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This had everything it needed for success but solid writing
kevin_robbins3 October 2022
The Munsters (2022) is a movie my wife and I watched on Netflix last night. The storyline follows a legacy Transylvanian family that's daughter is up for marriage but is struggling to find a worthwhile suitor. However, a recently created monster, named Hermann Munster, is making the local news and rise in the underground rock arena and appears bound to be a star. When he meets the daughter looking for a husband it may be the spark to stardom for both of them.

This movie is directed by Rob Zombie (House of 1,000 Corpses) and stars Sheri Moon Zombie (The Lords of Salem), Jeff Daniel Phillips (Westworld), Richard Brake (Barbarian), Jorge Garcia (Cooties) and Daniel Roebuck (The Fugitive).

The look and feel of this movie had so much potential. The makeup, lighting, sets, attire, props and cinematography is magnificent. This is a fun movie to watch...if you shut the volume off. The writing is absolutely horrendous. The storyline, jokes, one liners and all of the humor was a huge miss. I did enjoy the transition and depiction of America and the ending setup for a television series/sequel spinoff. But getting through this movie was brutal.

Overall, this had everything it needed for success but solid writing. I would score this a 4/10 and try seeing it once.
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The sets were the best part.
tankboy-4685128 September 2022
So, just to start off, I am a Rob Zombie fan. I don't like all his films, but I respect when he swings for the fences and gets a win. Some hits and some misses.

I went into this wanting Rob Zombie to pull a rabbit out of his hat and blow everyone away.

Pros: the sets are really cool. Whoever designed them and anyone that worked on it should feel proud. They look awesome. I'm kinda jealous. If I ever made a movie, I'd love to use them. The lighting was cool too. I know the garish green and purple highlighting will bother some people, but I kinda dig that sort of stuff. And the acting actually wasn't bad either. Everyone was trying really hard with their respective performances and trying to be campy.

Cons: there is something really off about the movie I can't put my finger on. The editing feels "slow" or "delayed" maybe? I can't explain it but maybe some tightening up was in order. The music (or sound effects rather) are trying to imitate the old 60's show. And it doesn't work. They could've hired someone to compose a memorable score and it would've been a lot better. And finally... the film is boring. It feels like it's three hours long. It's really not funny. Rob should have hired another writer to polish things up. Play to your strengths.

There are things that could've been enhanced and the movie would work soooo much better. I'm afraid to say, I think this one's a miss.
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Torn right down the middle...
Benedict0227 September 2022
I'll be honest, the second i saw the obviously out of place title card - my heart sank a little. I interpreted it as a sign of things to come, and i wasn't entirely wrong.

While i did enjoy some aspects of this film, it felt so tonally off, and it wasn't helped by certain cinematic choices. It feels like it tries too hard with the visual humour when the strong suit of The Munsters has always been subtle humour with an alternate take on modern life, but Rob Zombie's choice to structure the film as a cartoon come to life just feels like an unnecessary step to take since you're dealing with what're essentially Universal horror monsters. The transitions are incredibly jarring and they really take you out of the moment, and since they're so frequently spaced throughout the film and get worse with each one it really feels like the film never even has a chance to get going. Which is only made worse but the strange pacing of the plot and and a very sudden ending that comes out of nowhere.

As for the cinematic choices, not concerning transitions, the green lighting is so disheartening. It's unbelievably overused and it takes so much away from some of the more beautifully detailed sets. I can't really think of why it's used so much, other than perhaps as an homage to the green skin of the black and white characters that was always hinted to in the sixties show, but when you have actors caked in colourful makeup the lighting just comes across as another unnecessary presentation choice.

It's not always pleasant to look at and the jokes don't always land, but it does have it's enjoyable moments - such as Richard Brake's overly campy performance channelling Vincent Price from his B movie performances in the Roger Corman 'Poe' movies - yet it's hard to justify the film's existence on that basis since it doesn't have much to offer fans of the source material, and i honestly can't see this depiction of the characters appealing to a new generation of fans.

There have been numerous attempts to reboot this series since the 1960s (and not to doom this movie to failure just yet), but none of them have been successful in their attempt at rebooting the property. However, it still feels as though it has been done better, and on more than one occasion. In 1995, Fox's Halloween TV special "Here Come the Munsters," was a delightful reiteration of The Munsters which provided the family an origin and was effective in spawning another sequel and being as close to the original series as you could get. And more recently the Halloween special in 2012, "Mockingbird Lane," provided the family with a much darker edge that they desperately needed to settle into a new century, and sadly this reboot did fail. But in comparison - especially as Tim Burton's "Wednesday" series is soon to be released - i do think a more serious and darker take on The Munsters is what would have been needed in 2022 instead of a rehash of the original show which just exists as a queer vanity project for a hardcore fan of the show.

I am a huge fan of The Munsters and Rob Zombie's but sadly this just felt a little off to me. And maybe it's just because i really wanted to like it, but can't avoid it's abundantly obvious flaws.

I will give it another chance, since it does have a certain appeal, and i may bump it up to three stars depending on how i like the film when i watch it in black and white. Nevertheless, on a first watch for a big fan, I'm completely split down the middle.
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Really Disappointing Movie!
collectorofsorts27 September 2022
I was really hopeful when I heard about the remake. I mean, it's got Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) in it. Who doesn't love her?

But the script was horrible! There's no humor in it. It's like an exaggerated spoof with no respect to the original material.

I'm just dumbfounded that this movie ever got produced. I can't even like the characters because they're nothing like the ones I grew up watching. The Munsters were always about the comedy. But there were only like three times during the entire movie that even made me crack a smile.

I'm giving this movie a four star rating. And, honestly, I think I'm being generous doing that. Give it a watch and see what you think!
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I kinda liked it
tikitim-765201 October 2022
Okay so I understand the negative reviews. It was pretty cheesy and dumb and the script was lacking. If you compare it to the original you will be very disappointed. Still I was somewhat entertained and got a few laughs out of it. The acting wasn't great but I did think the lead actor who played Herman was pretty good. I got the most laughs from him. The actress who played Lily left a lot to be desired and Grandpa was meh. The sets were kind of cool and it got me in the Halloween spirit. I will agree that the use of green lighting was overkill. Would I see it again? No. But it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be based on all of the terrible reviews. So I am split down the middle on this. It could have been much better but it also could have been worse in my opinion.
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If you take this for what it is, its brilliant.
johnkenerson28 September 2022
This is a camp sendup of an already campy 60's sitcom. Visually, it's a living comic book haunted house. The acting is hammy, just like the original show and it's just fun to watch. Sherrie Moon Zombie does a great job as an over the top 60's throwback, and Herman is really amusing. Don't go into this movie thinking it's going to be an imaginative sendup. It truly feels like a labor of love for Rob Zombie. I wouldn't pay to see it in the theater, and it won't win any Oscars (except maybe technical ones) but it's a good way to get away from the world for a bit.

I'm normally not a fan of Rob Zombie's films, but this one you can tell there's a lot of his passion and creativity behind it. He had fun with it, you should too.
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A Mega Disappointment
johnnyhbtvs279 October 2022
The Munsters is a strange one. The first hour is completely abysmal and is verging on one star territory. The second half picks up and once they become a family and the movie more resembles the tv show, it is a lot better.

All the stuff with Dr. Wolfgang & Floop is played so over the top (like all the movie) it becomes a distraction and takes you out of it. Richard Brake's performance is definitely the worst in the film. The early scenes with 'Nosferatu' were also a bad choice.

The last half hour when the Munsters move into their new home is well done and is almost like a confined episode in itself. I wish the whole movie was like this and not the excruciating first hour we are treated to. It would have been good to see Eddie at least for a little bit or even hint at the idea of him towards the end.

The Munsters is ultimately a frustrating failure as Rob Zombie shows flashes of promise and clearly has a love for the project but the first hour of the movie really is unforgivable.
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An amusing little treat for the Halloween season
aidanratesmovies27 September 2022
Although it can be rather messy at times, The Munsters (2022) is just campy and upbeat enough to make for a fun flick. I love everything about the look of thi film, it just screams late 50's/ early 60's matinee. From its gorgeous gothic imagery, incredible costume and set design, to cheeky camera angles and gorgeous cinematography- The Munsters best quality is definitely its incredible sense of style and atmosphere. Where the film lacks can be in a few different areas, but mostly editing. The film does feel sloppily put together, which is a shame because everything else seems so well put together. Sure the script is pretty basic and even quite corny, but it's done in a way that feels endearing- like catching an old sitcom on satellite television. The jokes are cheesy and there is just so much camp to be had with it, so I can understand some distaste for the film for that, but not nearly enough for it to be as hated upon as it seems to be right now. I for one have always despised Rob Zombie as a director, finding his remakes of the first two Halloween films to be disgraceful and his infamous films like House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects to be in incredibly poor taste as well. This film feels much more in the spirit of films Zombie has done like 31, which I actually had an okay time watching, and found it entertaining enough to be amused. It's hardly perfect entertainment, and in terms of content it's certainly different, but they both have an endearing slapstick nature to them that just works if you turn your brain off for a bit. Sure this films a mess, but it does have charm, something many horror films continue to forget about today in the wake of remakes, reboots, and rebootquels. The cast is fun for this one as well, with Sheri Moon Zombie actually providing a decent lead performance, along with Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman Munster who does an excellent job and some fun casting in smaller parts as well. In the end, The Munsters doesn't nearly deserve the hate it has received. It's far from a good movie, but manages to be fun in all the right places, and with it being a film based upon a classic sitcom, I feel it hits all the notes it needs to.

My Rating: 6.7/10.
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A Munstrosity!
hemisphere65-110 October 2022
The writing is awful, overall, but the plot line wouldn't matter much if the "jokes" were even slightly amusing.

It almost seems like the main goal was to make sure that no one wants more of this garbage!

The costumes were great and the sets were pretty cool, but there wasn't much else positive about this movie.

I do want to mention that Shari Moon Zombie obviously put in some time and research watching Yvonne Decarlo as Lily. It was great to see the same mannerisms and expressions, but most of the performances fall flat. This stands out even more with the over the top nonsense that simply isn't funny at all.
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Made for TV feel
kamikaze-428 September 2022
I always preferred The Munsters over The Addams Family. After hearing a lot of negative reviews about this film, I still decided to watch the movie. Of all the negative rants I have read, the reviews missed one major problem- The cast doesn't have the wit to pull this film off. It's just meh for me.

The original cast (Fred Gwynne, Yvonne DeCarlo and Al Lewis) could run rings around the dialogue given. The new cast seems to not want to bother turning in a performance.

The film has too much of a TV movie feel. It might work well for children but not fans of The Munsters

I can see why Universal chose not to release this film to the theaters.
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If you take it for what he was going for
MajBlade230 September 2022
At first I wasn't that impressed then I really thought back to the weirdness that the original show had and how it was playing on the 60's with monsters.

Like others have mentioned though the tone is still off a bit and probably would have made a better 1 hour tv show then a movie The colors took getting used to as the original was in black and white and while I think he was going for cartoon quality and it looks like he got it. It doesn't work for this movie.

The cast is competent I really dont have a problem with the acting the dialogue could have been better and I lay that at Robs feet.

I think its fine as a silly movie on netflix a theatrical release probably would have been a disaster.
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Neon Goth Meets Beetleborgs
dmoorejr28 September 2022
Rob Zombie will always have haters. Sometimes it's warranted. This time it's not. The Munster's breathes a fresh take into old bones. The neon goth aesthetic cuts through the mundane tone of the original series amplifying it's wacky nature. The cast was wonderful. Felt like I was watching an episode of Beetleborgs. And if you're a 90s kid that's a good thing! My only gripe was it was a little long. I went into this flick with an open mind, now I actually want to see more from these characters! I'm no diehard Munsters fan, however this flick put me back into that world. I cant imagine a better way to being these characters back to life.
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The Making of the Munsters
thesar-23 October 2022
Well, that sucks. No, not the movie. I just wish it had.

I love 10/10 star movies as equally as I do 1/10 ones. For every The Silence of the Lambs there's The Room. The Birds to Birdemic. Since I had very little interest in this - so much so, I did NOT at all know this movie even being made until the trailer dropped in July, I watched the enormously hated trailer. My eyes even got big because I wanted to see the disaster unfold in front of me.

So, I guess you could say I was disappointed with how not bad it was. Great? NO. Good? Eh. Depends. How bad of a fan are you of the classic 1960s sitcom? On a scale of 1-10, are you a 100? You might be the target audience!

This is the prequel tale of Herman Munster's creation and meeting his soul mate, Lily with her grandfather in tow. Through some sitcomish hijinks, the Munsters are bankrupt and need to, well, just tell jokes and accident their way through to the end credits segment.

Right. Well, I didn't hate it. Sure, some scenes and a ton of jokes didn't work, but this was written, shot and acted like it was just an overlong episode from 1964. This, sadly was not modernized whatsoever. I would've loved if it took the route of The Brady Bunch from the 90s or even The Addams Family, same decade. So, you'll have to accept this humor and style is solely from the mid-60s.

Once that was established early on, I accepted it and admittedly, I chuckled throughout and even busted out laughing a couple of times. The first and one I remember the most was Herman's intro and the piano. Totally caught me off guard.

What's really missing is the children. But this sounds like it was Rob's advertisement for a sequel which would produce the children. Though, it still worked as the introduction of the leads.

I did love how Rob owned the bright colors, Dutch angles and other sitcom tricks of the past decades. Plus, a ton of the background props and signs totally cracked me up.

This is only recommended for those DIE-HARD OG 60s Munsters fans or people who can accept this basically is that series in a nutshell and not freakout on how un-modern it is.


Final Thoughts: The show was a favorite of mine in syndication as a child in the 80s. Used to watch this back-to-back with The Addams Family and loved both equally. I truly admired even though these were both sitcoms about fish-outta-water macabre families, they were truly different in tone. So, I appreciated both for their own styles.
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Silly Campy Fun!!!
Pumpkin_Man28 September 2022
This movie wasn't THAT bad! It's exactly what it wants to be; a fun silly tribute to classic Universal horror movies, and the original 1964 tv series. Rob Zombie absolutely loves the show, and I think he did a good job. Some of the jokes were kinda corny, and other jokes were better. Just turn your brain off and watch. All the actors did a good job. All the sets and costumes were on point.

A stereotypical mad scientist Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang and his hunchbacked assistant Floop rob graves for body parts to build an experimental creation. Floop is sent to get the brain of a genius, but ends up getting the brain of a dim-witted comedian. The experiment is a success and Herman Munster is born. Meanwhile, Lily is having trouble finding the man of her dreams. She soon sees Herman on tv and instantly falls in love. They meet and hit it off, much to the dismay of Lily's father, The Count, played by Dan Roebuck.

Herman and Lily have a cheesy 'date night' montage like karaoke night, getting tattoos, hanging out with Uncle Gilbert and watching Creature From the Black Lagoon' and eventually getting married. The movie doesn't have much of a plot. It's a big ol' love story with funny moments between Herman, Lily and The Count.

The ending felt a little rushed, but overall, I enjoyed it. If you love the original series, I would recommend ROB ZOMBIE'S THE MUNSTERS!!!
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I Liked It
sperare-3022430 September 2022
I enjoyed this movie. I used to watch the TV show so I appreciated all the references. Jeff Daniel Phillips was a fantastic Herman. Richard Brake is amazing in anything he does. Jorge Garcia was beyond funny. Elvira had a great part. I think the haters are taking this movie far too's supposed to be the original TV show. I don't understand why Rob Zombie gets so much grief for his movies. They aren't perfect but they are certainly entertaining and have THE best soundtracks. Why do I have to write so much just to submit a review? They make you write a novel before you can submit.
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It really is a delight
tomanc3 October 2022
This is a sweet comedy about people falling in love. It's a rom-com, but better. A delightful little Halloween comedy. Jeff Daniel Phillips and Sheri Moon are wonderful as Herman and Lily. Richard Brake is such a treat as Dr. Frankenstein, and Jorge Garcia (Hurley from Lost) shows up as his assistant. It made me realize how much I've missed his friendly, easy-going nature. He's great fun.

But Daniel Roebuck is the main attraction as Grandpa. His performance is really something special.

It's also a visual delight with 60's stye technicolor all over. Rob Zombie movies have always had great cimematography.

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Not a fan of this version,scary for all the wrong reasons..
ts-000027 September 2022
Almost decided to turn it off,only after 10 minutes!

However decided to watch it all,so glad that my decision was to stick it out.. I was right it was not great,felt so cheesy & not in a fun way.

Not really trying to be offensive,but Rob needs to stop casting his wife she just isn't great.. Could also be his directing,which affects her perhaps.

Set decor,costumes,makeup,locations & cinematography was(mostly)decent for things done.

Only wish for all the hype over creating Mockingbird Lane more would of been filmed there,once they finally arrived things felt rushed "probably"because a part 2 is coming.

Actors to even the acting,just felt weak or dragged in spots.. Thinking as mentioned above,might be due to Rob or even others involved in things he does.

I have been a fan of the Munsters growing up & enjoy,seeing any reruns today but honestly this was an awful homage so to speak.

Unfortunately not a movie,would consider watching.. again.

Bottom line: Disappointing! Was beyond excited for this,after seeing it was in the works.
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Introducing The Munsters
crazyferret-0342127 September 2022
At first I was skeptical about a Rob Zombie Munsters movie . I pre ordered the dvd and watched it a few days ago and I liked it. I thought Rob Zombie did a decent job of capturing the Munsters on film . The costume design, the vivid colors . The great performances by Daniel Roebuck and Sherie Moon Zombie,Jeff Daniel. Phillips and Cassandra Peterson in a non Elvira role. My only complaint is the goofy tv like music which makes me think it's a TV movie.i know most will not like this movie, but I enjoyed it . This is an origin story how Herman is created and when he meets lily. Grandpa doesn't approve. Watch for plenty of Easter eggs . Uncle Gilbert, and spot the dragon pet .cameos by Dee Wallace Stone, Butch Patrick and Pat Priest who provide voices. I hope they do a sequel and introduce Eddie and Marilyn.
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Give this a miss unless you're into being bored
eventlaunch27 September 2022
Unless you're into being bored out of your mind, give this a miss, seriously Rob Zombie not doing great as a director anymore and here it's like his out to prove his skeptics right. WTF was this everything about this was off unfortunately we can't give 0 so I was litrally forced to give it 1 star. When first I saw the announcement was happy kinda looking forward to it than the trailer. What can I say from the moment I saw the trailer it was somewhat obvious the movie was going to be a disaster. Boy was I proven right second it started something was off managed to watch upto half way so this is review of half the movie.
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Painful to watch
jtfsouth3 October 2022
I really don't know what criteria people use to rate this flick. It was just bad, and was cartoonish at best....and not even that. For someone who can shock his audiences I'm not sure who the audience was.... the people who remember the TV show? Or the generation who has no idea who the Munsters were.

The appeal of the original show was it was an unordinary family living in current society. This is a unordinary family just living in the unordinary society....which is just normal, it just isn't funny.

The jokes are just so incredibley campy it makes it less funny....if that is even possible.

This has to be in MY top 10 worst flicks ever seem.
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Horrible. Unwatchable. One of few films TRULY deserving of one star.
kercherdillon25 October 2022
There is nothing to enjoy about this film. From the moment it starts every joke falls FLAT. And I don't mean not funny, I mean you question how such a famous director would ever allow it in the first place.

The story makes no sense, jumping from scenario to scenario. I may be at a disadvantage for never watching the original, but it is the directors job to make a product released nearly 60 years after the original relatable to new audiences. He did NOT do that.

This is the only time I have ever felt that a 1 star out of 10 was truly needed, truly representative of the film's quality. It is, without a shadow of a doubt.

This is a waste of time. I can't believe anyone, even children, would enjoy this film. What a horrific mark on the career of Zombie.
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Does it work?
clintshannon-391242 October 2022
This is in my opinion a departure from Rob Zombies movie career and a throwback to his music videos, animated sequences, and stage shows. Cuts, vibrant contrasting colors...a comic book splash page brought to life. I think we saw some of this in The Lords of Salem, but a little more art house serious. Does it work? Maybe. It's not an easy watch, but it is great Halloween atmosphere, maybe on in the background at a party. No offense to Mr. Zombie but in my opinion he peaked at The Devils Rejects. But I did not see that filthy dirthouse magic in 31 or 3 From Hell. I'll give it a 6 because it's neat and looks amazing.
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This movie mocks a loved classic
thatleoguy4 October 2022
We need to stop acting like everything Rob Zombie does is going to be good . He should only be hired to do the horror genre .

This movie feels like it mocks and makes fun of a classic. I really wanted to like it. Instead it was a big let down not even worth the bandwidth it takes to stream it..

Sheri moon is out of place and doesn't fit the role at all. A fair casting should of been considered for this film .

The set was good and the shots where well done but after filming a few theatrical blockbusters we don't doubt Rob Zombies abilities to use a camera and build a film set and that's why watching a garbage film like this hurts as a fan. Stick to rated R movies with blood, guts and senseless killing.
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Rolling my eyes the whole time
Phantasiii27 September 2022
Nobody wanted or even asked for this, except for Rob Zombie himself. It was another vanity project for him. I'm just going to say it, he is a total hack. I wish "they" would stop him from making more movies. His wife isn't the talent bomb he think she is. A throw away walk on role? Fine! But the lead??? No. There were plenty of other actresses who could have played that role and done a better job of it. He made this for the nostalgia, nothing more and it shows. Great technicals, weak storytelling, as is always the case with his movies. Stick with music videos and YouTube shorts, you'll gain more respect Rob. Don't waste your time, just rewatch the classic show.
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WOW, never thought it would be this bad
HakuMashentay27 September 2022
Terrible movie. Really dissapointed as I enjoy zombies movies.

Zombies good films - House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, 31, 3 from Hell, Halloween Not so good films - The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, Halloween 2.

Awful films - The Lords of Salem, The Munsters

He should stick to what he is good at, he really could have made munsters scary but chose to go the pg route and the movie is awful, as bad as lords of salem. Terrible.

He really could have been imaginative and made this what he is really good at, horror/gore/trash but he chose to try commercial and failed.

In the right hands this could have been done so much better, bet burton in the 90's would have done an amazing job.
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