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MPAA Rated R for brutal violence, pervasive language and some sexual content

Sex & Nudity

  • a man jumps into a car, he see's a woman sitting on the passager's seat. He grabs her and pushes her head onto his crotch.
  • A woman is shown topless jumping into a pool. She gets out of the pool and is seen topless walking behind a man sitting at the patio table. Only brief front and side shots are shown.
  • A brief shower scene shows several of the inmates completely naked. Only bare butts are shown.
  • A man and woman are shown having sex. He pulls her bra off and a side shot of breasts are seen. He is shown laying on top of her, thrusting. Camera pans up and shows side shot of the womans' breast. Camera pans from a distance and shows the couple laying on a truck bed while he is still thrusting.
  • A woman is shown taking a shower, it shows her naked body through the frosted glass. Only blurry lines of her body and pink areola of her breasts can be seen. Scene is very brief.

Violence & Gore

  • The main character can be seen having his arm stitched, the open wound can be seen in full detail.
  • In one scene when the prisoners were trying to get the car one of them gets splattered on a pole
  • During one of the race scenes, a man is thrown out of his truck, lands on the ground and the woman reverses and his head gets splattered on the ground.
  • Death Race originates with Death Match, where inmates fight to the death with weapons and flamethrowers
  • Bloody results after most of the killing


  • Racial slurs are like nigger and chink can be heard.
  • Multiple uses of fuck, shit and motherfucker.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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