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Strangely bland and poorly made film
paul_imseih23 July 2010
I had high expectations on entering the cinema to see this film as it had been rated highly by Sight and Sound and I have a genuine interest in the music.

However the film is extremely poorly made, perhaps one of the clumsiest and most amateurishly created films in recent years. And for a film which is almost purely about sound, the quality of sound is, to put it bluntly, horrendous. The audio mix seems to have been sourced via handy-cam so it's impossible to appreciate what Villalobos is trying to explain in terms of sound quality and bass lines (which are almost completely lost in the film's audio).

Combine that with sloppy, long-winded, hand-held footage of various clubs and parties in Europe and the overall effect is very weak. Unfortunately, Villalobos, while an impressive DJ, doesn't make up for the film's technical shortcomings and is by turns excruciatingly fidgety (the drugs no doubt), campy and emotionally distant.

Stick to "24 Hour Party People"...
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