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Bad story line executed by a good cast.
Robert W. Anderson16 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Didn't like this one very much. This one seems to follow and all to common thread in stories these days where the man is made to look unreasonable, and unappreciative. In this story Bill returns home after a camping trip where he didn't shave for the duration of the trip. Now while he's been gone his wife has been feeling overwhelmed running the home. As soon as he arrives home happy with the results of his fishing while camping and his wife starts letting him know how miserable she was so he could have a good time. Seems selfish to me to not let someone to continue to have good memories of their trip and be berated with how miserable their spouse was made by having to sacrifice for two whole days. Then she orders Bill to shave without discussion or consideration. When Bill balks his wife starts pushing aside others personal things in his life to force him to shave. She even decides to cut him off from any sexual favors over this issue. Now this is just a story but I believe these kind of stories shape, in a bad way, the way people react to each other. In a half hour show you can't properly tell a story like this so it should be avoided. But, it won't be because males can be made to look like any kind of jackass and no one will say anything
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