in common become close friends. Not to mention they all live together. This is more than a regular teen show. Its the ideal teen show because it entertains and teaches real life lessons. However, the length that the show has been off the air has lead me to believe that it has been cancelled. This is only a believe. But, if it is true and you the fans indeed like and appreciate this show, help me start a petition to get it back on the air.
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This show's not horrible, but it's not the greatest i've seen. Still enjoyable
marshm626 August 2012
From the Creators of both Canadian cartoons 6teen, and Total Drama brings you Stoked. The show centers around six teenagers who work at a fancy resort near a beach for the entire summer. The Plots are decent, Most of the Episodes are pretty much funny and entertaining, the voice acting is also good. The Characters are hilarious in so many ways. And the Animation has such a unique way of making 2d art something to appreciate. Overall 8/10 for the having such amazing art, and funny characters

Bottom Line: If you wanna watch Stoked, go ahead change to it the channel that it's on right now

If you hate it then don't bother watching it because of you thinking that it's stupid or something
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okay, could have been better.
mitch_h-000112 July 2010
As a teenager myself, it seems appropriate that i rate this better than most would. I've heard that its a friends knock off and extremely predictable but i actually found it to be okay. Granted, it didn't make me laugh but there was some crude humor that i found myself grinning at. Again, I'm a bit younger so I haven't seen all the older shows that this supposedly "ripping off," but some of the things are rather cliché to say the least.

However, the relaxed scenes of just the Groms surfing in the ocean are calming.

As for the music, yeah, it gets kind of annoying, but its not like they play the tracks for long. 30-50 secs maybe. But as a BIG All Time Low fan, i really liked the first episode.

Overall, it was okay, a fun show to watch when you're feeling relaxed, and mostly just because I really wish i could be in the ocean surfing.

6 teenage Bummer-dodgers out of 10. :D
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Would be great if it weren't for Reef!
kalebdaynes12 January 2016
I started watching the show because I was a fan of 6teen and I figured it would be good. They did a good job of making the show (and characters) similar, for the most part anyway. Of course, they had to make Reef overly confident like Jonesy, but the thing is Reef goes too far. Jonesy is sexist and obnoxious, but I like him. Reef is like that but worse and far stupider, to a point where he makes Jonesy look smart. Jonesy is a jackass but he has redeeming qualities, like he stands up for his friends when others punk them down. Reef does not do that. And he's more than a jackass, he's a total asshole. And his hair looks really stupid, as if it was struck by lightning. If he died in the show, I might watch it again!
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From the dudes and dudettes that brought you the "Total Drama" series and more recently "6teen"
asaloverboy728 May 2014
It's a wonderful series with connecting stories to the episodes if you look for them. Especially Lo the owners daughter who is force to work for the summer struggles with her attempts to earn her father's faith to regain her spot in the penthouse. We got a nice variety of character personalities from the stress out to the totally silly and clueless like Emma never realizing how much Johnny care for her. It's the groms vs. managers as they try to stick it to one another while trying to find time outside work to catch the perfect waves. Beside the main characters we also have lots of co starring guests who repeating show up throughout the season as well as minor staff members who pop up now and then for comedy support of the main characters.
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It's actually really good
RaeHB82 August 2013
One thing I really love about Stoked is something others are bashing for: it's similarity to 6teen. To me, it's similar enough to make me not miss 6teen as much and different enough to not bother me. Sure, there are parallels in characters, but the show is not at all a copy. Reusing character types isn't a crime. Everyone, whether it be TV, movies, or books, does it.

I watched both seasons and found it to be a good background show; a show you're interested in, but only watch when you're doing something else as well. It's short, it's amusing, and it's art style in awesome. It's not fantastic, life-changing show, but all around I'd say its a good.
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Unoriginal, Boring, and Not a Good Cartoon
mebejesse11 September 2009
After finding out that all of my old favorite Cartoon network shows were being canceled, I was a bit sad. Alas, they were replaced! With shows such as Stoked, TDI/TDA, Johnny Test, Chowder, and The Misadventures of Flapjack. I saw this after I watched one episode of 6Teen, liking 6Teen a little. This show was so boring, I turned off the television 3/4 through the show. The show is just 6Teen with different characters, horrible plots, and just overall awfulness. I wouldn't recommend this show to ANYONE. They should just take it off of Cartoon Network now.

I also found that Cartoon Network tried to get a higher aged demographic of kids with this show. And they failed miserably. Again.
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Boring unoriginal trash
Jon Williams24 September 2009
This show is little more than a really cheap knockoff of a much better older show called Johnny Bravo.

The animation is "stylized" meaning done on the cheap and nasty (and it does look quite amateurish)everything is colored in bright pastel tones that actually hurt the eyes after a while and the writing is so stereotypical with every character being flat and uni-dimensional along with being poor variations on the "surfer dude" stereotype that went out of style in 1987 and are voiced in the broadest "surfer dude" stereotypes there are (the two worst are a Californian surfer guy who constantly uses the word "dude" and an Australian surfer who is the broadest generalization of the Aussie Surfer dude stereotype that I've even seen, the one runner up is the character who is supposed to be South African but sounds more like a white guy from Kansas doing a bad impression of a South African accent) .

Combine that with an overbearing soundtrack filled with bad 90's bands that have somehow managed to stay around until today when they are no longer relevant and their music just grates on the viewers nerves and you have a show that is really bad.
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Stoked: NEW BEST Canadian American Cartoon
cjwhite-3164528 May 2017
I remember this show from when it was still airing on Cartoon Network. I heard it was created by Fresh TV (Creators of 6teen and the Total Drama Franchise and spin off). I loved those shows growing up, and still do. THis show was an awesome original concept, and I loved to all the characters. There wasn't a single dislikeable character in the show. I was disappointed the show only got 2 seasons. I highly recommend this show for those who never saw this show.
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