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Wild story
Calicodreamin3 February 2022
A great documentary in terms of storyline establishment and use of archival footage and relevant interviews. The way the story unfolds is interesting and almost jaw dropping at times. Some important lessons to be learned, DONT LEND MONEY TO A SUPPOSED BILLIONAIRE!
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A great documentary.
Sleepin_Dragon9 February 2022
Be careful who you fall for, the story of young women who have fallen in love with the son of a wealthy diamond trader, Simon Laviev, however all is not as it seems.

Originally I thought this was going to be a movie, the content and format came as a real surprise, I didn't get into it straight away, it all seemed a little wishy washy, however as it develops, and you learn the actual content, it becomes a great, shocking watch.

You may we'll be like me, and screaming at the screen, how on Earth could these women have fallen for his story, it is just baffling. You have to chuckle about the comments about Tinder being a place to find love, but this isn't the place for that conversation.

Very well made, it looks great, beautifully filmed, with such powerful interviews and insight.

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The Con Is On (Your Credit Card)...
Lejink14 February 2022
Exposés of high-living con artists are all the rage just now with this new Netflix documentary adding another to the pile.

Enter Simon Leviev, an Israeli-born super-scammer, who's already been in jail there but who now targets pretty young European women in a fantastical Ponzi scheme to furnish his luxurious life style, one that seemingly includes his very own entourage of a personal manager hulking bodyguard and even an acknowledged former girlfriend and baby daughter.

His victims pick him out on the Tinder dating app and why wouldn't they? Claiming to be the son of a billionaire diamond-corporation owner, he looks young, handsome and filthy rich in his designer clothes amid all the trappings of a super-luxurious lifestyle.

The film links together the stories of three girls all wined, dined and good-timed into believing he was either their forever boy-friend or just best friend. He meets them at exclusive five-star hotels, eats at the very best restaurants and even flies around in a private chartered jet. Once the hook is far enough down their throats of course he then tugs by feigning an assassination attempt on his life by his so-called "enemies" who seemingly have the power to close down his personal banking facilities and send him on the run. Only then does he ask for the girls' financial help, urging them to apply for credit cards and quick loans for astronomical amounts, conveniently faking pay-slips from his "dad's" company to justify the sums to the only too-easily fooled lenders.

The first of his victims we encounter feeds him over $250,000 alone with estimates that he's conned her and others for over $10,000,000 in his fast life. Karma, if unfortunately not of the instant variety, catches up with him as a combination of the girls featured here and a pair of investigative journalists on a leading Danish newspaper track down his origins to a low-rent flat in Israel where they encounter the mother who disowned him many years and many intervening aliases ago.

They get the satisfaction of seeing him finally exposed and sent to jail for earlier crimes committed in Israel but in a bitter epilogue, we're told that he's back out again and apparently up to his old tricks, with recent video footage showing him choosing between a new Bentley or Ferrari with a beautiful young model on his arm.

My wife and I were completely rapt by this outrageous fraudster's gilded spider's-web of deceit. There's a temptation to mock the gullibility of these unsuspecting women but clearly this guy has mastered the dark arts of deception in this modern age as he manipulates social media for his own ends.

Very slickly told with animated social media comms, actual video footage and audio recordings of Leviev in action all linking the stories of the dupes (presumably there are many more in the background too), we were hooked by this incredible story, excitingly told.

In the end you have to wonder about the culpability of Tinder and all the various loan and credit card companies whose application processes seem to be all too easily pregnible to a determined charlatan like this.

As for his young victims, I enjoyed the sight of at least one of them sticking this particular spider on a pin by reverse-conning him out of all his designer gear even as I was a little saddened to see his first victim freely admit that she still uses Tinder in her search for love.

What is it they say, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me...
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Don't believe in fairy tales
aarpcats2 February 2022
My heart goes out to the young women who were used by this swindler. Losing money through fraud is hard enough, but the man broke their hearts. Also, because he was a professional thief, the fear of being more victimized will never leave them.

Conmen have always been with us, but never in history has it been so easy for them to find their marks. They don't need to find a Doris Duke or Kim Kardashian. With the internet providing all the background they need on potential victims and dating applications proving a pond of lonely victims, they just have to pull the same con again and again.

This film does a great job of showing who the victims are, who the conman is, and how the con works. It underscores the complication of trying to prosecute the criminals across the world, and how police are hampered by language, law, and the intimacy of the relationships. It shows that the conman has the upper hand, and will keep doing it again and again.

Please, look behind the profiles of people you meet on social media. Romcoms are not real. There is no Prince Charming, and you aren't Cinderella. Do a background check, and, if he asks for money, run (don't walk) in the opposite direction. Do not lend money.

And, again, a conman is a sociopath. And a conman who gets his own Netflix show is a conman who is really good at it.

This show is less "shocking" than "predictable." Dogs bark. Conmen steal.
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Cautionary Tale Of Chasing The Cinderella Dream Online
Instant_Palmer2 February 2022
The first 30 minutes of this documentary was more than enough, but I stayed with it til the end in order to write this review. I feel sorry for those women swindled, but HOW can one not see that there is something wrong with this guy and situation from the first story of "enemies after me" and "I need money".

If it seems too good to be true, it IS too good to be true.

The delusion of "love" after only a couple of luxury dates is at its core the blind allure of a windfall life of riches, jet-set luxury, lavish lifestyle, and financial security.

Like all Ponzi scams, getting-rich-quickly is the bait used to scam people, whether it's investments or the possibility of finding love with a rich "prince"...but like the Tina Turner song, "what's love got to do with it".

It's an outrageous over-the-top example of scamming, and one hopes this will give women pause before jumping into too-good-to-be-true scenarios, (especially off dating sites), and learn to head for the exit as soon as obvious red flags pop up.

The sad truth is it probably won't make enough of a dent to prevent this type of thing from happening again...the desire for a rich lifestyle is always going to bait some people into bad scenarios via denial - "it's a tale as old as time". 😑
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My mom said to never lend a guy money
thejdrage4 February 2022
My question with all these women was, why didn't they say, "Ask your rich family for the money!"

My mother really did tell me to run the other direction if a guy ever asked to borrow money from me. Boy was she right! So this is my gift to all you women out there - don't lend any guys money.

So - these women did and this documentary shows how it happens and why and how to spot a swindler.

Too many reviewers call the women gold diggers. Stop it. If the roles were reversed, you'd jump on that plane as fast as a woman, so pot/kettle.

As one reviewer put it - it is disturbing (and it is) and wait until you see the ending. Holy crap.
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"The Tinder Swindler" more like The Gold Digger Exploiter
rws_202 February 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, the guy is an absolute piece of faeces, he's on the same level as the centuries-old excrement that lies miles beneath the earth's surface. But these women meet the guy on Tinder, see he has money falling out of every orifice and get immediately swept into this heavenly, lavish life style with a supposed "billionaire" and I bet they're thinking "brilliant, I'm set, lovely jubbly".

On one hand I don't blame them, I mean that kind of life is a dream for many women so why not try to find "the needle in the haystack", however do you honestly think a billionaire would be looking for love on Tinder? Billionaires do not need Tinder to find a woman for crying out loud, if there is one thing a billionaire doesn't need in their life, it's a dating app; come on, smell the coffee.

And I bet there are so many good, honest guys out there on these apps that are constantly getting overlooked because you've got people like "Simon" reeling in all the women by flaunting "the dream life". And of course these women are leaping on that hook so they don't have to lift a finger ever again and can spend the rest of their days spending someone else's money. Honestly, if you're a woman and find men like that repulsive, then bravo, you're a good honest woman, give yourself a pat on the back.

It's hard to feel sorry for them when you know that in the back of their minds when they were seeing "Simon's" photos on Tinder, they were looking past him and seeing all of the things surrounding him. Just find yourself a nice guy ladies, someone who is going to care for you and actually appreciate you being a part of their life. Yes, it's all well and good to have a bit of financial security, but true love trumps materialism every time.
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Surprisingly entertaining true crime documentary
paul-allaer7 February 2022
As "The Tinder Swindler" (2022 release from the UK; 114 min.) opens, we are introduced to Cecilie, a 29 yr. Norwegian living in London who has been on the Tinder dating app for 7 years. She LOVES Tinder. One day, she right-swipes on the profile of a certain Simon LeViev, a guy from Israel who embodies the "life style of the rich and famous", and before you know it, literally within days, Cecilie and Simon are tight, super tight. At this point we are 10 min into the movie.

Couple of comments: this is the directing debut of UK documentary producer Felicia Morris. Here she brings us the story of, as the movie's title implies, how a slick guy uses the Tinder dating app to prey on women for money. He is not the first guy to do this, and surely also not the last guy. What makes this documentary so surprisingly entertaining is that the 3 victims who bring their story (Cecilie, Swedish woman Pernilla, and Dutch woman Ayleen) turn out to be master story tellers. Indeed, much of the movie is simply letting them talk, albeit backed up by (i) their iPhone communications which all were stored for posterity, and (ii) scene re-enactments. I typically am put off by scene re-enactments but for whatever reason I wasn't here. Add a layer of slick and pure eye-candy photography (Oslo!, London!, Stockholm! Amsterdam!, Prague!, Mykonos! It's like a James Bond movie), and the end result is quite tasty. Kudos to the three ladies for stepping forward and sharing their story. I cannot even begin to imagine what it must have been like to live through this. As for the Tinder swindler himself, may he get what he deserves.

"The Tinder Swindler" premiered on Netflix this past week. If you are a fan of true crime documentaries, I'd readily suggest you check this out, and draw your own conclusion.
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Arrest this sociopath
ravenclaw_girlrules3 February 2022
Warning: Spoilers
This was super satisfying up until the very end - seeing that Simon is living as a free man was really disappointing. But that moment of sweetness when Simon got arrested at the airport was worth the anger built up by the rest of the documentary.
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staciarose2014 February 2022
Would they have swiped right if he didn't claim to be a billionaire's son, flash money, etc? Were they really on Tinder to find love... I have some questions. Idk how you can be this naive in your 30's, or how you think Prince Charming is on Tinder. If he's a catch, he's taken! Period. If he asks for money, he's a bum. Run! These are not hard to figure out.
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Superficial Cycle Will Never End
MeadtheMan3 February 2022
Superficial people fell victim to superficial traps. Traps will never stop working because there will always be superficial people. The cycle goes on forever.

The end.
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DVK123420 February 2022
I watched in disbelief. I know that there are swindlers and schemers out there. What amazed me was that the first woman that was interviewed agreed to fly on the perpetrator's private jet within hours of meeting him. She slept with him the same night. Subsequently, their relationship is mainly through calls and texts, and she believes that she is in a relationship. I believe if she had exercised some discretion, she wouldn't have been swindled from hundreds of thousands of dollars. Was she so quick to throw caution to the wind simply because he seemed like he had lots of money? Of course it's sad that people are being duped this way, but I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for these women.
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Hopefully helpful
criscal2 February 2022
The documentary does a nice job of putting together the timeline and puzzling together the swindler's path of action with his victims. They could have made an effort though to add some police expert on whether the key elements of the frauds are the same as for other con artists as some general advice. What was definitely missing was a deeper look into the tinder profile of the victims and what they had in common. The swindler must have been looking for a certain type of women.

I am applauding the three women for going public. It can't have been easy for them. At least they made it harder for him to defraud more people, unfortunately not impossible as it seems. Fingers crossed that the women can bring their financial problems in order.
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Con-men selling pipe dreams and people falling for them! [+63%]
arungeorge132 February 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Now that Netflix has run out of serial killers to make documentaries on, it looks like they've moved on to con-men. A couple of weeks ago, there was The Puppet Master, which I thought was an incredible piece of work with many edge-of-the-seat moments. The Tinder Swindler, on the other hand, isn't an out-and-out thriller. It spends the first hour looking at two swindled victims and their somewhat flawed outlook on "swiping" with the expectation of finding true love. There's an odd comparison of high-profile lifestyles at play, especially when it's evident that the internet is as fake as it is real. Remarks along the lines of "I was impressed by how he carried himself" made me sigh.

But the makers quickly move on to the actual conning part, where the interesting bits are. There's a really thrilling stretch in the last half hour, with one of the swindler's exes getting back at him in her own sweet way. The end moments leave you angry and distressed, though, wondering if one can get away with scamming so many people so easily.
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Crime Does Pay
sarah-508-6494213 February 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Let this film serve as a warning - do not hand over large amounts of cash hand over first to anyone. Especially those you've only met a couple of times. I don't care if they say they're footballers or diamond tycoons. If they're genuinely those people they don't need you to take out credit cards for them.

Victim three is my woman. Realisation is horrible. Recovery is sweet.

Very entertaining and interesting film indeed which is super paced and keeps you gripped.

Note to Simon - no chance will you sue for defamation of character. That's the tripe all you fraudsters say.
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Engrossing Documentary
wisewebwoman9 February 2022
Extraordinarily well made, considering the subject material.

I applaud the three duped women for coming forward, not an easy thing to do.

The recreations are seamless and the image of the swindler himself (all three were smart enough to record every transaction with him) sends chills. He used the women like a Ponzi scheme, each fraud financing the next and who knows how many silent and shamed women never came forward? His threats once discovered were evil and terrifying.

How he hasn't been locked up for life is beyond me. But he's wandering around freely in his designer clothes, planes and automobiles, up and running in the business of scamming fresh victims.

Beware of "billionaires" on the loose looking for temporary loans. Much like the Nigerian oil rigs and inheritances. Too good to be true.

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brett-762605 February 2022
Yeah this guy is a different kind of shyster all together. All I can say is you need to watch this cause it will clearly show you that there is some evil people in the world and that they will do anything to get what they want. This guy has no business being in society or around people and just needs to be locked up and the key thrown away. Matter of fact the great Dennis Miller said it best... "Sometimes you just have to thin the herd". This guy is nothing more than a cold hearted POS... The show will piss you off but definitely worth watching. It really goes to show you always got to look out for yourself and be slow to trust anyone these days. Freaking douche bag...
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mf28122 February 2022
A crazy storyline that even the synopsis makes you wonder why these women would think that a billionaire was out to find love on Tinder. An exiting story that takes you from one end of the world to the other, but there must have been so many red flags for each of them but they've been blindsided by the lavish lifestyle and money.
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The amount of low self esteem these women had...
aevaughn-773054 February 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Smh. I want to feel sorry for these women...I really do. But THEY have to own their own stupidity and low self worth. Come on - where was the common sense? A billionaire in the diamond business needs money? Really??????? Had enemies after him? He asks for credit cards from these women? At NO time does a billionaire not have money...ladies, please.

This was sad. Women so desperate to have a jet setting lifestyle and be loved...fall for this insane fraud. No sympathy from me. There needs to he accountability on both sides.
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An interesting social study of the simping woman and the incubus
mickman91-125 February 2022
This is a really interesting social study. Because the dynamic of the simping male and the exploiting succubus is observable everywhere and well documented. Just head on to OnlyFans or Instagram or any social media platform where swathes of women are making a comfortable living exploiting the male gaze. Whereas, the dynamic of the simping woman and the exploiting incubus is perhaps much less observed and less studied. This seemingly has something to do with the nature of the feminine fantasy which is directed towards a much smaller tier of men at the top of the social structure. So it is far more difficult for a predatory man to create the illusion of being rich and famous in order to trap gullible women than it is for predatory women to create the illusion of being naked and available in order to trap gullible men. So it is very interesting to see what happens when one man had the gall to try it. The documentary itself isn't that well made it is just a number of conversations with the victims. But intriguing nonetheless.
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Great documentary
ingamazonaite2 February 2022
At beginning I was not sure what to think, because I really thought these girls were gold diggers and I kind of in dilemma to watch it, but decided to give it a go and I'm glad I did.

It's well made documentary.

These girls, taking loans were so naive, my god.

Probably now they learned a lesson- what's too good to be true, probably is.

Norwegian girl going to pay these loans for rest of her life.
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An Emotional Ride
nitro722 February 2022
Well-built doc knows precisely how to lay out its story's dominoes & when to knock each one down. An emotional ride that shifts effortlessly between fascinating, exhilarating, infuriating, surprising, & heart-breaking. #nitrosMovieChallenge.
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Every action has it reaction
Misss2511 February 2022
Mindblowing!! It's hard to take my eyes off from screen. I didn't feel like I was watching a documentary.

This movie's story about a guy who has been cheating on several girls of different countries and at the same time collecting money from them. For this he used tinder as a bait to trap these girls. And these girl thinking him to be a rich person who is been through a difficult times lends money. Then all this guy does is to take the money and spend it to another country on another girl. Actually uses money to attract girls more towards him and to attain their trust.

I can't praise enough the last girl intelligence . If I write more maybe I would be giving spoilers :/

I'm sad because the fruad guy is released now and he has been doing same thing again posting his selfies and pictures. He has a girlfriend who is a model!! How? After all those messes!! And these poor girls are paying off his debts. I donno what kind of judgement was that!
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Can't understand but I'm not in their shoes
manonlemieux24 February 2022
There's lots here, as a woman, I can't understand. Maybe I've watched too many of these shows, but the "Hurry up, I need it now" is such a classic old school con. Especially after a month. Too many questions with answers that didn't exist or didn't make sense. Couldn't he just go to his family, for money and/or protection? And if he wasn't doing anything illegal, the police would have protected him. And the credit card statements would show what he was doing. I can see online things as they appear.

I do feel bad for the victimes, all of them, not just on the show. I know how the "be nice and help everyone" is sometimes ingrained in us.

Worst part of the show is the end. Five months in jail for 10 million dollar scams, that are still ongoing. Big deal.
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Apparently common sense is scarce
alexandrejouan7 February 2022
Listen... I always feel bad for people that get scammed but man... some of these women... they kinda got luck all he did was steal money

The very first woman in that movie decides to "go on a trip to Bulgaria" with a guy she met for coffee...

That could've gone so much worse... and no it's not "hindsight is 20/20". Pretty sure everybody's parents told their kids at some point not to get in a car with strangers... well how's that any different really? Oh he's rich? I guess we can forego logic then...

I honestly was worried that she would end up as a sex slave or get her organs stolen

Hate to be that guy but these girls got lucky... it could've been so much worse.
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