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VERY adult, gross and sick but I'm ashamed to say hilarious
HelenMary18 May 2013
Difficult to rate because I'm conflicted. I have no idea why this hasn't been released in the UK, other than the fact that most of us probably don't get American Football references and it's probably not suitable to be aired on television generally. It's totally gross, sick, rude, inappropriate, blasphemous, obscene, cringeworthy and has jokes about just about everything that I personally find distasteful, and things that I'd usually turn off for. However, it is unavoidably hilarious. Laugh out loud funny even if you are berating yourself for finding something so horrible amusing. You know you should switch off but it's just too funny. It's definitely more boy-humour than girl-humour (think The Hangover) so I'm surprised I like it so much in that respect. None of the characters are particularly likable (I personally like Pete best), but you end up really attached to them, but the comedy is just so clever, fast and observational as well as horrible but there are some big names that have graced it's episodes from the world of Football and there's a great few eps with Jeff Goldblum to name one familiar actor - and he's his fabulous self as ever.

Basically set around the antics of six friends who are part of a fantasy football league, and the lengths they will go to to win their league trophy - the Shiva, named after a plain girl who went to their highschool with them who is now a very attractive doctor and friend. Do not watch this if you don't like bad language, violence, drugs, reference to any body parts, bodily functions or anything of a sexual nature. Or if you are squeamish. Or delicate. Or of a nervous disposition. Currently on four series and I hope there are more.
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standing on the shoulders of giants.. and succeeding!
returns_band7 February 2011
The League is a show about 5 high-school buddies facing everyday life concerns while mercilessly ridiculing each other and placing way too much importance on their fantasy football league!

From the outset this show is way funny, making use of the relaxed boundaries cable TV offers. Not at all politically correct and not concerned with hurt feelings. A good comparison is 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' but having more likable characters and relying more on good humour than shock value (for the most part).

The chemistry of the cast is great. The characters play off each other really well, especially after the series finds its feet, and make for some of the more memorable TV comedy figures in recent history.

I was compelled to check this show out after looking for more TV comedy and reading about comparisons to the almighty Seinfeld. I would agree with this assessment in that it has intricate, often intersecting story lines, while having everyday situations with absurd outcomes and definitely prescribing to the 'no-hugging, no learning' ethos of Seinfeld.

Setting it apart is the 'dude' humour, and a level of crassness you can't get away with on network TV.

I was not surprised to find out the creator, directors of 'The League' had written for Seinfeld and directed episodes of another brilliant comedy 'Curb Your Enthusiasm.'

Standing on the shoulders of giants indeed but definitely succeeding in delivering a hugely funny, unpredictable show with brilliant moments of dialogue and a developing world within the show!

Tim Thorne
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the league
bruntrd25 November 2009
when i first heard about this show being about fantasy football i was interested. but after seeing this show it is 80% comedy and 20% fantasy football. so you don't have to be a fantasy football player to enjoy it. obviously if you do like fantasy football you'll get all the jokes. but it also offers straight up guy comedy, and its really good guy comedy. the show is too funny, and its on cable. easily the funniest show fx has come out with. since always sunny started on hbo and doesn't really count, "the league" is their show. all i know is that i want to know what happens throughout the season. and if this series succeeds like it should, how can it end. because fantasy football is going to be around for a while. watch the show, its funny.
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Great Series, Love it!
nshafe18 November 2009
This series ranks as one of my favorites. Rescue me, Always Sunny, Now this...FX gets it. I've only seen the 1st two episodes and I have to say my buddies and I are hooked. Even my buddies agree that this is so funny. Mild profanity but nothing bad, and great characters. Well written, I cant wait for next week.

The ladies are super hot and the guys have lives other that fantasy football. This runs contrary to the belief of others that fantasy players and have no lives. We can enjoy playing it while carrying on a normal life.

Even if I didn't play fantasy football I'd watch this series. Im 42 and a professional male...I wonder if I'm the demographic or not?
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Excellent Comedy!
This is one of the best, by far in my opinion, comedies out there. For me it has successfully filled the void left by Arrested Development. There are other shows that fill this void as well but this one of the few shows that satisfies my desire for quick witted humor combined with sophomoric humor. My wife feels it's a guy's show. I can't entirely disagree. I would say it is definitely aimed at the very people it features. But also I would say anyone who likes sharp and fast humor like Arrested or Sunny will like this. There is definitely enough humor that goes outside fantasy football to appeal to a more general demographic. I think my favorite part of the is that it is lauded as semi scripted which to me really comes out in the dialogue. You can tell that there are times when they are genuinely laughing at the jokes or barbs each other throws out there unexpectedly. This also adds to the chemistry of the characters and the naturalness of the show. It really feels like you're watching 5 friends/couples going back and forth and arguing or discussing etc. Supposedly, and I believe it, the main actors are all friends in real life and even do a fantasy league with the shows creators. Regardless of whether that is true or not I think this is a true comedy gem that should be around for a long time.
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An Awesome show that I recommend even if you don't like football!
madd7415 November 2013
My dad has me hooked on this show. it took about 3 episodes before I absolutely had to watch. It is now a part of my DVR schedule, and if you have Netflix, the show has all seasons minus the 2013 season on it. It appears FxX is repeating a bunch of the 2013, so people should be able to catch up.

While it is based off a group that does fantasy football, they do an extremely great job of explaining things that require no football knowledge at all (even though, you may miss out on all the football player cameos that hit). About the only thing that is not explained well, that adds to the humor of many episodes, is the importance of the "first pick" when you create your team for the first time. Think of it like when you were in high school, and people were picking a team for basketball. If only one kid was 7' tall in senior high, obviously everyone wanted him first on their team.

It reminds me of an adult version of The Guild. When I say adult, there is a lot of drug and sex reference. When I say drug, when they hit the bong they actually hit the bong, and either real fake pot smoke or CGI smoke is seen, unlike some shows that only imply it. Also, you will see, at the least, the ass of a few guys as well as a girl. There are even a few "watching porn" scenes where I can't help but wonder how this show made it to extended cable and not HBO/Max. This show has maintained a TV-MA status that puts South Park to shame! There is also plenty of language. The F bomb is the only thing that gets bleeped, everything else is pretty much fair game. The "other" version of cat, as well as many other references.

Overall, the humor is extremely raunchy. One of the writers of the show did such works as The Dictator, Bruno, EuroTrip, Seinfeld, and even Herman's Head (I miss that show). If you are familiar with the humor of these first two shows, then you can imagine what to expect here. Fans of The Mindy Project will be familiar with one main cast member, as well as a few of the guest stars that show up.

The downside to this show is that to get the best value for your watching is you have to watch every episode. Some people, such as myself, will actually enjoy this aspect, however if you are one who likes to pick and choose, a lot of the in-joke humor will not be as funny as it otherwise could be.

Still, I am extremely pleased with The League, and hope it continues on for many seasons to come. If you cannot get into it by the 3rd episode, then it may not be a show for you. I was beyond hooked by the second episode.
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Best Series on Television
johncammies9 January 2011
The League is incredible, whereas most series's take a while to get into this is completely the opposite. This series has you laughing right from the start, you have an incredible cast of (to me anyway) unknown actors/comedians, the only member I was familiar with was Jon Lajoie. The show has so many great moments, it features a lot of clever musical comedy throughout both series' and it is full of shocking and hilarious antics as the main characters all battle, far too seriously, for their fantasy football league trophy. One of the best things about the show, for me, is that about half of it is completely improvised, this is something I really respect and it makes it much more original than the predictable 'Gary Unmarried's of this word. I also recently discovered the cast and the director all actually play in a fantasy football league of their own; just a little fun fact. Anyway, to summarise; The League is the funniest sitcom around at the moment and if you haven't watched it yet, you're missing out 10/10, a must see!
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Best New Show of the Fall Season!
Ryan_McLelland22 October 2009
So FX sent me a disc of the first two shows of 'The League'. I only really recognized Paul Scheer from 30 Rock and the luscious Nadine Velazquez (My Name Is Earl) but that didn't stop me from instantly bonding with these characters.

There people are the people I hang out with .... hell they are me. Some married, some single, and one guy in the middle of a separation. They are all friends with girlfriends ...or spouses...they go out together or they hang at the house for a birthday party. But the one common central they seem to LOVE is fantasy football.

It interacts in their daily lives - and this half-scripted show seems to capture quite well how goes REALLY act with one another. At least the way I act with my friends. But they go a bit more for their fantasy football league. Get caught doing something bad? She won't tell...if you trade Payton Manning.

Mark Duplass is damn good as the central character whose fantasy football really keeps him going. He's the guy who needs his lucky shirt for fantasy draft day and when he can't find it...suspects his wife through it out.

The cast is awesome...and it is a show I'm going to love to watch throughout the football season.
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this show...good stuff
escarlatelli21 November 2009
the characters are clever and true to life. other than taco dressing up in the costume, and his character in general...the show's plots are subtle and believable. that's why the shows good. come on i don't wanna see some bull about unbelievable nonsense. this show reminds me of people i know. and as far as new stuff goes the dialogue has a distinctly Seinfeld vibe. i know all shows attempt to resurrect the greatness but the league really does come close. good show. actually I'm just gonna add a few lines right now because this site is absurd. How dare them make me add a certain amount of lines what do they think this is? but still watch the league because its a good show
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Subtle yet effective
reneweddan3 January 2011
The premise of the show is rather mundane, but the execution of the humor is more than satisfactory. This show feels more like an internet series, yet that very same, raw, atmosphere helps develop the characters and the plot.

I find this show to be similar to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, yet it's slightly less raunchy, but a bit more sexual. I believe this show will thrive off cult followings and it deserves success.

At times the plot may be predictable, but the delivery from each actor and the humor within the plot makes the show nothing less than entertaining. Although it does take a while to become addicted to the show, by the time you reach Season 2, you won't be able to refrain from indulging in a marathon of episodes.

Each season is rather short and the episodes themselves aren't lengthy, but if ever there was a show that got down to the point, it's The League. Shows like Lost, House, and Arrested Development are beyond amazing, but they are lengthy (which is great when you have the time to invest). This show keeps you entertained but without the excessive time commitment other shows tend to require.

If anything, give this series a chance and if you don't enjoy it, then you're too used to the mainstream version of television. Variety is essential to the entertainment industry, so do partake in the rare occasion of a series being both atypical and enjoyable.
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Decent show turned awfully unfunny
TonyCamonte8411 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The first season was funny. Nothing groundbreaking, but entertaining and funny. A solid 7/10.

The 2nd season was quite a let-down. It felt a bit forced and less original.

But since then it has become absolutely awful. The jokes are just cliché and can often be seen from miles away. He's cleaning up his stains in his crutch with the au pair's photo lying around... and surprise: The au pair comes in thinking he's masturbating. How originally funny! Or they ask the daughter to put in the DVD at some Jewish fest, which is at the place where we previously saw them put the porn DVD. Did not see that coming! Or those extremely hilarious original situations where the dialogue makes them seem gay to outsiders listening in.

I'm giving it a 5 as the first season is really worth watching, but the rest just gets increasingly terrible.
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Pure genius!
rockgod13131 December 2011
First let me say that while I am a HUGE football, and fantasy football fan, I have shown this show to many of my friends who know nothing about football and they still love it.

An often overlooked fact about this show is that it is "Semi-Scripted" meaning that instead of a script the actors get more or less an outline of what events need to happen in the scene. Making nearly all the dialog improved. This just adds to the natural hilarity of the show.

The cast is arguably the funniest group of people on TV, with only FX Network neighbors, The Always Sunny Gang, to compete.

Watch this show....Now!
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This Show is almost TOO Funny!
joey-tarner30 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
First, If any of you have four other friends that you've known since high school and still hang out with ... Then this show is a MUST for you. It's by far the funniest show on television and should get the respect and recognition it deserves. No fantasy football experience necessary to enjoy this comedy. The cast is full of misfit friends that treat each other like S**t (especially Shedre). Its like they were meant to be together. Kevin's wife Jenny is extremely hot and kind of evens the testosterone level out. The ONLY thing out of place is Ruxin's Bro-lo Rafi ... I sure hope he's gone by the beginning of the season 3. This cast can do amazing things with comedy and I hope this one is around for a long time. Don't Patronize, Notarize!
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Starting to lose its draft stock...
PackerMD16 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I thought the show started off great in seasons 1 and 2, but as it continues on, it just seems like they cannot come up with anything new or funny anymore, as many shows do. It just becomes such bad repetitive toilet humor at times, and the only thing that saves an episode is a few good one-liners. And when it's over, I now ask if it's worth my time.

Taco does something that shows off his IQ of 20 in every episode. Pete cons Andre and the crew makes of Andre every episode. Kevin has some embarrassing situation with his wife or a toilet. Ruxin makes the same jokes that were once funny, but now they have lost their luster. Same thing over and over. The show had its fun, but it's losing its value pretty quick.
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Fantastic Series, Even If You're Not Into Football
ben-798-60475822 September 2013
I'm not a huge football fan, but i never miss an episode of the league. I'd imagine its even better if you actually have a clue about the constant football guest stars but its obvious this show is less about the lineups as it is the shameless unrestrained competition that makes the entire show so damn hilarious. The cast is constantly messing with each other, cracking jokes and busting each others balls. The amount of hilarious, uniquely eccentric characters in the show is par to that of scrubs or chuck, there's really never a dull moment. The episodes usually end with some awkward or completely ridiculous moment, such as Ruxin's dads vinegar strokes, being chased by a dildo trident, etc.

Rafi is completely insane and everyone is constantly avoiding him and would probably get away with it too if it weren't for the fact that his sister is Ruxin's wife, a smoking hot latina who somehow doesn't realize her brother is completely insane and also a rapist. Andre is probably an easier target than meg from family guy and the exact example of what not to be. Taco is just plain ridiculous, i mean, is that his real name, was his mother on crack when she had him, i don't know. It would certainly explain a lot. The Mcarthurs are constantly at odds when it comes to balancing raising their young little daughter and viciously undermining each others efforts to win the shiva bowl. Pete is probably the most normal one of the bunch, but i mean, come on, Pete. You should know better than to let a bitch like Gina Gibiati have the upper hand. The entire thing mixes into a nice blend of sardonic, sad and just plain insane.

This show is worth it just to hear the random ass conversations. for instance, leg titties. :) Also the episode Taco pretended to be a therapist was hilarious.
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A Review From A Non American
numb_asif16 December 2011
As my summary name states I am a non American leaving in a far distant country having no clue what so ever on the American Football world. I do now the glimpse of the passion and the love for game, and this series brings the intense love for Football into a funny and wacky way that's a joy.

The Characters are set back to be mid 30's, which brings back to basic friends and family hilarious moments but having no connection to reality. The episodes are mainly based on the fantasy league the world of the character that revolves over the league. The 3rd season is taking a different turn as it has hardly any connection with the league itself, but I am having a great time watching it cause you will love the characters.

In short "the League" is a great comedy series with very few watchers but still not under- rated. It's a surprise and will catch with you with surprise with it unexpected and crazy episodes. If you time a must much compared all the commercial filled American series which are more focused about sex and party and sex.
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Good Comedy Enveloped in Immaturity
cameronzargar6 May 2011
'The League' gained inspiration from 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' (like most shows that strive to simulate realistic humor while incorporating celebrities in an unconventional manner) as well as 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' (in terms of visual style, cast and breed of humor) though the scenes are not as seamlessly integrated as the former while the humor is sharper than the latter.

The cast has good chemistry and the show is successful in allotting a fair amount of plot to each character.

The plot does include a lot of football references (many of which are forced) but, for the most part, manages to produce true laughs out of situations that are (in a less extreme form) well-known to all who have experiences the madness of fantasy football. Yet, the jokes are strong enough to keep any fan of comedy entertained.

There is a good amount of scantily-clad women as well as jokes concerning genitalia that seem aimed at the football-watching audience which, as this show is a superior enough product to surpass the goal of garnering an audience of 40-something year old couch potatoes, could easily be done away with.

Overall, it is funnier than most comedy and the natural flow of the show as well as the charming improvisation of many of its characters give it great potential (if the two aforementioned problems are fixed, namely: being less obvious with the football references and trying to appeal to a broader audience by cutting down on the sexist images of women and offensive humor).
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A show about douches
j_p_j_p19 October 2012
This is quite possibly the worst show on TV. Right after FX's utterly brilliant It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, this comes on. It is a show about a gang of completely unlikeable douches where one guy is douchier than the next. The script is beyond awful, there are no real funny moments at all, and in the end you are just left wanting to punch the cast in the face. Again, I guess it bottles down to the writing. Except for the ever horrible Mark Duplass, the cast actually does good in other things (like Nick Kroll's great job in The Life & Times of Tim). However, as is, this is unwatchable garbage. I'm sorry FX, I know you wanted this to be another hit like Sunny, but it's just dreadful. Cancel ASAP please. If not, the only way of saving it would be through removing Mark Duplass and bringing in new writers, sacking the old ones).
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Such A Great Show
realnasirthedon4 September 2014
I'm so glad this show is back. It has consistently been one of my favorite series on TV for the last few years.

While last season left something to be desired this season has already started off with a bang. The Draft Shows are always some of the best. The writing is so smart and there are so many payoffs for longtime viewers. The same device was used in How I Met Your Mother and it works on this show as well.

I would like to have the stories focus more around fantasy football as the catalyst for the stories. That was my main complaint of last season. They got too far away from fantasy and focused more on sit com plot structures. The "Dirty Randy And Rafi" episode was one of the worst of the entire season because there was no football in it.

Hopefully this season will return back to their roots and be more football oriented.

Still this is one of the best shows on TV.
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Funniest show out there!!!
arthur_chernostrik3 September 2013
I have to admit that if you are a serious person and don't have your own set of inside jokes among your friends then this show is not for you. The League has some of the most memorable terms of any show I ever watched. You don't have to know anything about football to enjoy the show but if you are a big fantasy football fan like I am then this show will be even funnier and make even more sense to you. It's obvious to tell that a lot of the dialog is improvised and very natural. I can basically see myself doing some of the things they do in the show for my love of fantasy football, but yes of course some of the stuff they do is way too crazy, but it is a show after all. It gives a perfect blend of over the top humor, with how fantasy football fans conduct themselves during the season. MUST WATCH show. Never had I laughed so hard, especially seasons 3 and 4. Starting season 3 the jokes are amped up even more and are simply amazing. I can't wait for season 5 to start.
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Amazing show
deicideslayer44429 May 2013
This show is amazing and hilarious. At first i didn't think i would be much of a fan because i don't really care for football but it wasn't completely about football its the perfect mix with many other funny things going on, they make a fantasy football league look so fun that i actually started getting into the football parts, it almost makes me want to start a league of my own. The characters are so perfect too, i couldn't imagine anyone else playing any of their parts. I can watch reruns and enjoy it as much as i did the first time which a lot of shows cannot pull off. I've recommended this show to about six of my buddies and each one of them loved the show and watched everys season on netflix.KEEP THIS SHOW COMING
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Another Trash Show
gtxr10027 August 2011
Cheap script + a few one-liners + sex scenes = the league.... I'm seeing a trend... As America's education get's worse, shows like this start popping up more and more. So sad. There's no talent behind this show. It's just awful. It really takes a special type of person to watch this show and think it's funny. This is just another awful show with poorly written scripts. Almost every episode has a sex scene or some graphic description of sex. Unfortunately, this is one the main reasons why people are attracted to the show. If you're looking for a creative script, watch always sunny. I don't see this show going past a third season. At least I hope it doesn't, for America's sake.
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After last night I'm not going to watch again
omninewdeal21 December 2012
last nights double episode including the season finally where horrible.

The scenes made no sense characters did random stuff and it was dumb and senseless.

The writers are lazy the jokes fall flat Characthers act out of character and their motives are unbelievable/stupid.scenes have no pattern just random crap happens

the writers got so lazy they just have the character get drunk so then they can write that the character can do anything.

LASTLY an episode was so bad that they the writer resorted to writing in a lesbian kiss. it was cheap and just felt desperate all in all I will not be wasting anymore time watching this show.

P.S. the acting is horrible especially Katie Aselton i am sure she has no comedic training she was only cast because of her look and she is really bad.
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Makes South Park look like Masterpiece Theatre
CrenshawPete31 March 2015
I can't understand how The League made it past the pilot. It's got to be the most infantile, unfunny show I've ever seen. I love It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, with its crazy episodes: the U-Haul road trip, the Mexican home makeover, the P Diddy shrimping boat. That show can be low-brow and far out, but it's extremely well done and the cast is excellent.

The League is clearly a cash grab to capitalize on / ride the coat-tails of Philadelphia's success. Unfortunately, it fails at everything. The characters aren't only unlikable; they're extremely abrasive, especially Ruxin! The jokes are all immature bathroom humor and sexual innuendos even a high school student would cringe at, and they come at you one after another in rapid fire. If you've got nothing to offer, then I guess you hit the audience with as much shock value as you can and hope that something sticks.

A woman sitting in a high-end restaurant shouting shouting about her p-word isn't funny. Neither is coming up with stupid catch- phrases like "vaginal hubris" or "Eskimo brothers." These people are supposed to be lawyers and plastic surgeons? Where did they graduate from, the University of Beavis and Butthead?

Perhaps making a comedy about sports isn't easy, since football seems to be just a backdrop in the episodes I've watched so far. I don't consider myself prudish or easily offended, but this show rubs me the wrong way. The writers probably thought they'd struck gold when they came up with the idea for the "I shaved my ****s for this?" t-shirt, which was displayed proudly in one of the early episodes. Immature and abrasive shock humor is really the only way to describe this train wreck.

I'm kind of concerned that A) this show has lasted for so many seasons and B) it has a pretty high rating on the IMDb. This doesn't say much for the taste or maturity level of our society. I think we're definitely regressing. Is it the state of the education system? I don't know, but I can only hope this doesn't represent the average football fan.
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6th grade humor
dltcwebb-184-630556 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This show is loaded with nothing but 6th grade style humor. The constant "jokes" about masturbation is only topped by the pedophilic scenarios (simulated sex in front of an 8 year old, sexual jokes in front of and about children, etc.). The main characters are so over the top and completely unrealistic. I am sure fans will cry "that's what makes them so funny!" No, they are not funny. There are a few funny episodes and scenes but the vast majority is the same joke repeated over and over.

The main character Pete is the biggest buddyf**ker I have ever seen. Ruchsen is the biggest douche I have ever seen. Andre is the dumbest, smart person I have ever seen. Taco is the most well rounded stoner I have ever seen. Basically the entire cast are unrealistic and extremely irritating. The only one that is almost normal is Kevin who is completely brow beaten and p**sy whipped.

I have watched every single episode because a friend wanted me to and I don't have a life I guess but the unrealism of this show and 6th grade jokes do nothing for me. I prefer my humor to be at least 10th grade level.
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