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A memorable sci-fi fantasy world with a human heart at its core.
Matt West11 April 2013
If there is a soul, it is made from the love we share.

There are many ways to describe Oblivion, but the softly spoken afterword by Tom Cruise's character really makes you feel the human heartbeat of this sci-fi epic.

As always, the trailer is full of explosions and set pieces. Oblivion the movie is an entirely different beast that values a human story and characters that are driven by common purpose. While the cast is tiny, I found much to enjoy from Cruise, Riseborough, Freeman and that Nordic guy from Headhunters who is showing up more frequently in Hollywood blockbusters. Aside from unusually limited screen-time, Morgan and other supporting cast are effective and memorable.

The threads of the plot are well-woven and I won't give anything away, so what I will tell you is to prepare for a powerful journey into the unknown where nothing is what it seems. Explosive set pieces take a backseat for sci-fi philosophy with twists to spare.

Oblivion ticks all the boxes for correct use of literary devices and establishes enough original cannon to stick in your mind long after the credits start rolling. It is a distinct success among the largely abysmal offerings of 2013 so far, don't miss it.
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If you like Sci Fi, you'll love this!
Glyn-52-91024214 July 2014
I hadn't really heard of Oblivion before I watched it, but I'm a big fan of Tom Cruise and his films, as he is such an excellent actor. Right from the start, the film doesn't disappoint. It has a real depth that a lot of action/Sci Fi films don't have. A beautiful ambient soundtrack is matched perfectly to the pace of the film and in it's own right is a work of excellence that I now listen to on my iPod.

The characters are believable, and as expected, Tom Cruise plays his character really well. Morgan Freeman also plays an excellent role here, and I feel was perfectly cast for his role.

The special effects are very good. The creators went to great efforts with many of the sets and props, constructing full size ships, and massive screens to project backgrounds, rather than just use blue screen and CGI, which I feel responsible for ruining many modern films. (The Star Wars prequels comes to mind!) Where CGI is used, it's not over the top, and blends well with the live action and real sets. The tower set is a work of pure beauty, and helps add to the bright and wide open feel of the film, if that makes sense.

As I said previously, the soundtrack is fantastic, and allows me to watch the film over and over without getting bored of it. The sound effects are excellent as well. Specifically the drones make excellent noises at various stages of the film.

The overall plot is very good. It has a good amount of twists, and real depth. It is all played out at a pace that seems to adapt perfectly to the story. Action sequences are fast, and deeper, more emotional sequences get the slower pace they deserve.

It's funny, but it's one of those films that maybe didn't win any awards and maybe didn't break box office records.. but I find myself watching it again and again as it's just so watchable and enjoyable. There very few films I own that I can watch, go back to the beginning, and watch again right away. Black Hawk Down is one of them, and now so is Oblivion. In fact I only watched it last week, but after writing this review, I'm tempted to watch it again tonight.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and continue to do so!
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As entertainment, brilliant....
portsea13 April 2013
I went to see this having read a few reviews, I also heard a review from a friend that Richard Wilkins on Australian critic had said it wasn't that good.

Well, I have no idea what film they saw, but it wasn't the one I saw. The start was a little slow, but still threw in some moments of concern to keep one on the edge. As the film settled on, it kept moving at a good pace. Story was a basic love story, mixed in with morality, but basically, love story.

Cgi was amazing, cinematography was brilliant, stunning even. All the main characters were easy on the eye too, always making it easier to want to watch.

Plot wasn't sophisticated, probably described as feel good, but frankly, it was perfect. I left a 2 hour film and wasn't bored for a second.

Cruise, for all the press on him and his supposed kookiness, I don't care, he carried the film.....

GO SEE THIS, pure entertainment.
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Visually excellent though slightly too long
Matthew Wood11 April 2013
This movie is - without a doubt - one of the most visually spectacular that I have ever seen, standing shoulder-to-shoulder in that department with the likes of Watchmen, Prometheus, Sunshine and Kosinski's preceding effort - TRON: Legacy. Also (like TRON) the soundtrack is excellent and very well used throughout, enhancing the action and adding depth to some - at times - distinctly average acting performances.

Tom Cruise plays Tom Cruise but that's not a bad thing in this case, in fact his natural charisma carries the movie through some of its slower sections. Morgan Freeman plays Morgan Freeman though he's really not on screen for long enough to influence the movie one way or another. Olga Kurylenko's statuesque profile is unfortunately not matched by her acting ability and I often found it difficult to believe in her character's actions and emotions. Andrea Riseborough turns in maybe the best performance, convincing as the sad and confused Victoria, unwilling - or perhaps unable - to confront the disturbing truth.

At over 2 hours I think that it's too long by about 20 minutes. A shorter cut would tighten up the story and eliminate some of the slower sections which I think hurt the movie's overall rhythm and flow.

Overall, I would definitely recommend going to see this movie in the cinema, on the biggest screen that you can find. It just won't be the same on TV. The visual appeal alone is reason enough, but combined with a clever (if not entirely original) script, a thumping soundtrack and some exciting action, you should be entertained.
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Spoiler-free review, the less you know the better you'll enjoy it
Hal_Computer17 April 2013
I really wanted to see this movie from the first time I saw the movie trailer a long time ago. I came up with all sorts of fun endings in my own mind based on the trailer and eventually my curiosity caused me to read too much and I read some spoilers that I wish I hadn't. I still enjoyed the film immensely, but wish I hadn't read the spoilers and suggest you shy away from all potential spoilers, reading as little as possible before seeing the movie. So when you're done with this review, don't read anymore, just go see the movie.

I had the good fortune of watching this movie at an advance screening on a smaller IMAX screen and I really enjoyed it, as did the huge audience, judging by the lively and jovial banter as people exited. The movie follows Jack Harper who is a drone repair tech in a future earth that has been ravaged by an alien invasion. He has a by-the-books eye-in-the-sky (literally) assistant named Victoria (nicknamed Vika) who watches out for Jack and reports to Central. They live together in a sky platform to avoid the alien scavs who come out at night. Jack is keeping the drones repaired to defend huge energy machines from being attacked by the scavs. Once enough energy has been stored up from the world's oceans by the energy machines, the remaining survivors of earth hope to leave in a few short weeks for the safety of a new base on Saturn's Titan. To protect certain things, Jack and Victoria's memories have been erased before their present situation. Jack is confused about why they have to leave earth, whereas Vika is ready to go, but they both cherish and respect each other. Then Jack meets Malcolm Beech who tells Jack that things are not exactly how they seem, which sets off a series of events that eventually lead to the end of the movie.

Some critics have mentioned something like "we've seen these ideas before" in other movies. While it's true that there's nothing totally new in this movie per se, that doesn't make the movie less appealing, IMO. Thinking back to when I was much younger and saw the trailer for the movie Independence Day in the theatre, I remember thinking that the movie looked really fun despite the fact that there've been a zillion alien invasion movies before, but I still hoped they'd do a great job with it because the trailer for the movie was awesome. Was there anything earth-shatteringly new about the movie? Not really, but it was still excellent entertainment. That's how I feel about Oblivion. To me, it's great entertainment.

The only minor complaints I had was that the volume of the music while Jack and Vika were in the pool was too much and sometimes things dragged ever so slightly between action sequences. Overall though, this movie was definitely a remarkable treat.
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Excellent Sci Fi movie - do NOT read spoilers!
sandimcg12 April 2013
I SO enjoyed this movie - always LOVE to see a very entertaining sci-fi film. This one really must be seen on a big screen. But don't let anyone tell you about the movie plot (which is excellent)!!! If they start to do so, stick your fingers in your ears and hum! Don't be tempted to read spoilers!

Part of your fullest enjoyment of this film would come from everything about it being a surprise. If you like sci-fi, you will thoroughly enjoy the plot line, the action, the actors, wonderful visuals of earth, the music and the well-done special effects.

Just watch the trailer if you need to be intrigued. It is a well done representation.
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Fantastic visual effects ensure a gripping and entertaining film
ollyc12317 April 2013
Before seeing this film in theaters it was tough to know what to expect. It immediately grasped my attention as the storyline was so different than anything I have seen as of late. Tom Cruise is the perfect man for the lead role, and does not fail to deliver a good performance. If you are a relatively simple person with a short attention span you may become a bit dazed and confused as to why certain components of the film are occurring, but it adds up in the end beyond measure. Although 'Oblivion' forces you to work slightly harder than usual in understanding the plot and each twist that it takes, it all comes together very well in this thrilling yet slightly confusing film. No doubt one of Kosinski's best so far.
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Don't know why this movie didn't make it
Ron Hardcastle19 August 2013
I have now watched this movie 3 times, and each time have liked it more than I did the first time, and even then I still enjoyed it a lot. I look at the litany of trash on the screen that DOES make a profit and am dismayed that this one was so unsuccessful. First, it's a GORGEOUS movie, and it definitely has a beating heart. I found the acting quite good, the story involving, and was quite moved more than once. And the technical staff was amazing! I suspect that it will do well on home video and cable and that one day we'll look back on it and wonder why in the world it did so poorly in its initial run. I applaud director Kosinsky and his fine team of actors and the legion of other professionals involved in bringing this to the screen. I REALLY enjoyed this movie!

31Jan14: Months later and I've watched it at least once more from my Blu-ray plus find it almost impossible to NOT watch it when I stumble across it on HBO, and I continue to find it absorbing and I STILL can't watch the end of it without crying! I find it embarrassing to write this, but I think I love this movie.
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poicop12 April 2013
They don't make many science fiction films these days. This was a pleasant surprise all throughout the film. Man did I like this film.

And in my opinion. Tom Cruise really likes what he does, and works at his craft as an actor very seriously. In my opinion 95% of Cruises movies in the last 10 years have been good choices. And I'm sick of what the media says about his personal life.

I am one who went and saw Prometheus with an open mind. And listened to what the director said about it NOT being an Aliens movie. And LOVED IT. Good Sci-fi. Such as this film.

It definitely turned out to be something I wasn't expecting.

Excellent Job by Everyone involved. Nice work Cruise!
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Entertaining, but in no way a masterpiece.
brun_v10 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Coming out of the theatres following my viewing of this film, I was confused. I couldn't decide whether I liked it or not.

The ending was rushed, clichéd and quite cheesy, that I was sure about. But I had enjoyed the film, more or less. The visuals are stunning. The cinematography was truly impressive and I think it is these Prometheus-esque visuals (in terms of quality) that successfully manage to distract you from what is actually quite an appalling film.

The storyline is shallow and the large majority of characters undeveloped (I honestly don't see much point in Morgan Freeman's character). Even after the real human faction is revealed and a group of drones rampage around massacring everyone, you just don't feel anywhere near the amount of sympathy as you should do.

When the super villain is finally revealed, anyone who has seen 2001: A Space Odyssey will have immediately recognised a blown up version of Hal. The (fairly predictable) clone twist is reminiscent of Moon although it is accepted by the characters after only a couple of seconds of conflict.

The first twenty minutes however, were very good (minus the lightning scene). The setting of the post apocalyptic time frame was laid out beautifully with a collection of scenes which almost reminded me of a futuristic version of I Am Legend.

Yes underneath the film is a very generic amalgamation of various sci-fis that came before and it is definitely not a masterpiece in itself, but to the open minded viewer it provides more than enough to give you an easy two hours of mild entertainment and pretty landscapes.

(Does anyone else question Tom Cruise's morals in stranding his wife alone in a valley for three years, thus forcing her to give birth by herself? Oh yeah and when did that happen? Hours after she was shot? Wait how did she recover?)
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"I am Jack Harper and I am Home"
A_Different_Drummer27 October 2016
For decades it has been an accepted fact of life in Hollywood that, no matter how good the movie, endings are a write-off.

Hollywood has learned the hard way that, no matter how good the film (or the book on which it is based) it is impossible to do an ending which satisfies the writer, the director, the producers, the critics, the audience and (duh!) reviewers like this one.

That is why, for literally as long as there have been movies, endings are changed at the last minute; and often even multiple endings are shot so that survey groups can be brought in to make the final choice.

The reason I gave this brief lecture on the importance of endings is simple -- going into the last 20 minutes, this was a rock solid film with a rock solid script and rock solid performances.

But the ending was ... perfect.

And perfect endings are so rare these days that I needed to write a review for posterity that does nothing except note this for future readers and future viewers.

Are we still an effective team???????????
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A unexpectedly really good movie.
kieran4498 March 2014
Without revealing any spoilers, I saw this movie "out of the blue". Never saw a trailer (I still haven't). I remember hearing the name of the movie and completely forgot about it, and just decided to take a chance and watch it on cable TV one night. It is a Sci-Fi movie with a human heart, so you don't need to be a science fiction fan to enjoy it. Also, I am not a Tom Cruise addict, but he does a great job in his usual way. In fact, all the actors portray their characters very well.

There is mystery, action, a little bit of love, and some adventure. The beginning is good, there is a high point, and the ending of the movie is satisfactory in my opinion. The special effects are executed in a way not to take away from the story or the plot, and the story does not revolve around them, but rather they are just a part of the story. If you are looking for a good movie to watch, I have to say it is well worth the viewing, not too predictable. Sit back and relax, you'll enjoy this gem.
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Encore !!
Nishendra Manathunga6 September 2013
One of the best Sci-Fi movies ever made . My self being a avid fan of Sci Fi movies and book fan. Has the right body in the start, the body of the story and the ending. each area was just right with the right amount of story line , emotion and suspense with a very clever write up. Super performance by Tom cruise,Olga Kurylenko,Andrea Riseborough and of course Morgan freeman.

Tribute the director and producer and all the staff who made it happen. Its been a while where was able to watch a good Sci-fi flick. With this one , it hit the bulls-eye.

the sound track is amazing , applause M83 and the beautiful voice of Susan Sunanne Sundffor

A true winner- My personal rating 10/10. I cannot imagine anything which could have been done better.
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An Orgasmic Audio-Visual Fair!
DexIMF12 April 2013
Here's a fine example of a film that may have an inconsistent and a familiar screenplay, but still makes up for an exciting watch due to its director Joseph Kosinski's extra-ordinary sense of creating spectacles that feel like breathing artworks. The effective background music makes them feel even grander. I think Kosinski's creative process starts basically from the music. It's essentially an orgasmic audio-visual fair, just like Kosinski's previous and debut film- Tron:Legacy. He's more ambitious here, and more passionate. Although, you can't help but recognize the influences behind the story-which are some sci-fi epics I won't name here-and feel deja-vu; it still never stops being exciting and interesting. Oh, BTW I suggest to listen to Oblivion OST by M83 (amazing shoegaze/electronica band) before going for the film. Really! M83's soundtrack feels like Hans Zimmer-Daft Punk-M83 all together at once. And that's effing awesome!

I wait for the day when Kosinski is handed an ambitious and promising screenplay. That day, I believe, he will make a master-piece worth savoring for lifetime.
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Oblivion movie review- beautiful, stylish, fantastic
Achyuta Ghosh14 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Granted Oblivion takes inspiration from countless sci-fi classics, granted that it lets a larger than life star consume it, granted it lets visual flair and elegance triumph mind bending probabilities, but there is no denying the fact that it is one hell of an entertainer, and probably THE sci-fi vehicle that Tom Cruise wanted all his life, Spielberg aside. A long preamble sets the dystopian background- it is the year 2077, and the earth has been devastated in a war with aliens who destroyed the moon, thus destabilizing the earth, causing earthquakes and tsunamis. Nuclear annihilation followed, and as the earth became inhabitable, the surviving humans moved to Titan, a moon of Saturn, while alien scavengers still roam the irradiated habitat. They still mine the earth's resources through giant reactors which are in turn protected by drones, which are maintained by a pair of technicians residing in a stylish, minimalistic floating facility in the clouds, with wiped out memories- Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) and Victoria Olsen (Andrea Riseborough), who are counting their days to their return to Saturn. Is this the truth? Who are Jack and Victoria? Why does Jack still have haunting memories of his past? Are there humans left on earth? Who won the war? "Is it possible to miss a place you've never been? To mourn a time you never lived?" Oblivion doffs it cap to gems such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, I am legend, Independence Day, @Moon, Star Wars, Total Recall, The Matrix and of course, WALL•E to create a striking, visually resplendent feature. Fresh from his Oscar for Life of Pi (film), Claudio Miranda creates an another unforgettable integration of cinematography and visual effects- an arresting landscape of desolate beauty pockmarked with craters and fallen signposts of humanity as we know it, and lush, unspoiled green valleys. The action is sporadic and effective, not overpowering, and there is a love triangle that is sensitively dealt with. Cruise here is playing one of his more affable characters, a dreamer trying to find out the meaning of his existence, taking direct inspiration from Sam Rockwell's stellar turn in the Moon. As revelations unravel, he gets into superstar mode with minimal fussiness- cool vehicles, check. Weapons, check. Beautiful babes, check. Mission to save the world, check. Risenborough is superb as the icy cool, rule following partner, Olga Kurylenko gives grace to an essentially damsel in distress role, while Morgan Freeman is his usual solid self in a cameo. Director Joseph Kosinski gives a graphic novel flair to the proceedings, and like his previous effort Tron Legacy, gives a solid bonus in the form of a surging musical score by French band M83.To sum up, Oblivion may not be terribly original, but it is stylish, well written and got performances to boot- especially Cruise who is in red hot form. It may not be a puzzle to solve, but in the immortal words of Roxette- it's got the look to warrant a trip to the theaters! Go on and enjoy a summer spectacle.
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A Hopeless Plot
Beno-1713 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Let me start by saying that the visuals in the movie are great, acting is reasonable, and although the general story is slow, it has a lot of potential. That is where the positivity ends. For me, the abundance of plot holes / inconsistencies completely ruined the film. Whilst some of these might seem like nitpicking, when you add them together it really detracts from what could have been a great movie. I was asking questions like;

  • The machines seem to have amazing technology, except being able to keep consistent radio transmission.

  • How did Jack and Victoria figure that their control centre / home was built with no humans? If by the machines, then surely the machines are capable of handling drone maintenance themselves, making their roles totally redundant?

  • Why does the machine mother ship's communication go offline constantly?

  • Why are the machines always short on drones?

  • Jack has an obvious disposition toward protecting humans, yet the other humans constantly wear armor that make them seem non-human? There is ample opportunity to approach Jack whilst he makes repairs or is on his own.

  • Despite Jack / Victoria's control center / home being somewhere in the stratosphere, it seems to have swimming temperature and calm wind conditions.

  • Why does Victoria's character have her head completely in the sand, whilst Jack appears to be quite free-thinking?

  • Why are the drone cameras not visible to the machine control? This would have exposed significant intelligence about the humans numerous times. It is standard even with drone technology today.

  • How can the flight log still hear what the NASA flight crew are saying whilst they fly into the white light? If it was in the crashed ship then it must have been disconnected with the sleeping passengers (this is a clear error)?

  • The machine mothership didn't consider that maybe Jack was smuggling something into the ship? Especially after it was clear he knew that they were not human?

  • Broken drones are easily repaired with chewing gum.

  • How did Jack build an entire home on the lake with no obvious access to building equipment or resources?

  • The machines could scan Jack's ship upon entry (presumably by some sort of infrared) and see that there was another passenger, but were not able to distinguish a male from a female? Despite them at times being able to match Jack's DNA on visual recognition?

  • In 2017 suspended animation seems to have been perfected?

  • Why were Jack and Victoria due to go back to Triton in two weeks?

  • The aliens seem to have not nailed memory wiping technology at all.

I could go on and on, but this is just the tip of an iceberg for a truly ridiculous plot.
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andrevski22 March 2014
I absolutely love this movie.I have seen it three times and every time I see the beginning(first 5-10 min.)I get goosebumps.I don't know why,maybe is the narrative or the music. M83 have done a perfect score for this movie.Joseph Kosinski knows how to choose the music for his movies.He did a great job with Tron:Legacy by getting Daft Punk to do the score.Visually it is stunning. And I don't care what people say about Tom Cruise,he simply carries the whole movie and is a great actor. To me this is one of the greatest science fiction movies ever made,if not the greatest.And I have seen most of them.It deserves a much higher rating. If you like sci-fi you should definitely see this.Brilliant. 10 out of 10.
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Visually stunning Science fiction
mhhrobbins10 April 2013
The new film from the director Joseph Kosinski who directed 2010's Tron Legacy, has two things going for it, his brilliant visual style and a brilliant score this time provided by M83 rather than Daft Punk who scored Tron Legacy. The film is rapturously beautiful, it was filmed with 4K cameras which is definitely the way in which to see it as it was stunning. The film stars Tom Cruise who can make anything watchable (as he did with Knight and Day, barely) and he brings a familiar face for somewhere completely foreign territory, as the world has been devastated by a war for earth. He is joined by Morgan Freeman who does not feature as much as the poster would have you believe, also Andrea Riseborough and Olga Kurylenko. The best thing about the film is the action which works very well and we have a Texan Melissa Leo at mission control who is a figure of mystery and plays to some of the more interesting parts of the film such as who creation and the feeling of home, which Cruise does. The film has the tag-line "Earth is a memory worth fighting for" and this film is definitely worth seeing on the biggest screen with the best projector possible.
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Predictable, but very entertaining
darthchris1930 April 2013
You will benefit a lot if you do not watch the trailer I noticed. The trailer shows too much and it makes the obvious twist in this movie even more so obvious. First lets go through the cast. Tom Cruise did an excellent job as Jack and Olga Kurylenko also delivered as Julia. Their chemistry worked in the movie and I believed in their part of the story. But other actors chiefly Morgan freeman and Nikolaj Coaster-Waldau (Kingslayer in Game Of thrones) were criminally underused and had just a few bits of dialogue. It would have been better to cast lesser known actors to fill their role. The story itself is very interesting yet as most people will notice, highly predictable. Still there is enjoyment in this film since it is very beautiful to look at. The cinematography is excellent and the special effects are top notch. I was never bored during the movie and there are some plot twists that surprised by the time I was done watching. It might not be the summer blockbuster you were waiting for but you will not go out of the movie theatre disappointed!

My rating: 7.5
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One of the worst sci-fi's ever
smit-k17 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
*Review contains spoilers*

Though I am a big fan of sci-fi movies, this one made me sign-up to IMDb to send this movie to oblivion.

Sci-fi movies are always somewhat unbelievable, but this one... Ouch.

What's wrong with it? Just a short summary: 1) A house standing on only one pole several hundred meters in the sky, and isn't affected by the wind. 2) Highly sophisticated robots with worthless software because the damn things can't shoot straight, or at least, can't hit the main characters but can make a one-shot-one-kill to figurants/extras (even more stupid than in the Terminator-movies) 3) A planet-consuming giant space-robot who's too stupid to see through a simple deception (ending of the movie) 4) The planet-consuming giant space-robot looks like HAL2000 5) A totally barren planet with a 'secret' oasis, and somehow this oasis was only discovered by Tom's character nor affected by the global catastrophes. And the robots, nor the resistance seems to have discovered this place. 6) Awfully slow movie. Just enough storyline to fill an hour instead of two. 7) And again; stupid robots/AI. Come on people. Once the evil space-robot/AI-thingy discovered the rebel-hideout, it sends 3 killerbots. Once these killerbots are destroyed, none follow directly.

I mean, this is 2013 people. We've got smartphones, programs that can do the thinking for you. So imagine where we would be a 100 years in the future. The plot, and especially the behaviour of the robots, seems to be made up in the 70's or so.

And can someone tell me when the kid at the end of the movie was conceived? Surely not after the first raid on the rebel-hideout.

Not only do I want my time & money back, I also would like to see an apology from the makers. If you are to decide to make an sci-fi, make it a believable one. Start reading Asimov or something, that man thought about technological advancements and consequences. The writers of this movie just made sh*t up without even thinking about it.
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Exciting visuals and twists
Daniel Alexander14 September 2013
Just finished watching the film for a second time through. First time through at an extreme screen cinema and the second at home. At both locations the film was fantastic in terms of visual and sfx. The film was very well directed with a range of creative and visually pleasing shots and film techniques. The storyline itself was great with plenty of exciting twists and turns in the storyline. Admittedly, the first hour is not as exciting and the second - however it worked to explain the storyline which was one of the greatest aspects of the film. Definitely a must see - even after my second viewing I was able to enjoy and learn more about the film.
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Great Movie!
Benji Naesen12 September 2013
Dear IMDb readers, Up to this day, I've never bitten of nails like in this movie. It wasn't boring though it was 124 minutes long. I enjoyed it fully till the end. I was surprised that this story was so intriguing and was sort of a mystery/"have to think" movie. I thought this would be not as good as it was. It exactly showed me the movie I needed after a long day of school. I found this at least a note-worthy movie which has a chance to be in the top 5 2013. I hope others will love it too. I know they will. This is the movie the world needs. This is one to remember.

Dear love, Benjamin.
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If The Matrix, Moon, Independence Day, & Terminator made a love baby, this is what would be born.
Matt McLeary12 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I found myself forcing movement during this film to ensure I didn't collapsed out of my seat under the immensely slow pace that this film goes at. Not only that, but it's far too predictable & has more holes than the Pope's socks! Sadly, it was a shocking film and I'm now searching to see how I can gain 2hrs of my back which were lost watching this.

It really was like plot thieves had come in and written a piece of work that was sliced together from The Matrix, Moon, Independence Day & Terminator.

The only decent part of the film, or one that I did actually sit up and pay attentive attention to was at the end, while Cruise plays the flight tape recorded of the NASA flight that found the alien ship; now that, was some good five minutes of my life. Really enjoyed it and would have liked to have seen more of that. Oh and be aware, there's the cheesiest entrance to this film that's like a very bad aftershave advert for "old man river's cent".

I'd wait until it's on Sky as it's so slow, it would help with that Sunday roast laze that happens to us all.
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