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MPAA Rated R for horror violence and bloody images, language, brief drug use and nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • Occasional sexual banter between teens. Talk of "being horny" or "having a chub."
  • A woman suggests sexual dialogue, as she flirts with her boyfriend and begs to be "dry f****d"
  • A man says that he got peanut butter on his penis. No nudity nor genitalia is shown.
  • A man is found dead laying in a pool of blood wearing nothing but a white tank top and underwear, which is neither nudity nor sex,
  • Two teenagers kiss, while lying on a couch, before getting interrupted.
  • A flashback from the first movie shows Michael stabbing his naked sister to death. This scene lasts about 25 seconds. We briefly see her breasts twice but this is not sexaul at all.
  • Some sexual references.

Violence & Gore

  • A man's severed head is carved out to make a jack o' lantern, the kill is offscreen but the body is discovered. Very brief.
  • A man is strangled to death with a chain
  • A teenage girl opens a closet and is then stabbed numerous times with a kitchen knife (the impact isnt shown) , she attempts to run and crawl away, only to be dragged back into a bedroom and stabbed again. Her body is then propped up underneath a white sheet, cut like a ghost costume.
  • A young woman is viciously strangled until her neck snaps. This happens below the frame. We only hear the snap and see her legs go limp.
  • A teenage boy is impaled on a fence through his chin.
  • A man attempting to save a woman trapped in a toilet stall is seized and has his head bashed against the toilet stall until he is dead.
  • A woman is bludgeoned to death with a hammer (Offscreen but body seen)
  • A woman has a knife graphically stabbed through her neck. Some blood is shown but no wound.
  • A man has his jaw dislocated and teeth ripped out offscreen
  • Many bloodied dead bodies are discovered throughout
  • A man is seen propped up with his neck graphically disfigured from being broken
  • A man has a pen knife stabbed viciously into his throat once
  • A man is found with a pen jammed into his head
  • There is a flashback of Michael stabbing his sister to death
  • Michael bludgeons an unknown victim in a car park.
  • This movie is way more violent than the 1978 original and includes some blood and gore which that one lacked. It still isnt too graphic though for the most part, especially when compared to the Rob Zombie remakes, which are way more violent and gruesome than this.


  • 27 uses of "fuck" (1 paired with "mother") other words such as "shit", "hell", and "damn". Not used too often.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Teens can be seen smoking marijuana. Talk of teens planning to smoke marijuana also present.
  • Laurie is shown to have a problem with alcohol, drinking a miniature bottle of vodka and later chugging a glass of wine.
  • A man mentions buying peyote from a friend.
  • Teens mention their friend is bringing "Alakazam", which they refer to smoking weed.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some of the deaths can be quite gruesome, others happen off screen quite a bit leaving the violence to your imagination.
  • Most of the scenes involving Michael wearing his mask can have some very effective jump scares. Many of them involving darkness and shadows. Can be quite frightening.
  • A killer hides in a room full of practice shooting dummies. A woman enters the room and checks certain areas which builds up suspense for the audience. The killer then jumps out. This is a MAJOR jump scare
  • Most of the deaths happen off screen. We do, however, hear them happen and briefly see the bloody aftermath.
  • Much darker than the previous films. One of the reasons is that the protagonist, Laurie Strode, is seen suffering from severe PTSD, due to the horrific trauma she had to endure when facing Michael Myers in all her life, and this is all depicted accurately. Also, the movie has a very dark and eerie atmosphere, and it mostly relies on psychological horror instead of using an overuse of jumpscares and gore in order to keep the audiences thrilled and at the very edge of their seats.
  • Not as violent and brutal as the Rob Zombie remakes, but still very intense.
  • Not quite as terrifying as the 1978 original, but still very scary.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman in a bathroom stall sees bloody teeth dropped in with her
  • At the film's climax, Michael Myers (The Shape) is left to be burnt alive. We DO NOT see his body.
  • The most graphic scene in the film is when Michael steps on a man's head and it is stomped, with blood and brain matter presented although this is very brief.
  • The character of Dave the boyfriend of the babysitter Vicky is killed offscreen we later see him pinned to the wall with the butcher knife he grabbed to help her through his throat the knife is whats holding him to the wall lots of blood.
  • Myers strangles a child after he escapes really disturbing and messed up VERY hard to watch
  • Laurie uses a shotgun to stop Myers choking her, blowing some of Myers' fingers off in the process.
  • Michael Myers gets shot in the shoulder by Laurie and big bloodshot is exposed. Also, Michael gets shot in the neck by Karen

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • After a particularly gruesome murder offscreen, we hear a baby crying. Michael approaches the crib but thankfully does not harm the baby. This is one or the most tense parts of the movie.

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