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Not what's advertised (In a good way)
grahamvandyke25 September 2022
This movie comes off as something the studio had in mind to package and sell as a romantic comedy, when in actuality it tackles much deeper issues and themes. By the end of the viewing what I had expected to be an affair full of predictable ups and downs with the familiar "Will they, won't they?" tropes turned out to be a journey of nihilistic existentialism that bordered on becoming a really good philosophical film. Had the filmmakers and studios decided to lean more heavily into the artistic side of this movie it could have very well been another Mr. Nobody, which similarly explored deep philosophical questions while bringing us on a journey of two star crossed lovers who were destined to be together, but had to go through hell and back to get there.

A surprising turn of events that turned something that promised a generic experience into something with substance!
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Not a rom-com. Not a comedy. Surprisingly good drama.
IvnSoft24 September 2022
I have to agree with other reviewers.. This is not a rom-com. Could be a dark comedy... But it is a (romatic?) drama. And it delivers.

I can see the hate on most of the low rated reviews, not sure if towards Pete or Kaley. Looks like those viewers are expecting to chuckle with anything with Pete on it. (or Kaley for that matter).

Some clearly dont event understand depression.

Yes, there is a time loop here (not a spoiler), but thats not even the point of the movie. If you are trying to make sense of that, you are watching the wrong kind of movie.

Most of us have suffered heartache from broken relationships. Some of us, Feeling alone. And some desperation to fit in a world that doesnt understand us.

You should watch this movie knowing it is an exploration of dark emotions. It might trigger you on some topics, but im almost positive you will end with an uplifting sensation.

And for those complaining of making sense... Time travel never makes sense. Thats a fact.
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A fresh, edgy, original, funny, darkish, brilliantly written rom-com delivered thru two excellent leads.
danieljfarthing23 September 2022
"Meet Cute" is this year's "Destination Wedding" / "Always Be My Maybe" - ie a fresh, edgy, original, funny, darkish, brilliantly written rom-com delivered thru two excellent leads. Via Deborah S Craig's time-machine adorbs (but sad) Kaley Cuoco (sensational) keeps re-living her first random NY 'date' with Pete Davidson... but somehow it doesn't stay fresh, and her time-travelling tweaks to 'fix' him only make it worse. Will their 'love' survive the night(s)? Noga Pnueli's superb debut script cleverly mirrors real relationship issues, but stays bright, fun & engaging. Props to all (inc director Alex Lehmann). "50 First Dates" x "Groundhog Day" = a belter.
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Not Bad
cc007722 September 2022
I honestly just started watching this movie without expecting much but it was much better than I expected. First of all, THE ACTING both of them made their roles so so believable and I loved the first 10 minutes of the film because you could feel the chemistry and energy as they were bouncing off of each other's conversations. The storyline wasn't bad too, it wasn't very deep but it surely wasn't light as well. This is definitely a movie that I will think about from time to time. Also, it's a fairly short movie so I recommend you watch it if you like romantic comedy films.
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A dark comedy focusing on mental health
sjworkman-1781223 September 2022
I would ignore the trailer. I liked this movie. Like a book you should give it at least 15-20 minutes and if you still aren't intrigued then it's not for you. I think labeling this as a rom com isn't right. It's dark. I think most of the bad reviews from viewers and so called "professional reviewers" I feel didn't closely watch the movie, not their type of genre, have something against Pete Davidson, or just didn't understand it. Then there are those who really didn't like it, which to me are the reviews I respect. No movie is perfect. I think people with mental health struggles will get some type of emotion out of it as there are some scenes that hit deep. Pete and Kaley have awesome chemistry.
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Interesting idea for a story, but executed poorly...
imseeg24 September 2022
I got interested to see this movie when I read the short summary of this story in which you can change your loved ones into a perfect version by simply tweaking the characteristics that you dont like about them.

The bad: however interesting and potentially comical this idea of changing your loved ones to perfection could have been, it was executed poorly. Why? Because this movie fails to become funny. At all. I didnt laugh once. I did get annoyed though by the below average acting performances and the many superficial "jokes".

Could have been better, with some really decent actors and a better script. In other words, if they had changed the entire movie...
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Let's Not Do the Time Warp Again
EUyeshima23 October 2022
Be forewarned that Alex Lehmann's 2022 film is one of those time loop movies that borrows heavily from "Groundhog Day" with heavy doses of "50 First Dates" and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" all of which makes the movie's title quite ironic. It's anything but cute as Sheila uses a tanning machine in a nail salon that doubles as a time jumping device where she can recreate her first date with Gary with the idea of "improving" him to her specifications. As the discombobulating Sheila, Kaley Cuoco is adept at this sort of mental shenanigans, while Pete Davidson plays Gary just enough under the vest to acquit himself. However, their cumulative efforts don't offset the frustrating narrative style which tried my patience.
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I wanted to like it more
cscott233123 September 2022
Sad I didn't enjoy this as much as I wanted to. I really like both of these actors and I've liked almost everything I've seen them in. I thought I would laugh at least once, and I didn't. I mean, maybe I smiled a time or two but that's about it. Kind of boring, it just drug out...the same thing over and over again. Like a boring Groundhog Day. Be different if the day was funny in any way. I realize this day is centered around a matter that not funny, but they could've thrown some joke in here and there. I mean Pete Davidson is supposed to be funny. I get it if he wants to branch out into more serious roles, but this wasn't even a serious movie! Truthfully it was just a boring movie. I don't think I'd recommend it and I certainly won't watch it again.
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Dark Rom Com
beechenp22 September 2022
Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson star in this dark rom com about a girl that meets a guy at a bar but she doesn't exactly tell him everything at the jump of their "Meet Cute" encounter. The movie makes a big left turn at about the 20 minute mark and then keeps you guessing about what is going on for the majority of the movie.

Pete and Kaley have pretty compelling chemistry between the two of them and their comedic timing plays off well of each other. There are some instances where it is a little confusing following "the rules" of what is going on that need a little more fleshed out writing to fully grasp. The movie also deals with certain aspects of depression that can be triggering for some people, but overall the movie has a lot of heart. If you're a fan of these two actors and dark rom coms then you will appreciate this movie and over look the confusing bits. I found it to be entertaining and thoughtful.
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Romcoms only work when the couple is appealing in some way
geoffreyspears22 September 2022
I'd pay to see this couple not get together. When you start a romcom with such a terribly mismatched and poorly cast couple, there's really nowhere to go but down - as evidenced by this film. I suppose the time travel premise was necessary to entice anyone to even give this movie a try, but when the characters are so unappealing and off-putting, no amount of sci-fi gimmickry would have saved it. I couldn't tell you how it ended, since it was a tossup as to which was the more annoying character and ultimately I concluded it didn't matter enough to figure it out or finish the film. Just another example of streaming services having too much capital to throw around at scripts that never would have been greenlit in a tighter capital market where market forces and competition would have led to a far better movie being made.
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An amusing but mostly unfunny Groundhog day retelling
stevelivesey6722 September 2022
Another Groundhog day/ Palm Springs retelling. This time with Cuoco (quite good) and Davidson (quite likeable) trying to put each other 'right' throughout a first date in one night.

The problem is, it's not funny. At all. I mean, seriously not funny. I didn't laugh once. That's not to say it was bad. It wasn't. It was quite amusing, interesting, intriguing perhaps. But not funny. Not one laugh.

Not sure who would be the audience for this. Kim Kardashian. Losers. People who hadn't seen the aforementioned, far superior, 2 movies?

In the end Meet Cute is like a film version of elevator music. Fairly inoffensive and entirely forgettable.
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Weak Sauce
gab-6759922 September 2022
I love a GOOD rom/com just like the next person but this was just not funny. I didn't even laugh once, in fact the whole movie was a bit too serious. Love the little spin on the time travel story but this movie didn't do it for me. Maybe it is because I do not favor the lead guy. I didn't like him in Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, so no surprise he came off annoying to me in this movie as well. He is just too tall and dorky with zero acting abilities. Not to mention unattractive, I give him a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. If I had to pick the better actor that had the most favorable qualities it would NOT be him. As for the lead, she was likable but a bit selfish so the movie came off as unlikable. I really wanted to like this because she was in it and I like her but this was just not my jam. Maybe enjoyable for someone else but just not me. I recommend skipping this one if you are looking for laughs.
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moxixe21 September 2022
It was a beautiful story about hope and the struggle of just being. I didn't know what to expect but I was definitely intrigued throughout the entire film. The chemistry was absolutely there between the two actors, their performance was realistic. The concept and the twist in the story was enlightening. It had its sad moments and funny moments. The tolerance and love both character had to face was inspirational. It teaches us struggles are real and they are possible to overcome. This is definitely not a shallow film and deals with real emotions. I enjoyed it and I believe it is worth watching.
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50 first dates but the much worst version
skylermoore26 September 2022
Generally I like Pete Davidson and I LOVE Kaley Cuoco, but this film is one of the most uninteresting, painfully slow, forgettable and dumb films of the year. It's a 50 First Dates time loop kind of concept that pretty much does nothing remotely creative or new. It's incredibly predictable right from the beginning when you figure out what is actually happening, (which is revealed after about 20 minutes) and lacks a lot of humor that films like 50 First Dates had or something like Palm Springs had. It doesn't have fun with itself and I think tries too hard to feel emotional with no actual effect from it because you're so bored in this movie. Acting is fine in this and I will say the peaks of the film are really decent but it's heavily carried by just stuff happening. If you have Peacock, I think it can be a date night kind of movie and you may enjoy it a lot more than I but I would not recommend paying for a new sub for this. Not even close.

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Don't waste your time
venmary26 September 2022
Pete Davidson is simply unwatchable. I don't understand how he keeps getting cast for movies. He is a terrible actor who cannot pull off this role and didn't make for a believable love interest in the movie.

The plot itself is boring and has been done so many times before. The characters were not likeable or interesting enough to hold my attention to the end. I couldn't watch past the first half of the movie.

I guess the 3 stars are for Kaley Cuoco, although you can easily exchange this character for the one she played in Flight Attendant. Not a very original performance, but she is a great actor.
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mattiemurl4 October 2022
The writing is brilliant and captivating. Such a refreshing and surprise storyline. There are twists and turns that develop in unpredictable ways.

The acting is incredible. Both Leads should be looking at awards. Their chemistry & timing are very natural and in sync. It's a pairing I wouldn't expect. Their performances are genuinely believable and sweet.

Deborah S. Craig's support role is gold. Her timing and unspoken jokes are perfect.

The biggest compliment I can give is that I did not multitask while watching this. I actually watched every frame and did nothing else but sit engrossed in this story & the acting.
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Cute concept, some interesting scenes, but overall not a very good movie.
TxMike24 September 2022
We like Kaley Cuoco from her role on the long-running "Big Bang Theory" and that is the main reason we chose to watch this movie that runs just about 80 minutes. (Plus some out-takes at the end.) As we see from the end credits she and co-star Pete Davidson are Producers and that makes sense. Apparently they made the movie to sell to a streaming service and now it is a Peacock streaming movie.

The concept is interesting but has been done a number of times in different ways. If you could time-travel should you do so and change things to try to make the future better? She stumbles upon a time machine that looks a lot like a tanning bed in the back room of the nail salon she visits.

I think the script is just too mediocre, plus Cuoco's character tries too hard to be "edgy" and uses a lot of F-word language just because she can. Whether it was the script, or Cuoco's choice, it just doesn't ring true within the movie. It definitely takes away from the likability of her character.

So it has some interesting scenes but overall is very uneven and when it ends we were not quite sure what to make of it.
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I really wanted to like this movie
redheadchik27 September 2022
This movie was the biggest letdown - I couldn't wait to see it, but it was a huge disappointment to me. I understand the premise, however, something didn't click - I don't think there was any chemistry between the lead characters. I didn't like Kaley's acting - I thought Pete acted well. I never watched the sitcom she was in, nor did I watch Pete on SNL. I only knew Pete because he dated Kim Kardashian, and I was curious to see him in a movie. I was ready to see a new romantic movie, but this one was barely watchable for me. I almost turned it off. I don't understand all the high reviews on here.
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Just OK
Huck_Haines3 October 2022
If you like Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco, you may enjoy this movie. I felt like it was rather slow and dragged in a lot of places.

The concept was decent, but it could have been much more interesting and funnier. You could argue that it was a drama and wasn't intended to be funny, but it sure felt like it was supposed to be a romantic comedy. In that respect, it missed the mark in my opinion.

At only 90 minutes, it wasn't a total waste of time. If you like the actors, and you are looking for something to watch, you could do worse than spending an evening watching this. Just don't get your hopes up too high.
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mcginleyskgg23 September 2022
I think the low reviews are people who expected Penny from Big Bang in a fluffy romantic comedy. This isn't that but I think it's better. It's original and makes you think a little and kaley really blew me away with her acting. Pete was adorable too. I watched this my husband and our teenager (boy) and we all really liked it even though it wasn't at all what we thought it would be. It's funny but not really a comedy. We laughed a couple of times but mostly we paused it every five minutes to discuss what we thought was going on. That might not appeal to everyone but I like movies that keep me on my toes and surprise me. Give it a chance and remember to keep your mind open.
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All this for Gary? Oh for Pete's sake!
chand-suhas2 November 2022
There is an interesting idea albeit predictable one in this time travel / time loop romantic drama where Sheila (Kaley Cuoco) relentlessly tries hard to impress Gary (Pete Davidson) on their first date. She uses her access to time machine specifically to go back to the previous night to get this one date right with him. Throughout the movie, we get to see the varied emotions of Sheila and how desperate she is, along with what exactly she needs to do everytime she travels back in time. Yet we can't stop thinking "all of this for Gary?".

Pete Davidson plays Gary in such a way that there is no justifiable scene to explain why Sheila so badly wants to impress him. Not that he is performing bad, it is just the way he is asked to perform. That predictable twist involving the cable guy comes in the right time but considering the bigger picture, it just doesn't feel enough to justify Sheila's actions. The pace is terribly slow and we don't get enough to root for either of these characters.
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its cute...
ops-5253521 September 2022
Enough but everybody who knows me as a reviewer and also knows mr pete davidsons infamous verbal gatlin gun on the screen, its not the kind of romcomdrama that i like best. But its a lot of talk and a lot of reluctant love happening in the greenest of green ''big apple'' and suburbs, mainly in bars pubs a small restaurants, where a drink offer the opposite way, made by the woman toward a man, you will follow the ups and downs of flirting and courtshipm,ent that you may connect to and consider gigglish and romantic, as it is in away, but maybe too much jab jab for a grumpy old man whos calm as a scallop at the sea bottom. So if you can bear over the verbalism, go ahead, just 5 stars in my review.
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NOT a Rom-Com
starwisher30 October 2022
As other reviews mentioned, this is not a Rom-Com, it's a drama. I feel if it was marketed correctly, it would be better received. When choosing a movie, my mood definitely plays a part in it. If I choose to watch a Rom-Com/Comedy, I'm expecting to laugh, enjoy the show in an upbeat way. Lift my mood. This movie did not have any comedic moments and was not the right fit for the mood I was in. Overall, I think it told the story very well and I probably would have enjoyed it more if I knew more of the plot line/that it was a drama. Being in the right headspace to watch it definitely would have helped.
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marcielynne24 September 2022
I seriously can't believe they wasted money making this movie. I really wanted to like it because I like pretty much everything that Kaley is in, but this was really bad. I wanted to like it more but just couldn't. Plus I don't care for Pete Davison, yuck! They have absolutely no chemistry so it makes it difficult to even like them as a couple. The repetitive nonsense of this movie really makes you want to shut it off before it's over. Somehow I made it to the end after three attempts. The ending was just as bad as the rest of the movie but I was extremely happy that it was over. If you decide to watch this..Good Luck!
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Too long- This should have been 40 minutes, or replace stagnant parts with interesting ones
mordaviram25 September 2022
The problem with this movie is that it has a beginning and an end, but the middle is very repetitive. Holding major twists and pull them off after stagnant 10 minutes doesn't make the stagnant time better, it makes me think "couldn't they just cut all of the scenes out there and get to the case?".

They should have made it a short 50 minutes TV movie or add a writer and add more content to fill the original length (85minutes). Here is a proof: watch the movie from minute 60 until the end, and u will see that you haven't missed anything from the first 60 minutes. Squeeze the first 60 minutes to10 minutes and you get a 35minutes video.

This movie isn't bad, I actually liked it, but it is like watching a reality TV show and watch endless annoying commercials just for few payoffs along the show.
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