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  • In a deleted scene, Cameron and Allyson are talking outside the school, upset about their fight at the dance. Cameron's also a bit tipsy when a pair of policemen come up and let them know they are shutting down the dance and they have to go home because the streets aren't safe and a curfew is in effect (they don't mention Michael). Cameron mouths off to them, and they address him by name, implying that they have dealt with him before and mentioning he gets his mouth from his father Lonnie (a direct reference to the first film). Cameron drops the F-bomb toward them when they make fun of his costume, and they arrest him for being intoxicated on school property. Edit

  • This film is set 40 years after the original film and ignores all of the previous sequels anc reboots (even 1981's Halloween II and 1998's Halloween H20, both of which starred Jamie Lee Curtis). It also ignores the very end of the original film in which Michael Myers was shot several times by Dr Loomis and somehow survived. In this film, it is stated that the police arrived and Michael was simply taken back to the mental institution where he has remained for the past 40 years. Edit



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