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Potential wasted by stupid plot mistakes
sumtim3s00n13 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I love these kind of heist films so I am willing to forgive quite a lot. But some illogical moves done by supposedly professionals just mess up the whole experience. From not using silencers (and the guy had a whole workshop set up exactly for this reason of preparing arms), to greedly destroying walls and no one covering them. Then all of a sudden the main guy gets super greedy and they completely ignore the time for extraction. Not to mention they keep talking and waiting and messing around. Also why the heck did they lower the windows as they drove past the family car so they can see their faces. Or why not tell the boat guy to meet them a few miles down the coast (after scaling the freakin Andes they couldnt carry the money a few more miles to avoid the teenage army?). Its just one inconsistency after another that keeps bringing you out of being immersed in the story. I do not understand why they dont give the script to a few military guys for a read through. The ego of whoever wrote this must have been probabily too grand. Its unfortunate because the foundations of the story were quite solid.
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Better than the usual Friday night popcorn film
shweta-5165723 July 2020
The reviews and rating are misleading. This isnt your usual Friday evening action film with predictable plot and cheesy dialogues. The casting itself should tell you that. It was a pleasure watching all the 6 leads in the film.

The movie from start to finish is well executed and well thought out. Every actor is utilised to his capacity. You can keep guessing how it turns out but you will not be right, it simply doesnt follow the usual Hollywood trope. It isnt worth every accolade out there but is sure is a decent Friday night film with popcorn, just with a tad more depth. The movie itself is well paced out and executed. Save it for a Friday night popcorn film but with more depth than Fast & Furious franchise. I have to say however, the ending left a little more to be desired. But I still enjoyed the film nonetheless.

Take a chance on this film. 7/10
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So much talent ...
kosmasp23 July 2019
But it seems to be almost wasted. Or as another reviewer put it: Great potential, unused. I would add though "slightly" - because it's not that the talent is not being used. There is quite a bit to love here, like the action sentiment, some of the character motivation and some of the general depiction of Army but more importantly politics and corruption.

But it does have threads it opens that it leaves just laying there. It's a bit annoying and would have been more satisfying if it would concentrate on certain things. The ending is not really helpful by being overly dramatic and completely ... well it may be realistic to a degree but it doesn't really make much sense. You can show respect and brotherhood in other ways ... or maybe I'm just a cynic? Whatever teh case, this is decent but still has quite a lot of flaws
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Generally effective
Leofwine_draca9 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
TRIPLE FRONTIER is a twist on your usual heist movie, with a much more expansive storyline and exotic setting. The story involves five ex-special forces guys, down on their luck, who reassemble for one final job: to relieve a drug lord of his unnecessary wealth. The drug lord lives in a heavily-defended compound in the middle of the jungle, so lots of planning is involved.

The first 45 minutes follows said planning in an engaging way; this is a dialogue-heavy movie but the lines are snappy and character-revealing. The cast is appropriately hard-bitten, with reliables like Charlie Hunnam and Pedro Pascal doing well, Ben Affleck with a bit more edge than you usually see from him, and Oscar Isaac holding it all together. The film has a realistic edge without too much in the way of CGI and over-the-top action, which is all for the better. The location scenery is wonderfully utilised, the tension is generally superior and the director isn't overreliant on music to create suspense. The last half throws in the usual big twists and surprises to keep you watching, and that's exactly what I did.
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A tale of two halves
muamba_eats_toast18 August 2019
Loved the first half of the film great build and initail heist then it gradually got more and more ridiculous and laboured simultaneously to the point I struggle to keep interest the last half hour. About average overall like so many Netflix films before it...
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What A Great Comedy!!!
RobTortureWright14 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The first 30 minutes of this film are fairly dull but we do get to see a car exploding while police shoot up some random bad guys. Next we're introduced to our main character who casually strolls up and fires one of those pesky noob tube grenade launchers into the bad guys building instantly wiping out all intelligent forms of life inside. The cops then shoot the non intelligent survivors for fun and our 'hero' pretends to lose an arrested woman who turns out to be his informant, who he sleeps with, again for fun. Next we see bens character be a terrible Realtor and a terrible father so that's a thing. Next the crew gets thrown together and instantly puts a plan in action and decide to go through with it after looking over a wall and thinking 'We can totally take those guys and steal all their money'. With all that expert planning done they now show up on game day and begin talking over the radio like complete professionals and totally not like a bunch of guys messing around at a bar. They bust in and cant find mr baddie but they quickly figure out through a mindbendingly genius way that theres money in the walls so steal all of that because its cool to do so. The plan goes sideways and they shoot all the awfully trained guards and then find mr baddie hiding, shoot him for the sake of it and torch the place so it looks better. They take the money and place it on a helicopter which they got from some random guy charlie hunnam knows. Pilot of the year now calculates the weight of the cash perfectly and they attempt to fly over the andes mountains. Next we see some of the best CGI I've seen since the deer in The Walking dead or the final scene in Sons of anarchy as the helicopter flies over some mountains. Amazingly mr pilot was off on his weight calculations by a few grams so they need to throw some bags of cash out to make it. Drama alert as they are still overweight like 2 sumos in an elevator so have to ditch the main net of cash which of course falls into a field of cocaine. The helicopter crashes but everyone is absolutely fine and they all jump out and begin shouting at the locals. Ben affleck throws in the towel at this point and poorly reads his lines then shoots a bunch of civilian cocaine farmers because one of them pulls a 2 inch blade out to trim his nails. Charlie hunnam was shot earlier but now strolls about like he's Conor McGregor. Ben affleck pretends he's upset for killing the boys father but is now happy he has a shiny new pen knife. Charlie then strokes a donkey that is carrying roughly 1 million pounds of weight on its back and then they all head off to find carrots because the donkey is hungry. After being unable to locate a carrot they give up and decide to kick their feet up and put on their lovely little raincoats and talk about how they're all big tough guys with so many problems. Now we're really getting into some great filmage as they all edge up a moutain like it's a tomb raider game but because the donkey is so tired from lack of food it slips and falls off the mountain. RIP donkey. You will be missed. The non important humans make it up and ben nearly starts crying because he remembered he's still batman but thankfully he manages to pull himself together. All of the "band of brothers" are feeling chilly billy now but quickly begin laughing because they're all celebrities with lots of money so set fire to some of it and laugh some more at poor people. Ben dies.... In the film and then the guy who gets shot in four brothers begins throwing hands at charlie hunnam but mr green street holds his own. They throw the money bags off a cliff, store some in private areas and huff a dummy supposed to be ben down a mountain and onto a boat. They Make it out with pocket change which they give to bens family in some sort of moral pack which no sane human would do. The main character looks at a piece of paper with co-ordinates to the money they threw off the cliff, then walks away. The end. But is it really ? I think we all know what happened next right ? Clearly the donkey survived the fall, finds the bags of cash and hires human slaves to build a mansion made entirely out of carrots. What a terrific film I have witnessed. Truly great comedy, a must watch.
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Lacked the luster the trailer promised
Top_Dawg_Critic14 March 2019
The story premise and casting were great, but the slow pace and lack of anything really exciting in the screenplay (except for a few scenes), didn't hold my interest where it should've been. The 125 min length was too long, and had the film been edited/cut down to 90 mins with a faster pace, the long dragged out story would have been more interesting and exciting. The directing and cinematography was decent, but I feel the director failed to direct his cast properly to get the much needed emotions from them. Entertaining? I guess. Would I see it again? Nope. Would I recommend it? Probably if you have nothing better to watch. It's a missed opportunity, and a 7/10 from me
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Entertaining but many Holes and Voids
rcroman200414 March 2019
Overall it was an entertaining movie. Should have been some more back story on the team. The movie needed another shootout with the real cartel instead of a car chase with incompetent kids. There were no cut scenes to show how the cartel reacted to their boss's murder, or money theft. Or what happened to the lady and her brother if they made it to Australia.

Biggest hole to me.... hey this is too much weight for the helicopter to get over the Andes. Look there is a jungle. Let's drop two guys off here, and half the money. I'll fly over mountain drop off the other half and two guys. Then I will fly back and retrieve the other half and two guys and regroup.
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I keep asking myself: 'WHY didn't you like it?"
Her-Excellency7 April 2019
From what I understand after watching most of it, then much later Googling to find out what happens, this is a project that was in the making for almost a decade, with no takers. In that time of being rejected, it should have been revamped and made better before Netflix got its hands on it. As it is, the fact that it was made, brings us forward to me sitting here scratching my head, asking myself the Title question of WHY I DIDN'T LIKE IT.

First of all, it has Oscar Isaac in it, and he's all kinds of hunky manly yummy in that not-so-good-looking-kind-of-way. It also stars Pedro Pascal, who can do no wrong in my eyes, except for maybe speaking too much while in the fighting ring with The Mountain (right now, however, I will not digress into tears); Charlie Hunnam, who I like; and Ben Affleck who I, most of the time, begrudgingly like. It has a very pretty actress who represents Latinas well - always good in my book; a decent story line; good acting, overall ... SO WHAT WAS MISSING?

I have no idea, but it failed to connect.

From the very first (opening) act, where the stereotypical bad cop does his thing and the girl does her thing which you can see coming a mile away, and the twist that is not really a twist comes into play between the main character and the girl ... it kind of just loses you, so by the time THEY get to the forest, you're on your way home. At least I was.
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A great start gets dampened by shoddy story telling towards the end.
rahuljagdish-7587213 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The movie begins with good character building, establishing each protagonist's personality and background, and quickly drawing you into the plot. This part of the film is done quite well for the most part and does a good job at keeping you intrigued. Sadly, that doesn't last. A particular scene comes to mind where there's noone keeping cover while loot is being put into bags; and it beggars belief that trained, seasoned ex-military would get that careless even in front of a huge tempting mound of cash. During all of this, an armed antagonist doesn't seem to want to do anything about the banging and shouting going on in his house, but then decides to come out of a panic room only when there's at least Affleck, Hunnam and Isaac right outside its door, obviously looking for him.

In addition, a momentary lapse in Affleck's othwerwise calm and practical character displaying greed could hint at struggles in his personal life that may have motivated him in that instance, however this trait surfaces repeatedly throughout the rest of the film, and is hardly objected to or acknowledged by the rest of the equally experienced soldiers, save for a few shakes of the head and a couple of disapproving comments. This and just overall messy screenplay for the remainder of this movie leaves you waiting for a redeeming moment that doesn't quite materialize. The acting was on point without exception, but it couldn't save an ending that just ends up feeling hollow.
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Screenwriting 101 errors
chet1916 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This two-hour movie is more like 4 separate half-hour episodes of a tv show. Movies that are like separate episodes instead of one steady plot throughout are a no-no, and this Triple Frontier (what does that title mean, anyway?) is like that. Episode one is Poe Dameron as a US soldier helping a foreign police force. This first 20 minutes had nothing to do with rest of script. Episode 2 was Poe trying to convince Ben Affleck to come out of retirement for one more heist. Such originality...a special ops guy being offered the proverbial one more mission. Never any drama, because we all knew Ben would say yes, so we wasted 15 minutes of him saying no before coming around. Seriously, did the director think the audience was surprised when Ben finally said yes? Episode 3 was the heist itself, which some school kids coulda pulled off. The house is pretty much empty, except for 2 terribly trained guards against 5 elite US army rangers. Guess who wins. No tension at all during the heist. We needed some truck coming up the driveway or some secret guards closing in on them, but nothing. 15 full minutes of men stuffing gym bags with cash. Meanwhile, these most elite and disciplined soldiers suddenly lose all discipline. They lose track of time, get greedy, and sloppy. out of character. Episode 4. Next, the very safe and disciplined helo pilot knows the cargo is too heavy, but takes off anyway. Huh? 900 zillion acres of mountain and jungle, but the cargo "just happens" to land in a cocaine village. Finale: the final obstacle to get home is an army of mercenaries at the port. Now the soldiers have a conscience and don't want to kill the drug lord's army. They might be young, so we can't fight them. Guess what? They fight and kill them anyway, so the "we can't fight them" debate was just a waste of my time. And the biggest laugh of all is the men simply giving up all they money.
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good overall
SnoopyStyle20 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Santiago "Pope" Garcia is a military adviser working beside the Colombian police taking down the drug cartels. With his beautiful informer Yovanna, he gets intel about the location of a drug lord hide out and his loot estimated at $75M. He recruits other disenfranchised ex-military; Tom 'Redfly' Davis (Ben Affleck), William 'Ironhead' Miller (Charlie Hunnam), Ben Miller (Garrett Hedlund), and pilot Francisco 'Catfish' Morales (Pedro Pascal). They plan to kill the drug lord and steal his money.

This has good action and good locations. It's got good actors and some good tense thrills. A few of the group's move do annoy me. They are well organized but they make a few annoying mistakes that frustrate me. The first annoying contrivance is when they start talking about their plan at a local hang-out. It's kind of annoying when they won't shut up. It's bad enough that they are showing their faces there. On the other hand, I have no problem when Redfly starts pushing back the timeline as he greedily grabs the money. That is a very human concept. Although I have a real issue with not killing the guards. Why don't they have silencers? Why aren't they killing the guards? Are the guards innocent in their eyes? It's awfully unreal like one of those 80's action movies. Then they make the stupidest mistake. The first drop should be the net. It should always be the plan if they don't make it over the hump. They should drop the net on an isolated peak and plan to come back for it later. It's poor planning and they're supposed to be smart. They could still write in a mechanical failure and a crash landing. I just need the guys to be smarter. As for the hike across the Andes, it's somewhat unrealistic to carry that much cargo on foot. At the very least, they should eat one of the mules. There's no way they are carrying that much food. The calories needed to carry that weight would be enormous. Despite the unrealistic turns, I do find the action well done and the thrills intense. The movie is a little long but good overall.
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Starts out ok but then the stupidity makes it unwatchable
mluinstra11 December 2021
Warning: Spoilers
These army buddies get together to rob this drug lord and they do all this recon until they have it planed to the second. Once they start the heist, everyone becomes a complete moron due to greed.

First, the way they find the money in the walls is ridiculous. They are about to give up looking for the cash when one guy smells fresh paint, and they find a paint brush on a table next to the wall that has fresh paint on it. That sure was lucky!

So they start loading the van full of money and the window of time they allowed themselves is up. The one smart guy in the group tells them times up, we need to go. However, greed sets in and they want to stay to get more cash. If they would have left, everything would have worked out perfect. They would have got away scot free with about 150 million. I think they were only expecting 75 Million, so bonus!

From this point on it was one stupid decision after another due to greed. The decisions they made were gringy. You sit there shaking your head in disbelief. I know money can be intoxicating, but it shouldn't make you a complete freaking moron. About 30 minutes later I couldn't watch any more. I had trouble believing these guys who planned a precision heist down to the second suddenly all went Forest Gump.

Anyways, save your time and watch something else. Watching this will just frustrate you to know end. You will end up shaking your head in disbelief watching the choice these idiots make.
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An action/heist thriller that turns into a plodding parable of greed
akcenat15 August 2019
Five ex-military veterans reunite to rip off a drug lord, but like every other robbery in movie history, it does not go as planned. Despite a sturdy premise, "Triple Frontier" is curiously inert, shallow and un-involving. Despite a strong cast (Affleck, Isaac, Hunnam, Pascal and Hedlund) it feels like the characters are flimsy and inconsistent. The most tension filled scene is the robbery itself, which surprisingly happens early on into the run time. The length of the film is also a bit challenging at times and seems to drag on. As a result, it is a film that is competently made so you are not really seeing a bad film 'per se', but then it is also an uninspired film, so you won't see anything that goes above mediocre for most of its run time. It felt like there was a lot of potential here, but somewhere along the way it got lost and we ended up with its shadow instead.

Rating: 6+
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I really enjoyed it
johnnyreevesbass10 September 2019
Netflix has some hits and misses. With Triple Frontier I was very impressed with the film. The story and plot feels very used as it is not an original idea but the writers take on it keeping the story moving I felt was great. The cast did great and showed real emotion as I did see some BTS were the cast were trained to use the firearms as real mercenaries. That gave me so much more production value and makes me give it a higher rating. As a Netflix film if you already got the membership it will not hurt to give it a watch.
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Great start, then becomes unrealistic
jonas-wachner13 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Great start, good acting, good music location etc. But then they all become super greedy, nobody covers when they get the money from the walls, they fly with way too much weight, etc. I always think a movie is really bad when you think the whole time "what the f, that's just dumb". This is one of those movies.
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Where Do The Crazy High Ratings Come From
ricochet93-369-30880213 March 2019
This movie at best is very average. Ben Affleck again demonstrates is non acting ability. He's almost the same character in every movie. There's nothing in this you haven't seen before.
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Should not have a 7 rating
unnamed-3214514 March 2019
Was fun to watch for the first 30 minutes, mildly enterntaining for the next 30. After one hour it went down the hill, either totally predictable or totally unrealistic (meaning not even the old way of "action unrealistic", just dumb). The story writers obviously did not care much whether it made sense anymore.

The end was meh, pointless pseudo twists and pretending to follow some higher morale.
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srwenk15 March 2019
Honestly I can barely watch it, fighting the urge to turn it off since it's so close to being over. I have so many problems with it, I don't have enough time to list them. Lol I will just sum it up, 5 'best of the best' military men would not have made those 20+ cascading cluster fudge of bad decisions. It was just not good.
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A great start which too quickly went downhill
abuashraf7315 March 2019
The movie started very nicely, built the plot, the suspense, the characters, however very soon with some lame turns the main interest went South. The cast is great. All of them are renowned, top notch actors. This might be a very good movie but unfortunately I m sure it lost the audiences attention right after the heist was made. I mean you don't expect those amaetur movies from a special op soldiers..
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Not What I Expected
amirmustafaa16 March 2019
Going into Triple Frontier, I thought it was going to be another generic heist movie, but to my surprise, this is one of the best heist movies that I've seen in a while. What sets this movie apart is that it's not about the heist but the aftermath. Instead of the heist being in the 3rd act, it actually takes place earlier in the movie and the rest of the movie are the characters dealing with what comes after.

On top of the fresh story, this movie also has a great ensemble cast that has good chemistry with each other, and it has good cinematography and locations. A lot of people are not going to like this movie because it doesn't follow the outline of what a heist movie is supposed to be, but personally I think this was a great watch.
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filmklassik13 March 2019
No kidding. The dialogue in this one is ATROCIOUS. It features actors playing tough, ex-army rangers spouting lines that do not feel true to their characters. Most of the time, their dialogue is utterly devoid of subtext. Each character says PRECISELY what is on his mind, whereas in real life - where deep-seated emotion is concerned - we generally IMPLY our feelings indirectly.

Not here, folks. These dudes talk like they're appearing on The Dr. Phil Show. So the flick is full of exchanges like:

"I love you, man."

"Love you too, man."

And -

"Do you ever think about it? All the people you've killed? Whether or not they deserved it?"

And -

"Hey, listen. About what I said back there. Sorry bro, I was- I was out of line."

"No, I was."

"No, me."

"No, ME."

Blah blah blah.

They sound more like dudes in a friggin' "encounter session" opening up about their struggles with "toxic masculinity" than they do actual, living people.

Is the writing on display in this film a byproduct of our new "therapy culture"? You decide.

(But it is!)
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Morally confused
screenotes24 March 2019
Focusing on an "illegal" mission to steal a drug lord's fortune, Triple Frontier (2019) initially appears to be more than just your typical heist movie. In setting up an assassination plot against a violent and oppressive criminal, things start to look especially interesting when it is revealed that our heroes' motivations are essentially based on greed.

Yet the promise of an interrogation of the human soul is never truly paid off as the film broadly shirks the moral investigation with which it flirts. This is not to say there aren't numerous situations in which our heroes ostensibly become anti-heroes. However, as much as their behaviour is morally dubious, the filmmakers have taken pains to make the central characters empathetic.

There is some great action and genuine suspense during the second Act amid the heist proper. There are even some would-be iconic scenes which are the result of some genuine craft from all concerned.

Yet with a great cast and a promising setup, the film is ultimately less than the sum of its parts. In the end, Triple Frontier is wholly forgettable.
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Great potential, unused.
ajaytejthalari13 March 2019
I'm a huge fan of Ben Affleck and Oscar Isaac. So, this movie was a must watch for me.

Character building was kinda okay. The Director could have improvised on it and made the characters more interesting by going deeper. Sometimes you feel like, is this person really who I think he is, essentially confusing us about the whole motive.

The Thrill factor, well the things that happen in the movie were either obvious or confusing. When the Movie is in the momentum of giving us chills, it suddenly stops and takes a downhill.

The Actors were SPLENDID. But, an Actor can only do what the Director tells him/her. The Direction was meh...

A ton of things in the movie could be improved. The Director only gives us a quick glance at details and immediately cuts to unnecessary talking. But loved the Concept of the movie, Greed, especially for Money.

Disappointed. Expected more. 5 stars for the 5 actors and 1 star for teaching us what greed for money can do to us.
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Solid movie with great cast but unbalanced
thebricks14 March 2019
Great cast full of all-stars. Only problem is, it's the kind of movie that's a hard sell in theaters these days. Just look at the reviews from regular people, you'll see complaints about how it dragged or just people totally biased against it from the beginning because it's an action movie on Netflix. I watched it until the end, you'd be amazed how many movies that win awards can't even hold my attention for that long. Some people disliked the film after a certain point because it got depressing, but they're sheltered and don't live in the real world where bad things happen to people and you have to figure out how to make everything better.

That said, I would think these guys would have had a bulletproof plan for accomplishing the mission without completely screwing everything up. These guys were skilled operators. They would have made sure they were out within a set amount of time and with a foolproof plan to get away. Why go through mountains? That makes no sense.

It's a movie that's a silly morality tale but it could have been written so much better than this. Still, for what it was, it was enjoyable.

I would probably bet the film was meant to be a take on the Treasure of El Dorado, but for obvious reasons, the studio nixed it, maybe thinking it would hurt the box office, if it was ever planned to be released in theaters.
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