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Rashômon's Anatomy
ttapola9 December 2009
I'll confess: Ever since Grey's Anatomy premiered in 2005, I've had a grudge against it since it stole the thunder from Lost and took its place as the media darling. Of course, being a rational viewer, I started watching Grey's Anatomy to see what all the fuss was about. And I found out that it was great.

But that was then. While Lost has only improved as it has *progressed* (apart from that infamous starting segment of the show's third season and certain characters called "P" and "N"), Grey peaked pretty early on, probably sometime around third season. Like with all character-based dramas (as opposed to grand stories like that of Lost), the problem becomes that you eventually have explored every aspect of the characters and then the show starts running on autopilot or featuring copious amounts of guest stars and bad shock twists (the ending of the fifth season being a quality exception) or gimmick episodes. Speaking of which...

Grey's Anatomy Does Rashômon - not exactly an original idea, since pretty much every long-running drama seems to eventually do it. But Grey succeeds: the episode hits the ground running and the relentless pace never lets up until the conclusion and the obligatory Meredith voice-over, the use of which I've never quite understood. It's usually as welcome as the studio-imposed Deckard voice-over in Blade Runner's original release.

But back to this episode. I decided to avoid spoilers, so I'll just comment on things that don't involve plot. We have a proved premise, the direction and editing are first class and to give support to the main cast, we have some great veteran actors like Bill Fagerbakke, Mitch Pileggi and Saundra McClain. Music is used to build tension and enhance the mood exceptionally well, not heavy-handedly or poorly recycled (see how many seasons worth of The X Files episodes you can watch before the music that was genius at the beginning starts to *really* annoy you). As a whole, the episode is practically flawless, the only problem being that it does not offer anything new.

The first five episodes of the sixth season have been big disappointments, but at least this episode proves that even a show past its prime occasionally pulls off a winner.
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A new level of Twist
khuzafa9 May 2014
One of my friend doctor always says that Grey's Anatomy sucks big time because it portrays wrong image of a hospital.Like SGH is a "top notch" hospital without digital x-rays etc. We watched this episode together and he was sitting by my side on couch. This episodes offers some really outstanding direction, performances and drama. The background music adds to the thrill and suspense. During all this case my friend kept saying "No He/She can't be" No... And at the end he took a deep breath, and said I swear to God, this was one of the best thing on TV in a long while. So guys, No doubt GA keeps me hooked all the time, sometimes it disappoints as well, but talking about this episode particularly, I must say Outstanding.
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soliloque23 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
There's too much things in this episode, eventually you are dizzy, but it's worth it.

A patient die. Who's the fault? There's so many wounded patients of an incendiary in the ER that every doctors tries to do something to help. But a lot of distractions too cause the dead of a young mother.

All of them could be the one who cause the dead, but there's only one who's fired in the end.

Karev have a lot in his mind with the disappearance of Izzi, his head isn't in the ER, but he's not his acts who kill the woman.

Like Yang says in the end that everybody do mistakes, but it's just one second of inattention who kills the woman and it could be the fault of everyone, 'cause nobody tries to help each other.

Very different episode and really good. Like Derek says to the Chief, if Richard stops to just try to save a little money in fired a lot of good doctors and find a way that they could all works together and not against each other, maybe the woman could be save.
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