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A smart and charming romantic comedy.
swellframe1710 August 2014
The summer of 2014 hasn't seen as many strong independent films like last year. However, in the final days of the summer movie season comes Michael Dowse's "What If", a smart and charming romantic comedy. It's a well written film about Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) who becomes friends with Chantry (Zoe Kazan) who is with her long time boyfriend Ben (Rafe Spall). Wallace and Chantry develop feelings for each other and struggle with what to do. It sounds cheesy and boring, but don't miss this film.

Elan Mastai's script is sharp and never over extends it hand. It combines several kinds of humor, from slapstick to witty. Mastai's screenplay balances all these humors well while also getting to the heart of the situation. The film has depth and mature conversations about romance and what to do when stuck in a love triangle.

The film is also well cast. Radcliffe feels very natural in the role. It's nice to see him play an everyday man instead of some epic famous character. Radcliffe is good at both and this film proves it. He also has good chemistry with Kazan. Radcliffe and Kazan are balanced well with Adam Driver's Allan and Mackenzie Davis' Nicole. Driver is hilarious and steals the scenes. All of them fit their parts very well and give the film its charm.

The story can be predictable and maybe a bit forced at times, but its heart warming and grows on you. It uses artistic and visual motifs well and feels well rounded and complete. The film also has a nice indie rock soundtrack that fits right in. "What If" seems like a nice blend between " (500) Days of Summer" and "When Harry Met Sally...".

The romantic comedy genre seems to be criticized a lot. There are plenty of junk films in it, but "What If" is a gem. It's well written and acted and is able to balance many kinds of humors to please many people. "What If" is a romantic comedy done right. It is a nice little treat at the end of a blockbuster filled summer.
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Fun Movie
Sahl_956 August 2014
'What if' is about Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe), a heart broken medical school dropout who meets Chantry (Zoe Kazan), an animator and Wallace's love interest. The moment they meet, Wallace is in love. Unfortunately for him, Chantry is already in a serious relationship and just wants to be friends.

Like most movies of this genre, you can for the most part guess how this movie progresses. However, that didn't really matter as the movie was fun and quite enjoyable. Most of the jokes were witty and didn't feel forced. All the relationships in the movie were enjoyable to watch as well. All the actors did a great job as well.

At the end, I had a good time watching this movie. It was a good fun movie.
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Root For The Stars
billygoat107118 August 2014
What If asks a basic question if a friendship between a boy and a girl could lead their relationship to something romantic. It isn't an idea that we haven't heard before, of course, but for some reason the movie does feel a lot fresh. It offers one thing that we don't always see in a romantic film lately: an ultimately likable on screen couple. They may not be a typical stale supermodel looking pair, the uniqueness it highlights to these characters are their personalities and their problems. It may not make their personal situations any complex, but it still is a memorable little romcom that shines through its humor and performances.

The film is best when it only settles with its two leads starting to build their connection into friendship until it gets serious. What makes this love story so genuine is their conversations as friends pouring out their honest views toward something, like love or their lives. Following its central plot would make the clichés visible, but by just looking through the world of these characters is what helps it show its own color. It also sells well when they reveal each of their issues, it sometimes takes them as one of its jokes, but whenever it gets compellingly heavy, it usually resolve those situations too easy. It's probably because it wanted to focus more on its sweetness, but it does still deserve some depth at the unthinkable fate of the "friendzone".

The depth is instead placed on the actors. There is an undeniable charm to be found in Daniel Radcliffe, even though his character is struck with a cynical side personality and Zoe Kazan brings much of the soul to the connection of every person her character jumps right into. Both of them spark a strangely admirable chemistry that makes the witty screen writing sound more lively. It just embraces the awkwardness of their desires. The direction makes it real simple, though it does pull off a little hipster-y animation when it shows their abstract feelings, but most of the time it just let it linger at the very meaningful moments.

The most important thing What If needs is gumption at portraying how doomed the both are from ending up with each other, but it still is a worth a watch for its often delightful environment. Its strongest appeal is just the two stars tagging you along in their world of an uncertain luck. Not sure what kind of people would leave the theater having sudden thoughts of word magnets and art-driven animation, or nachos and Fool's Gold Loaf, but to be sure this film has its distinction as a romantic comedy. Overall, it's all pretty nice.
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Good way to wile away a couple of hours on a flight
agmoldham22 December 2014
I watched this movie on a flight and found it pretty enjoyable. It's fairly staple Rom Com script.

Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) and Chantry (Zoe Cazan) become best friends, but do they want more than to be just friends. Chantry has a long term boyfriend Ben who she is very close to, so it seems they will remain just good friends regardless of whether Wallace wants more.

This is pretty much by the numbers rom com storyline. They've been churning these out for years and will continue to do so. It seemed pretty unlikely that Wallace and Chantry would have been best friends and the relationship between them doesn't really ring true. It's pretty watchable though and a good way to pass a couple of hours.
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Funny and fresh comedy
LetwitJr9 September 2013
I went to a screening of the F Word at the Toronto International Film Festival and I can say I had a good time (I can also say that Daniel Radcliffe is much much shorter in person than what you would expect.) I wasn't sure what the story was or what type of movie it would be and from the director of Goon and Fubar, I probably wouldn't have expected a romantic comedy, but as it turns out it was and I quite enjoyed it.

The film tells the story of Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) and Chantry (Zoe Kazan) who meet at a party when Wallace finally gets over being dumped over a year ago and goes back into the world. He soon finds out that Chantry has a boyfriend but the two of them decide they'll give a go at being friends. Both characters are somewhat awkward and seem to have little friends outside of Allan (Adam Driver) and Nicole (Mackenzie Davis). Their best friends are common friends but for some unknown reason they had never met before, probably due to Wallace being somewhat emotionally unstable and completely shut off in his apartment for months on end.

The film is predictable overall but still brings some fresh moments. I absolutely love Adam Driver and he plays more or less the same character he plays on Girls but it was great to see him here. The characters are lovable in their awkwardness and shyness and you do hope for them to get together. They're also quite believable. Wallace was in med school but dropped out (still because he got dumped honestly, Wallace can't really handle being dumped) and now works at an alienating low end job, while Chantry has that girl next door look and works in an animation studio, with pressure to accept a promotion she's not sure she wants.

The film is cute for sure, but also really funny at times. I'm not a huge fan of Daniel Radcliffe to begin with, having seen him only in the obligatory Harry Potter series and the Woman in Black but he was quite good, and different. It's a bit slow but I can't say that was an issue for me. Toronto is featured a lot as the film was shot and takes place there (for once, they're not pretending it's New York) so it was great to see the city.

While there is no release date set, the director said the movie should come out around Valentine's Day so by all means, if you're looking for a fun comedy to watch, go see it. It's way better than most movies that come out for the holiday and it's one I believe both women and men will enjoy.
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One of the better RomComs
tmf08427 September 2014
It doesn't use an original idea nor does it stay clear from the usual RomCom tropes and the plot is sort of predictable. But even though it has all the ingredients for a derivative flick it feels fresh and is quite entertaining. Mainly it's because of Radcliffe and Kazan, the more original dialogues and by staying clear from slapstick comedy. Also the story by itself feels convincing as a whole and the characters stay consistent and relatable for the most part. Though, by the end you also recognize that they slandered a lot of potential by going the usual RomCom route. It could have been better by doing a few things differently, which I'm not going to name here to avoid spoilers.

Bottom line, if you like RomComs then you will probably like this one. If you don't like the genre at all you may still find this one bearable enough to sit through it next to someone.
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Welcome to the friend-zone.
CharlieGreenCG6 August 2014
Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) and Chantry (Zoe Kazan) meet at a mutual friend's party and instantly bond with one another. Chemistry between them is flawless and spontaneous – but she has a boyfriend, which leaves recently heart-broken Wallace in the 'friend-zone'.

Containing much witty dialogue, quirky references and probably redefining the entire term awkward – 'What If' seems firm and fresh in style, yet is typically conventional in story, hindering on the exact narrative of Harry Met Sally actually ...

Lead star Daniel Radcliffe, seems as if he is still trying to get to grips with genre post HP and distancing himself after trying a mixture of features; Woman in Black, Kill Your Darlings, and upcoming horrors; Horns and Frankenstein. Nonetheless, he seems concrete in his first Rom- Com performance and we want to see more.

Also interesting to see him play a Brit in an American/Canadian film, rather than putting on an accent like a baffled Hugh Grant we are used to in this Richard Curtis-esqe movie. We see great potential ahead of him and are going to go ahead and call it that Dan' will win an Academy award before 2018 is out.

Alongside Radcliffe stars Zoe Kazan in an equally exceptional performance (her best yet), and co-starring upcoming Star Wars actor Adam Driver for even more humour – the film is solid. A film coming from the director of both Goon and Fubur, set our expectations low, but it impressed and entertained by taking and old story and remixing it with an indie feel.

'What If' arrives in UK cinemas on the 20th August 2014.
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I loved this movie
danwrod-212 July 2014
What a great movie to see as an escape from the mindless explosions in so many "Hollywood" movies. The characters were great. It was very funny! And it was touching. It would probably be in the "chick flick" category, but that's an unfortunate way to pigeonhole this movie. Spoiler alert!!! (I just want to be on the safe side.) I would classify this movie as an updated version of When Harry Met Sally. Daniel Radcliffe is excellent, as is the rest of the cast. We went to a sneak preview a few days ago and I was kind of shocked to read that it was made last year(2013) and "might have a Valentine 2014 release". What the heck happened? I am glad it has a release date for next month(8-2014) I am going to spread the word via Facebook and texts. Great movie.
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Clichéd and too familiar but entertaining and sweet
aaskillz6925 September 2014
"I will look, if you'll look"


It's been a long while since i first heard of the this film, it was more than a year ago when it premiered at Toronto. God damn it's been a year and this year's edition is already gone. It's the biggest film festival of the year, of all the pictures that were there i have now seen a massive fifty, which tells a lot about the Festival's quality (since most were good). Though more than done a year ago, the film has only been recently released with a nice warm embrace from critics and audiences. I didn't expect one of the year's best but still hoped it would be a worthy romantic comedy.

What If is Directed by Michael Dowse and it stars Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan, Rafe Spall, Megan Park, Adam Driver, Jemima Rooper and Sarah Gadon. "WHAT IF is the story of medical school dropout Wallace, who's been repeatedly burned by bad relationships. So while everyone around him, including his roommate Allan seems to be finding the perfect partner, Wallace decides to put his love life on hold. It is then that he meets Chantry an animator who lives with her longtime boyfriend Ben. Wallace and Chantry form an instant connection, striking up a close friendship. Still, there is no denying the chemistry between them, leading the pair to wonder, what if the love of your life is actually your best friend?"

Well What If does end up being a worthy romantic comedy i guess. This meaning that's entertaining and charming enough to be worth a watch, no questions asked but i don't really know if it can be much more. I did have an overall good time with it, the movie has enough laughs and the stars are quite brilliant too, the thing though is that i felt as though i had already seen it. This is a fine time at the movies but it does feel way too predictable and overly familiar.

It makes me sad not to really like this feature because, you know, i actually really wanted to. Mainly because of the two leads who are quite charismatic and have a good on screen chemistry, but also because it's so clear that the film's intentions are good and that made me overlook some flagrant flaws. And the movie has many of those.

I'm having a battle within me right now, a battle between my cynical and cold side who thinks (and rightfully so) that this picture is way too familiar and foreseeable and the other side of me who was quite entertained and charmed by these characters and performances. In the end i think i met somewhere in the middle. Because albeit this is always an enjoyable film to be watching, i did get some moments where i couldn't help but to roll my eyes. It's full of clichés and it's a shame. Full of sub-plots (and the premise too) and supporting characters that felt way too conventional and plain. I mean really the supporting characters though amusing, are little more than card board pieces in the movie's screenplay.

So yeah the film is basically saved by it's two lead performances from Potter Daniel Radcliffe and Ruby Sparks Zoe Kazan. I really liked both here and i thought they were also good together on screen. Radcliffe plays his characters well, never makes him too weird or annoying, he gets the right tone of his character. Zoe Kazan is just so cute...i mean how could you not like her. Big blue eyes, i had already liked her in the better and more original Ruby Sparks and she once again charms the screen.

What If is undeniably a pleasant movie going experience but unfortunately it does fall short from being much more than that. The two lead performances and a screenplay that ha some funny gags in it, elevate a material that's overall not that great and was made with an approach that wasn't really that inventive. Still i had a good time and i would feel a bit guilty giving a negative score to a film that didn't impress but didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth either.

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Can a man and a woman be friends? Especially if one of the two had a romantic interest in the other from the start?
Amari-Sali15 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Though I often complain about Zoe Kazan's work since Ruby Sparks, I only complain and critique because I care. But with her being paired with the great Daniel Radcliffe, I felt reassured that this movie would be good. But with the idea being that this movie was about a guy putting himself in the fictional "friend zone" I must admit I was worried. To see if the worries were justified, look below.

Characters & Story

After being cheated on, Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) has taken a long break away from dating, but upon Allan (Adam Driver), his only friend, getting him to go to his house party, he ends up meeting Adam's cousin Chantry (Zoe Kazan). A girl who he awkwardly falls for as they have weird little off and on conversations throughout the night. But when he learns Chantry has a boyfriend, named Ben (Rafe Spall), he seems pretty much done with her.

However, with a chance meeting at a movie theater he tries to be friends with her and tame his feelings. But as he gets closer to her his feelings don't abate at all. If anything, they intensify to the point Allan and his girlfriend Nicole (Mackenzie Davis) try to present ways for them to maybe be together. Though with Chantry being with Ben for 5 years, and Ben seeming like he is mentally preparing to propose to Chantry, will Wallace accept friendship is the most he may get out of his relationship with Chantry, or will fate have mercy on him?


There are two main highlights when it comes to the film: The story's dialog which doesn't seem overdone a la Juno, nor like a most romantic comedies, and the fact that the characters take their time to get to know each other. Starting with character chemistry, in the film we see 3 relationships: Allan and Nicole's, which shows your usual romance movie plot where they fall in love at first sight, fight, come back together, and etc; Ben and Chantry's which is comfortable, cute, and committed; and then there is Chantry's relationship with Wallace which, at first, presents that rarely shown idea that men and women can be friends.

And through their friendship you get some very entertaining dialog which almost seems like "the best of" when it comes to conversations you might have had. Be it random topics like how did they come up with the name "Cool Whip," thoughts about going to the movies by yourself, and just jabbing each other, their relationship seems to more so follow a real life natural development than the proverbial love at first sight method we see in Allan and Nicole. Which, of course, is complicated because Wallace has feelings for Chantry. Leading to a compelling story, I'm sure many have experienced dealing with, of how to deal with someone you care about, who is of the gender you like/ prefer. Also, can you maintain a sense of friendship, or is trying to be friends with someone of your sexual preference essentially impossible? Especially when your friendship is tested and you are put in intimate situations.


Leading to the criticism which deals with the film abandoning exploring the complications of being friends with someone of your sexual preference, and even taking a break from what felt like a genuine story, so it could quickly rush the idea that there is a chance that these two could get together. Which, for me, ruined most of what the movie presented for it really did taint everything. For while it was obvious throughout the movie that Wallace's feelings may never go away, a part of me was really hoping that he'd learn to just be happy for Chantry and either date her sister Dalia (Megan Park), get back with his ex, or maybe just be satisfied being the father figure to his nephew Felix (Lucius Hoyos). But I guess as much as this film does try to stand out, it is easier to wrap things up in your usual romance film formula than even stand out a little and make it seem that being friends is really a possibility at all.

Overall: TV Viewing

Through the first half to three-quarters of the film, I was unsure whether to label this as worth seeing or not. But with Wallace deciding to do a grand romantic gesture, and then the dialog becoming like a generic romance movie, I no longer had a tough decision. For with Wallace deciding to end his quiet suffering and try to make a happy ending for himself/ the movie, all the appeal of this movie seeming different was instantly loss. So the saving grace, overall, was the fact that even after the grand gesture, and going generic for a little while, the film got back the dialog which made it interesting in the first half. And while I may not have personally liked where the story went, it doesn't mean this is a bad movie. Hence why the TV Viewing label. Its dialog and story make you feel the film has potential to stand out and not be like almost every romance movie out there, and even though it falters and leads you to think it will end up just like every romance movie, it rebounds just enough for a decent finish.
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When Harry Potter met Sally
baz-b14 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I would like to say that I went to see the preview of this film with an open mind, but in reality I expected it to be predictable and clichéd. In actual fact, whilst it was somewhat predictable (it's a rom-com, you can take a good guess at the ending from the opening scene!)... it was actually not entirely what I expected.

Daniel Radcliffe plays the lead role in this film that seeks to find whether men and women can be platonic friends. The woman in question is played by Zoe Kazan. The film is set between Toronto and Dublin - yes Toronto, which usually impersonates various US cities in movies with limited budgets actually gets to play itself for once!

Stewing over a recent breakup, Wallace (Radcliffe) works at a textbook company while living in his sister's attic (an improvement over the cupboard under the stairs, at least). He's primed for romance when he encounters Chantry (Kazan), spewing whimsy and animated sketches in her wake. Sparks fly only to be put out when Chantry mentions her boyfriend and asks if they can just be friends.

In one of the early scenes of 'What If,' Wallace moves word magnets around a fridge, spelling out, 'love is stupid.' Most romantic comedies would stop there so the leading man could reflect somberly on the words. Instead, Wallace adds, 'stupid monkeys dancing in a slapstick hurricane.' This sets the theme for the entire film, awkward conversations making bad jokes at the wrong time.

It is the characters of Wallace and Chantry that not only save this film from being yet another generic rom-com, but that lift it far beyond the confines of the genre so that you almost forget that we're going to end up where we always do with these types of stories.

However, it's telling just how soon after the credits roll that you forget about 'What If'. Engaging all the way through, and a wonderful showcase for its two stars, but perhaps that bit of subtext would have given this film more of a shelf life. I was almost at one point expecting them to just remain friends, but that is far too risky for a movie of this derivative, and so an improbably convenient happy ending is duly manufactured.

Whilst I expected to be annoyed by this film for being dull, predictable and clichéd, it was not actually so bad. In fact, the most annoying thing is that the title of the 'What If' film contains neither a question mark, nor an ellipsis ('What If... someone made a rom-com that didn't strictly adhere to formula?).

Overall verdict: 'What If' breathes life into the tired rom-com formula through its whimsical script and quirky cast. In UK cinemas 20 August 2014.
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The New "When Harry Met Sally" (Raging Film Review)
scottjohnson789617 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
What If (also known in some places as The F Word) is a film about the place that many--if not all of us--have been put: the oh-so-dreaded friend zone. What If is essentially When Harry Met Sally put in the modern age: can two people be strictly friends while one carries on a long term relationship while the other is deeply in love with their best friend. Luckily, the movie steers away from all of the unrealistic tropes given to us in some recent rom- coms and offers up wonderful and realist look at an issue that plagues us all.

Wallace, played by Daniel Radcliffe, has given up on romance. He has finally started to move on from his last girlfriend, but he is still a bit miserable. At a party hosted by his pal Allan (Adam Driver) he creates an instant bond with Chantry (Zoe Kazan), and after chatting all evening, he walks her home only to have the bombshell dropped that she is in a relationship. I don't know about you, but this situation is all too familiar. He gets her number, but since he felt that there was more of a connection than just friendship, he tosses it. Some time passes, and as fate would have it, they find each other again and decide to be friends because he is lonely and she is tired of always being "that girl with the boyfriend." They strike up a strong friendship, but obviously Wallace wants and hopes it will go somewhere else.

So we follow their friendship through many events that people can relate to. Does he tell her how she feels and have her feel like he's a scumbag with ulterior motives? Does he try to break them up? He is trapped. To make it worse, Chanty's boyfriend, Ben, is an incredibly likable and successful person who Chanty is happy to be with. He does not cheat, lie, or anything that would give Chanty a reason to leave him. This dynamic helps elevate the film from other commonly known character situations because it isn't about one guy being a "bad guy" and us yelling at the girl to leave him for the other, it is about both guys being "good" and having her decide between who she really wants.

Radcliffe and Kazan are marvelous in this, with the former continuing to shed his Harry Potter typecasting and the latter achieving the most "adorkable" performance of 2014. Their chemistry is luminous. One hopes that they are actually good friends now because their performances would surely go to waste if they weren't. Radcliffe has done a good job at distancing himself from the wand and glasses, and with more roles like this he will surely be an actor to be reckoned with. Kazan, on the other hand, has the most difficult role in this film; her performance is both lovable and a bit sad to watch because we see her juggling her love for Ben but also the budding emotions that she may or may not be growing for Wallace. With the help of the humorous and real script, their characters come to life off the screen, and they just seem like real people dealing with a real problem and real feelings.

Supporting them is a funny and lovable cast of crazy and hilarious friends, coworkers, and siblings. Adam Driver, who can be seen in the upcoming Star Wars film, plays a wild and oddly romantic fellow who finds love too, but his love is a little more bizarre and shared by his partner, played by Mackenzie Davis, and they both watch Wallace struggle with his feelings and dilemma concerning Chantry. Rafe Spall, who plays Ben, is likable too, though we do not exactly want him in the picture. The only thing that really keeps us hating him is the fact that we don't want him and Chantry together, which as I said before, helps make the movie a little more original.

In the end, What If is a delightful and honest film about an area that no person wants to be in: the friend zone. It raises questions about love, friendship, and who we are meant to be with, while also dealing with some of the harsh truths that come into play when there is a relationship like this one. Kazan and Radcliffe are utterly delightful in their performances as well, helping make this one of the best romantic comedies to come out all year. So, if you've ever found yourself in a situation like the one in the movie, love Radcliffe, rom- coms, Kazan, or a great chemistry, or if you just want to see a movie that does not involve space or mutants, then What If will surely leave you delighted.

For more reviews, check out ragingfilm.com
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Prosperous Casting with a quite nice story
Aktham_Tashtush23 February 2015
it clearly appears that Daniel Radcliffe has completely got out of the harry potter's net so easy , i reckon it was only a year ago when he was just recognized as Harry, he's so freaking talented i'v seen him in Horn ,, gosh ... his reactions when he's irritated in the scene is priceless .. anyhow , the movie is great with new idea in romance, the comedy is fair but still when the romance presented it heightened the whole movie to a deeper level. the plot goes complicated more and more then things just get easy to be predicted until the end which is nice if i might say. casting Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan and Adam Driver was prosperous, changing the rhythm of the scenes from funny to sad to funny to awkward to funny to romantic .. and so on was amazing directing and amazing writing . Hope to see more of these movies with a bit more comedy tho ;) especially for Mr.Radcliffe .
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Dull, lacking chemistry & obvious despite the occasional zingers. What if? So what?
TheSquiss6 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Billed as this years 500 Days of Summer, What If is an 'almost' film. It is almost good, it is almost quirky, it is almost very funny, it is almost both romantic and a comedy and it is almost worth mentioning in the same breath as the 2009 Zooey Deschanel/Joseph Gordon-Levitt hit.


What it is, however, is overworked, obvious and eventually tiresome.

What If is the story of dropout medical student Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) who, after a string of failed relationships, meets Chantry (Zoe Kazan) an animator who lives with her long-term boyfriend, Ben (Rafe Spall), and forms a close friendship with her. A platonic friendship. This is, after all, another rom-com that asks whether men and women can be just friends. Forget the outcome of this film, surely the answer given by every other rom-com is a resounding 'NO!'

There are a couple of funny moments, the window scene, unfortunately presented in the trailer, being the absolute highlight. A vaguely running gag of people tumbling is amusing the first couple of times but is over-egged and even the animation, which at first delights, quickly becomes part of the scenery without adding anything to the value or experience of sitting through What If.

There is very little original in What If and less that isn't obvious. While certain scenes feels as though they should have been improvised, it would have required stronger, funnier actors to do so effectively and what we are actually given are various scenes of scripted dialogue in which the stars pretend to improvise.

But whilst some of the dialogue is lumpy, Elan Mastai's screenplay, adapted from T.J. Dawe's play, contains some absolute zingers that forced laughter from my belly like an over zealous Heimlich maneuver, chief amongst them Wallace's proclamation of self defence, "It's not as if I bathed in the blood of an orphan or masturbated over a kitten."

Essential to a rom-com, beyond romance and comedy, is chemistry between the stars. Supporting actors Adam Driver and Mackenzie Davis, as Allan and Nichole, have it in spades. Radcliffe and Kazan? Not so much. Kazan is no Zooey Deschanel and Radcliffe looks uncomfortable to say the least. He has become a much-maligned actor (upon the screen) of late but the trailer for his forthcoming Horns looks as though he may have found a dark and thrilling performance within himself at last. Bring it on!

And as for Radcliffe and Kazan's big moment, if that doesn't win an honorary Razzie for Worst Screen Kiss, something is rotten in the state of Hollywood! Eurgh!

There are occasional sparkles in What If but for the most part it is dull and it commits the cardinal sin for a romantic comedy: I neither cared about them nor wanted them to finally hook up.

What If? So what?

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Daniel Radcliffe is NOT a HUNK
Orson4725 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, this movie was about as believable as Will Farrell playing one of Santa's Elves...in this case Radcliffe is apparently an elf and not much more. This was not that interesting a story and quite easily predictable. When Harry Met Sally upgraded...ah, no...downgraded by quite a bit. Zoe Kazan is cute to a point and the use of Adam Driver and MacKenzie Davis as the deus ex machina was wasted.Yeah, I sat through it, but it was a cloudy day and I watched it over five hours taking breaks to do important things like vacuum and walking the dog...which by the way, with all due respect to my dog, is a more apt description of this movie.
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Maybe it's generational - this film was arch, artificial and tried too hard to be cool
HeathCliff-23 January 2015
I went into this, actually expecting to like it, since it was on the list of "most underrated films of the year."

And I disliked it way more than I anticipated, knowing that it was in the lexicon and attitudes of twentysomethings.

But I hated it. Maybe that's too strong,p. I saw that it was smart, that it wanted to let us know that it was smart, and hip, and cool. Every iota of energy in this movie as devoted to being "cool" and not the same-old.

But, for someone of my age - 60+, but urbane - it was not geared to me. The rapid-paced dialogue was nothing that would come out of anyone's mouth but a hipster screenwriter writing cool characters. I appreciated that he (I assume it's a he, because I can't imagine a she would write so shallow - aimed for educated intelligent characters, but the artificiality of the dialogue was suffocating to me. Woody Allen was also artificial in his day, with jokey quips, but mostly his movies were inhabited by real people, not cool hipsters.

The actors were okay, for me it was the script. no character was believable, situations weren't believable, reactions weren't believable. I shut it off after half an hour.
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Painful to watch
gzooks1522 November 2014
So awful that the pain enduring it was visceral. I was actually compelled to create an account and write this review (my very first for anything, EVER) about how incredibly sub- standard and lifeless movie was. It tries to hide its redundancy with a "hip, indie" vibe and "snappy" dialogue but the reality is it's a script where the words that come out of the characters mouths are recycled from every single rom-com from the last 3 decades. And they just don't. stop. talking. Just shutthehellupalready. The clichés are endless and the story drags like a dead elephant being hauled by an aging horse.

"I'll look if you look"?!?! Jesus, are you serious? Was that actually written in the script by someone who got paid? There was a critic review that said it best when mentioning that is also fails to address proper boundaries in relationships and it absolutely does. The characters are shallow, and one-dimensional. There is zero character growth. It takes an easy and sleazy cop-out for an ending that is both unoriginal and cheap and I can't believe I wasted 90 minted of my life to it that I will never, ever, ever get back.
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Why make this film?
globetrotter-231-50598121 August 2014
I thought I was going to see a somewhat different romantic movie, with Daniel Radcliffe as one of the lead actors, but this turns out to be one of the least touching romantic movies I have seen for quite a while. It did not make me laugh or cry, it was just plain right boring. Perhaps the most interesting part was to see Daniel Radcliffe doing something else than just being Harry Potter. I'm not saying Daniel can just play Harry Potter, I'm just saying this movie did not appeal to me and there are heaps of other romantic movies that deals with subject in a much more interesting way. Or maybe I'm just getting old? Choose when "Harry met Sally" or "The bridges of Madison county" if you want to see something that opened my heart, this movie did not!
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Feeble Romantic Comedy with Poop Talk
TurquoiseSky24 August 2014
Boy meets girl. Girl already has boyfriend. Boy hangs around wishing he could date girl. That's how most of this movie goes. What makes it worse than usual is that the pre-existing couple don't seem to need to break up. They seem like a good couple; the boyfriend seems like a good boyfriend. The female in question and the protagonist have some tolerable banter together but nothing worth breaking up a relationship for. They don't have that much chemistry. Most of the actors in this movie are average looking and there aren't a lot of sparks flying around. Maybe that explains why it hasn't done very well at the theater.

The script sucks. T.J. Dawe wrote the play it is based on and Elan Mastai wrote the screenplay. They must be terrible writers. There a bit about how they went through 10,000 names to come up with the name for Cool Whip. This is deadly dull. They used it twice. There's a thing with a butterfly symbol that is overplayed. There's a thing with serious white trash food. Supposely the two sylph-like actors are bonding over bacon, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I wasn't buying that one. The thing that takes this from being a feeble romantic comedy you could almost tolerate and makes it something else is poop talk. Lots of talk about doo doo and colons. There's also talk about body parts getting mutilated, graphic outtakes from a horror movie, and a scene where a character takes a nasty fall that I could have done without. I'm guessing T.J. Dawe's toilet training was handled unwisely.

This movie picks up in the end but it isn't worth sitting through the rest of it.
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Just wasted two hours of my life !!!
derek-walpole25 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Sorry but I struggle to see any comparison between many of the reviews on this film and the actual movie I've just sat through. It's sometimes seen as a bit of a man-thing it seems to dislike Rom-Coms but I'm quite open to them and willing to judge them on what I actually make of them myself. I've seen many that I have enjoyed and lots that are okay. This is without doubt the worst that I've ever had the displeasure to sit through in a cinema.

This film is quite awful. I managed one slight chuckle in the whole film when the sister of the character played by Daniel Radcliffe nearly choked on a sandwich. Otherwise there was nothing in the whole script that was amusing in the slightest. Other reviewers have mentioned the excellent plot. Now there's the biggest laugh of all! It was as if a group of 12 year old girls had devised the plot (if you can call it a plot). Sorry, that's probably an injustice to the creative abilities of many 12 year old girls.

The acting was dreadful. I'm surprised that Daniel Radcliffe has put his name to this effort. It will do little for his career. Nobody else in the film made any impression upon me. The female lead I will keep an eye out for in the future, if only to ensure that I never see any of her future performances.

The child-like animations that kept popping up we're extremely annoying. The only benefit of them was to give us a break from the awful acting performances of the rest of the cast.

Please don't waste your money going to see this film!!!
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What If ?... We didn't have to waste our time
gchristie13 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Do the words time waster, waste of good actors, dumb, stupid, dah, shallow give you an indication of what this movie is about? Kept on waiting for something meaningful hidden behind a facade of a pale overly simple movie. Even if you are a hopeless romantic, you have to scrape through the movie to find something redeeming at the end. Not sure why Daniel Radcliff decided to do this. Perhaps to take the new teenage fans along with him after Harry Potter. I was expecting to see something here with wee bit more substance The F Word is about it. What If...You didn't have to watch this...You'd be further ahead! I hope to see Daniel in some better material in the future.
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Romantic comedy apocalypse.
santiagocosme23 December 2014
It's funny how, generally speaking, romantic comedies are considered the perfect kind of movies to watch when you just want to chill and think of nothing. Yet, when I watch one of these, the only thing I do is think. About everything and nothing. But mainly about how rubbish these movies are. There's not one thing new, fresh or memorable in "What if". Nothing. Zero. Unless you consider Daniel Radcliffe not being Harry Potter a completely new approach to movie making.

If you are into this genre, please disregard my comments, as you may even find something fresh in this predictable plot like other reviews suggest (I smack my forehead in total disbelief). But be aware that watching your favorite romantic comedy for the umpteenth time (even in a foreign language) will probably be more enjoyable than this.
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What If Daniel Radcliffe Never Signed This Film
SadnessNeverGoes29 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say one thing first regarding the films title the original name was the f word then it changed to what if 2013 for ridiculous reasons and second is what if Daniel Radcliffe avoided this project no really he is a great actor the harry potter series quite ruined his talents so what if he really never signed this film then his filmography slot would have looked better.

The sole reason to hate this entirely is none other then zero chemistry between actors let me clear this out once again not the characters if anyone is saying that the writing of this film is bad or dialogs are not worthy of listening they are dead wrong this film runs on comic moments from start to finish as the actors are not comfortable with each other it can be seen they don't liked working with each other it was like the director forced them at a gunpoint to work on sets.

The story is about Wallace a medical school dropout he got a lot of friends and everyone is having fun enjoying life with their life partners and settling down Wallace is left alone but soon he becomes friends with chantry a girl who lives with a boyfriend Wallace wonders if chantry is really the one special girl he always wanted so he decides to take his chances with this relationship and tries to turn it into a love affair.

These types of films are done so many times why it was made again is beyond me its like this genre is on repeat mode nothing new or original is here that we haven't seen before same old love triangle,sex etc only locations are changed.

The cast is wasted Zoe Kazan was a totally wrong choice for this role she was boring other girls like Megan Park,MacKenzie Davis,Jemima Rooper,Tommie-Amber Pirie,Meghan Heffern & Jordan Hayes surprises with good performances as for Daniel Radcliffe is he trying to kill his own career he should be careful next time or else these type of films will do it for him he is a rich guy but this was a desperate move for cash.

Overall What If 2013 is only for die hard Daniel Radcliffe fans he can be seen doing some comedy nothing more my rating is 3/10.
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Quirky and heartwarming
imheidilouise-8520719 October 2015
Was expecting this film to be more predictable and very cliché when it came to plot line, however i was pleasantly surprised by the outcome, Daniel Radcliffe's performance was a little stiff to begin with but once you warm to his witty self deprecating character, you forget he was once the embodiment of Harry Potter. Zoe Kazan is equally as like- able with her offbeat geeky-yet-attractive girl next door character. The chemistry between them is sweet and endearing and although they meet at a party and instantly have a connection, they decide to stay strictly friends (she has a boyfriend) the typical 'will they, won't they' rapport keeps you on your toes all the way through.
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If that's what hipster romantic comedies are, then i want moar!
Semisonic26 February 2015
I couldn't come up with a fancy intriguing preface for this review, so let's get straight to business.

For me, this movie did the same for the genre of romantic comedies that 'Her' did to sci-fi psychological drama. Stylish and refreshing, putting people's emotions and personalities to the front, managing to stay both artistic and natural, so that the characters never feel boring or washed-out yet you still can connect to their problems and life choices.

One thing that first brought my attention to this movie is Daniel Radcliffe. I never was a Harry Potter kind of person, and i didn't even watch all of *those* movies, but i do know who plays whom. And seeing Emma Watson in a number of films, in some of which she was surprisingly good, made me wonder how it is going for the rest of the prime cast of *that* franchise.

In case you were wondering about the same thing, let me spill the beans right away. Daniel is awesome here in his role of Wallace. Well, maybe he's generally awesome too, but this movie clearly showed that the British actor pool got one mature star more. He's still young, but his voice, the way he looks in the grown man's clothes, and his impeccably English delivery are all attributes of a first class actor who already got rid of that "aspiring" prefix. Actually, watching him made me wonder what Bill Nighy was in his prime.

Zoe Kazan, another fresh name in my books, who played Chantry, a main female protagonist here, is also worth the mention. Her performance was hardly Oscar-worthy, but she was absolutely convincing as a person who's loyal to the relationship she's in but can't help questioning the true nature of her feelings towards the person who she sees as a friend. Despite her being six years older, the chemistry between her and Daniel was almost palpable. The rest of the cast, especially Megan Park and Adam Driver, who play Dalia, Chantry's skanky sister on her quest to seduce Wallace, and Allan, Wallace's best friend and at the same time Chantry's cousin, do not disappoint as well. They are a bit outshadowed by the main characters, but each of them has their small moments of glory, which they utilize to the full, making their performance memorable.

But actors alone don't make a movie. So, while that British accent adds class to every scene we hear it in, it's the words they say that make this movie really stand out. The guy who wrote the script is hereby proclaimed by my the genius of a sarcastic, and sometimes even cynical, but still good-hearted humor. Something that British movies are really known for, which, in a sense, makes What If one of the most British among the non-British movies i've ever seen. In a world of romantic comedies ridden with clichés and cringe-worthy performances, What If is a breath of fresh air, thanks to its witty and sharp dialogues and that deadpan delivery that cracks you up even more.

But mainly, What If is still a feel-good movie. Characters are young and beautiful, good triumphs over evil and hope rises over despair and sadness. So, if you want to see the world around in a bit brighter and more positive way, What If will certainly do the job. And, which is even better, without the classic side effects of the feel-good genre like "feel-bored" or "feel-stupid" or "feel-force-fed-and-preached-to". Finally they learned to make movies like that west of the Atlantic!
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