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No please don't
MikeGoodmen24 August 2022
Please remove this movie from the digital archives all over the world, delete any downloaded streaming files from your cache and any copy on hard-disks, forget the actors, trash it to the end, skip the trailer or even any frame on google images... and save and keep with heart the good memory of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, love you guys you are still alive and acting together in our minds.
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IvnSoft24 August 2022
If you are a fan of Bud Spencer & Terence Hill, you might have found this movie. (i did). Only reason to watch it, was because of the reference to the 1974 movie.

The movie starts with a reference of the original one, telling the story of the buggies and what happened at the end.

This is a big problem, because you would expect the same kind of humor, action and goofiness. Instead, you'll get the same bland type of movies you get by the bucket today.

I might be biased, sure. I loved the original. This one however, was so boring i just forgot about the movie right after watching.

Your mileage may vary, but i can tell you that if you expect this movie to beanything like the original (other than the buggies) , you'll be dissapointed.
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No no and no
LastBoyscout198228 August 2022
It wasn't the original film that was so good, it was Bud and Terence and the incredibly cool German dubbing.

Why a sequel?

Who needs this rubbish?!

Few films I haven't seen to the end, but here it was over after 15 minutes.

An this 15 minutes seamt so incredibly long.

Maverick or Balboa... thats how to make a sequel after so many years.

Shame on Netflix, shame on the writers, sharme on the regiesseur, shame on the actors, shame on those who like that stupid crap, shame on those who spend time on this (me included), shame on the red buggy for driving through this mountain of s***, shame on everyone on the set, shame on the beer, shame on the sausages, shame on their cow.
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Some remakes are just baffling 🤷‍♂️
simonlgordon27 August 2022
As a kid, I was a huge Bud Spencer/ Terrence Hill fan. Even now, I can look back nostalgically and have a good chuckle at their films. This remake however, just no. It's missing the charm; humour and personality of the original. No matter how much of a fan you are of these 2 legends, or their films, this embarrassing remake is simply not worth your time. Forget this, and go check out the 1974 comedy classic . 2/10. The dodgy Bud Spencer lookalike and and the Terrence Hill "character" is so devoid of any real personality, that it just further adds to the disappointment. I sincerely hope Netflix does not sanction any further remakes from these 2 legends, if this particular one is anything to go by.
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Bud Spencer is turning in his grave
aichi-369-82581326 August 2022
At first I didn't even know, remake exists until it came to Netflix few days ago. As I am a big fan of legendary Spencer Hill duo, I was utterly shocked, what they did out of legendary original from 1974. Movie wants to be tribute to original, instead it became embarasement. There are no funny actors in this new movie, nu actualy funny scenes and idea recreating original scenes with original look-a-like supporting actors resulted in big fail. Story is the same as original, but new movie does not forget to remember us that with quasi reaperance of Ben and Kid (Spencer and Hill) at the beginning, not just in comic intro, but in movie itself.

The only bright point of that monstrum is Christian de Seca, who is a way bigger actor than whole movie itself and here his presence although flawless can't save anything of this unfortunate movie. Some things are better to stay unique, for shure and don't need tribute remakes.
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Lacks the screen charm of the original leads
jayenjr2 September 2022
The original Watch Out We're Mad was my entry point to the funny but entertaining world of Messrs Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. Subsequent movies comprising the two (or any one of them) became a staple of my growing up years, forming part of the family TV time.

What made the earlier movies work was the fact that Hill and Spencer had equal amount of screen chemistry and charm. This was compounded by their contradicting looks and demeanour, but it also contributed to their onscreen success. Hill with his dashing, handsome-blue-eyed-but-never-naive look, while Spencer's oversized gruff, leave-me-alone counterpart played the foil. Their characters often got together due to circumstances which pulls them into action, usually initiated by half-witted baddies who make the mistake of getting in the way of - and underestimating - our lovable heroes, and end up on the receiving end of some punishing and ridiculous slam-bam, which then provide most of the laughs.

This remake has none of the chemistry between the leads nor the laughs needed to simply sit and laugh our hearts out. The plot is more or less a carbon copy of the original, and both Edoardo Pesce and Alessandro Roja attempt to turn on the individual charms of Spencer and Hill respectively, only to fall flat. Peace could not replicate Spencer's trademark aloofness and Roja of Hill's romantic charm. After awhile it becomes tedious to try and sit through, knowing well that it's gonna be near impossible for the leads to replicate memories that evoke - or even better - of that of Hill & Spencer. Gave up without finishing the movie.

This is where Italian movies could learn from their Hollywood counterpart:- Never try to replicate the genius found in the original; 'tis better to work your way by creating your own charm, even if you do borrow the plot.
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Finishing this movie is one of the biggest tortures of my life
sichamichal25 August 2022
Remove this film from the cinemas, it is a disgrace to the memory of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. Please don't go to the cinema to see this movie, you must not support such rubbish, it is a great disrespect to these two great men, the actors of my childhood, they raised me.
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Definitely a far cry from the brilliant original, but not terrible
OpaCTZ25 August 2022
If you've seen and loved the original with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, you will not miss anything if you skip this.

However, if you consider that this is not exactly a remake but a strange and mostly unnecessary sequel to the original, with the heroes closely related to the original Ben & Kid, it's kinda watchable on a boring Sunday afternoon.

It does feel like a glitch in the Matrix, with events and history mostly repeating themselves, though not exactly. It's way less funny than the original, but if you don't go into it hating it outright, it may even make you smile here and there. It does pay tribute to the original, and tries to respect it. And it shows that the leads do respect Bud and Terence, and know that they're facing an impossible task trying to live up to them.

Anyway, one thing is sure: watching this will make you want to watch the original ASAP. Even if you haven't seen that. Why? Because you'll wonder why that one gets all the praise. You'll have to see it for yourself. For the first time... or for the thousandth.
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an ok slapstick type comedy film
thewalkingpuns25 August 2022
I've never seen the original bud spencer and Terence hill movie. But from what I could tell it was better. This was funny in certain ways. Not laugh out loud but it was ok. The fighting scenes were a little corny but funny and the cast were good. Overall not great but not to bad but could have been a lot better.
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When you touch the classics...
comolgab29 October 2022
... you almost always get it wrong. However the result here is watchable. Especially if you consider it maybe not so much as a sequel but as an homage to the original movie. It's true it is really difficult to live up to the Spencer/Hill duo, but the leads here do their job with charm and De Sica as Torsilllo is hilarious as always.

In a way the secret to enjoy this is to be totally prejudiced (as I was) and make an effort to watch it anyway... In that case you will almost be pleasantly surprised.

Whatever you may think, you must admire the courage of the Younuts directors in making this: these endeavours are almost always movie suicide. However, for me, not this time.
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Good directing
dgscarico4 October 2022
Probably the biggest problem is the parallel with the original ones. If this were named "Two guys and a car" or something like that, maybe people could have been less disappointed.

So, I want to think about it as a brand new movie and not as a copy of a masterpiece (according to the fans). Well, the acting is bad. Roja is not good and he hasn't the right carisma and good looking for the role. Pesce is a bit better. At last, they haven't that magical relationship that a movie like this should have (this is why Spencer-Hill worked well, but Spencer with others or Hill with others didn't work). The story is so-and-so but we must admit that even the original Spencer-Hill movies weren't good for their storyline.

What I'm really impressed is the directing technique by Younuts. They are very good and the sensation since the first scene is that they are wasted, they are so much for this screenplay. It's like if they got a bad screenplay trying to save it with a good directing. They know how to move the camera, the editing is really modern. I guess they really deserve best movies. Probably they are the most "Hollywood" directors we have in Italy.
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an homage to an Hero era
gtrvnt9 September 2022
I found this movie a good homage to the originale One. It Is well directed, well played and... Yes Is funny at the right level. As a fan of the magic couple Bud and Terence i was quiete scared by the idea of a reboot... But Is not a reboot nor a sequel. The fight scene are funny and with a good rythm. I appreciated the location, the circus and the open country, and the choice to design a scene that give Just the taste of the elements of the original movie. If you are a fan of the Bud and Terence saga give a chance to this movie: see this movie as a good collection of a good Memories of a pasta that never come again.
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