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Banderas carries the film
A_Different_Drummer24 September 2022
Some of the external reviews say this film is "predictable." Not really a fair criticism, all films are predictable in that they all have a beginning a middle and an end. They all tell a story. The real issue is, is the film entertaining, does it hold the attention, does it connect? In this one, Banderas (age 62!) plays the semi-retired hitman feeling pangs of regret, trying to do the right thing. Similar to 1995's Assassins, where he played opposite Stallone. Does the film work? Yes? Mainly because of his star power, good direction, editing, casting. He makes you care about what happens next. Above average. Recommended. ((Designated "IMDb Top Reviewer." Please check out my list "167+ Nearly-Perfect Movies (with the occasional Anime or TV miniseries) you can/should see again and again (1932 to the present))
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its not a bad film...
ops-5253525 September 2022
But its not outstanding in any matter, its projects that ''starting to get worn out'' actors do, when the ka-ching busters are way in the past, just to survive, a enforcer and his apprentice, with a little bit fighting, a little bit violence, a little bit gore and a little bit of love and emotions. Its mostly flat on caracter development, and youll have to be deep in the dark to eventually pick up the code of the language used. Also the end part where somewhat abrubt and storyless, they couldve made more there and quit some nonsense erotic scenes that plotwise where pretty much used as a timefiller.

But nevertheless, mr banderas saves the pieces of glory in the end, he has still the voice and the demeanors to act as a keg of black powder, the grumpy old man just wonder if he speaks so gebrochent english in real life??? A small recommend.
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The title speaks for itself.
deloudelouvain3 October 2022
The Enforcer isn't a bad movie for this genre. It's good enough to watch once but it isn't a movie I would watch again in the future. For that it lacks quality. Antonio Banderas isn't a bad actor but he isn't an award-winning actor either. His facial expressions are most of the time the same, whatever character he plays. To be honest I preferred watching the to me unknown actor Mojean Aria. The Enforcer is an action movie, well shot but a bit predictable. The title itself already gives away the plot... Antonio is going to enforce the living hell, so don't expect anything else. A bit like a movie with Liam Neeson, you just know what the outcome will be.
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It Stinks - The Enforcer
arthur_tafero7 October 2022
In the immortal words of the cartoon movie reviewer, The Critic, "it stinks". This film has every cliche you can imagine for hitmen, lemme fatales, and sex-oriented films. Banderas looks embarrassed to be in this turkey, but a payday is a payday. I will not bore you with the infantile plot, but it is really mundane. The actors are more like cartoon characters than film actors. Every scene has a predictabe beginning, middle and end. The entire film is predictable. What a mess. Why producers think people will pay $10-$15 a ticket to see junk like this is beyond my comprehension. Who knows, maybe the public is just dumb enough to pay for films like these.
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Not a perfect film, but wow, what a fun ride, especially the last act.
Top_Dawg_Critic24 September 2022
First thing, the casting and performances were outstanding. Every actor fit their character perfectly and were convincing and relatable. I can't recall any film that had such a diverse set of colorful characters that worked as well together as they did in this film. Clearly Banderas was the standout with his perfect performance. 2 Chainz nailed his role, as did newb actor Luke Bouchier as Pay-check. Mojean Aria as Stray in his first lead role also fit his character perfectly. I could go on about every cast member, but when you see this film, I doubt you can think of any actor being replaceable by someone else - they were just that perfectly cast, kudos to the casting director.

What impressed me next was the near perfect directing (especially cast direction) from newb filmmaker Richard Hughes, who makes his first full length feature film debut, with only three previous short films on his resume. Every scene was captured beautifully in a modern day Miami neo-noir style with excellent cinematography and set pieces. Hughes' cast direction was as good as any seasoned director, especially considering there were many newb and B list actors.

The screenplay by W. Peter Iliff had some pacing issues, especially in the first act, as well as some plot and technical issues. I felt the first and second act was too slow and unremarkable, and the introduction of Banderas' character to Zolee Griggs' character was too stretched out, while the last act felt too rushed, and I wanted more. But the real flaw was Kate Bosworth's character that felt way too cliched and focused on her too much, with too little focus on Mark Rhino Smith's character. When the spotlight was on him, he shined, but on Bosworth, it was too cheesy and animated, especially her dialogue and body language. Rarely do I complain about the runtime being too short, but for the flew-by 90 min runtime, I wanted more of the second and final acts. The soundtrack and score were excellent, and I love the throwback theme song Everybodys Got To Learn Sometime by The Korgis.

With so many slim pickings of entertaining films these days, this film was a great watch, even with the few rookie flaws and writing issues. I applaud all the cast and Hughes for this little gem. I feel the critics were too hard on this film; it has some great action, amazing casting and performances, and a good story, and I will be watching it again for sure. It's a well deserved 8.5 rounded up to a 9/10 from me. To see more of my 1400+ reviews and 2600+ ratings including my evaluation system, visit my user profile.
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A decent crime thriller
dubond23 September 2022
Recently it seems like Antonio Banderas has taken the same DTV route as many other aging action stars like Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, John Travolta etc making mediocre DTV movies for a big paycheck.

The Enforcer isn't the worst movie DTV movie I've seen this year but it's not the best either. Kate Bosworth and rapper "2 Chains" essentially have extended cameos here that don't amount to much. Banderas is the real star here and for it's worth he actually is in this movie for a majority of it and puts effort into the role.

Unfortunately despite Banderas giving his full effort "The Enforcer" is a mediocre crime thriller with a played out redemption story that we've all seen too many times by this point.
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Crime thriller that has been done again and again ....
IvnSoft24 September 2022
Nothing wrong with the plot being that common, if it is done right.

It gets 4 stars, because i watched from start to end, but I felt like giving up constantly.. Its far too slow paced and isnt really that engaging.

Yo could skip the first 70 minutes and you'll get all the action, and enough story to undesrstand what was all about. It could have been a short film (~25 min) and acomplished the same, and more.

Banderas did a good job, but the rest of the cast was just mediocre. The dialogue was dull and felt forced most of the time.

For me at least, felt like a waste of time and most likely i will just forget about it pretty soon.
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Good Action Crime Thriller with Heart.
interastral26 September 2022
The Enforcer is a decent and well made movie.

The action scenes are good, with some pretty brutal fights. The characters are believable and well acted.

The films got a good atmosphere, mixing dark underworld themes and hot miami afternoons.

The Music score is excellent with some nice tunes and even some enjoyable techno.

This isnt an epic masterpiece, it's more of a cool, small pulp fiction story. It's not overly long, and isn't trying to be anything other than itself. And in that respect The Enforcer wins with it's charm and heroic story.

Its a good and respectable flick. I personally enjoyed it a lot and think you will too! :-)
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Banderas Is Once Again An Underworld Assassin/Enforcer.
silicontourist26 November 2022
Methodical and meandering at a good pace we are entertained immensely by all in the film but, its Antonio Banderas who holds each and every part of this amazing crime thriller together. The script is good and rolls out perfectly from everyone whilst, the individual roles are enacted with realism and believable feelings.

The story is slightly different from the usual crime thriller - in so much as it can be - because, its a film that has three story's going on but they are smoothly fused together. As being a film of the times it is a lot more graphically violent, but not so much as to make to cringe or throw up. It had an old film noir feeling to it at certain points, and the undercurrent that this adds is a treat to watch unfurling towards a climax of uncertain happening. Editing and lighting and camera angles were all just right, unhurried and tight but not cropped out of view etc.

One of this years well worth watching films I will say. Banderas has still got the skills!
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CRINGE WORTHY. This sure as heck aint no "Taken", it is a laughably sentimental surrogate of "the tough old criminal" genre.
imseeg26 September 2022
Wow, did they get things wrong with this movie.


Worst combination of genres possible. Clint Eastwood perfected the tough guy genre. Liam Neeson did it again with the "Taken" series. But Antonio Banderas fails to become a real tough guy. Not because he cant act like one, but because of this TERRIBLE script that cant seem to decide wether this is sentimental tearjerker or a tough action crime movie.

Not any good? Well, the start was really violent and heavy and impressive. I honestly thought I was in for a solid butch action crime movie. But that promising start only lasted for some 20 minutes. Bummer!

The bad: then after some 20 minutes we suddenly get to see "tough" criminal Antonio Banderas suddenly turn into a sentimental dad, stuttering and embarassing himself while seeing his daughter for the first time in years.

Then after that we get to see minutes long of a lovey dovey romantic scene with another supposedly "tough" crime guy. And this goes on and on throughout the entire movie. Apperently sentimental wokism has even penetrated the crime movies genre!

Really strange and CRINGEWORTHY mix of ( a little bit) of violence and LOTS of sentimental lovey dovey stuff.
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Novice director gets little help from the scriptwriter first script written alone
movieman6-413-92951025 September 2022
The Enforcer is a new crime thriller directed by Richard Hughes. After a few short films, this is only the first cinema film he has directed. In the film, the mobster Cuda (Antonio Banderas) takes the budding criminal Stray (Mojean Aria) under his wing and tries to teach him how to work in the Miami mafia world.

When Cuda spots young Billie (Zolee Griggs) engaged in criminal activity, he decides to help her too. In addition to his own criminal work, Cuda now has two novice criminals under him, whom he tries to help and protect against the dark figures of the mafia world. Unfortunately, for his first film, Richard Hughes does not always portray the film clearly, because he filmed some scenes a bit too moving or otherwise unclear. In addition to Richard Hughes' incipient directing work, this film is also W. Peter Iliff's first written screenplay. Peter Iliff has previously written other scripts for this film, but he did this together with other writers. As their first single directing and writing work, the two gentlemen unfortunately don't really help each other much. The story is difficult to follow as it deals with the two separate stories of Antonio Banderas, who tries to protect a young girl from the dangerous mafia world. The film only lacks real clear explanations about why someone from the criminal underworld like him is suddenly trying to protect a young thief. In addition, the story is also about Stray, who tries to learn how best to work in this mafia world. These storylines only really come together when one is needed the other. They ended up with a standard crime film, which remains a bit on the predictable side and can come across as long-winded without providing any real moments of tension. The film also seems to end at the end, but the story continues unnecessarily longer. Antonio Banderas is the biggest star of the film and he also tries to carry the film on his shoulders. Unfortunately, this is made difficult for him when the story then focuses on Mojean Aria, his characters who are busy with completely different things. The rest of the film cast also consists more of novice actors, or actors who have played more minor roles in other films. Unfortunately, every actor does not come forward as well or credibly in this film.
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Great atmosphere
slatebook1 November 2022
This movie deserves much more than 5 stars. I guess it's not woke enough or not violent enough for some dudes. In fact, it's a rather decent Drama/Action movie with a great atmosphere. Acting is good from the main characters. Banderas does a good job as an aging hitman looking for absolution. Nice sceneries and photo, sometimes à la film noir. The song from The Korgis was a good choice. "Change your heart, look around you. I need your loving like the sunshine..." I had a very pleasant time watching it.

It's not all action, which actually gives the required depth to make a good story and, also, to take time to give some substance to the characters. So the viewer can identify and share their feelings. Still, the fight scenes are all very good, short but, well it looks real.

I gave 8 stars but it could have been 10 due to the fact that decent movies, meaning movies with no political nonsense, are scarse these days.
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derivative crime thriller
SnoopyStyle14 October 2022
Street fighter Stray (Mojean Aria) gets recruited by criminal boss Estelle (Kate Bosworth). He is partnered with hardened killer Cuda (Antonio Banderas). Cuda is desperate to reconnect with his daughter on her 16th birthday. He befriends young black street kid Billie (Zolee Griggs) and tries to help her. Stray starts a relationship with stripper Lexus (Alexis Ren).

This is action B-movie. It's all rather derivative. There are a few missteps. I don't really buy Stray as a fighter. In the end, Banderas is able to salvage this crime thriller. He gives the movie weight when the rest of it feels so uninspired.
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Good movie
opticuscro9 October 2022
This is a good combination of action and drama, there is some action, but in my opinion there is more of a dramatic atmosphere. I'm not a fan of drama, but this is somehow well presented and quite realistic, without many holes in the story, everything is actually very clear. Quite a few violent and bloody scenes here and there. With a happy ending, the story ends somewhat dramatically. A man who has his limits of patience and the limits of how far he thought human evil goes, a man who is not good, who is actually more of a monster, decided that enough was enough, and sacrificed himself so that others would be better off a very interesting topic. The fact that there is no aggressive woke-diversity content trend in the film makes this film even better 👍👍
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Same old undeworld tale rerolled, Banderas sleepwalks through as a marquis name
tlk91425 September 2022
It wasnt the worst movie Ive seen this year, but it was flat, boring, predictable, poorly written and directed, poorly acted, and just, a weak effort. Nobody who dies was cared about, nobody in the movie had a last name, most didnt even have 1st names. Hamfisted setups, overstated and oversplashy scenery to establish tension that the actors and the script couldnt handle on its own. Marginal acting (Though I dont know you can blame the players, they were given nearly nothing to work with). I can tolerate the idea of its all been done before, but the lack of emotions, the bland vanilla characters that had no dialogue worth remembering.

I wouldnt watch it again. It simply wasnt interesting enough to do twice.
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Why you should see this movie anyway.
jacekpl-3949125 September 2022
While most of the reviews focus on the directing, screenplay, acting of the main actors, I would like to highlight the playing of supporting actors, especially the young, very talented Alexis Ren. If you didn't pay attention to her, you must watch the movie again for her acting. Concentrate on how she plays with emotions, how much of his heart she communicates to his character. Her undoubtedly exceptional beauty only adds credibility to her acting. The film will probably not be nominated for an Oscar, but if it were, Alexis Ren would definitely should be there for a supporting actress.

Her acting is without a doubt the seed of a big star.
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Predictable and cliched
trinaboice5 October 2022
The Enforcer movie review

IN A NUTSHELL: Miami's top mob enforcer Cuda (Antonio Banderas) sacrifices it all to tear down the criminal organization he's spent his whole life building up when he discovers his boss Estelle (Kate Bosworth) is putting a young runaway's life in grave danger. Now he has one last chance to make up for his past and find redemption - both for himself and his family - before the mob hunts him down for his betrayal.

The movie was directed by Richard Hughes. W. Peter Iliff wrote the screenplay, famous for his Point Break script. My all-time favorite film of his is Patriot Games.

THINGS I LIKED: I adore Antonio Banderas but I was worried when I saw this trailer because he has been pumping out a lot of rotten films lately that skip theaters and go directly to TV, much like many of the other aging stars like Bruce Willis, Liam Neeson, John Travolta, and Mel Gibson. He does a great job, although the material is super cliched.

There is plenty of action, although the film moves slowly.

THINGS I DIDN'T LIKE: Personally, watching this movie is like rolling around in a grimy gutter for an hour and a half. No thanks. I didn't like any of the characters and never felt very engaged.

Sometimes, it's hard to understand what Antonio Banderas says.

There are a lot of Mafia movie tropes. Because of that, the movie is extremely predictable as we watch a tired hitman seek redemption.

There was absolutely no humor to balance out all of the violence and gore.

Some of the plot holes made me roll my eyes.

What's missing from this drama is some humor to break up all of the rage and blood.

We get to go to Miami in the film; however, the movie focuses on the grimy underworld, rather than the colorful buildings, beaches, and elegant money in that city.

Kate Bosworth sits behind a desk in almost all of her scenes.

TIPS FOR PARENTS: Crime Bloody, brutal, extreme violence High dead-body count Profanity, including F-bombs Sexual content, nudity Women kiss Scantily-clad women in a nightclub and in a sex-worker club Some Spanish is spoken with subtitles

THEMES: The tough underworld Dysfunctional families Redemption Sex trafficking Kidnapping The life of crime Choices and consequences

You can see the full review on the Movie Review Mom YouTube channel.
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90s action star's last stand
ykjdh21 October 2022
Seems like those action movie stars if the 80s and 90s just don't know when to hang it up. Social security aged Antonio Banderas is the latest geezer to walk into a room and take on the bad guys without needing flex all 454 afterwards. I guess low budget, straight to video is where action stars go to retire.

While I'll admit, it's not that bad of a movie but there's a reason why it went to Redbox and not cinemas. The action is okay, especially the last maybe, 20 minutes or so. The problem is the movie is 91 minutes of laughable sentimental moments. It's clear the hero of the story is one of those "just when I thought I was out they put me back in" guys who'd rather lay down his guns in the name of peace.

Kate Bosworth is also in this as the boss of Antonio Banderas's criminal enterprise. Boy, after starting out with a once promising career she's making a habit of female villains in old dudes action movies like Jason Statham's Homefront. Except that movie was actually decent for being a predictable movie too.

Still, if you're bored and got a loose $2 to spend then this isn't a bad watch. While it's definitely a hokey actioner we've seen before and done better elsewhere. I think what happened was Antonio banderas saw how much money Liam Neeson was having making geriatric action flicks and wanted in. Except Neeson has Taken and believe me, this ain't no Taken. More like Mistaken, featuring a forgotten action star who's got bills to pay and does dumb movies. Like Nic Cage.
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Lower rated movies are really higher quality?
FromRiches2Rags28 September 2022
Some people compare this to Liam Neesons movies and say it is similar etc.

I saw Taken and ended it there for Mr Neeson as although I like him as an actor, he went the Jason Statham route and oversaturated his role with sequels and similar movies and enough is enough.

This movie felt fresh, daring, brave and a slap in the face of real exploiters of people. Not really a fan of Banderas as only seen Desperado and some other western and the assassins movie from decades ago all which were mediocre but it seems he was tailor made for this movie.

Events like those shown in this movie (probably except the ending) are taking place daily and being covered up with a system in place to suppress exposure so it is a daring movie when you draw parallels to the reality of the system in place. Those who have researched this topic know it is a single integrated global network involving powerful people and not just a few people looking to earn money.

Joaquin Phoenix did a movie like this, this one with Banderas is better.
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The worst movie I've seen all year
gardenoffire7 October 2022
This movie is like is directed by a 5 year old kid, the plot is boring, not at all real-looking and Banderas clearly seems like it's there only for the payday. It says that he's been a myth among hitmen, a cold blooded murdered and in the whole movie for no reason is a Sanda Claus type guy. Mojean acts like a little kid and there is zero reason for Kate Bosworth to be there. 2chainz is so bad at acting it looks like the late Coolio playing in Batman & Robin. Avoid this movie at all costs or watch it like a comedy. Best solution in this is for Richard Hughes to not be let anywhere near making movies again. Sad.
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Such a quality thriller
katiafourtouni5 October 2022
Amazing pictures, Banderas is as always stunning. A nice film to watch generally, with a nice concept, of him being a hero and risk his life to save a girl. The instinct of the father and his last decisions made this film emotional, and the end was on point. As usual in every Hollywood movie at the end the good wins and being ethical is the meaning of the life. That's a great film to watch with nice cast. Bossworth is iconic with amazing outfits like a real boss, it has a classy and fashionable style and she's just the perfect face for this role. Loved everything about the film, I'm going to watch it again.
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D-Budget Screen Media Film that misses entirely
treanewsome16 November 2022
So Redbox kiosks was bought by Screen Media so I am fooled into thinking these big name actors are in a quality production. This film tries to be gritty but it leaves me disgusted with cliches and copycat plots. I've seen this film many times before, Fans this is No Desperado, Zorro or Assassins. Those were well acted and great supporting actors in well directed films, This film is a dog. It tries too hard to be relevant to 2022 with things that don't belong. It is supposed to be cuban neighborhood in Miami but felt out of place. It needed stronger supporting characters than what was in the film, it one strong support in Kate Bosworth but little else in the rest of the unknowns nor did I care to get to know them. I will search films from redbox on IMDB from now on and omit the film if by low budget Screen Media Films.
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Literally no point
qxsgybxmfm9 November 2022
This movie was short and boring. There was literally no point in making this movie. There was no plot, characters sucked, most definitely wasn't thrilling in the least, and acting kinda sucked. This movie was the same old cliche "oh I'm a bad gangster dude but I saved a chick and now I'm all soft". I would definitely not waste an hour and a half of your life watching this movie, unless you use it as background noise while you clean or cook or whatever. Absolutely no thrill and this director should never make another movie ever again, unless it's a comedy movie. Literally cannot express how much this sucked.
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