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Haunting documentary...can't stop thinking about it!
seanspitzer18 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I admit, I am a huge SNFU fan. That being said, this documentary is not really about SNFU. It's about Mr. Chi Pig, the person...not the singer. You don't even have to know who SNFU are to enjoy this story. I started watching the flick expecting to see old concert footage of the band and an interview or two with Chi. This movie is not a half-rate biography. It cuts to the core, and pulls at your emotions. It follows the times of Chi throughout his difficult life, and narrates a truly unique story that touches on many life themes including success, depression, drug abuse, mental illness, and perseverance.

Let me just say that the director did a wonderful job of tying in multiple conversations with Chi in various environments. It kept the video fresh, and allowed the viewer to see the many different emotional states Chi has. The clips of various scenes like the streets, the train, the hospital, etc. all really added to the narration and delivered a grade A documentary. I'd recommend this documentary to any and all SNFU fans, but especially to anyone who enjoys stories about personal triumph and the drive to keep on rockin'.
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A good if overlong doc
rdoyle292 August 2017
A documentary about S.N.F.U. singer Chi-Pig following his days in the seminal Canadian hardcore punk band through his days of mental illness and substance abuse right to his recent comeback. It's 2/3 of a great film. The director makes the mistake of giving equal time to all of Pig's life, meaning parts where not a lot happens really drag on. The film is only an hour an d a half, but it ends up feeling much longer. A lot of great interview subjects appear including Jello Biafra, Chuck Dukowski and Joe Keithley. Due to his recent disputes with Pig over the rights to the band name, Mark Belke does not appear.
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