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Probably the weakest of the trilogy
paullevantis9 October 2022
It definitely had some strong moments and good themes, but it's like this was the first draft of the script or something, and the good moments were not utilised to their maximum potential. The director used way too many shots that were half way between a close up and a medium close up. As Rowan Atkinson said, for comedy, you need to show things from a wide angle so that we can see all the actions from all the characters.

Sooshi Mango were clearly thrilled to be able to use some of their best gags in a feature film, and they were mostly very good. Nick Giannopoulos's acting was actually superb, and works so well with this style of humour.

Overall, strong moments and a few weak ones, but it did not reach its potential due to a lack of polishing and not great directing.
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Worth watching if you like the series, but the weakest of the Blue Valiant Trilogy
info-591830 November 2022
Wog Boys Forever (The third movie in what the fans call the "Blue Valiant Trilogy") follows the continuing adventures of its main character Steve, following on from the first two movies. Giannopolous (who wrote it and plays the main character) is a funny creative guy, but to me, I think his problems sometimes lay in putting a story together. Wog Boys 3 has some great comedic material, but the problem is with the story, and perhaps, the villains. While the two main protaganists, Steve and his long time Italian Australian friend Frank (played well by the talented Vince Colisimo), and Cleo (also well played by Sarah Roberts)- its the villains of the piece, the daughter of his original foe from the first movie, and sleazy night club owner Goldie, are very one dimensional. Overall, the plot and some of the characterisations are a bit simplistic, though the targeting of Conservatives in Australia is perhaps warranted given the current political climate in Australia.

Giannopolous is a good comedic actor, and can write, and with the Sooshi Mango team's obvious contribution, there were a few moments where I laughed out loud. There are some funny observations of the Italian/Greek Australian culture, that anyone who knows will be able to laugh at. But overall, the plot probably needed some work. As others have said, this is perhaps the weakest of the the three (my favorite is Wog Boys 2:Kings of Mykonous, which gets a crap rating on IMDB but is actually quite good), but for those Australians who have a connection to migrant culture, or those who liked the series, its a must see. I do hope Giannopolous makes another one, but spends a bit more effort polishing the script.
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mariapezzano20422 October 2022
Look...my grandsons....16 and 14 years old loved it!! But unfortunately for my self and all the other adults in the group..we were so disappointed!!! Where to start....it was a mish mash...terrible .Sooshi Mango..who we absolutely idolise could not save this movie. The LEMON TREE joke was absolutely ridiculous!! Terrible cameo from Derryn Hinch!! The whole movie was a major disaster!! Sorry!!!! We all went to watch this film with such high expectations. So many story lines going nowhere. What happened to the party bus people ...to his work colleagues.....too many to mention... Like I said....maybe the younger generation will love it....but it was a miss for us.
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Nothing new, just a cash grab but with bad jokes.
adamcomito29 December 2022
This movie suffers the same fate as so much of Australian tv and cinema. Playing to the lowest common denominator. Reminds me of those lame jokes from the tv show Fat Pizza and Housos. Maybe passable in the 2000s but we expect more now. Why Australia keeps pumping out this low brow crap for I'll never know. A handful of jokes i smiled at only because I can relate to some of the Italian jokes but it's really not very good. As someone else mentioned there's no followup with half the characters they introduce. The party bus, the other cab drivers. These story arcs go nowhere so why include them? It's just lazy writing and you'd think as it's the 3rd movie in 22 years they'd actually put some effort into the writing. Nick and Vince should be ashamed of making this movie.
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Tired old rehash
stevebracks26 December 2022
This was not funny at all. The acting was terrible (what's happened to Vince Colosimo, he was good in the Underbelly series. I seriously would have had more fun tackling a yellow bellied black snake at a BBQ.

The first film came out in another era which is long past and this one doesn't hit the mark. A lot of the old Carlton crew are not around anymore for cheap funding also. If you like dad jokes and puerile humour this could be the film for you but for people that like a well crafted film with clever humour this is not for you.

I work with some old school Italians and Greeks and they will love this film.
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More laughs and fun
elisa-grant9 October 2022
Any fan of all things Nick G would surely expect that it's impossible to top the first Wog Boy - can't and won't ever be done as it was a unique piece for its time and resonates because of that fact.

The storyline of this film is as lightweight as the others were and that too is to be expected going in. These movies are about the humour and the moments, they aren't meant to make you think too much.

The only true criticism is that while the Wog BOYS are well cast and memorable - as they always have been - the rest of the cast is fairly forgettable at best and downright dreadful in some cases (particularly the ladies - Vinnie's wife, Raelene's daughter and the party his chick) It's a shame given Australia has so many awesome female actresses but ... then again... apart from the incredible Mary Coustas, many of the ladies associated with the "Wog" phenomena have been pretty dreadful.

Expect to be entertained, if this humour appeals, and expect that it's "more of the same" as opposed to anything "new". I laughed a great deal in a packed cinema with many others who were doing the same. Granted it was at a premiere but still... it's clearly worthwhile!
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I wanted to love it... but couldn't
Slick505025 October 2022
First off I have to say I am a huge supporter of home grown Australian cinema, its critical to a country's culture to maintain a health arts scene which includes making movies with its own voice. But this movie, despite best intentions, shows really only the worst. Its based on a racial stereotype which is very out of date. Fine - you went into the movie knowing that, so its acceptable, even though the entire cultural and racial stereotype is over-milked through the entire movie. What isn't acceptable is just how poor the script writing, direction and cinematography is. Its like this was written and shot by a 13 year old, full of staid gags which fall flat and are poorly timed - the whole 'Alexa' scene was just embarrassing. The plot was awful and made little sense, the acting was beyond wooden, the script was written by a gorilla. Come on Australia, surely you can do better than this.
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Third time not good
Ginrosie29 November 2022
Warning: Spoilers
This is the third in a series. The first one (22 years ago) was quite good, refreshing, highlighting some common day culture clashes of second or third generation migrants with humour and banter. The second was OK but now this third one was very disappointing...the jokes and plot rehashed and repeated from 2 decades ago; Steve pretending to do martial arts, Steve and Frank dancing - in a near empty nightclub, same 'us against them' storyline with the daughter and son of the politician he clashed with 22 years ago out to get him. Cringe worthy scenes and toilet humour (the diarrhoea inducing pizza scene was embarrassing). Sadly the acting from most of the main actors was very cardboard, exaggerated stereotyped and cliched. There was zero believable chemistry between Steve and Cleo. I am a big fan of Sooshi Mango and although they had a couple of funny lines, I feel their appearance was a drawcard to get people to go see the movie, but not even they could save this film...lasting 2 weeks in the cinemas before appearing on a streaming service.
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constambo22 December 2022
The acting in this movie was so cringey. Honestly, you couldn't pick better actors? Monotone young bloke with no passion in his role (did this young bloke know someone in there or related? Not sure how he got that role. It is some of the worst acting I have ever seen), then some blokes who couldn't get into character trying to sound ocker. Overexagerrated it way too much in terms of the Australian acting and throwing wog around. Stupid times to bring in certain convos. E.g. The party bus.

Scriptwriter needs a new day job. The storyline was horrible. This missed the mark badly.

Sooshi Mango were the most entertaining of the lot, hence my rating of 2. Without them it's a 1.
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Broad Bawdy Pathos
Phil_M_A_Kerr12 October 2022
There's broad humour, yes, and some of it is pretty bawdy but it's all for mirth and merriment.

WBF is a relatively small movie but it looks handsome. Melbourne's twilight cityscapes, colourful cars, bluestone sidewalk-treading casual fashionistas (everyone in Melbourne) are endearingly lensed.

Colosimo is one of Australia's great character actors and Giannopoulos weaves mature undertones into this performance. Their supporting cast are all committed, or should be (sooshi mango). The two baddies and their respective henchmen and women are a joy to watch.

A good selection of throwaway lines are the best. The one about all Australian ethnics being considered Italian was a favourite of mine.

It's a humble comedy about the ethnic experience that conversely wears its heart on its sleeve.

[SPOILER: They cut sick on the dance floor]

I'm not Greek-Australian so I can't speak from that specific point of view, but I am of the effnic experience.
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Perfect Come Back & Better than the Original
belprev8 October 2022
Not only did this movie make me laugh out loud in the cinemas, it made me want to rewatch it again. Nick Gianopolous has clearly written this movie from the heart and what a ride it was.

Sooshi Mango absolutely stole the film in my view and their moments on screen dwarfed the various call back and cameos from the original film.

It was great to see the return of Vince Collosimo and the debut of young Australian actors who graced the screen with their fresh and fun takes on the characters of the Wogboys world which made for excellent viewing.

I would advise that this film however, is not for those without any ethnic background or little to no understanding of Australia multicultural struggles in todays society. Unfortunately a lot of the comedy will be lost on you as per the original films.

However, whoever decides to watch this film will enjoy the well put together cast of Wogboys forever. That have given their all and gave a fun, enjoyable watch. Bravo 👏🏽
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Wog Boys Forever
allmoviesfan25 December 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Certainly better than the ill-conceived Wog Boys 2 (not that that's saying much) but not as good as the sequel, which is no surprise because The Wog Boy is one of the funniest films in Australian history.

Two decades after his tangle with Raelene Beagle-Thorpe, Steve Karamitsis (Nick Giannopoulos) is single and working for a Melbourne company, and mostly estranged from his best friend Frank (Vince Colosimo) who has definitely survived and prospered. Steve meets an ex girlfriend in his cab, worried that he might be the father of her young son, and is also in the crosshairs of the son and daughter of the late Raelene Beagle-Thorpe who want revenge on Steve because they blame him for the demise of their mother's political career.

A few laughs, a Tony Yugoslav cameo (in a way) and some other good nostalgia - especially the dance floor Bee Gees scene. But Nick and Vince should probably leave the Wog Boy characters here.
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frenoantonio12 October 2022
Really great movie first time watching Nick, just unbelievable funny, we want more movie like this... if i have to find somenthing wrongs, in some part of the movie the music was tiny bit to loud but again only if i have to find something... otherwise fabulous work... And the news characters were brilliant, Micheal n1 can't wait to see him in the big movie... the sooshi mango just wow.

Nick you killed with thas movie i think all the fans waiting for the continuous the wog boys 4, or why not the wog boys the series... with Costa get Nick places Vince's son coming as latin love better the is father...
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Very difficult to sit through
therookie-0337524 February 2023
I enjoyed the first movie because it had a lot of laughs , second movie worth watching because the beautiful scenery and still had some good moments in it, but this movie was very hard to watch. Acting, story and directing the weakest of the three. Unfortunately this should be the last one. They brought in Sooshi Mango to try and get more bums in seats and even though they're the best part of the movie there was no reason for them to be there other then free advertising for the movie at all there live shows. The acting honestly is cringe and direction is no better as the movie doesn't flow what so ever.
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Well below expectations which I did not have much anyway.
timucin-4128431 January 2023
Nick should have left it at the original Wogboy movie and should have never ever produced sequels. Terrible acting and I felt sorry for Sooshi Mango who deserved to premier in a much better movie. You can easily tell that this movie was made out of desperation to keep Nick G in the limelight and that is if he had any light left in the first place. The story lines were a mess. The characters portrayed were mediocre. The story was very predictable. It was just cheap slapstick humour. As an Aussie with a similar background , I certainly would like to have seen quality humour and a much better constructed storyline .
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