"The Mentalist" The Scarlet Letter (TV Episode 2009) Poster

(TV Series)


Robin Tunney: Teresa Lisbon



  • Dr. Roy Carmen : Do you know why counseling is mandatory for CBI agents who have been involved in a shooting?

    Teresa Lisbon : Because nobody would come if it was voluntary?

  • Patrick Jane : You'd think a politician would have thicker skin.

    Teresa Lisbon : You accused them of lying about their sex life, and you're surprised that they're upset?

  • Virgil Minelli : Step carefully. I want daily reports. Oh, and how did the Bats interview go?

    Patrick Jane : Oh, that was very exciting.

    [Jane leaves] 

    Virgil Minelli : What did he do?

    Teresa Lisbon : Nothing that can't be repaired.

    [Lisbon leaves] 

  • Coroner Steiner : You're the consultant that pretends to read minds, aren't you?

    Patrick Jane : No. I don't pretend to read minds, I *do* read minds. Don't we all look at Lisbon and see what she's thinking.

    Teresa Lisbon : No kidding.

    Patrick Jane : And I can see what you're thinking right now.

    Coroner Steiner : I was thinking that you, sir, are a bumptious fool, and I was wondering exactly what training in forensic pathology you have.

    Patrick Jane : Ah. But right before that, you were wondering whether you would choose Lisbon or Van Pelt as your concubine in that little fantasy kingdom you like to visit sometimes.

  • Teresa Lisbon : Main thing is you keep him in there long enough for us to search his car. Be friendly, he thinks he's a player, he'll eat it up.

    Grace Van Pelt : What do mean "be friendly?"

    Teresa Lisbon : Need a map?... Good luck.

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