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  • A painter struggling for inspiration finds an unexpected muse after he accepts a teaching position in a small town and becomes the caregiver to Eddie, a seemingly docile art student with a rare sleepwalking condition.

  • Lars Olafssen, once a young celebrity in the art world is slipping away fast into the land of has-beens. His long-time art dealer, Ronny, is now an ungracefully aging hipster who desperately wants his meal ticket back. But Lars refuses to paint. His creativity comes at too high a cost - his inspiration is carnage - blood, guts and limbs. Not surprisingly, this lead to a dreadful breakdown in the past. Nevertheless, an eager Ronny arranges a teaching job for Lars at an art school in Koda Lake, a small Canadian town in the middle of nowhere. It's a "therapeutic" measure for Lars - a means to conquer his need to paint in the "safety" of a country retreat... That is, until Eddie comes into his life.

  • When Lars' art dealer Ronny arranges a teaching job in a small town as a "therapeutic measure" to stir up his creative juices, things don't quite turn out as planned. At first, life in the peaceful small town seems rosy, as he settles in and impresses beautiful fellow colleague Leslie by taking in the brawny, mute Eddie after the latter's caregiver passes away. But Lars soon discovers that the façade of serenity hides something unimaginable: Eddie suffers from a rare form of sleepwalking that transforms him from a docile, cereal-obsessed art student into a ravenous sleepwalking cannibal. Initially horrified by Eddie's dark secret, Lars becomes enthralled by the not-so-gentle giant: at long last, here's the muse he'd been searching for! Exceptional art comes at a very high price...and how far is Lars willing to go for his next masterpiece?


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  • Lars Olafssen (played by the always profound Thure Lindhardt) is a famous painter on the downward spiral from his once illustrious career. Once a world-class name in the art scene, Lars has never recovered from a traumatic accident that happened over a decade ago, causing his art and his validity to suffer tremendously.

    With his next painting endeavor in an unforeseen limbo, Lars' art dealer, Ronny (Stephen McHattie of Pontypool fame) arranges for him to teach at an art school in a small, Canadian town named Koda Lake, in hopes of sparking that famous creativity. It is here that Lars meets Lesley (Georgina Reilly) who, although standoffish and unimpressed at first, can't help but become starstruck and charmed by Lars' presence.

    Lars is also introduced to Eddie (the impressive Dylan Scott Smith) who is an enigma at first glance. Eddie's aunt (now deceased) was a very important contributor to the art school's continuing existence and would continue to contribute (post death) if Eddie was properly taken care of. Lars, although somewhat reluctant at first, agrees to house Eddie. What Lars is unaware of is Eddie's obscure sleepwalking disorder which transforms him from shy, introvert art student into ravenous. unstoppable flesh-eater.

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