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  • The crew of the Antares has to scramble when systems begin to fail and they are unable to get them back on line. Unaware that Ajay has been sacked, they fail to understand why he isn't at the control center helping them out. In flashbacks, it's revealed that Ajay had actually worked at the company that built the space ship and there are few, if anyone, in the ISO who knows more about the ship than he does. Paula Morales has recovered from her bout of space sickness and resumes her teaching lessons from space. Nadia Schilling continues to try and entice Maddox Donner but he isn't too cooperative.


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  • Power on the ship fails intermittently, causing the loss of gravity, light, and life support. Donner attempts to isolate the problem and calls on Ajay Sharma for help. Ajay is indisposed while having his heart problem remedied, but is able to assist. Some backstory is revealed on the relationship between Maddux Donner and Ajay. The solution to the problem is finally found, thanks to Ajay's advice, in a roundabout way. A relationship between Nadia and Maddux Donner is revealed, and some byplay with Zoe is a complication. There is an explanation given for why their hair doesn't float in zero-g. Evram suffers some combat flashbacks during the power cuts and reveals some of his past to Jen Crane. Paula and Steve spend some time together during a power outage, Paula helps Steve but he fails to redeem himself. During an EVA, Donner is distracted by the ghosts of Mars. The anniversary of the end of the Mars mission is also remembered.

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