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4 horsemen of apocalypse
Stanlee1073 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This is not for those that are triggered by school shooting... Four teenagers are attending detention for an awful incident they all participated in during a school shooting. It has a supernatural elements linked to horror from the past.

It is very disjointed & I could not easily follow what was going on. It is as though the film makers made this high on some illegal drugs. The murder scenes are done so nonchalantly & I gave up in trying to understand the killer's motives.... It is not an easy watch but the supernatural elements did nothing but confuse/ distract you.
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its a school attack
ops-5253521 September 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This is a little ephistel about a sinister phenomenon of today, namely more or less planned shootings at crowds, concerts and in schools. i let myself in to this havoc just to see how much horror it really was .and im sorry to say its not a horror film, rather a kind of psychoslasher with parapsycholigical vibes, and hallusinative schizoactivity, made so on the intent to scare, and hopefully not to be copycated.

4 youths has been reprimanded and set to clean up the mess at their school after a bloody hit at their school. unwilling they are, and they all notice the school is completely locked down. at the same time well get glimpses of 4 sinister mask wearing guys with strobonomic voices, on the hunt for something. as the cleaning proceeds, there are lots of spooky things and messy visions that occurs in front of the pupils, and they find an unconnected tvscreen that shows filmed footage of the ordeal... the rest i will not spoil, but its dark messy and not easy devourable for a fainthearted sole.

why make films like this, hmmmm thats the big question of today. it has a bizzare feel of unconscious brainwashing of todays youth and i will not recommend a view by kids, if youre an committed and conscious adult, stay away from this at the saturday family dinner. its gross and wild, the grumpy old man thinks
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Low budget horror tries something different
nashw8228 November 2020
This low budget presumably indie horror is interesting and it definitely does something a little different. The idea is not new to the horror genre but the setting and main situation driving the narrative is different. The biggest issue is that they give away too much of the twist early on so that the big reveal is not a revelation at all but just a well duh moment. The acting is mixed and the female lead who plays Mouse is the strongest of the four. The special effects rely too much on CGI which seems take away from the creepiness, what ever happened to good old low budget horrors using practical effects? The jump scares full flat due to this lack of tension and creepiness. Not a high recommendation but maybe check it out if you like to watch a lot of low budge horror.
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Amazing surreal mindf@@k film about a school shooting
DavidLTamarin2 February 2021
Warning: Spoilers
This is really a great film, and Jeremy Kasten has done a fantastic job directing it. It's a film about a school shooting, but it is told as a supernatural film, which I don't think has been done before, and the result is a very powerful moving film about a major problem we have in America. The young actors are uniformly excellent, and the surreal imagery is something you won't forgot too soon. The plot involves four students assigned to clean up their school after there has been some type of catastrophe. The four kids are not alone though. There are four school shooters based on the four horsemen of the apocalypse who look the kids in the school and then hunt them down. This leads to many revelations about the characters and why they behave and act the way they do. There is a lot of great gore and special effects that will definitely attract horror fans. This is an important movie that tackles a very important phenomenon, school shooting (and violence in general). It is a brave and uncompromising film and viewers should be pleasantly surprised by the film. The visual effects in particular are excellent. Another winner from director Jeremy Kasten.
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Problematic and underwhelming effort without much going for it
kannibalcorpsegrinder1 October 2020
Assigned to a summer detention class, a group of outcast students cleaning up after hours begins to suspect something is following them for a past trauma committed at the school involving a group of armed masked shooters and must try to get out of the school alive before those incidents threaten to consume the group.

This was a somewhat problematic entry. Among the few positives to be had here is the film's highly enjoyable brutality dished out the few times we see the gang cut loose and get crazy on their victims. The bluntness and absolutely unnerving manner in which they play with their victims and begin shooting up the school in the flashback is a fantastic way to get some positives going as there's an enjoyable aspect to the brutality and bloodshed offered in cold, stark fashion with the way they mow victims down or begin slashing at them. However, outside of the creepy masks they wear, that's all this has going for it. This one does have some issues with it. Among the biggest problems is the complete and total lack of any kind of explanation for anything. The idea of the kids staying after hours at the school is never discussion as we don't get any idea what their infraction was that sent them there or why no adult is keeping an eye on them as they seem to be there as punishment. However, with no teacher keeping an eye on them to ensure they complete it or backstory about what their history is since we're just dropped into this without much info about them making it incredibly difficult to care about them bickering and fighting at the very beginning. That carries over into the biker gang terrorizing the school, as we get absolutely nothing about them at all. They seem to show up to the school randomly without any kind of purpose or plan as to what's going on, go out of their way to avoid the group until it comes time to attack them and are acting like such spastic weirdoes it seems unlikely they'd be able to accomplish anything given their erratic outbursts and barely any information given about what they're attempting. Even that little bit of information doesn't amount to much as it gets muddled through the tactics they're trying to accomplish it with. The other problem with this one is the seemingly disjointed plotline that doesn't make any kind of sense whatsoever. The main idea of this one makes no sense with the flashbacks to the rampage going concurrently with their real-life struggles which is incredibly convoluted and confusing, especially once it brings in a quasi-supernatural feel that has no business being in the storyline. It changes what's going on and does so for no reason, turning this into a jumbled, confusing mess and completes the uninterest generated by the rest of the film. This is the biggest drawback to this one and effectively ruins what could've been with this one.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.
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A Predictable Yet Well Told Tale
undeadlovers7 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I cannot understand how some people miss the whole point and concept of this film. I admit I guessed the whole plot and twist about 20 minutes in, yet that did not spoil my enjoyment because I watched it properly. Scottie, Mouse, Emily and Louis are all driven to their high school with instructions that they have to clean up the mess they made. The place is aged and derelict. Not just your standard graffiti here and there, we're talking run to the ground closed off forever look to it. Ms Persephone is the tutor in charge, hard stone faced doesn't take any messing kind of teacher.

What we also witnessed pre credits was a group of high school kids tormenting a young lad who has his face covered in a video which went viral on YouTube. This of course connects with the plot in a big way. Before we go there, our teens look bewildered at the chaos whilst Persephone threatens that Ammit will eat their hearts. Mouse explains the Egyptian God status and why Ammit consumes the sinful hearts. Outside in the darkness, four people are putting on hideous masks to represent the Horsemen and are getting ready for something. They head into the school after chaining the doors up. We find out that Emily is off her medication, so is becoming quite erratic in her behaviour from the start. After Scottie sees the four masked figures who run past him totally ignoring him, Mouse looks for Ms Persephone. The tutor is sat in her office surrounded by photos of a screaming child. Mouse asks if the heating can be turned down a bit. "But it's so cold." says the woman and turns, half her head is missing....... Thus begins a continued nightmare as visions and nasty things occur moment after moment, reminding me very much of Event Horizon. The use of the darkness and the derelict corridors is perfectly old school, turning the building itself into a character. It all comes together and clearly explains the goings on which many will have (like myself) guessed by a certain early point in the film. The Dead Ones is a simple tale well written and excellently played. Recommended for Halloween viewing or just a creepy night in.
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Well this experiment really isn't going to land with people caw caw
AngryCrow19914 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This movie tries something very experimental and honestly drug inducing caw caw. The type of plot is something straight out of a small budget anime series.

It's main plot is around a school being attacked and it is quite graphic caw caw however some of the cgi being is downright laughable caw caw.

I also learned today that being a professional "maggot wrangler" is a job caw caw.

Give it a watch if your in the mood for something very experimental. Otherwise this is a hard pass caw caw. No nudity or real good gore caw caw.
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Deserves More Love
davidhagenstein13 November 2020
This movie really is better than the 3.1 and the reviews led you to believe. I usually give a movie like this or this genre about 15 to 20 minutes to engage me enough to continue to watch it. I was actually going to give up on this movie within that time frame but then got drown in. The reason for this was the cgi and green screen work up to 15 minutes or so was extremely amateurish. Then the movie found another gear and didn't stop excellerating till the end. I loved the story line even though at times it gets a little confusing. I believe this movie deserves to be watched for what it is and where it goes. Definitely needs more than a 3.1 rating.
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