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Some loss in translation
jramalho1 September 2021
Not in a language sense. You can feel the creative energy involved in the project. You can also feel the doubts, fears and tensions of filming through a pandemic, and the reversed meta tone that accompanies the film as everyone struggles to adapt, and life stubbornly goes on despite everything else.

It is a very interesting project that I believe will make tremendous sense to all involved in it, but does not necessarily translate that well to an outside audience, who might be put off by haphazard moments and boredom. While I do realize that might be the point of showing creation (and life) during COVID it is a bit too long and too much in your face symbolically.
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Two directors smelling their own fart
bastiaan-1280920 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I would appreciate it if it was a good fart. Or even if it was a really really bad fart. But it's not even that. It's just a mediocre fart.

They tried and failed to achieve a docufiction crossover storyline about making a film during the pandemic. And how boring that time period can be. They literally did what every student film maker did last year for their bachelor's film: a still life of the sentiment during lockdown behind closed doors. Breaking the fourth wall and incorporating the pandemic situations. With the difference that some of those student films actually had depth. This was just a lazy, non-inventive variant of the non-genre. Very mediocre in almost all of its directing choices.

I'm sorry for Film Fest Gent to program this sigh of a movie. And I'm sorry for all the cast & crew to partake in the directors' inability to confront abnormal times and turn them into something beautiful.

Others will surely try to defend this movie for its artistic integrity and look for meaning where there is none. To those I say: Good for you! Have fun smelling mediocre farts!

Two stars because it's not worth the strong emotion of one.
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