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A fascinating subject, well-presented...
yortsnave6 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I am almost certain I saw this program broadcast on the History Channel on November 19 2005, and also in May 2007. In the version I saw, English-language narration was provided by Edward Herrmann with German narration by Joachim Höppner. This is a fascinating program about the relatives of Adolf Hitler, a subject shrouded in mystery. The program is an investigation into Adolf Hitler's relatives, including his sister, his half-brother and half-sister, and various nephews and cousins, some still alive today. As I remember, the relatives profiled are: sister Paula (archive footage of her was in the film); older half-brother Alois (who ran an inn); half-sister Angela; a niece who shot and killed herself; distant cousin Hans; nephew Heinz (who fought in WW2 and died after capture at the Russian front); and (perhaps the most interesting of all) nephew Willy, an English playboy who tried to blackmail Adolf and lived to tell the tale--he eventually fled to America and served in the U.S. Navy!
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