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MPAA Rated R for horror violence and bloody images, language, brief drug use and nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • A couple straddles one another and make out. No nudity or sexual movements. It's over as quick as it began.
  • Occasional sexual banter between teens. Talk of "being horny" or "having a chub" Most of the dialogue is played out for laughs.
  • A young topless woman is shown brushing her hair; it's not prolonged. Show a couple of times and can be found as graphic, pretty short.
  • A woman suggests sexual dialogue, as she flirts with her boyfriend and begs to be "dry f****d"
  • A man says that he got peanut butter on his penis.
  • A man is found dead laying in a pool of blood wearing nothing but a white tank top and underwear but no nudity is seen whatsoever.
  • Some mannequins have male anatomy but it is hard to spot in the dark
  • The movie has very brief nudity and a few moments containing sexual language. It's all over very quickly, and doesn't really affect the movie.

Violence & Gore

  • A man's severed head is carved out to make a jack o' lantern, the kill is offscreen but the body is discovered. Very brutal.
  • A woman in a bathroom stall sees bloody teeth dropped in with her
  • A man is strangled to death with a chain
  • A teenage girl opens a closet and is then stabbed numerous times with a kitchen knife, she attempts to run and crawl away, only to be dragged back into a bedroom and stabbed again. Her body is then propped up underneath a white sheet, cut like a ghost costume.
  • A young boy is viciously strangled until his neck snaps
  • A teenage boy is impaled on a fence through his chin.
  • A woman attempts to crawl out from a row of bathroom stalls but is caught and brutally strangled to death.
  • A man attempting to save a woman trapped in a toilet stall is seized and has his head bashed against the toilet stall until he is dead. (Extremely violent and bloody).
  • A woman is bludgeoned to death with a hammer (Off screen but body seen)
  • A woman has a knife graphically stabbed through her neck
  • A man has his head violently stomped on. Blood and brain matter are present. Arguably the most graphic scene in the film.
  • A man has his jaw dislocated and teeth ripped out offscreen
  • Many bloodied dead bodies are discovered throughout
  • A man is seen propped up with his neck graphically disfigured from being broken
  • A man has a pen knife stabbed viciously into his throat multiple times
  • A man is found with a pen knife jammed into his head
  • A teenage male is found impaled to a wall with a knife through his neck
  • There is a flashback of Michael stabbing his sister to death
  • Extremely graphic and brutal violence throughout.
  • Michael bludgeons an unknown victim in a car park. It's only shown in a distant window reflection so isn't graphic (the impact is hidden below frame) but is still tonally disturbing. Difficult to notice.


  • 23 uses of the word "fuck" other words such as shit, hell and damn. Not used too often.
  • Female actress tells her boyfriend that he is turning her on and that she is going to "dry fuck" him.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Teens can be seen smoking marijuana. Talk of teens planning to smoke marijuana also present.
  • Laurie is shown to have a problem with alcohol, drinking a miniature bottle of vodka and later chugging a glass of wine.
  • A man mentions buying peyote from a friend. Very humorous.
  • Teens mention their friend is bringing "Alakazam", which they refer to smoking weed.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some of the deaths can be quite gruesome, others happen off screen quite a bit leaving the violence to your imagination.
  • The Shape has some very effective jump scares. Many of them involving darkness and shadows. Can be quite frightening.
  • A killer hides in a room full of practice shooting dummies. A woman enters the room and checks certain areas which builds up suspense for the audience. The killer then jumps out. This is a MAJOR jump scare
  • Despite the film's R rating, most of the deaths happen off screen. We do, however, hear them happen and briefly see the bloody aftermath.
  • 14+


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Very brief nudity. Flashback to the first film involving Michael's sister. Brief glimpse of her breasts. Not sexual.
  • There's no strong graphic explicit simulated sex on this film, but there's sexual references like "Peanut Butter on a man's penis", a group of teens talking sex dialogue, a woman dressing in a sexed-up nurse Halloween costume, and a quick flashback to the first Halloween film (Halloween, 1978) in which we, in 6-year-old Michael Myers POV, see how he stabs his sister with a knife. Breasts are seen on a short amount of time. (Note: That's the ONLY nudity part the film has)

Violence & Gore

  • A man is left to be burnt alive. We DO NOT see his body.
  • The most graphic scene in the film is when Michael steps on a man's head and it is stomped, with blood and brain matter presented.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • After a particularly gruesome murder offscreen, we hear a baby crying. Michael approaches the crib but does not harm the baby. This can be very distressing.

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