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For the love of God, why?...
paul_haakonsen22 November 2021
Right, well the title itself should have been enough of a warning not to go without ten feet of this movie. But I do believe in giving a movie a fair chance, so I sat down to watch "Good Boys for Life".

I didn't even manage to get halfway through the ordeal, then I just gave up. The storyline was just complete rubbish, and I couldn't take the movie serious on any level. Sure, it was labeled to be a comedy, but it definitely fell short of providing me with much of any entertaining.

The storyline was just a swing and a miss, and it felt like I was watching something that was written by someone in pre-school. The storyline was just immature and crammed with stereotypes.

Now, what made me give up on the movie, aside from the lack of entertainment, was the excessive usage of the N-word. Yeah, every second sentence had that word in it. So the entire thing just felt dumb and sort of as a parody. Seriously? Does anyone talk like that?

The dialogue in the movie, aside from the constant swearing, was just horrible. The dialogue felt like it was written at random by random people and just tossed into a bowl, with the writer pulling up dialogue randomly.

The acting performances in the movie were wooden and rigid, so there was nothing to write home about here. Needless to say that there wasn't even a single familiar face on the cast list, not even anyone just slightly familiar.

"Good Boys for Life" was a swing and a miss, and I can't recommend you waste your time, money or effort on it. Actually it is amazing that something like this actually manages to get funded and find its way to the screen.

My rating of "Good Boys for Life" lands on a one out of ten stars.
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