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  • House and the team take on the case of an avid blogger admitted with sudden bruising and bleeding. From her hospital bed, the patient blogs about her symptoms, doctors and prospective diagnoses to her dedicated band of followers and solicits their advice on a course of treatment. Such openness leads the team to contemplate the value of privacy, especially after House and Wilson uncover secrets from one another's past. Meanwhile, Chase is coaxed into testing out the dating scene .

  • Chase starts doubting his entire dating history and emotional life after House dares him to speed date. Obsessed blog author Frankie's lack of respect for privacy endangers her relationship with Taylor, but he stands by her unconditionally while the team comes up with daunting diagnoses. House taunts Wilson, who tampered with his porn, after finding out he played in a tacky college buddy's early movie.


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  • We open with a woman up late writing on her blog. Her boyfriend Taylor comes out of the bedroom. He is upset that once again she is sharing their argument with strangers on her site. A neighbor knocks on the door to complains about the noise and sees that Frankie (Laura Prepon) has a black eye. Taylor is genuinely surprised to see the bruise, as is Frankie when she looks in the mirror and notices blood coming from her gums.

    Wilson comes home to find House putting away his porn movies. Wilson talks him into going for a night of 'speed dating.'

    The initial discussion of Frankie (and her blogging) with House results in Thirteen and Taub going to Frankie's apartment looking for toxins. While they're there the neighbor stops by again and lets them know Frankie has handled rat poison.

    Prior to the speed dating, House and Wilson tease Chase about his good looks. Chase doesn't seem to believe them. House bets Chase $100 he will still get a handful of names even if he pretends to be an unemployed jerk. House wins the bet and Chase seems stunned.

    Frankie has been writing about every aspect of her treatment in the hospital. She tells Foreman and Taub her urine is "mud-colored." Foreman says "we were wrong about the rat poison."

    The team offers several suggestions that work with this new symptom. During this, House yells at Wilson for returning his porno movies to the store earlier that day.

    Wilson comes into House's office. He is watching the one porn which Wilson chose not to return and report as lost. It turns out Wilson was in the film, having acted in a few PG-rated scenes while in college. Wilson's buddy began directing porn later and added x-rated footage with other actors (not Wilson) on top of stuff he already had.

    As Chase looks at Frankie's blog for clues, he asks Thirteen about his good looks and how shallow the women at the speed dating night were. He reads something about Frankie not being aroused sexually and suggests Sjogren's syndrome. This leads to Chase giving Frankie some tests. During those tests Frankie says she's not comfortable on her back.

    The complaint of Frankie's leads Chase to think she might have a heart valve issue. A cardiac test reveals he was right.

    Chase and Taub tell Frankie she can get a pig's valve or a synthetic one. The plastic valve would prevent her from having children, something which Taylor wants. Frankie wants to pose the options on her blog, which bothers Taylor.

    Wilson comes into his office to see Wilson has created movie posters for the porn and framed them on his wall. Virtually everyone in the hospital seems to have seen the film and knows Wilson's character's few lines.

    Wilson tells Chase he wants to dig up something on House. All Chase can come up with is that House has been reading a book inside another book's dust jacket. Clearly he doesn't want people to know what he is reading.

    Based in part on reader feedback Frankie wants to go with the plastic valve. Taylor thinks she's turned their lives into entertainment and he seems ready to give up on the relationship.

    Wilson and Chase look through House's office and find he was secretly reading a collection of sermons written by a Unitarian minister. As they ponder why House might be doing that, Wilson grabs the book and tells Chase not to mention it to anyone.

    Just prior to surgery Frankie begins complaining of sharp pain in her side and vomits.

    Foreman tells Frankie her appendix burst and they found numerous cancer-fighting cells throughout her body. All there is left to do is an experimental vaccine treatment. If not, she will die in a year.

    Chase asks a nurse he barely knows if he can borrow her car and she says yes. He tells Thirteen he has been fooling himself, that he's not ever really connected with anyone.

    Wilson asks House why he is reading the book of sermons. Wilson has done extensive research but can't figure it out. House acts strange and asks Wilson to leave it alone.

    The next day every member of the team is reading copies of the sermon book. Chase called the author and got him to send extra copies. House asks where Chase mentioned him during the call.

    During the third vaccine injection Frankie has a bad reaction. House isn't sure why she was sleeping during the day and finds on her blog that her day/night clock has changed in the past few months. House asks for a liver biopsy.

    The biopsy reveals that the cells in Frankie's appendix weren't actually the result of cancer. Unfortunately this means that unless they can figure out what's wrong with her liver she'll die in a few days.

    House is convinced there has to be something Frankie isn't telling them, which seems impossible given that her life is an open book. He orders broad-spectrum antibiotics and starts pouring over her blog.

    Wilson comes into House's office after seeing the actual dust jacket. He noticed that the author must be House's biological father. Wilson isn't sure why he's studying the book instead of contacting the man. Wilson mentioning House usually finds anything related to religion to be "crap" provokes a 'House moment'

    House asks Frankie about the one thing she hasn't discussed openly with her reader: her stool. Based on the way it changed in the past few months he recognizes that she has a curable disease. She'll need to be on meds for a few years but is essentially be okay. Frankie and Taylor's relationship seems like it might be okay as well.

    Thirteen tells Chase he's trying to devalue the relationship with Cameron. She thinks he's being paranoid.

    Wilson is convinced House was studying the book to find if there was someone else out there like him. House's response to whether he found anything was: "Under the God stuff... more God stuff." They leave the hospital.

    Cuddy walks through the lobby and orders for someone from maintenance to "take that down." That, of course, is a large poster for Wilson's movie House has erected over the lobby.

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