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MPAA Rated PG-13 for violence and creature terror, and some sensuality

Sex & Nudity

  • During the party Valerie and Peter both go to a side house and have sex. The scene starts with kissing and then becomes a lot more.
  • There is a flashback of the time of the sex scene but doesn't show anything but is implied. This happens when she gets water after meeting grandma.
  • A woman tells her daughter that the daughter's older sister is the daughter of a man she loves and not the daughter's father; the woman says she grew to love her husband after their arranged marriage.

Violence & Gore

  • A wolf bites off one arm of a man and we briefly see it lying in the snow (there's blood from the wrist); a woman picks up the severed arm and puts it in a basket.
  • A wolf jumps, knocks down a man and leaves several men dead on the ground; we see trickles of blood at their temple and the corners of their mouth, the wolf jumps on a horse's throat and we see a dead horse on the ground in a long shot (there's no blood).
  • A huge wolf appears and smashes a man to the ground killing him, then darts off, leaving a trickle of blood on the man's temple.
  • A man is struck in the shoulder by an arrow and another is stabbed in the stomach with a knife; we see a circle of blood each time around the wound.
  • A man attacks a woman in a cottage and another man enters and attacks the first man: one man is kicked across the room and one of the men is struck in the back by an axe (some blood is shown) and he dies.
  • Four times we see individual men lying face-up on the ground, a man points a sword at one fallen man, stabs him off screen and the camera cuts to the man's face -- his head falls to one side and his eyes are open.
  • A man and a woman open a dead man's chest with a knife (we see the red and brown edges of the incision) and load the chest with stones, sew it shut with leather, and dump the body in the river.
  • A woman lies dead on the ground with a pool of blackened blood under her head and another woman stands around her, crying and screaming.
  • We see a flashback of a woman lying on the ground and the shadow of a wolf's head on her face as she shudders and cries; we do not see an attack.
  • We see the bodies of three men being hauled off in carts after a wolf kills them; each has a trickle of blood on the forehead or corner of the mouth, and several times we see a dark figure dash across the screen.
  • Two people are put into a torture chamber: one is a mentally challenged teen, we hear him scream, we hear that he died and we see him laid out on barn straw as a woman cries.
  • We hear that a wolf killed a woman and see her body laid out on a table.
  • A priest relates a story about his wife being a wolf and that he killed her with one of his three Holy silver swords; he displays her cut-off hand in a box and we see gauze wrapped around the severed wrist and a little dried blood.
  • In a dream, we see a woman transform into a wolf.
  • We see a man bite another man's arm and later see bloody teeth marks in the flesh.
  • In a cave where one man dies, we see the giant mouth of a wolf for a split second and hear a roar as it charges toward the audience; then we see a wolf's face and bared fangs by torchlight.
  • A wolf's face charges the audience and roars at the end of the credits.
  • A man escapes a torture chamber, but burns his hand and we see that it is a little black and red along the thumb and fingers. Warriors fire crossbows, but hit nothing.
  • We see some blood drops here and there in snow.
  • At a church, a wolf burns a paw on Holy Ground and we see sparks.
  • Several men and women offer animal sacrifices to appease a wolf: A piglet strapped to a stump in the town square, a goat strapped to the same stump later, and a woman strapped to the stump; a little girl stands by the piglet and cries (none of the three is harmed).
  • We see a huge wolf corner two women in a barn; it speaks to one of them, snarls at both, and leaves, ending the scene.
  • A wolf tells a young girl that they are alike because she killed a rabbit.
  • A man objects to human sacrifice, like tying a woman to a stump in the town square all night in order to attract a wolf.
  • Two men fight over a woman (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details), each threatening to chop off the other's head; one threatens to cut off the other's hands with his knife drawn, but backs away and puts away the knife.
  • Angry villagers gather up axes twice on hunting missions to find a wolf; they yell many times, "Let's kill the wolf!" and one man says, "A wolf will kill a whole family, taking the children from their beds."
  • A young girl and a boy capture a rabbit in a cage trap, and the boy holds a small knife to its throat but puts the knife away as the girl says, "Kill it;" we later hear that the girl killed the rabbit.
  • A woman asks a man what is in a stew pot and he implies that it is a woman.
  • Several brief arguments occur among women about their dislike of traditional arranged marriages.
  • A woman argues with two men about arranged marriages.
  • A woman argues about wolves with a man and then leaves.
  • A woman and a man argue about marriage.
  • A priest has a portable furnace in the shape of an elephant, with a fire under its belly and a torture-by-heat chamber inside.
  • A priest lunges toward people to scare them, and then laughs.
  • A priest arrives in a village with warriors in armor carrying crossbows, axes, swords and knives, which they point at villagers constantly; they also search all the houses of a village, throwing possessions into the street as women and children cry.
  • A large fire is set with drinking alcohol and a torch around the town square.
  • A woman does fire-walking at a party and another woman performs fire-baton twirling.
  • Woodsmen work together with large axes, chopping logs and stumps.
  • When villagers think a wolf is dead, they bring out pagan idols with wheat and straw for heads atop women's bodies and build a fire for a party; people shout and dance as they wear animal masks and a man dressed as a wolf pretends to attack people, who scream and laugh -- a woman hits him in the behind with a stick to get him to stop.
  • A double door in a church features an angel with a raised sword on one side and a wolf-headed demon on the other.
  • Village men set up a stone idol on a rock to scare away wolves during the three days of a blood-red full moon.
  • A young woman sees a wolf head shadow in a bed.
  • A man dances and shouts with a gray wolf's head on a pike, showing a bloody neck.
  • A man eats bloody meat from a charred joint of some animal or bird.
  • A man's fingernails are covered with tarnished silver.


  • 1 religious profanity and 5 religious exclamations.
  • Name-calling (murderer, wolf, witch, witchcraft user, too good, too perfect, devil, devil's daughter and harlot.)
  • 27 stereotypical references to men, women, marriage, priests, backward villagers, the mentally challenged, wolves, werewolves, Christianity as violent, pagans, witches, Caucasians, Blacks and Asians.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Several tavern scenes depict men drinking alcohol from metal tankards and leather flasks.
  • Women are shown drinking in a tavern scene.
  • Men and women drink a toast to a dead man.
  • Men and women drink from leather bottles as they dance in an outdoor party scene.
  • A man is shown asleep on the ground after drinking.
  • Two men pretend to drink alcohol from leather bottles but pour it on the ground and light it to create a diversion.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The entire film is very scary, dark and intense.
  • The thematic elements involved the majority of times in the movie will frighten young viewers.
  • The wolf is very frightening and disturbing.
  • The film contains these elements wolves, werewolves, hunting, superstitions and beliefs, church authority, money, romance, secrets, marriage, family, duty, obstacles, loss, truth, justice, and redemption.
  • A few scenes may upset people when characters die, toward the end it gets rather intense.
  • The werwolf may frighten children and even some adults.

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