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Amy Ryan: Agent Pamela Harris



  • Calvin Joyner : [seated between two angry CIA agents]  I'm-I'm gonna, I'm gonna address the elephant in the room. Okay, fir-first of all, you... You guys, I want to say sorry to. Because wha-wha-what you're probably thinking is not what happened. Accidents! I know you're like, "How can you accidentally pistol-whip somebody and shoot somebody?" Well, it can happen. Okay? Today is proof that it can happen. So... I'm glad I got to get that off my chest.

    Agent Pamela Harris : Relax, Mr. Joyner. I believe you.

    Calvin Joyner : Okay, thank you.

    Agent Pamela Harris : Trust me, I know a scared-shitless civilian when I see one.

  • Calvin Joyner : Are you familiar with Facebook?

    Agent Pamela Harris : We surveil it.

    Calvin Joyner : He sent me a friend request. That, that, that's how this whole thing started.

    Agent Pamela Harris : And you accepted?

    Calvin Joyner : Oh, stop. Don't do that. Don't do that to me. Don't do that. You give me a second. Okay? Don't, don't, don't fire back like that. Fir-fir-first of all, fuck Mark Zuckerberg, all right? Now, I accepted because it was Facebook. And it's rude when you don't accept it and I don't know if the person on the other end can see me not accept it. That's why I accepted.

  • Agent Pamela Harris : Mr. Joyner, it was a pleasure working with you. If you ever want a career change, you give me a call.

    Calvin Joyner : If I were to give you a call, how would I get in touch with you?

    Agent Pamela Harris : Just pick up any phone in your house. They're all bugged.

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