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If you liked the Before Sunrise trilogy you will love this. A movie I liked much more then expected. Romantic and real.
Tony Heck1 March 2014
"By the time the afternoon bell rings you will have fallen in love. I guarantee it." George Hartman (Garcia) and his son arrive at Middleton College for a tour. While there he meets Edith Martin (Farmiga) who is doing the same with her daughter. The two begin talking and soon strike up a fast friendship that over the course of the day evolves into something that makes them question everything. I'll start by saying I wasn't really excited about watching this. I expected a basic love story with out much substance. What I did find was I liked it much more then I expected. While the movie is really nothing more then two people talking for an hour and a half it was actually entertaining to watch. The best way to really describe what happens in this is to compare it to the Before Sunrise trilogy. This has the same feel. Two people meet and we watch their relationship grow over a few hours. The most entertaining aspect of the movie is watching how the roles of the children and parents switch. The parents have the college experiences and the kids stress about everything else. Overall, if you liked the Before Sunrise movies then you will like this as well. Better then I expected, it was very romantic and a very real love story. I give this a B+.
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College visit leads to parents' education in their marriages and selves.
maurice yacowar13 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This "little film" is surprisingly ambitious — and effective.

It subverts the college student rom-com by focusing on the parents at their nest emptying. For both generations this new liberation can be terrifying. As Edith tells another parent, the kids' departure leaves the parents realizing how little they know or are connected to their 18-year partners. The theatrical scene Edith plays with George reveals how a marriage can hide lives of quiet desperation. In the crowning irony, the two college roommates coolly watch the two adults getting stoned and acting wacky, under their knowing eye.

The film also replays the old Benedict/Beatrice device of characters who initially snipe at each other gradually discovering themselves simpatico. George and Edith begin and end as opposites, but they switch poles. At first he's the rod-ass and she's the bohemian free spirit. She cures his fear of heights, he her temptation to be totally carefree. By the end he's loosened up enough to want to have an affair with her and she retreats to the safer ground of self-denial.

Their respective kids replay that shift. Conrad leaves the security of his studly "million dollar smile" to pursue his disembodied, faceless role on campus radio. Wilder and more precocious Audrey takes to heart her idol's distinction between healthy ambition and unhealthy obsession.

In both those relationships — and in the respective parents' scenes with their kids — there is ample demonstration of what Audrey reads from her idol's book: linguistics must deal with what is not said as much as with what is. Heard sentences are meaty but those unheard are meatier. Hence the really delicate work in facial expression and body language throughout, especially as the leads increasingly open up and connect. Hence the confessional Truth behind the two parents stage "performance."

The campus name, Middleton, puts all its characters in some middle. The two teens are pivoting into adulthood. The two parents are turning from the stability of their unfulfilling marriages into self-realization — or not. Both turn passive at the moment of decision, as imaged in their letting their kids drive. When George prefers the long way home he's taking more time to face the life he dreads, to put behind the happier alternative he has just encountered. Informed by the reflections on French films, we don't get the usual American film's happy ending. But the chance remains. We're hoping this one-shot might lead to a Richard Linklater trilogy where we can follow these so very touching and appealing lovers into a happier afterlife.

Finally the film is about what a college education should be. The two parents get a college education in one day when they meet new people, try out each other's alien perspectives and experience, act out exploratory expressions of themselves, learn to breathe more freely and deeply, get new insight into themselves and each other, test experimental things they never would in their outside (aka "real") lives, and end up significantly altered, illuminated, broadened in understanding and emotion, whichever road they pursue.

It's an idyllic university, a slice of heaven, so the disciplines represented are literature, language, horticulture, the arts, and the pulse is in the library. The linguistics (!) professor's office is a jaw-dropper. The salutary absence of Business, High Tech, a football team, make the setting as Edenic as the two leads' romantic discovery. For more see
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A genuinely touching story about falling into love told elegantly
Motibenya5 September 2013
I usually shun writing reviews here or anywhere else, but this film is really well written and acted. I am surprised with the 6.8 score, for I believe it should be at least of 8.5.Firstly, the combination of Vera Fermiga acting as the mother of taissa, who is, I believe her youngest sister in real life is smart and interesting, and there is this natural chemistry between the two. Andy Garcia, manages to pull off, in my opinion, one of his best performances on screen. I also loved that campus was a very dominant participant in the film, long shots, the use of natural light, and campus life in general helped in believing that, such a love story could actually occur in just a few hours of roaming the campus lawn. If you are trying to decide whether to watch this film or not, then go watch it, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope this tips the balance for you in its favor.
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A Surprising Delight
I selected this movie largely because of how much I like Vera Farmiga. I've always considered her an actor that does not get the attention she deserves. I had seen Andy Garcia in a number of pictures, and although not his fault, his work always seemed one-dimensional. The gangster, the cad, etc. I was completely stunned by the chemistry and nuanced performances of the pair in a film that I consider one of the most delightful movie experiences of the last ten years. This picture stood out with a unique take on a mid-life romance that didn't pander to a false, popular conclusion, but rewarded the viewer with a thoughtful and adult ending. The acting by all the players was first rate; the writing and dialog was crisp and real; filming and direction were beautifully done. It was an excellent mix of humor, pathos, and it delivered a life message so subtly that close attention had to be paid. Thanks to all who made this picture. I love you Vera.
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At Middleton is not a plain vanilla romantic comedy: it is intergenerational, critical and philosophical
output-based-money26 October 2013
The mother daughter resemblance is in a way haunting because the daughter is so compelling, yet so young. I found myself spellbound by her eyes and her whole facial expression and body language to establish a mother- daughter tension and young impatient ambition as interesting as the romance between two fifty year-old's married to someone other than present company. Andy Garcia is perfectly cast and appealing to follow as he and this opinionated broad clash and fall in love with their opposite type. This a a movie about life portrayed as extremely attractive yet farcical. It is pure entertainment that wins over an audience within minutes. It dares to confront the real and possibly dull or difficult with the fun, funny, and fanciful and a real good slap in the face which echoes I needed that. Why give it a 10? Because it never missed a beat.
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Intelligent Humor with a Dose of Introspection
kristi7116 October 2013
I saw this film at the Woodstock Film Festival and attended the Q&A that followed with the writers, director, Vera Farmiga and Andy Garcia as well as some of the supporting actors. The film was shot in 20 days which was quite surprising b/c it flowed as though well rehearsed. The entire audience genuinely responded to the wit and humor that prevailed throughout the film, and the more poignant moments added a balance that grounded the story. It was obvious when the actors and filmmakers were on stage post preview that there was a wonderful camaraderie that translated well to the screen. Both Andy Garcia's daughter and Vera Farmiga's little sister had roles in the movie and made their own marks. I completely enjoyed the movie and hope that it makes it to the larger market so that more people can enjoy this fabulous dose of both humor and heart.
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Unusual and sweet romantic comedy, well acted
steven-leibson17 November 2013
This is an unusually smart romantic comedy. Two parents bring their kids to Middleton College to check the place out. One kid is laser-focused on studying at this college under a linguistics professor that she idolizes because of his book. The other kid is drifting through life so far on his big toothy smile and good looks. His dad is a successful heart surgeon. Her mom, well she's in retail. Their initial meeting starts with a parking lot argument as both arrive at Middleton College. The two adults react very badly with each other. He's a dork. She's a harpy. They are so repelled by the "otherness" of each other that you know very early on that they will fall in love by the end of the movie.

This movie is not so much about these two characters falling in love. It's all about the few hours it takes for them to go from strangers to close friends and the number of comedic adventures they manage to pack into a day back at college for both of them. Heavy on the comedy, light on the romance. If you think of all the opportunities a college might offer as a backdrop for this story arc, well they're all in there. It's a sweet, comfortable movie—sort of like macaroni and cheese—with some very smart, funny dialog written for the characters.

A pleasant way to spend the afternoon, which is what I did thanks to the San Jose Camera Cinema Club.
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Lovely story with laughs, profundities on marriage and the empty nest
Lisa Carpenter10 October 2013
I had the pleasure of participating in the screening of this movie at the AARP Life@50+ Expo, one of the selections in the Movies for Grownups lineup. What a splendid film AT MIDDLETON is — a fast favorite of this picky movie lover.

I've yet to see a better, more realistic depiction of the fears parents face as kids leave the nest and we're left wondering not only if we adequately prepared our children for the real world but if WE are prepared for the reality of our long-term marriage once the kids are out of the house. The interaction of the actors — mother and daughter, father and son, strangers meeting and feeling something they never expected — is amusing at times, heartbreaking at others, real and true throughout.

I find no flaws with AT MIDDLETON. The writing, acting, chemistry between the actors, music and even the setting were truly delightful. I don't typically watch movies more than once. I've no doubt, though, that I'll be watching AT MIDDLETON again... and again.
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An authentic, real life experience
Gordon-1129 April 2014
This film tells the story of a cardiac surgeon and a furniture sales falling in love with each other over a campus tour.

"At Middleton" seems to describe an ordinary day, but it turns out to be extraordinary. The plot is simple and refreshing, and it feels very real life. How the four main characters change throughout the day is engaging to watch. How they found what they really want but haven't been looking for is really beautiful to watch. The ending is rather open ended, leaving viewers room to imagine what life will be like for the four people after this fateful day. This film is a film to feel and savour, because it's such an authentic real life experience.
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Heart Touching
Fahad Iqbal16 November 2013
I was not sure if I am going to watch this movie but from the start of the movie, it was like, it made me to watch till the last minute. This movie has a very strong touch of pure Love and emotions. Beautifully acted, great place to shoot, strong script, well defined characters with a very strong feeling. Movie also taught us how to love your partner and how to take care of their love and feeling. Marrying someone is not the only thing to carry out your relationship but giving time, care, love, attention, purity, respect, trust, understanding must be there, otherwise, they will find someone else giving the same characteristics and you might loose what you gained. If you watch this movie, please learn something. 10/10
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a miniature masterpiece
dragokin19 January 2014
Trailer for At Middleton is somewhat misleading. This really is a romantic comedy, but the most interesting, if not the most important, moments have been omitted. On the other hand, when you watch the movie, you'll understand how difficult it's been to explain its essence in a couple of minutes of a trailer.

At Middleton shows what seems to be forgotten in contemporary movie-making: Actors performing the art of acting in front of a camera. There is an incredible chemistry between Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga, culminating in the scene where they participate in a class led by Mirjana Jokovic.

This is a small movie that has a lot of pleasant surprises...
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myopnionis15 April 2014
This is a very cute movie. It has a lot of humor scattered throughout. Not pee your pants funny but relatable humor in life's adventures and experiences. There are some very funny moments though. There are a couple times wherein it seems just a tad on the slow side but not enough to make you lose interest. Make sure to watch the out-takes on DVD, some of them are pee your pants funny. It is very well acted. Each character is interesting and you can relate to each of them in a very real way. Parents faced with kids going off to college and kids faced with any parental issues will find this movie easy to relate to. Spencer LoFranco & Taissa Farmiga both seem to be great up and coming talents. This isn't a perfect movie but it is a fun & touching one to watch!
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What were Andy and Vera thinking?
asc8512 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
They may not be Daniel Day-Lewis and Cate Blanchett, but Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga are solid actors, and usually make solid film choices. That is part of the reason why At Middleton is such a surprise. The film is shockingly bad. Vera Farmiga's character is extremely unlikeable, while most of the rest of the characters (including the "dingleberry" tour guide) just don't behave, respond and react in in a way that is realistic. The portrayal of college students is especially's neither negative or positive, it's just not correct. I knew after 15 minutes that this film was terrible, but hoped it would get better. It didn't. After seeing on IMDb that this won some minor film festival awards, all I can say is that beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder.
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Middleton Soars thanks to Local Mia Boy Andy Garcia and his costar Vera Farmiga
pedraza1-916-7388445 February 2014
My fellow Miami folks should be ecstatic that Andy Garcia is so competent and actor and starring in a film where he is not a mobster nor associated with the mob. He shows a complete mastery of comedy not what you would usually think of him. Vera Farmiga his co star in this introspective film is perfect for the role of Edith. She has a subtle yet powerful sultriness to her character without crossing any lines you can see why George Garcias character would be led to follow her around the college campus their kids are looking at. Middleton is better than most in the romantic comedy genre and well done. Considering that this is writer director Adam Halls first full length feature it is one hell of a start for him since he brings a softer side to the camera and uses it effectively in the entire production.
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Middling through Middleton
Roland E. Zwick16 April 2014
"At Middleton" is a mid-life romance that suffers from a terminal case of the cutes. Edith (Vera Farmiga) and George (Andy Garcia) meet while taking their respective children, Audrey (Taissa Farmiga) and Conrad (Spencer Lofranco), on a tour of a fictional college (their respective spouses are conveniently unable to attend the event). While the kids are going through the official orientation, the two parents break off and conduct a tour of their own, exploring the campus as well as each other.

Despite the best of intentions, "At Middleton" feels phony from the get-go. We get the sense that Edith and George are unreasonably antagonistic towards one another at the beginning just so they can become an item by the end. And things don't get any better from there, as the parents proceed to make fun of the tour guide, steal bikes from some unsuspecting students on campus, horn in on an acting class, smooch in a projection booth, get stoned in a dorm room, and in general act superior to everyone they meet, with corn, affectation and heavy-handed life lessons the order of the day.

Though the movie tries very hard to achieve moments of "little people" sentimental uplift, virtually every scene in "At Middleton" emerges as hopelessly contrived and calculated, a reflection more on the screenwriters Glenn German and Adam Rogers (who also directed the movie) than on the actors, who do their best under the circumstances. Farigna, so impressive in TV's "Bates Motel," comes across as unnecessarily grating at times, the result of a grown woman behaving in a less mature fashion than her teenaged daughter perhaps, her joie de vivre and truth-telling assertiveness, which might have seemed refreshing in small doses, ultimately falling over the edge into obnoxiousness (though she does well playing opposite her real life daughter). As the buttoned-down heart surgeon who really needs to loosen up and learn how to enjoy life, Garcia is constrained by having to embody a character with no truly interesting or compelling personal traits (the fact that he's supposed to be that way doesn't exactly make him any more interesting).

I know we're supposed to be moved and inspired by what's happening between Edith and George, but all I could think about while watching their story unfold is how some parents just can't help making what is supposed to be a special day for their kids really all about themselves.
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At Middleton is a bittersweet meh movie
estebangonzalez107 March 2014
"The line between ambition and obsession can be much thinner than one might imagine."

At Middleton is one of those films that are hard to review because the dialogue is so cheesy and over the top while the performances are charming and engaging. It's not a good film, but one that works for a certain audience that can appreciate the two lead performances despite the flaws. It's a film about two unlikely people making a connection and if you buy in to that connection you will enjoy this film. The problem is that I never believed these two characters would connect in the way they did and everything felt false despite the sparks of charm and sweetness that the film evokes. It's hard not to enjoy a film starring a funny Andy Garcia (getting away from the dramatic roles we've seen him in) and a lovable Vera Farmiga. Both actors are stunning and enjoyable despite the weak material they had to work with. Several moments felt forced, but the chemistry between the two actors make this film tolerable. At Middleton is Adam Rogers first feature film and he co-wrote the script with Glenn German. It tries to be a mature romantic film about marriage and preparing for the empty nest, but it ended up feeling like a movie you'd catch on Lifetime or the Hallmark channel.

The film takes place during the course of one day as two families are heading to a college tour at Middleton. On the one hand there is Edith (Vera Farmiga) a married businesswoman driving her teenage daughter, Audrey (Taissa Farmiga) to the tour. Audrey is excited about Middleton because she wants the best linguistic professor in the country, Dr. Emerson (Tom Skerrit) to be her adviser. Then we are introduced to George Hartman (Andy Garcia), a heart surgeon who is almost forcing his son Conrad (Spencer Lofranco) to get excited about the tour at Middleton. Once both families arrive at the campus their paths cross during the tour and eventually Edith and George get separated from the rest of the group and spend the rest of the day getting to know each other while they decide to take their own private tour of the college. Despite not liking each other at first, they quickly make a connection and as the day goes on they begin falling for each other.

Halfway through the film I already knew where we were going to end up. It ended as I predicted, but I still enjoyed some of the moments in the film. The chemistry between both actors is charming and sweet despite the fact that most of the film felt forced. The two kids in this film did a decent job as well. Taissa Farmiga plays Vera's daughter although in real life the two are sisters. She does a decent job, but the truth of the matter is that Vera and Andy Garcia are the heart and soul of this film. They make this a watchable film although I wouldn't recommend it. There are some nice sparks that make the film feel pleasant at times and it looks good, but it was just a bit too cheesy for my liking. At Middleton is a bittersweet meh movie; nothing more to add here.
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Game cast does their best with a lazy, loopy script…
The_late_Buddy_Ryan1 July 2015
Andy Garcia: "A spirochete. Do you know what that is?" Vera Farmiga: "Is it something like a parakeet?" AG: "It's a parakeet that was a spy during the Spanish-American War." VF: (cracks up)

If you think that someone might actually say that, and that someone else would crack up laughing when they did—then have I got a movie for you! (I admit I overlooked some obvious red flags in the reviews on IMDb before we sent for the disk from Netflix b/c I like to err on the side of Vera Farmiga.)

She and her way-younger sister Taissa make a convincing mother-daughter combo, and Andy Garcia's not bad either, but the romcom cliché plot (free-spirited babe awakens uptight guy's inner child) and the trying-too-hard dialogue were just too much for us. There's also a lot of silly filler—montage of carefree bicycle ride around sunny campus; Vera scampers up staircase of church belfry while acrophobe Garcia clings to the railing .

We pressed the Stop button shortly after the above exchange, and from what I gather from the reviews when I ✔ed them out again, the first half of the movie was the good part.
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Totally Enjoyable from the start till the end
itonev-919-75496829 March 2014
I usually do not rate and review movies, but I think this one is underrated, and I have to help it be seen by more viewers, because it deserves it. If you are a romantic soul and have a good sense of humor, this is your movie. It is meant to entertain, but also make you think about the meaning of life and love, family bonds and the prices you pay. There are some minor flaws, but, as I said earlier, the movie has been made to entertain. The characters of Any Garcia and Vera Farmiga are solid and believable. There is a real chemistry between them. The story is building in a realistic way and pace. It convinced me that it is possible one to be caught by surprise and find true love and a soul mate even when they are middle aged and think that they know everything about life and love. And... I do not like spoilers, but I have to say that I, kind of liked the "non Hollywood" ending. If you are hesitating whether to see it or not, please give it a try!
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Very Enjoyable
nowego22 April 2014
For me it was not a surprise that I liked this right from the beginning. I was looking for films with Vera Farmiga and Taissa Farmiga after I got a surprise that they were sisters. When I found out Andy Garcia as in it as well there was no option but to find it and watch it.

Unsurprising and happily I was not disappointed. Right from the start it hit the spot for some reason. Some might say it was a bit unrealistic, but for me it was just fun. It might be the romantic in me. It is noticeable that all the actors had a good time making this film and it was not surprising when I read that this was filmed over a very short time. The chemistry between Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga was pretty close to perfect.

Watch it if you get a chance you wont be disappointed.
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Best movie of the year
saone899524 February 2014
My favorite film of the year, and I have seen a lot. Oldboy was probably my 2nd favorite... Anyways, I will get back to this movie review now. It is such a beautiful film. Rarely do I feel this way about a movie, but when I do, I completely treasure it and it goes in my list of unforgettable films I shall never forget. I will always remember this one. Thank you everyone whom was involved in this beautifully magnificent motion picture of the year. Vera, you sweet thing you, you are a remarkable actress. The cast was absolutely perfect for this movie. I absolutely loved the fact that taissa and vera played mother and daughter in here. (In case of whoever did not know, vera and taissa are actually sisters) What a treat.
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Middleton is a silly movie which feels like it slightly suffers from the unofficial 90 minute minimum requirement for movies.
Amari-Sali3 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Being someone fond of Vera Farmiga's work on Bates Motel and being a fan sister Taissa on American Horror Story and The Bling Ring, I was also drawn to the film because Vera's little sister Taissa is in this. So, despite a trailer that didn't look all that appealing, I decided to see this movie. Below, we find out if that ended up being a good idea.

To begin, the Farmiga sisters play mother and daughter, which is comical to me. Realize though, there is an 18+ year age difference and it strangely works well. Vera plays Edith who is a liberal, almost bohemian, and yet holds some of the neurotic nature of Norma Bates, which I guess maybe her Vera's signature? Taissa, on the other hand, has a slightly intense character, named Audrey, which has some of Edith's traits, but possibly also her unseen father. Alongside them are George (played by Andy Garcia) and his son Conrad (played by Spencer Lofranco). Both characters play opposite to their similarly aged counterparts with George being straitlaced, conservative and a bit fearful of life, while Conrad is far more laid back and charming than Taissa's Audrey. In a way, Conrad seems like he could be Edith's son and Audrey seems like she should be George's daughter.

That dynamic isn't played up in the movie, but the whole idea of opposites attract is. However, rather than it be a story about two families on a college tour which has the kids fall in love, it is the parents. Edith and George seems to be in unhappy relationships with their spouses, add on their kids leaving, and you realize that perhaps the one thing keeping them in their marriage is leaving and perhaps they are realizing that with the kid gone, they are stuck with this person who may no longer love them or who they may no longer love. But, it doesn't get that deep until about mid-film. Before that, Edith's character is an embarrassment, but not in a too over the top fashion, and George is just a bore. As things go on though, Edith and George pretty much steal the movie with them leaving their kids behind and having their own tour of Middleton. This leads to confessions, romance and the kids being left to their own devices which more so puts them in the shadows of Edith and George's story than allowing them to hold their own.

Now, one thing I must say is that this film is pleasantly silly. To explain my perception of pleasantly silly, take note of how Ellen Degeneres does comedy. It isn't offensive, but can be a tad bit mean spirited. This mostly comes from George and Edith, but others take part occasionally as well. Another thing worth noting is that the first 45 minutes of the movie are pretty much the best part of the film. It feels like it had a smooth progression from a silly little film to getting to deeper matters that Edith and George were having which explained why their characters were the way they were.

But, while the film did well in handling George and Edith, it dropped the ball on Conrad and Audrey. The first half of the movie, pretty much, is dedicated to the parents and then the kids begin to get a stronger focus in the second half. The issue is, in comparison to their parents, only Conrad is really likable. Taissa, on the other hand, gets a little too over dramatic, and admittedly Vera has one scene in which she seems to need to be reign in a little bit as well, but Taissa's Audrey has a bad mix of snarkiness, Edith's Type A personality traits, but lacks the charm which keeps her from becoming an annoyance. So, if anything, it maybe more so the character than Taissa's acting, but I'm sort of iffy on giving her a pass. Also, after the first half, George and Edith begin to falter, character-wise, as you realize that her flirting and him following her around, is developing into something. Now, if they were both single that would be fine, but with them both mentioning spouses, it leads you to believe that the tour became, for them, an escape from the issues and responsibilities of adulthood. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I felt a bit disappointed since they had a bond because of their kids and marital troubles, so I didn't understand why they needed to fall for one another. It really made it seem, like in a lot of films, that men and women can't just be friends, but must explore and try other possibilities, even if briefly.

Overall: Rental or TV

Truth be told, no one should expect an award for their performance in the movie, but at the same time it isn't like this film feels like something to keep your name out there or will become something anyone involved will be mocked for. It is just an average movie that wants to entertain you with a decent story. Vera, I feel, with her flair for dramatics and the silliness of her character, leads us through this movie and does so well. Andy plays a good opposite to her and really, if you take the kids out of the movie and take away one scene of them, Edith and George smoking weed together, you got a really good film about parents dealing with their kids growing up. But, with Tasissa's and Spencer's character getting more screen time, which seems weakly written in comparison, it does bring the film down a bit to the point where you sort of wish after the 50 minute mark they cut everything up until the fun for Edith and George has to end for they have to go back to their children and their lives. Still, overall it is worth watching despite my criticisms.
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At Middleton just piles on the clichés
canibefierceforaminute23 January 2014
I'm seeing a lot of love here for "At Middleton," and I'm baffled. I could tell from the first five minutes that this was the work of a first- time director/writer (okay, it's the writers' second credit) because the movie has every single cliché you can have in one movie, actors who are normally good - when they have a good director - doing ridiculous and embarrassing things, and remarkably absurd plot holes. I love Vera Farmiga, but she's only as good as her director, and this one insisted she use a loud, fake laugh that grates on the nerves. She and Andy Garcia spend a day running around a college campus that apparently has no locked doors (except for the observatory) or campus security. At one point they get stoned with two students and act like how someone who's never been stoned thinks stoned people act. And don't get me started on the gravelly-voiced campus radio DJ. On the plus side, the movie looks nice but that's about the only thing I can recommend. Wait for this to come on Lifetime, because that's where it belongs.
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Amazing cast, writing, setting!
janevans-169512 December 2015
This romantic comedy is destined to be a classic! Not only the beautiful backdrop and personable cast but the dialogue that Continuously keeps me engaged. I've enjoyed watching this many many times. It makes me smile, laugh, reflect, sigh, and step onto the campus for a time. The chemistry between George and Edith is something everyone would love to have just once in their life. To meet and just click immediately, then totally get each other. People spend their lives looking for that kind of experience, and then there are the parenting roles that touch your heart. Any parent can relate to the tussle. I would love to see a sequel but then this is one of those films that just leaves you breathing deep, staring off into your own little world ...... Ready to push replay cause you didn't want it to end!
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One of those gems you accidentally watch....then think, why isn't this movie getting much recognition. It is a great film.
mgamblemad4 February 2015
I do not want to spoil the plot in any way, so I'm just going to tell you my thoughts of the performances. Andy Garcia... gave an amazing performance. Vera Farmiga... I can only say WOW. These two really are amazing together in this film. I know this film isn't flashy in any way, and the story may bother some people, but the acting is simply brilliant. Taissa Farmiga and Spencer Lofranco also put in very good performances. I also thought the work of Danielle Garcia and Stephen Borello were performed very well.

What I have noticed is that a movie such as this, isn't just the acting though. The writing and directing of this film are also done very well. It was a complete joy to for me to watch.

Bottom Line: If you enjoy well Written Dialog; A film that is very well Acted and Directed, with some Romance. You'll love this movie.
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Choosing Tomorrow
tieman643 April 2016
Adam Rodgers directs "At Middleton". Boasting a cute premise, the film watches as two middle-aged parents, played by Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga, attend a college tour with their kids. Not trusting their tour guide, the duo decide to explore the college on their own. They henceforth have several little adventures, an impromptu romance, and reveal various facets about their lives.

"At Middleton" is slight and can't escape the clichés it eventually writes itself into. It also borrows too heavily from Richard Linklater's romances and saddles Farmiga with another cheap Manic Pixie Dream Girl role. On the flip side, both Garcia and Farmiga are endearing, the film bounces well, is funny, and treats us to some gorgeous Washington State scenery, in which sunlit campuses welcome dreamy hearts into their hallowed halls.

7.5/10 - See "The Paper Chase", Minneli's "The Clock", "Liberal Arts", "You Can Count on Me" (2000), "Home for the Holidays", "Ali: Fear Eats the Soul" and "Away from Her".
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