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Refreshing take on classic comedic artform
Ghosthunter12342417 April 2011
It's a great show and a refreshing mix of old sketch and modern alternative comedy.

It's comedy from a young Scottish perspective and ins't wrapped up in tradition so much that its smothering. Considering that the vast majority of British sketch comedy to have any success has been on BBC, and therefore quite modest, barring a few exceptions, it's nice to see that the BBC regional channels are getting a chance to express a little of their own culture on such an established platform as the Beeb.

Clearly it isn't for everyone, but that's the beauty of having an opinion of your own.

Maybe you'll enjoy it, maybe you'll be left scratching your head.

Perhaps some people need their humour spelled out for them...
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love it
ashleym19919 August 2012
omg i love burnistoun it is the best programme ever, it is so funny, I wonder sometimes where they actually come up with this patter but its brilliant, the reason for my post is basically hoping that maybe one of the cast members will read this, I especially love the sketch in the elevator, the it's raining sketch and also the sketch where Kelly mcglade is being interviewed by the burnistoun herald, I was hoping that you would read this as I would love to see a sketch where Kelly McGlade auditions for xfactor (solo or in the band) and also more sketches of snide looks, keep up the fantastic work Thanks P.S I love burnistoun x
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Bethan Davies16 February 2014
Robert Florence and Iain Connell really are very talented writers and actors. Burnistoun has something of the feel of Royston Vasey in the League of Gentleman but as it is not quite so dark and twisted, it is actually much funnier. Robert and Iain have an impressively wide range of characters across the three series and you'll soon have your favourites.

They look great as the different parts. If you aren't Scottish don't let the accent put you off. It's thick but it's beautiful and not hard to get.

Some of it is very funny and made me cry with laughter, sometimes it's little things that are just very silly.

Definitely one of the funniest sketch shows in recent years and yet somehow I missed it on telly - supported by a great cast too. Watch these two as they are going on to do even better things!
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A funny sketch show centered around a fictional Scottish town..
pratishmepani21 November 2017
I took some time to understand the accent and did not expect to like this show. Was totally underwhelmed with the first episode but the show did get progressively funnier. It isn't unique but has a great perspective and I do believe that some audiences will either love it or absolutely hate it.

Nevertheless I look forward to seeing the next few seasons.
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Hilarious, refreshing, surprising, original, and funny.
utdmad28 November 2014
This is a great show. I grew up in Scotland (10 years) and didn't struggle with the accents and dialects. Much. But some might.

This is a brilliant sketch show unbridled by commercial constraints, yet with a big enough budget for good sets and make up. The writing is fresh, brave, and hilarious. The acting is top notch.

...and Kirsty Strain is the kind of beauty I'd crawl over broken glass for, just to see her reflection in a window. A legendary screen beauty who I hope, and not solely because of her looks as she's a great talent, goes on to achieve great fame . A genuine stunner.

In fact, I hope these people go on to bigger and better things, they deserve it.

Give it a watch. It's actually good.
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Pretty awful
docterryc2 September 2012
If you enjoy a string of one-liners, strung together with no theme or consistency then you might enjoy this.

I was brought up in England, spent a few months each year in Scotland and continue to visit Scotland each year, yet I found most of the dialogue impossible to understand.

I enjoy British humour, yet most of what I watched made little sense--and was not funny. Clearly this sitcom is going to divide viewers into either the LOVE IT camp or the HATE IT camp. Try it--you'll know in five minutes if it tickles your funny bone. It didn't tickle mine--indeed it made it numb!
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