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Season 1

12 Nov. 2012
Chapter 1: World War Two
The Untold History of the United States examines World War II. It offers special attention to the Spanish Civil War, Roosevelt's desire to enter the war on the side of the allies, the strategic Japanese decisions that lead up to Pearl Harbor Attack, and the often overlooked role that the Soviet Union had in winning the war.
19 Nov. 2012
Chapter 2: Roosevelt, Truman and Wallace
The Untold History of the United States examines the end of and the period immediately after World War II. It looks at Stalin's efforts to seize control of Poland and Eastern Europe, Democratic party bosses efforts to drop Henry Wallace from the 1944 presidential ticket, and British efforts to maintain their colonial holdings after the war.
26 Nov. 2012
Chapter 3: The Bomb
This chapter examines the end of the II World War mainly the events leading to the drop of the atomic bombs and the surrender of Japan. Focuses on the Truman period of American history and the frequently forgotten Henry A. Wallace.
3 Dec. 2012
Chapter 4: The Cold War 1945-1950
Who started the Cold War? In a month-by-month analysis, the initial aggressors are less apparent. Yet, the relationship between the Soviets and the West are none-the-less solidified with Churchill's Iron Curtain speech. The US enters the "Red Scare" and creates The House Un-American Activities Committee in an attempt to place the "right" ideology as a bedrock for US culture. The rise of Joseph McCarthy, with the aid of the FBI, turns into a near witch hunt for Communists in America.
10 Dec. 2012
Chapter 5: The 50s - Eisenhower, the Bomb & the Third World
Documentary by Oliver Stone. E.5: Eisenhower and the CIA played a great part in the shaping of the world in the 1950's;the development of the Cold war and the nerve-wrecking battle against communism, driven on by the U.S.
17 Dec. 2012
Chapter 6: JFK - To the Brink
JFK and the Bay of Pigs; on the brink of total war during Cuban Missile Crisis; early Vietnam; JFK's attempts at peace with Khrushchev; JFK assassinated. Directed and narrated by Oliver Stone.
24 Dec. 2012
Chapter 7: Johnson, Nixon & Vietnam: Reversal of Fortune
The hellish nature of the Vietnam War causes the American public to see the limits of modern military power, when faced with thick jungles and guerrilla style warfare. Richard Nixon's administration shows it's true methods and causes deep introspection in the American political atmosphere.
31 Dec. 2012
Chapter 8: Reagan, Gorbachev & Third World - Rise of the Right
With the replacement of Ronald Reagan after Carter, the relationship between Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan offers new attempts at peace as the Berlin wall crashes down. Fears surface as Iranian students occupy the US embassy in Tehran and the event turns into The Iran hostage crisis.
7 Jan. 2013
Chapter 9: Bush & Clinton - Squandered Peace and New World Order
The US invasion of Panama canal brings about a failed chance at peace after the end of the Cold War. How far is the George W. Bush administration willing to go to establish security? A new prospect of "endless war" in Iraq and Afghanistan causes a shift in America's status with the world.
14 Jan. 2013
Chapter 10: Bush & Obama - Age of Terror
Homeland Security, in Iraq, Afghanistan, and a worldwide global Security State. The cannibalization of the U.S. economy continues. Obama and the destiny of the American Empire. Directed and narrated by Oliver Stone.

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