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Painfully fake
Emmi Blad27 June 2014
I was interested at first, but as I learned that the show is fake and uses actors and items that are from museums, I was set back. Also REAL customers have widely reported that the main characters are usually not there and show up only when the show's been shot.

For me, I am interested to see old items and learn their history, but this show is an anticlimax fest where almost non of the items are real or valuable or even rare. And using items from museums and private collections, it's just pathetic.

I don't like their attitudes and the show is overall sort of vaguely interesting, but its fakeness makes it difficult to watch.
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Highly entertaining show
tradermike6726 November 2009
To comment on classicalsteve from Oakland, CA's post. The most important point was, as with ANY business situation. : Do your homework on current market values! I don't think in the case of Pawn stars that these guys necessarily make an offer based on what YOU think you should get for it, but rather, what they think or know they can get for the item. No different than any other wholesale to retail business.

Although there are similarities to antique roadshow, these guys are offering INSTANT CASH in most cases. When they are unsure of an items value, they bring in experts in their field, and they do it while the customer is there. It is funny when the expert says an item is worth 3000 retail and then the customer expects 3000. As Rick says over and over, I can't stay in business paying retail.

As to Steve's comments on collectibles; I don't think they are making 10x what an item is worth. Anyone that stupid to sell so cheaply deserves to get hammered in my opinion. If you are a collector, then you should be doing your own homework on channels to sell through, and there are plenty of them. If you feel your best option is to sell to a pawn broker, then what would you be expecting? Steve, I'd like to know in your opinion, what exactly the value of "culture" is, as you state in your post. They are pawn brokers. That's what the show is about. Your post suggests that the SELLERS of the items are not interested in the money, which is clearly not the case. Every single person is most interested in what they can get for their item. And I also don't agree with your assessment of "the poor seller at their mercy due to lack of knowledge." Knowledge is something that can be acquired, and sellers should obviously have acquired some concerning their items value before entering the arena of buying and selling. Also how could they tell the buyer what they intend to resell the item for when they really never KNOW what they're going to get. Market forces are constantly at work. Personally I think you paint a picture here that these guys are crooks, when in reality, this is business as usual. Buy low, sell high. You are clearly not a businessman. The interaction between the characters is highly entertaining, and somewhat informative as well.

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Very entertaining
welshNick29 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoy this show. Although I think some of the situations are fairly obviously set up it provides good entertainment. Added to this it provides the viewer with an education of what certain things are worth and also how to spot a fake.

A lot of the stuff which comes in covers American History and it is always interesting to see the artifacts which have been dug out of people's lofts.

The interaction between the three generations of Harrisons along with the rather stupid Chumlee is always good for a laugh. Usually Chumlee messes something up each week ......
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unwatchable now
CBeahan30 January 2014
Too many produced BITS/SKITS...we've seen Chum driving in his valuable sports cars in REAL life and know he makes a lot of money. Yet they send him to financial help guys etc....equals TIME FILLER Too many of the people "customers" coming into the store are now repeat/regulars. It was bad enough when they tried to pass off the American Restoration guy as just a customer. But then that shows customers became Pawn Stars customers. Casting is lacking in Vegas.

It all tells me the show has run it's course and has nothing left in the tanks. Most things they don't even buy anymore...if they ever bought the items anyways.

I still watch the show, well record it on the DVR...But 60% of the show is now fast forwarded through.

If you want to watch this show...JUST watch the first few years of it NOT the current or new ones.
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Very interesting and entertaining show
johnmcneilva1 December 2009
I have just recently gotten into Pawn Stars and I find it to be a great mix of entertainment and history lessons. The main draw for me is the simple give and take that goes on between the Pawn Store operators and the people who bring items in looking to make quick money. Clearly the biggest draw for this show is Rick, the pawn store owner. Although his dad (the old man) and his son (big hoss) are big parts of the show, it is Rick who makes this show interesting and worthwhile. I don't think that Hollywood could have scripted someone who could make a pawn store owner a truly likable and complex individual. Rick manages to show interest and respect to every person who brings in something for sale while managing to explain his position in understandable terms. The bottom line is that a pawn shop is a place for people in need of quick cash to sell just about anything, just at bargain basement prices. If someone wants to get maximum money for their goods they would have to do market research, team up with a reputable auction house, or go on ebay and roll the dice that someone may make a high enough bid. Otherwise, you can go for the easy money of a pawn shop (albeit much less money.)

A couple of final notes about the characters on the show, as I stated earlier Rick is far and away the star of the show and he is really what makes it watchable. His father doesn't contribute a whole lot other than some standard old man talk. His son (Big Hoss) is pretty much a waste of space and contributes nothing to the show unless you like to watch a very (very) large person walking around in Ed Hardy jeans acting like some kind of tough guy. He is a very simple person, clearly having missed many of the complexities of human nature possessed by his father. Finally, Chumlee is one of the most enjoyable characters ever to grace television, the large man-child with a good heart and a simple mind. All in all I would definitely recommend watching this show to anyone.
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Though I detest reality shows such as "Survivor" and its ilk I like the one's depicting people doing their job.
Aaron137520 December 2010
I like reality shows about interesting people going about their daily routine especially when it too is interesting. This show revolves around a pawn shop in Las Vegas and there are apparently a lot of strange things that happen there so there are going to be some interesting things for people to want to sell. So we get to see during each episode some interesting stuff people bring in, some rare stuff, and some just plain strange things. You also get to see people haggle over price, people getting mad when they are told their stuff is not worth all that much money, and people get really happy as they find their stuff is worth a fortune. The show centers around a dad, his father and the son. It also has a guy called Chumlee who I just can not believe he is as stupid as he appears to be. All the guys are interesting, it is fun to watch when one of them buys something not worth anything and then the others pounce. The show is humorous to go along with seeing all the interesting things people bring in. Things that people have sold on the show include very rare coins, hot air balloons, numerous cars and a whole bunch of other stuff. Things they have not bought include a car that was obvious crap that the guy who was trying to sell it got ticked off when Rick (the dad) backed off after a person with mechanical experience looked at it. All in all a fun show to watch.
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internationaldave21 April 2010
No, these men are not trying to "rip off" anybody. Having a pro come in and give a value is not a "rip off". They have to (I would think) pay the people that come in to evaluate an item. No one is forcing these sellers to go through with any deal. The Pawn Stars are there to make a profit/living. They are not going to pay $100 for an item valued at $100. Get it? Next time you watch the show, pay attention. They state over and over that they can't make a profit by paying what the item is valued at. They have to store it, clean it, move it, tag it etc. all involving labor. Labor is not free. I am a mechanic and I don't give MY labor away. You Pawn Star haters, get a life. 8/11: Update: The show is staged, also. Not quite real. Of course it is better than that Hard Core Pawn junk. THAT show is 100% fake. Every customer is a screaming, raving maniac? Not likely. I tried watching that one a few times, but, the staged bickering between family members got old quick. Pawn Stars is a pleasure to watch. Hard Core is an insult to my!
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Who thought watching a pawn shop could be interesting?
mysticnox23 February 2010
Hubby and I were looking for something on one night (lets face it, 500 channels and mostly nothing of worth on to watch) so we switched to this show out of boredom.

Honestly, its fascinating.

I LOVE this show.

The interaction between the owners and the workers is great to watch. Last night gave me a total laugh when the father said his son was too busy to ride the balloon and Chum was too stupid (and btw, he is. I swear the guys nearly mentally retarded, just not quite which only makes him stupid).

And the items that these guys pick up are just incredible. I'd LOVE to visit this store just once. They must have a treasure trove of museum quality items.

If I'm ever in Vegas, I'm heading to this shop.
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Went downhill
SanteeFats6 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I started watching this series from the git go. It was really good until this year (2013). I found the items that the people brought in to pawn or sell very interesting. I learned some very entertaining and even educational stuff at times. The give and take between the "stars" of the show was funny at times but I think it is now taking over the episodes. There is so much interaction with the big boys, both figuratively and literally, that the true purpose of the show is now secondary to the wise cracks, bitching about Chumlee, and watching the Old Man sleep. I used to have the DVR set to record the show but now I just don't watch it anymore.
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"Reality" Show, It's Not
Warning: Spoilers
Haha, "This review may contain spoilers". Yeah.

Maybe I'm naive about reality shows, but from what I know they are mostly the reality of some people's lives, heavily edited to be entertaining, maybe with some staged bits here and there to, again, add entertainment.

OK, so my kids and I have been watching this "reality" show since it came out because the characters are entertaining and lovable, plus you learn quite a bit of history and trivia. Up until this year (2013), this was one of our favorite shows.

We don't watch it any more.

What happened? Well, we live in the Silicon Valley (Northern California) and decided this year to take a summer road trip to the Mojave desert, Las Vegas, and Hollywood. Of course, besides various entertaining destinations in the desert, Vegas/Primm gambling, and the Hoover Dam, the pawn shop where this show is filmed was one of our main destinations.

The actual reality of this show made this "pawn" shop, by far, the most disappointing part of our trip.

Everything I found out about the actual reality of this shop and show was gathered from the locals who were in line (over 30 of them that day) waiting for a chance to stand around in the "pawn" shop as extras during filming, looking like they are shopping for something.

Watching the show, you think what you see is the best of what happens every day in the "pawn" shop. No, what you see is a staged, filmed, and in all likelihood scripted TV show that is filmed in the "pawn" shop. All of the characters on the show do not even set foot in that shop more than one to three days a month.

If you go to the "pawn" shop on any given day, either they are filming and you can't get in without being picked as an extra, or there are a bunch of people working there that you've never seen before on the show. The vast majority of the "pawn" shop is never seen on the show because it is just for selling show merchandise. The tiny part that you do see on the show has a ton of overpriced crap. I say "crap" because none of the stuff you've ever seen "purchased" on the show is ever sold there, only typical pawn shop crap being sold at about triple its actual value because you pay for the privilege of buying it there.

Oh, and the people who walk in to sell stuff? They have to pay $200 for Rick and company to look at it and offer to buy it or turn them away. So, when you're watching the show, anybody who sells anything for less than $200 just lost money purely for the purpose of getting on the show. Anybody that gets turned away because they wouldn't buy their stuff just got stiffed for $200. But at least they got on the show. Maybe. I have to believe some of the suckers who pay $200 for a Rick appraisal don't even get on the show.

That fact alone, confirmed by more than one of the locals, just made us sick enough to stop watching this show. You just can't watch people go into that place and get screwed after you find out that every one of them paid $200 for the privilege.

Of course, there's the fact that the guys on the show that you think work there every day don't actually go in to work more than one or two days a month for filming of the show. I'm sure they've made way too much money at this point to be working, let alone seen, at a pawn shop.


So, I would have given this show one star, but I gave it two stars simply for the fact that, by itself, ignoring all the facts of the reality behind this show, it is very entertaining and sometimes informative.
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Misleading title, dumb show
LilyDaleLady4 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Some members of my family like this show so much, I've been subjected to watching MARATHONS of it on cable -- amazingly, the cable channel it is on shows a dozen episodes in a row. Seriously! as if there is nothing else they could possibly show.

I'm not positive, but I think the granddaddy of these shows was "Orange County Chopper" -- maybe there is something older in this format. That's the first I have watched. A hard-to- believe business, run by a handsome but surly older guy and his doofus sons. They make or sell an unbelievable product, and make a ton of money at it, and joke around about their clients or some imaginary "deadlines".

They took that, and heaping spoonfuls of "Antiques Roadshow" to create "Pawn Stars". First off, there is one terrible problem -- this is not a Pawn Shop (despite the name). Or if it is, or ever WAS a Pawn Shop, that day is over (since the show) OR they hide the actual pawn business somewhere in the back.

Because they virtually never get a customer in to pawn something or get something out of pawn. What these guys are, is ANTIQUES DEALERS. They have a huge store, filled with antiques and collectibles -- some quite rare and expensive -- I have seen them buy 18th century antiques for thousands of dollars. That is NOT what Pawn Shops do.

Furthermore, they keep about half the collectibles for themselves -- a kind of private museum. I can see in a carnival atmosphere like Las Vegas, that such a collection would draw people to look and buy -- but that is not even remotely what normal pawn shops do!

Undoubtedly the success of the show has made the owners millionaires many times over -- probably the source of their wealth and ability to buy fine antiques, NOT the pawn business - - and they are clearly reveling in their stardom, attention and showing off on camera.....redoing the formula from "Orange County Choppers" and others....the staged fights and arguments, the clownish son and fall guy (Chumlee -- who on earth would really employ this loser?).

Worst of all, it is 100% obvious that every transaction is "staged" and that the shows producers are not filming real pawn transactions, but bringing in people with very unusual and rare antiques and then staging an equally fake negotiation over the items. Sometimes, the owners are shown taking one of their "buys" and spending many thousands of dollars on a high end restoration, using what is apparently a team of the finest restoration artists in the Las Vegas? Why would these guys be working in what is a relatively small town (population-wise) based on gambling? Is there some huge subset of Las Vegans who restore old cars or barbershop chairs?

Again: restoration? cool, but nothing whatsoever to do with PAWN SHOPS.

It's purely fake and staged and 100% formulaic. As one poster here says correctly, Americans are obsessed with the "value" of collectibles and the idea that one lucky buy or find will make you "rich". Or that the value just goes up and up (provably untrue: many collectibles have lost value over the past decade).

Even worse, it often looks like "Rick" (owner) and his sons are pretty much taking advantage of uninformed and naive sellers, who would do better on ebay than with these sharks.

Just a thoroughly unpleasant "reality" show that has about as much "reality" as circus.
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It's history and educational!
pale320824 May 2010
Love it! Basically, it's entertaining, but my family always learns something. Regarding the comments about motive, everyone and anyone on the show is in it for a buck, including those selling items. As for what's on the show and it being hand-picked. Of course it is. No, we don't want to see the everyday stuff. It's the History Channel for goodness sake. We want to learn, to see unique items -- items we might not otherwise know about or experience. Loved the stamp as currency. Who knew!! That's what it's all about. The audience wants to soak up history! Just enjoy the show for what it is. Love all the characters, too, esp. Chum and Rick. If I ever make it to Vegas, the pawn shop is on my list of must-sees! A
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This show sucks
ctmur21 December 2011
Talk about a pack of thieves. At first I didn't think this show was bad at all. But the more I watched it the more it really turned my stomach. First off is the way they just like to get over on people that come into their store. And then the bald headed one tells you right up that he doesn't like to ever give anyone what they want. And talking about the bald headed one and his sick laugh. He sounds like that dog that was in cartoons years ago. Mutley, I think was his name. Then you've got the old man who doesn't add a thing to the show but being a real asshole. Then there's what they call big hoss but should be called big hog. He's one who really shows a personality that reminds you of something that someone forgot to flush. And then there's Chumley, you talk about one huge fat bag of pue laziness. You talk about one good for absolutely nothing. He's got to be the most useless employee. And then to top it all off, you've got the whole pack of inbred white trash that just love to get over on people. I'd like to see these lowlifes handle some of Les Gold's customers. The customers from Hardcore Pawn would have this bunch all crying like a pack of sissies hiding in the back. This is one show that needs to be cancelled. I've heard stories that an underlying truth is that Corey and Chemlee are boyfriends and that's the real reason that they keep Chumlee's lazy ass on at the store. They are a pack of thieves.
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A Worth While Program
Chris28 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoy this program. Every week we get a look into the world of not only pawn shops, but trivia on items we may never get a chance to see in real life.. I am not saying every item is worth it, but usually there are one or two that peak my interest. In regards to another comment on the show taking people for all they are worth and manipulating people, I do not believe that is the point of the show for two reasons. 1) The people are free to walk out without making a deal and 2) He tells people directly he is not a retail shop, auction, or collector and he has to make some money off of the item. Most people understand what pawn shops are for, and the customers do have the option of pawning (being able to get item back) or selling. I like the interaction between the semi-dysfuncional family and Chumlee who seems to be an adopted-like member. I would recommend this show if you want a humorous and informative way to pass the time.
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The first few seasons were entertaining but the show has gone downhill since.
Joseph Pelatohri8 March 2014
The first few seasons of this show weren't bad. The majority of the show revolved around the items brought into the shop. Sure, there were some annoying side-scripts involving the different cast members (e.g. Chumlee acting foolish or the old man falling asleep) but it wasn't the focus and thus didn't detract from the show too much.

Fast forward to the last year or two. The show has devolved into something borderline unwatchable. The "annoying side-scrips" are now the focus of the show. The acting is so incredibly obvious that it makes you feel foolish for even watching.

I'm not sure why the folks at the History channel feel the need to throw in all this scripted garbage. The original formula (the one that made the show so popular in the first place) allowed the show to practically write itself.

Anyway, if you're just getting into the show, my recommendation would be to check out all the older episodes. There are a lot of really cool items and facts with only a limited amount of nonsense.
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GREATLY Disappointed by 2015 Episodes promised return to basics
darkquill15 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I HAD been a long time fan since conception of your program, but last year I finally got fed up with the absurd juvenile antics which had come to take the place of the great history rhetoric Rick used to provide and the general education via unique items and paraphernalia otherwise never to be seen or heard of by the layman.

With much travail and hesitation my wife and I decided to bid adieu to the program so long having been a part of our entertainment and topics of conversation. Deleting that timer from our DVR was actually traumatic, silly as that sounds, for it felt as if we were restricting ourselves from access to a part of our very own family.

Imagine our GREAT delight when this year your advertising campaign was aimed at delivering a message of "going back to basics," or so we gathered from watching them. With much delight, I re-sat a timer for PAWN STARS and we were ready to go! After the first four episodes our disappointment was gut-wrenching, you were right back to the same asinine stupidity and themes aimed at Chum's flaunting his ignorance and retarded/obstinate head-butting with Rick to prove his non-conformist viewpoints. His waddling around a place of business in flip-flops and the pathetic display with the "Bearer of the Note" being the exact sort of infantile displays of stupidity, backed with agreement and encouragement from Corey just to agitate Rick; I think you underestimate how much it DOES agitate people with a normal brain and certainly business oriented and/or persons of a physical or MENTAL age past 15.

So, once again, I have deleted my timer for Pawn Stars. I know you don't care about one person, but just so you know, everyone I know has done the same. People are simply sick to death with the childish, immature displays of adolescent contempt for authority figures and disregard for any sense of normal business practices or respect for their elders or management. Corey owning part of the business does not grant him a right to be respected, his friendship and antics with Chum may delight the teenagers, but I doubt many of them are spending the big bucks in your store or steadfastly watching your program, as those you continually agitate with the absurd frolicking and bizarre behavior of the moronic imbeciles viewers must tolerate in order to hear a few tidbits of wisdom from Rick and true professionals.

Once upon a time, we looked forward to this show with GREAT anticipation, loved the history of the items presented and the education gained, but now it is a sad soap opera of pathetic BS and whiny, immature characters acting like .........well, there aren't words for it. It is pathetic. It is scripted, plot oriented garbage revolving around an imbecile without responsibility or common sense. I HOPE that Corey and Chum are truly not as ignorant and immature in real life and their behavior on the show is someone's sad, pathetic concept of a way to grab an audience of 15 year old boys, forgoing their appeal to adult audiences entirely.
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Jumping the shark?
venitianfun26 May 2014
I still enjoy the show but see signs of it maybe running out of gas. Too many obviously scripted situations attempting to be cute and funny. Chum getting a more serious role in the show which he really doesn't seem to be cut out for, especially when he starts rattling off facts concerning whatever a customer is trying to sell or pawn. I realize that it is a TV show and that you can't film a typical day in the pawn shop without boring the viewers to death. The customers are hand picked and Rick and the rest are schooled on the facts and history of whatever item is being featured. All that is still interesting to me and the main reason I watch the show. I guess the problem I have is having to sit through all of the "situations" the staff of the shop has to deal with over the course of an episode. Situations which I find not to be interesting or amusing. Like I said before however, I still watch the show, just not as often as I used to and usually if nothing else is on.
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India IS in Asia, you bald-headed dope!
CherryBlossomBoy4 October 2011
This show has been annoying me for some time. Yes, I know I'm supposed to change the channel if I don't like something, but everybody's got his pet hate and this is a show I like to hate.

Basically a bunch of overweight thugs running an antique shop trying to rip off their clients. The clients by all means deserve being ripped off, majority of them being so obviously dim. This is not what annoys me, this is what actually sometimes makes it interesting to watch.

What does annoy the hell out of me is the fact that this show is aired on History Channel. History Channel not so long ago used to be about history. Nowadays it's littered with fake-reality shows such as "Ice Road Truckers" and "Ax Men" or sensationalistic crap like "Conspiracy?" and "UFO Hunters". And they still have the audacity to market these shows as "history being made every day". Oh, hilarity! None of these shows has anything to do with history! If the problem is lack of audience for true history documentaries, then I'd rather they close the channel down than to continue with this nonsense. Besides, majority of these reality shows are so bad (uninformative, boring or misleading) that the likes of NGC and Discovery wouldn't even touch them.

Anyway, back to "Pawn Stars". I was trying to find the angle from which to crap on this piece of entertainment. I was going to say it's boring. It isn't. I was going to say it's more style than substance. It is, indeed, but so are plenty of other shows. I was going to say it doesn't belong to History Channel. Nothing new.

Luckily, the middle Harrison, the bald headed guy, helped me here by referring to a piece of antiquity that was brought into the store: "it's not from Asia, it's more likely from India". I do hope he reads this article, or at least its title. That amount of ignorance indeed prompts this viewer to change the proverbial channel.
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Exciting, fun and informative with a great cast!
EdgarByron21 July 2010
PAWN STARS is one of my favorite shows. Many factors contribute to the show's success, including the fact that it's based in Las Vegas. The name "Pawn Stars" is truly inspired. I'd love to know who came up with it.

The show revolves around the activities of a real pawn shop, Gold & Silver Pawn. Drive down Las Vegas Blvd toward the downtown area and after you pass the Stratosphere you'll eventually see it on the right side. Due to the popularity of the show, you may find it difficult to find a place to park. Once you do park you'll have to stand in line to get in if you're just a tourist (but the guard will let you through if you've got something to pawn or you're redeeming an item already pawned). The truth is that the shop is very small, but the family is working on enlarging it.

Anyway, let me address some of the previous comments. Every time I've visited the shop the entire family was there but obviously they must leave to tape the segments that take place at other locations.

And yes, the segments involving high ticket items involve some pre-arranging. The camera crews aren't going to stand around all day waiting for a rare item to be brought in.

Most importantly, there is a total misconception and lack of understanding about the fact that the place "rips off" everyone.

Let's say you walk in with a rare Tuba that you believe was played in Sousa's famous band around the turn of the century. People bring in items that they assume are authentic because their grandfather told them it was. Very often it turns out their grandfather lied.

The bottom line is that 99% of the sellers have no authentication or documentation to back up their item. This immediately makes your item worth a fraction of what a documented item would be worth. Buying something without any supporting documentation puts the entire risk on the pawn shop. If it turns out to be phony (or stolen), they lose all the money they paid you for it. A company can only take a big risk if there is a potential for a big reward. As you've seen on the show, they get burned occasionally, too.

This brings us to the various experts -- my favorite part of the show. At best, these experts can only state that they THINK an item is authentic. They will usually say something like "It might bring $5000 at auction." You'll notice, however, that they never give anyone a written appraisal. It's just a blue sky number which you as an individual would have almost zero chance of getting. Here's why...

Speciality auctions for rare items occur very infrequently due to the time involved in getting enough items, promoting the auction to potential buyers, finding an appropriate location for the auction, getting items shipped to them, preparing and printing catalogs, etc.

But you don't KNOW anything, remember? That's why you're standing in a pawn shop with a blank look on your face. If you knew some Tuba collectors, knew about auction houses, wanted to pay for a costly appraisal, were willing to wait months or years for a rare musical instrument auction... well, you MAY be able to sell it yourself.

The other problem that the collectors and auction houses don't know YOU -- and they'd be very unlikely to accept a unauthenticated piece from an unknown seller. It's a closed loop and you're not in it. And even if you are lucky enough to get your Tuba into an auction, it might sell for $500, not $5000. That's how auctions work. Big risk.

So now the Pawn Stars ask you how much you want for your allegedly rare Tuba. You of course say $5000 because that's the number you heard from the expert. But that's just a fantasy number a collector might pay in a highly specialized auction that may never take place. The risk is all on the Pawn Stars to sell the item and make a PROFIT.

The guys might get lucky and quickly find a collector who will buy it, or they might never find a buyer. The shop takes a big risk and must have a chance of making a big profit, knowing that it still might be a fake. They also factor in whether that type of item is currently in demand or not and if they personally know potential buyers.

That's why they are going to offer you a much lower amount than $5000. It's a business, folks. If you don't like their offer you can just thank them and leave. But you need cash now, right? Take the money!

Then go to the casinos and get rich at blackjack or slot machines!

I'd just like to add that I would have rated this show a 10 but it has no hot-looking babes in it! Hey, it's Vegas, guys. Where's the cleavage?
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Very cool and interesting show
zizumia29 October 2012
I personally love this show, it is interesting, there is cool facts, and unlike other pawn shows I have seen, these people are not really trying to rip people off. I like how they bring in experts to tell what the piece is and give a price. This shows me that they are not there to rip the person off. It is also interesting to learn the history of the items, for most of the items have historical background. Although they do have great things, I find it funny how much they advertise their sponsors within their show. Like they always have Subway and they explain in great detail what is contained within their sandwiches and why it is so good. Makes me laugh every time.

Very enjoyable show, I highly recommend it.
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Entertaining and Informative
lord woodburry29 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Pawn Stars is one of the better reality shows. Rich Anderson the owner of the Pawn Shop gives its tag line "Everything has a story; everything has a price. I do like the guest appearances of various experts like the Clark Co historian, but I particularly enjoy Chumlee whose childish temperament is a counterpoint to his bulky and powerful appearance and provides the show with enough comic relief to carry it through each episode. The patrons of the shop are an interesting lot, some are traders who came by an artifact accidentally in thrift stores or who hunt through estate sales for treasure; some are selling family heirlooms that many would find hard to part with. It's worthwhile TV at its best.
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The show suck now!!
mjmiguell9 July 2014
Ugh.... Can't stand the show pawn stars anymore. Used to like it but got tired of his arrogant attitude and smart remarks to his customers. If I had that kind of attitude towards my customers, I'd be out of business.

The show used to be entertaining and I liked the interesting items that were brought in and seeing how much there are worth. I get tired of them cheating and ripping off their customers. Professional says the item is worth $5000, but they give a lame offer of $400 or something far below the value of the item. I was just in utter shock sometimes.

Hardcore pawn show is terrible with all the foulness that goes on that show but at least they give fair offers for items to their customers.

I will not watch ever again. I talked to many of my friends who used to watch it and they feel the same as I do.
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Great show, getting long in the tooth
roadrunner77719 July 2013
I thought this show was an inspired mix of Orange County Choppers and Antique Roadshow. That's a bit like mixing beer and milk, but it works.

I Tivo it... near the top of my list actually. But, it is getting stale.

I have a little pet peeve I work around with the fast forward button, and that is any scene with Chumbutt. It kind of gets to me when someone purposely acts stupid and annoying just for the attention. I mean, more power to him getting rich with this schtick. He is clearly stoned and/or drunk in many scenes. Drooping eyebrows, messed up hair, slurred speech.

And you had better believe this is a scripted show. Rick is the only one that can read from a script in a believable way. But, it has to be that way, you can't have a crew sitting around waiting all day for an interesting scene.

I do like the beard of knowledge. I would love to see someone pump something fresh into the show. I'd love to see more outside the shop stuff, like the episode where they did the bar trivia challenge. I'm still watching, fast forwarding around chumplee and I hope they find a way to keep it on the air a few more years.
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Don't like the way they treat Chummly
deblawton18 October 2012
Listen we are having a hard time with bullying in this country. I consider the treatment of Chummly as bullying in the most awful form. What is the matter with the owners of this shop? I will not watch it again if this bullying continues. He is a human being for goodness sake, just like you are. He might be a slow learner or disabled in some way but having an adult with this condition myself it is so wrong to treat them in this way. STOP IT NOW! Having to come to work and put up with his "so called best friend's" father and Grandfather putting him down all the time is rotten to the core. I wouldn't like it and either would you guys. Even his best friend is laughing behind his back all the time. I say stop the bullying and get on with the show.
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The only reality TV show worth watching.
Jetset9715 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I really dig this series! I love seeing what fascinating items are going to be brought in week after week. The pawn shop bosses and employees seem genuine enough and are very likable. In fact my only complaint is the employee, "Chumlee". This is the comic relief and to be quite honest it demolishes the realism of the show every time he comes on. Seriously, if a lazy good for nothing oaf, like Chumlee, who comes across as a complete boob that couldn't sell a life preserver to a drowning man was working in any pawn store but this one, he would have been out on his can years ago. The only reason he is still working at this particular pawn store is because there is a TV camera and crew there using him for cheap laughs.I for one think the use of this guy is a gimmick pure and simple and keeps me from giving the show a full "10" rating.

Aside from that, this show is so cool! My favorite items that have been brought in are the ancient guns and rifles and pirate paraphernalia. Remember the guy that brought in the sunken gold coins that were are meshed together but were worth a lot of money. He wanted 100 grand for it and i personally think that Rick should have taken it. I have told all my friends that if I ever won the lottery, I would make a trip to Vegas and go straight to this store. There is no end to the amount of stuff I would buy at this pawn shop. Until then, I will continue to watch with enthusiasm and hope for someday.......
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