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The Polly Staffle Grindhouse Film Festival Coming to Vegas

Would you attend a film festival organized by a guy who made movies like Killer Biker Chicks, Silent Night Zombie Night, and Super Undead Doctor Roach? Most of us probably have our hands raised right now. Filmmaker and promoter Chad Clinton Freeman has announced The Polly Staffle Grindhouse Film Festival to be held at the Sci-Fi Center in “Givin’ You More Grind” Las Vegas this coming May. The festival takes place May 13-16 and will consist of four glorious days of programming in the tradition of grindhouse theaters with double features each day, bookended by trailers and music videos. PollyGrind is [...]

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Vegas will have a Silent Night, Zombie Night

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Vegas will have a Silent Night, Zombie Night
Sin City is suddenly becoming a genre town. The Blacklist Film Festival brought their indie flavor to Las Vegas; Live Evil hit the Sci-Fi Center; and the Fangoria Trinity Of Terrors took over The Palms.

Now William Powell’s comic shop and grindhouse theater hosts the Las Vegas premiere of Sean Cain’s Silent Night, Zombie Night (which we last covered here). The event, celebrating independent cinema, Christmas and zombies all in one night, takes place December 5 at 8 p.m. and costs $5.

Cain, who Fangoria calls a “Indie Horror Specialist,” will be on hand for a Q&A and autograph signing session after the film, as will producer Wes Laurie, and co-stars Chris Gabriel (”One Long Day,” “Devotion,” “S4″), Chad Clinton Freeman ("Killer Biker Chicks"), Luke Y. Thompson (”Wicked Lake,” “Mad Cowgirl”) and Sean Decker ("Alluvial"). Dread Central's Heather Wixson, aka The Horror Chick, will be hosting the event.

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Saiko Saikik's Witchy Preview

An early teaser trailer is now available for Chad Freeman's (Super Undead Doctor Roach) Saiko Saikik: Witch Bitch. Also from Polly Staffe films this first trailer looks colourful, and purposely B-movie-ish in a Grindhouse style. From Freeman himself Saiko Saikik is: "a dark and ugly story that I hope to turn into a beautiful film that is part arthouse and part grindhouse." Currently looking for financing the trailer and other details can be found below.

Director: Chad Freeman.

Writer: Chad Freeman.

An early trailer for Saiko Saikik: Witch Bitch here:

Parabella Nigel: Saiko Saikik Witch Bitch teaser/pitch from Chad Clinton Freeman on Vimeo.

More details on the project can be found here:
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Parabella Nigel: Saiko Saikik Witch Bitch Trailer

A teaser trailer for "Parabella Nigel: Saiko Saikik Witch Bitch" has been posted online.  Watch it below. The clip, which is just a little over a minute, was made from public domain footage to give fans and investors an idea of the film's mood.

The project is being described by writer and director Chad Clinton Freeman as a slasher noir about a psychic that may or may not be a serial killer.

"It's going to be a mind trip of a film that is sort of like 'Saw' meets 'The Sixth Sense' on crack," said Freeman, a producer on "Amateur Porn Star Killer 3D" and "Killer Biker Chicks." "This is a dark and ugly story that I hope to turn into a beautiful film that is part arthouse and part grindhouse. I hope to make a project that is creative, full of energy and has something to say."

Freeman is
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