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A complete entertainer with high voltage action and impressive drama.
Prashast_Singh12 July 2018
THAAMIRABHARANI left me impressed by the time it ended.

I had not imagined the drama in this film to be this powerful. The action was explosive as well.

It's an emotional action drama which excels on multiple levels. Vishal gives you a great performance in every scene: be it action or emotion, he never lets you down. In short, the film is somewhat near-perfect with no déjà vu feel. The only glitch was in the editing. Almost 20 minutes or more could've been chopped to keep the film focused. But the rest of the film barring these subplots and songs is very tightly scripted. Take out some songs, edit the silly comedic subplots and you have a masterpiece.

The film has a couple of suspenseful moments as well, which add to the already-increasing tension in the film. Technically, this film does stand out. I liked how the cinematographer captured the visuals of river water throughout the film, giving the film a desirable feel. The action is outstanding, especially the first and last action scenes. These are filmed at greatly exciting locations and give an unprecedented fun.

The music is catchy, especially the first song. But rest of the songs only add to the length. The comedic subplots are silly and don't add much to the film while also providing some relief from the serious moments. The film is violent in nature, and some scenes are very intense for a U certificate. But there is no vulgarity or obscenity, making it a clean family entertainer.

Finally, the climax stood out with a brilliant execution. It not only touched my heart but also gave me the feel that I watched a very different film, which is true of course. I won't be able to forget it anytime soon. THAAMIRABHARANI is a must watch. That's all.
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