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Sex & Nudity

  • Nudity include women wearing bikini, men wearing only shorts. In one scene, there are completely naked men and women lying down on their stomachs, full rear nudity.
  • Explicit sexual references and jokes. One or two actual sex scenes, both are brief and do not contain nudity. We do however see nonsexual male rear nudity twice throughout season one.
  • Louie masturbates (off camera) several times, and talks about masturbation and sex in nearly every episode. One episode features an entire act in which we see Louie masturbating (no nudity) and his sexual fantasy in which a young woman in an elevator asks him to insert a "bag of dicks" into her (again, no nudity).
  • In one episode, a dentist violates a Louie sexually while he is under sedation. We this represented in Louie's dream sequence by having a banana shoved into his mouth. He wakes up to see the dentist zipping his pants up and rushing Louie out the office.
  • In one episode, a woman reaches under her skirt to masturbate in a public place. We see her masturbating until she climaxes loudly. There's no nudity, but the scene is explicit and lasts over a minute on screen.
  • In one episode, a woman asks Louie, "Do you wanna see my pussy?" and proceeds to drive him to her house where she and her husband offer to have a three-way with him, which he declines.
  • One episode features an extensive scene (lasting 5 minutes) in which Louie and a woman, after a date, arrive at her house and she performs oral sex on him (off-screen). Afterwards she taunts him to return the favor by calling him a "faggot" and betting that he will "lick her asshole and pussy," and when he does not agree to do that she orally rapes him. The scene is meant to be comedic.
  • In one episode, a woman offers to "suck off" Louie in exchange for taking her to IKEA.
  • In one episode, Louie apparently tries to take action and be forceful toward a woman in effort to turn her on, but it comes off as being a sexual assault. The scene is meant to be comedic.
  • Many explicit references to "pussies" "dicks" and sex acts, including many references to oral sex, anal sex, cunnilingus and fellatio, in which sexual slang such as "cum" have been said. Entire episodes center around sexual scenarios.
  • Darker comedy in stand-up jokes have mentioned rape.

Violence & Gore

  • Occasionally scuffles have happened, resulting in varying consequences. Sometimes realistic, sometimes comedic. Bloodshed is not really present in the series.
  • In one episode a crazed homeless man is hit by a vehicle and his head pops off cartoonishly.
  • In an episode, Louie is violently threatened by a teenager that he later learns comes from a rough upbringing.
  • In a flashback episode, Louie witnesses his friend being beaten up by his older brother.
  • An entire episode revolves around Louie spending a night out with a suicidal friend. It is obvious that Louie's friend will ultimately kill himself after that night, although we never see an outcome of the situation.


  • Language in the series often features uncensored uses of "goddamn", "shit", and "asshole". Sexual terms such as "dick", "pussy", and "cum", as well as various other graphic sexual references can be heard uncensored.
  • Some episodes also feature political humor, including uses of "faggot" and "nigger."
  • The only words to be censored have been "fuck" and "cunt" which were both bleeped on FX airings, Netflix streaming, and DVD releases.
  • Although, notably, in Season 4, Episode 3, the word "fuck" was said once uncensored during a woman's monologue. It was left uncensored due to it's dramatic impact in the speech.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Drinking and smoking is shown casually.
  • Louie often smokes cigarettes when he is stressed.
  • In episode 9 of season 2, Louie's friend Eddie consumes large amounts of alcohol and becomes quite intoxicated as he plans on committing suicide.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Episode 9 of Season 1 features a fairly intense stand-off between Louie and a teenage bully who threatens him.
  • In episode 10 of Season 2, Louie and his girls and followed and menacingly threatened by a group of men dressed in frightening clothes on Halloween. Louie has to take drastic action to scare-off the men.
  • Some episodes are intended to be dramatic whereas others are comedic. Some heavy mature themes may be too intense for sensitive viewers.

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